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Reviewer: leinad312 Signed Date: 2008.03.09 - 05:43PM Title: Scars


Wow, I can't believe you got the tiara right too. Incredible XD

Reviewer: mrsmeggiepotter Signed Date: 2007.11.03 - 01:35AM Title: Scars


No Review

Reviewer: CodeRomance Signed Date: 2007.04.23 - 06:12AM Title: Scars



Reviewer: Larkin Signed Date: 2006.09.18 - 03:34PM Title: Scars


I read your story practically in one go so far, because I only discovered it recently. I'm actually just stopping here to say what a great idea I think it is to have Voldemort hide a Horcrux in the Room of Requierment. When I read that part I had my own Ron-Moment, and the only thing I could think was "Bloody brilliant!". I can so see that happen in canon, it makes so much sense!

Author's Response: Thanks much! I love new readers - particularly those that review, so welcome aboard.

Reviewer: Athea Signed Date: 2006.09.16 - 09:38PM Title: Scars


Oh, you are a wicked, wicked woman!

Really, another great chapter. I loved that the horcrux was the tiara from the room of requirement. Very clever. I also thought it was interesting that Voldemort must have known where they were hiding the entire time, that he only needed to peek into Harry's mind when they left Hogwarts. We all know Harry is a little agitated since he forgot he can talk to the snake-- is it possible that Voldemort is panicking a little too?

I thought you did a terrific job writing the scene with Hermione asking for Harry's trust. The four friend's obvious love for each other and distress at the thought they might not all survive the last battle was truly heartrending. I love the action and plot twists in this story, but it is the way you write moments like this that really make this story stand out for me as one of the truly examplary stories on this site.

I can't wait to see what you have in store for us next!

Author's Response: Thanks so much, I\"m glad you\'re enjoying it. Harry\'s going to need to trust in his friends completely before this is over, and not simply try to protect them from it all.

Reviewer: IHateSnakes Signed Date: 2006.09.14 - 08:52PM Title: Scars


Excellent as always. Did Harry really see a tiara in the RoR while hiding his potions text? S.

Author's Response: Thanks! Heh, yep - he did, and he put it on the bust so he\'d be able to find it again ;)

Reviewer: egyhos Anonymous Date: 2006.09.14 - 07:37PM Title: Scars


really fast update hope its always like this, i hope harry trys to use parseltounge with the snake (just a sugestion). thanks

Author's Response: Harry is panicking - it\'s happened to all of us, and I know it definitely would me in this situation.

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Reviewer: Fleury Signed Date: 2006.09.13 - 10:08PM Title: Scars


As long as you don't kill her, I'm good. :D I'd probably throw a fit if you did kill her :P Nice writing, as usual. I can't wait to find out how they destroy the horcrux. By the way, I really liked the idea with the scars. That's really cool. Even if JK did say humans can't be horcruxes (she did, didn't she? Or am I hallucinating or something?), I think that this is by far the coolest and most accurate-like book seven fic. I've really enjoyed reading it so far. Even if you did kill Remus and Tonks :P

Author's Response: far as I know, JKR has never said that - and I\'ve been watching fairly closely for anything Horcrux related. DD said it\'s unwise to make a Horcrux from a living thing because it can think and MOVE on its own. What she did say is that Harry\'s scar is important :)

Reviewer: Katastrophe Signed Date: 2006.09.13 - 07:25PM Title: Scars


I just have one word for you Melinda....Grrr.

Author's Response: Gulp. Hee - I promise that the next chapter does NOT end in a cliffy - how that? *whispers in a very small voice* but I make no promises for anything after that.

Reviewer: lylmiztalkative Anonymous Date: 2006.09.13 - 06:43PM Title: Scars


WOW! I hope everyone is okay! they were all injured so badly! WOW...yeah HUGE cliffhanger...I think this chapter was one of my favorites so far except there were parts where I just wanted 2 yell at Harry! and tell him to trust them...but very good story so far and I look forward to reading the next chapter!

P.S. ur one of the authors who doesnt update there stories lyk once a month u do it alot sooner and I love that about u! lol

Author's Response: Thanks very much! I\"m glad you\'re enjoying it. You just have to remember that Harry spent 10 years having absolutely no one to count on. He\'s come a long way - but those insticts are hard to override.

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Reviewer: Horus Signed Date: 2006.09.13 - 06:38PM Title: Scars


Great chapter...but an even more evil cliffy then the last one, you really need to stop torturing us!!

Anyway Harry is being his usual thick a person can forget he's a parselmouth is beyond me....i would be yelling at the snake like a crazy person (actually, i would do that anyway :P ).

I think you have one hell of an ending in store for us, i guess ill just be patient and wait for it, im sure you will make it worth our while.

Again, great story and keep it up

Author's Response: Thanks very much! Harry is panicking - I think we all have had moments where we\'d lost our heads - just give him a few minutes. He\'ll pull it together ;)

Reviewer: Rhetor Signed Date: 2006.09.13 - 02:53PM Title: Scars


Oh, now, see, after Ch. 24 I said you might get the Romance nomination; now I think you might get the Action/Adventure nomination. That was a very exciting chapter! My pulse is still racing.

Harry's dilemmas are compelling. His tendency to be a control-freak because he can't bear to see is friends hurt is familiar to me. Now that it's finally Ginny who's in peril, I'm finding myself really frightened, and the image of the snake poisoning her from the head down (as well as her silent scream before) was truly horrifying.

The idea that the Horcrux was hidden in the Room of Requirement by Voldemort, and that Harry had already *seen* it, is a stroke of genius. Wonderful!

Author's Response: Hee, thanks! It\'s the action/adventure ones I strive for - the romance one was like icing on the cake ;) I\"m thrilled you\'re enjoying it.

