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Reviews For Tradition

Reviewer: Cassieopia Signed Date: 2013.12.16 - 04:16AM Title: Tradition


No Review

Reviewer: pottermania Signed Date: 2010.01.14 - 03:14PM Title: Tradition


Liked the twist at the end

Reviewer: ginnyweasley777 Signed Date: 2009.10.11 - 04:50PM Title: Tradition


aww, very funny and sweet story
I certainly didn't see that coming at the end - I honestly didn't think that Harry and Ginny were married
excellent story

Reviewer: silvermage2000 Signed Date: 2009.05.15 - 08:13PM Title: Tradition


I liked this it was cute and fun with abit of romance thrown in to bad ginny didnt stay though.

Author's Response: I know ... too bad ;)

Reviewer: kash2110 Signed Date: 2008.10.21 - 08:19PM Title: Tradition


Yet another great story from that winderful storyteller, Kezzabear!!!

Author's Response: Thanks :D

Reviewer: Artistand Signed Date: 2008.08.04 - 07:38PM Title: Tradition


No Review

Reviewer: Jim McGuffin Signed Date: 2008.03.12 - 01:01AM Title: Tradition

Judged for competition.

This is certainly a unique setting for this challenge. This takes place at Ron/Hermione's wedding -- in June -- in Australia? Of course, I read your comments to your other reviewers about your own Antipodean winter wedding, so I see why you chose this as your setting. Since Hermione's parents are stuck in Australia according to DH, at least they can see their daughter get married, after having not seen her in so long.

As already pointed out, it's good that you incorporated the lines of the song so well as Harry tries to convince Ginny not to rejoin the witches -- as well as a bonus song "Play That Funky Music" (if I remember the title right.)

That was a surprise ending as you reveal that Harry/Ginny are already married!

Overall, great job, and good luck in the challenge!

Author's Response: Thanks! Did I put 'Play that Funky Music' in? Well that's odd, erm, someone may have to point that out to me ... *blushes*

Reviewer: blackwritingquill Signed Date: 2008.03.12 - 12:02AM Title: Tradition

Very nice, you stayed to the lyrics of the song completely....

Author's Response: I did indeed attempt such a feat lol seems it worked!

Reviewer: bookish327 Signed Date: 2008.03.07 - 07:08PM Title: Tradition


I hadn't foreseen the part about Ginny & Harry already being married until I got to the last line, so then I re-read the whole story just to see how many hints I missed. If it was intentional that the reader not realize that H & G are already married, good job with the surprise at the end. Or, if that was just me being clueless, then "whoops" is all I can think of to say.

Author's Response: It was supposed to be a surprise :D Glad you enjoyed it!

Reviewer: Spenser Hemmingway Signed Date: 2008.03.05 - 12:17PM Title: Tradition


George is truely evil, and he barely missed a beat without Fred flying wing. Traditions are wonderful, but Ron and Hermione are stretching matters a bit. Ron's resolution was good, but I would have still wanted the whole thing at the Burrow. Harry's scene with Ginny was a classic. You drew us into the situation, made us feel for poor Harry and then twisted the knife George had produced. I really enjoyed it. Thanks! Eric B.

Author's Response: I know, the wedding venue is a stretch lol but it seemed like a good idea to tkae on the challenge of setting it in June *and* in the show ROFLOL I'm glad you enoyed it - entertainment's the game here! Thanks!

Author's Response: Snow, not show lol

Reviewer: elaithin Signed Date: 2008.02.28 - 09:13AM Title: Tradition

Yeah - I just got mine up yesterday.

As for Harry, well, clearly you don't feel bad because he's a great protagonist. And like any great protagonist, he's an absolute blast to subject to never-ending torture of some form or another!

