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Reviews For Loving Magic

Reviewer: ginnyweasley777 Signed Date: 2009.04.16 - 10:48AM Title: Chief Of Constables


good story

Reviewer: Pokie4389 Signed Date: 2006.08.16 - 11:43PM Title: Chief Of Constables


Awesome, can't wait for more!

Reviewer: Breanie Signed Date: 2006.08.15 - 02:43PM Title: Chief Of Constables


interesting chapter i cnat wait to read what happens next. update soon!

Reviewer: SueP Signed Date: 2006.08.15 - 12:42PM Title: Chief Of Constables


What an interesting first chapter. I really didn't want to start reading another unfinished piece but I loved your other story, checked this one out, and now I'm interested! I love your writing style. It's very easy to read and flows well. I hope this story flows well for you!

Reviewer: lucky_black_cat Signed Date: 2006.08.15 - 12:30PM Title: Chief Of Constables


I must admit that I was frowning quite a bit as I read the first paragraphs, about how Harry renounced to magic, though it was quite interesting to see him as a "cop" (the equivalent to an Auror in the Wizardring World, which is the only job Harry has ever wanted in Canon, apart from that small dream about becoming a Quidditch star in book 4). I feel bad for Rachel, but I still can't wait to see Ginny's appearance in the next chapter. Thanks for this great read! -Sonia

Reviewer: Phishbulb Anonymous Date: 2006.08.15 - 02:40AM Title: Chief Of Constables


This was an excellent intro chapter. You've managed to give a pretty clear picture as to who Harry is -- post Voldemort. I'm impressed that you seem to be writing this a bit differently than the usual story in this genre. Harry didn't just run off after the final battle. He still has a relationship with his best friends and has forged an even stronger one with Remus. It seems Harry just wants to live a simple life, as anyone could expect after all he's been through. I'm really enjoying the set-up here.

I guess the question is, where do you take things from here. To be honest, I'd be far more interest to read this story if it wasn't on a H/G site. It'd be interesting to see how things developed between Harry and Rachel. Instead we know that Harry and Ginny will get together. Will this story go the increasingly common route where Harry has sat around, unable to think of anyone but Ginny while Ginny has gotten engaged/married/knocked up by a famous Quidditch star/a wealthy wizzard/Neville/Colin/Dean/Draco? I'm looking forward to seeing exactly what Ginny's been up to while Harry's finally found some peace, but to be honest it this is another story where Harry needs to win back his 'one true love' I'll have to pass. Been there, read that.

Anyway, great start. I'll be looking forward to the next chapter.

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Reviewer: matthias delario Signed Date: 2006.08.14 - 11:48PM Title: Chief Of Constables


Sweet...I get to be the first review. This is an interesting take on "Harry-gives-up-magic-after-Voldemort" story. I've seen others in this same vein, but never really one where he's a constable in a small town. I look forward to your update. This story definately has promise.

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