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Reviews For One Blink

Reviewer: Ronald8472 Signed Date: 2018.01.22 - 01:25AM Title: Endings and Beginnings


Poor Teddy! No Bill+Flur means no Victory.

Author's Response: You know, after all these years (I can't remember how long it's been since I wrote this story) I've never considered that consequence. Thanks for pointing that out.

Reviewer: lalachoa Signed Date: 2009.09.26 - 11:34AM Title: Endings and Beginnings


No Review

Reviewer: jediprankster Signed Date: 2009.09.20 - 02:04AM Title: Endings and Beginnings


- If he did make it through this, she would not have what she wanted either. - I think you meant 'If he didn't make it...'

Great story. I think you nailed the whole 'what if this happened instead' butterfly effect thing. It never even occurred to me that with Bill dying, there would be no Victoire, and therefore Teddy would not be with her. I guess it should have been obvious though.

Reviewer: Alifromnm Signed Date: 2009.09.17 - 01:15PM Title: Endings and Beginnings


Wonderful! All the "blinks" were believeable. One of my favorite stories yet.

Reviewer: memasuzy Signed Date: 2009.09.16 - 10:23PM Title: Endings and Beginnings


This was beautifully done. I felt really sad for Teddy - without Bill & Fleur, there is no Victoire. You really did a very good job of showing us how one slight difference could have changed everything. I hope you will continue to write. Thank you for a lovely, romantic story,

Reviewer: Lazy Lazuli Signed Date: 2009.09.16 - 09:36PM Title: Endings and Beginnings


I KNEW IT!!!!!

Reviewer: bengpotter31 Signed Date: 2009.09.16 - 07:32PM Title: Endings and Beginnings


That was a great way to end the story. I'm glad Fred survived. Too bad Fleur died but I knew she wouldn't be happy living without Bill. It was a great sacrifice. I assume Bill is Harry's first born and James is the second born, instead of Albus. Too bad there's no Victoire to pair up with Teddy. I guess he won't be joining the Weasleys as a son-in-law instead of a surrogate as Harry's godson. It was a great story illustrating the Ripple Effect of changing one brief moment. Nice job. I hope to read another of your story's soon.

Reviewer: GoDons Signed Date: 2009.09.16 - 06:11PM Title: Endings and Beginnings


I'm not upset by the ending at all. Exactly what I thought, really, including the fact that Fleur was going to die. I felt you might do that, given that in this AU version of cannon, Bill was killed, too.

A job well done and I can't wait to read more of your work in future.


Reviewer: Ginny Guerra Signed Date: 2009.09.16 - 05:23PM Title: Endings and Beginnings


It's done!

I'll be waiting for the next.

Reviewer: zeta_one Signed Date: 2009.09.16 - 04:42PM Title: Endings and Beginnings


Great AU! I do like the ripple effect. Thanks for sharing.

Reviewer: Birlan Signed Date: 2009.09.16 - 04:36PM Title: Endings and Beginnings


Nice endimg. Some karmic balance in Fred surviving and Fleur joining Bill.

Really a very nice rethinking of everything. Thanks.

Reviewer: knightsbridge Signed Date: 2009.09.05 - 01:50PM Title: The Calm Before...


Something about a great get so caught up in reading, you forget to review or rate. This is one of those stories.


Author's Response: LOL. Thank you for the kind words. I\'m glad you\'re enjoying the story.

Reviewer: Ginny Guerra Signed Date: 2009.08.27 - 10:24PM Title: The Calm Before...


Poor Fleur.

Author's Response: Yes, she\'s definitely had it rougher in my story than in canon, hasn\'t she?

Reviewer: AlinnyPotter Signed Date: 2009.08.25 - 05:12PM Title: The Calm Before...


Oh man, I like how this is turning out! Update soon please (:

Author's Response: Will try to post as soon as I can. Thanks for the read and review. :)

Reviewer: GoDons Signed Date: 2009.08.25 - 03:31AM Title: The Calm Before...