Reviewer: elaithin Signed Date: 2008.02.27 - 01:39PM Title: Tradition


Hah! Very entertaining. I waited until I finished my own challenge fic to read yours, but it's just as good as I expected. I like how you don't reveal Harry and Ginny are already married until the last line - that was very slick, and just makes you feel all the worse for poor Harry. You also did a very good job of casting Harry as "the Wolf". Great job! - Patrick

Author's Response: Thanks! Is yours up yet? Poor Harry ... Tee Hee Hee why don't I feel bad ...

Reviewer: Dianne Signed Date: 2008.02.20 - 06:20PM Title: Tradition

I enjoyed your story very much. I laughed when one of the boys says he'll join in being a woman when his bits shrivel right up from the cold. Very clever to have Hermione and Ron's wedding in the snow fields as it made the story very believable in terms of the weather. The romance with the separate chalets was very well done too. Thanks for writing!

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing! It was fun to write, and that's the best part of writing, the fun! I think the one who's bits were about to shrivel up was George ... I'm pretty sure ;)

Reviewer: Phoeness Signed Date: 2008.02.20 - 10:07AM Title: Tradition

I really amused myself !! Well, a wedding in the snow must have its charm ! In Australia what's more !! ;)
It's a bad day for poor Harry... Ginny didnt' stay with him... and Ron is smirking lol...
Good job Kezza !

Author's Response: I think when someone said in the Challenge comments "Well I guess it has to be in December or soemthing deosn't it?" or something of the sort and someone smirked about well it snows in some places in June ... you know I had to rise to the challenge lol And then it was just like well this fits and that fits and ooh look .. ROFLOL I love it when Ron smirks ...

Reviewer: pokecharm Signed Date: 2008.02.18 - 01:09PM Title: Tradition


its a cute drabble, but after reading your usual stories, I felt like this one lacked a little bit of offence love!

Author's Response: Well, it was directed by the Challenge :D

Reviewer: goingbacktosquareone Signed Date: 2008.02.18 - 08:54AM Title: Tradition


You really must let your inner-comedienne come out to play more often, Kezza-dearest. *Sings Play that fun-kay meeuuuoooosic whahhhte boy...* I am now wearing my sandwich board and toting my flag which says, 'This one-shot must win!' As I am the most devoted fan!girl evah! *mmmwwwahh!*

Author's Response: Woot! My fangirl! I am guessing you thought it was funny ... *rolling* mwah backatchya!

Reviewer: skiutahnum1 Signed Date: 2008.02.18 - 08:52AM Title: Tradition

life is never far to harry when he needs soem healing...kutgw

Author's Response: Well I don't know that he needed any "healing" lol but yeah - what was Molly thinking?! ;)

Reviewer: gejufan Signed Date: 2008.02.18 - 08:07AM Title: Tradition


i really liked espicially the last line:
"Or did your wife organise everything for you? i literly saw ron smirking to that and harry giving him a hard look. poor buy hasn't had his ginny he must be going insaine.

Author's Response: Thanks! Oh yeah, I think Ron was smirking ...

Reviewer: HGRHfan35 Signed Date: 2008.02.18 - 05:15AM Title: Tradition


hillarious! You used quite a lot of lines from other songs, some stood out. Loved it .
Now get back to writing RL, move it!

Author's Response: Did I? *looks arund for song lyrics from other sings she used completely unconciously* Chapter 26 of RL is with teh beta ... ch 27 is half done, stop whinging, genius takes time :D Man, have I got a suddenly big head ... lol

Reviewer: tangle elfwand Signed Date: 2008.02.18 - 04:12AM Title: Tradition


I'd love to have a winter wedding, but then i remember that I hate the cold so that'd be quite silly.

Love the fact that they are married, i was wondering why there wasn't a line like 'Harry looked at his girlfriend of three years, Ginny Weasley' as many of the future-ish stories do. I should really suggest a trip to the Blue Mountains for schoolies week next year, I've always wanted to go

Enjoyed it and hope you do well in the challenge!

Author's Response: I was married in July - winter wedding in Sydney. yeah it was sunny ... lol I adore the Blue Mountains *sigh* Ah such a line is ... awkward at the best of times, but yeah definitely not needed in this fic :D

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