Reviewer: CruciareMors Anonymous Date: 2006.09.13 - 01:56PM Title: Scars


Wow! Quick update AND brilliant chapter! What else can a reader ask for?
I liked the idea of the quartet using that secret passageway into Hogwarts - you really do know how to explore what JKR already has instead of letting your imagination go all wild. That's very good :)
*shudders* Dudley's being tutored? And he's talking with Malfoy about the Unforgivables? Hell, Vernon and Petunia have a reason to be so mad at their Duddykins right now... speaking of the devil(s), where have they been? I still need to see Harry put them in their place somehow, lol.
Sorry. I just love to read about Harry getting some sort of revenge on the Dursleys :)
Moody snogging Madam Pomfrey? I don't know whether to snigger or throw up, to be honest :P
Alas, Tonks could have searched for Busby forever, uh? When I read about the tiara I was like "oh, duh! *facepalm*" and then when you wrote Auntie Muriel's tiara was a fake I was like "I'm sure I read about a tiara somewhere in the HP books!" but I couldn't figure out where :(
Now, this last part was highly confusing to me, in a good way, partially because I exasperated at Harry - the boy's a bloody parselmouth! It must be seeing Ginny being slowly - or maybe not so - poisoned by a stupid Horcrux-snake that made him go all disoriented, lol. Where are they? Still inside the RoR, only in a scenario designed by Voldemort? Or were they actually transported in spite of all Hogwarts' defences?
The whole "you have to trust us" thing is really moving, but I'm afraid Harry's goign to do his thing anyway, isn't he? At least he'll try... only I think he's not right about the location. He himself said that the Horcruxes must be distructed at the place where they were created - so it means the Horcrux in him can only be distructed att Godric's Hollow (the reason for those shivers?), and not at the DoM, right? (Everytime I try to imagine Voldemort standing with a hand on Harry I start to chuckle, imagining what it wold be like if Voldiekins' AK hit his hand instead of the baby :P).
Good luck on your moving. And don't forget to have Snape die a slow and painful death! :]

Author's Response: Thanks much! Thank Sherry for the quick beta work on this one! You\'ll find out exactly where they are next chapter, but they haven\'t left Hogwarts ;) You\'re right - Harry is panicked at the moment, but just give him - them - a little more time ;) As for the Horcrux - I\'ve tried to point out that Harry is different simply BECAUSE he is a living thing. He has a mind of his own and free will, so he can move around. Also - Voldemor never had the chance to put any protections in place on Harry - there was no time - so the destruction of the Horcrux within him - whether or not it can be done - is different from the others. Does that make snese to you?

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Reviewer: Sibling Creature Signed Date: 2006.09.13 - 01:16PM Title: Scars

btw you seem to have some kind of broken html tag at the beginning of the chapter and at the beginning of Harry's letter to Ginny...

Author's Response: Thanks, I see it there, but I\'m not sure how to fix it yet! I\'ll work on it.

Reviewer: Sibling Creature Signed Date: 2006.09.13 - 12:59PM Title: Scars


has Harry completely forgotten he's a Parselmouth? it seems the obvious next step... still if i were him in that situation I'd be stressed and panicked too...

Author's Response: Hee - you\'re definitely more calm and collected than Harry is at the moment - bur rest assured, Hermione is there. She, too tends to panic in a crisis - so just hang on ;)

Reviewer: GREYWOLF Signed Date: 2006.09.13 - 12:50PM Title: Scars


Excellent idea, making the tiara a Horcrux. And when will Harry learn to trust his friends, the thickhead. Looks bad for Ginny but you know what happens to the girl who falls in love with the hero. A very good chapter.

Author's Response: Hee! Thickhead! Oh, I LOVE that expression! Can I keep it, lol? That is great.

Reviewer: jenjen Signed Date: 2006.09.13 - 10:44AM Title: Scars


Wow - loved the action in this chapter! I thought the part with Moody and Pomfrey was great. Even grumpy old aurors need a little love too! And Ginny would have been the one out of the 4 to point out the lipstick.
Your creavtivity never fails to astonish me -= didn't expect an an invisible assaillant and a tiara that turns into a snake. Although I had thought of the tiara as a possible horcrux. Otherwise it would have been odd for JKR to make note of it.
Anyway, can't wait to see how they get out of this one. Keep up the great work.

Reviewer: Katie27 Signed Date: 2006.09.13 - 10:43AM Title: Scars


OMM! (I saw Oh my merlin) A cliffe! You leave us with a cliffe of all things! Urgh. Oh well, good chapter nonetheless. I think one of the many reasons I love this story is because of the abnormally long chapters....I love it. Excellent job! -Katie

Reviewer: Elementum Signed Date: 2006.09.13 - 08:54AM Title: Scars


This came out faster then I imagined.

Ugh, not that it helped, mind, since you decided to torture us again. XP Brat.

I seriously punched my desk when I saw the author's note at the bottom. Of all the times to end it - it's when poor Gin-Gin is suffering for the first time.

Author's Response: Hee - sorry, but you didn\'t think GInny could keep getting off scot-free, now, did you? Sherry really came through to get this one out so quick. It\'ll be about a week before the next one.

Reviewer: Leiselily Signed Date: 2006.09.13 - 08:48AM Title: Scars


Good chapter, and you have me nearly convinced as well that Harry really is a horcrux in canon. I love the twists and turns in this chapter. And we are still no nearer finding out what Pansy's up to, is it was Goyle who tipped off LV.

Oh you do like to keep us on our toes! Or rather, hanging over the cliff-face by our toes...

Author's Response: Hee, thanks so much! I\'m glad you\'re enjoying it - and that you\'re considering the idea of Harry being a Horcrux. I do believe it\'s certainly plausible.

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