Ah, if only this conversation and scene had been in DH, eh? Then people wouldn't complain so much about the lack of H/G interaction. I know romance or one-to-one time between Harry and Ginny wasn't the major focus of the books for J K R, especially the last one, but I guess your version of the seventh book will more than suffice, albeit cautiously so as I'll say more once I've read the ending.

Well done.

Author's Response: Thank you. The final chapter is in beta now, and I\'m looking forward to posting it as parts of it were written many months ago when I first started the story. I hope you agree that it was the most logical conclusion.

Reviewer: memasuzy Signed Date: 2009.08.25 - 12:35AM Title: The Calm Before...


I'm really enjoying this story. I like the conversation with Neville and Ginny and the image of Neville "channeling his inner-Hermione". I also like the way you depict the relationship between Harry and Ginny: The way they quietly sit and console each other without words (as opposed to Ron & Hermione who argue over everything). That is the kind of understanding I always thought their relationship had. He read her letter: all one hundred and two words, fifty times - the first day alone. This is exactly what I would expect Harry to do and I know Ginny would wait for him,
I'm looking forward to your next update!

Author's Response: Thank you for the nice words. It\'s nice to know my vision for H&G is not uncommon.

Reviewer: jediprankster Signed Date: 2009.08.25 - 12:12AM Title: The Calm Before...


This story continues to develop nicely. I've been enjoying it from the beginning. That was a nice little peak inside the halls of Hogwarts during this time period, but it raised a question. Maybe my memory is failing me (it has been a while since I read 'Deathly Hallows'), but weren't Muggleborns prohibited from attending Hogwarts once Voldemort had taken control? How did Dennis Creevey get to attend? Did you change that in your story, or did you forget about the Muggleborn Registration Commission? Either way, it is a fantastic story. Keep it up.

Author's Response: Um... oops? Big oops. I guess I could replace Dennis with that character they used in the 5th film (I think his name was Nigel). I don\'t know, I\'ll have to think about it. I\'m glad you\'re enjoying the story anyway. Thanks for the read and review.

Reviewer: DebbieO Signed Date: 2009.07.25 - 10:31AM Title: A New Allegiance


This is a very interesting retelling. I like the idea that the smallest change can make a world of difference. I had been thinking about writing something with a similar root to it, but since you've already done it, I'll just keep reading yours. Great job. I want to slap a few characters and tell them to get a clue, but...that's normal for me. If it wasn't good writing, I wouldn't care how thick they are.

Author's Response: Thank you for the kind words. I hope you are only postponing writing your \"what if\" story and not giving up on it. I enjoy those types of stories myself (obviously), and I would look forward to seeing another story of that nature here at SIYE.

Reviewer: knightsbridge Signed Date: 2009.07.23 - 04:13AM Title: Godric's Hollow

Nothing's changed? Fleur can walk off to god knows where to kill DE's, and no one seems to remember why...and Ginny has to go home and be a good little girl....Blegh!

Too bad she couldn't leave Harry with a Bat bogie that would effect more parts of his body!


Author's Response: Well, of course some things have changed -- this is AU after all. :) But for this story\'s Ginny and Harry (who haven\'t had the benefit of reading the original DH), certainly nothing had changed between them since the last time they saw each other, and they had a chance to acknowledge that.

Reviewer: knightsbridge Signed Date: 2009.07.23 - 03:28AM Title: The Six Potters

starstarstarstarstar have angst down to an art-form.

I had never started this fic, and decided it must be time. There are so few original things out therem it was a pleasure to find this one.

One Blink, One Moment In Time, and life can change for the better of far as Harry goes, Some things Golden CAN stay.

If it were up to Ginny, I bet she'd be right out there with Fleur.

Wonderful story, with tightly written characters...perhaps not Canon, but better. Each character has their Canon personality. I applaud you!!!


Author's Response: Thank you for the kind words. I hope you enjoy the rest of the story as much as you have so far.

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