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Reviews For After Breakfast

Reviewer: jerryfs2 Signed Date: 2016.08.17 - 11:41PM Title: After Breakfast


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Reviewer: LoveIsMagicHarry Signed Date: 2013.06.07 - 09:44PM Title: After Breakfast


Ahh, bless you, this is lovely. It was funny, terribly funny, and so sweet. Thank you for writing!

Author's Response: And thank you for reading and reviewing. -N-

Reviewer: Silas Signed Date: 2012.05.07 - 10:08PM Title: After Breakfast


Right then, I've been reading your stories since you were on (tracking you down after what happened there was a mission itself) and I’ve decided it is time for me to actually submit some reviews.

This is a lovely story and I love how Harry is able to made reference to magic occurrences without giving the game away to the Muggle guests. I do however have one question that has been bugging me for rather a long time. Harry says that Ron will be his best man "in less than a year". That implies that Harry and Ginny have already set the date for their wedding by the time of Ron and Hermione's. Yet in the first chapter of Epithalamium Ron is already married when Harry takes him and the others out for drinks to celebrate Harry and Ginny setting a date. Can you help solve my confusion?

Author's Response: Thanks for the review.
Ah, the great HPFF debacle. I was here first, and in every way imaginable SIYE is a better site that HPFF. Very short version of my dismissal from HPFF: I (rapidly) wrote 23 “Tales of the Battle” for the HPFF house cup 2010. They were posted as a “collaboration” story, with the "house" as co-author. This meeant I couldn’t edit them. I wanted to rewrite and expand them (they were little more than rough drafts – because the HPFF house cup was looking for quantity, not quality, so I obliged by writing 23 chapters in less than 40 days). After the House cup closed I got permission from my house, and the mods to remove the stories from the collaboration. I started posting them under my pseudonym. I got a lot of reviews, but after three or four chapters were approved, someone started deleting the reviews. I discovered that a senior mod had (the day my reviews vanished) written a new rule which said removing stories from a collab was “contrary to the family nature of the site and all reviews would be deleted”. (So far as I know this rule affected a total of one person: me.) I said “you’re the mods, you make the rules, but I don’t think this is fair”. Result: a ban for “frequent rule breaking and being disrespectful to the mods”. I’m not the first to be banned, and interestingly the only other banned writers I know of are male. That's enough of that, back to this.
The spur to write After Breakfast (my first one shot) was my reading a very magical (and very American) Ron/Hermione wedding (on HPFF I think), and realising that 1) Hermione’s relatives are all Muggles, and 2) I had no idea what the hell a groomsman was. As for your question, what can I say but “Damn! I’ll have to fix that.” I make mistakes, and this is one of them. And it isn't there any longer.

Reviewer: swede Signed Date: 2012.04.29 - 07:35PM Title: After Breakfast


I must say that this was a truly lovely read. Looking at the date I guess that this was one of your very first pieces right? Well, regardless of when this was written, the quality of the writing and the scene it depicts is just … lovely; Beautiful, loving and a bit sentimental without being nauseatingly sweet. Just like a real wedding should be.
I can also only agree with what lilyevans_Jan30 wrote back in 2009; “Harry's speech was one of the best fanfiction wedding speeches I've read”. Having read the stories you’ve posted since then I find that I enjoy the speech’s air of friendship and warmth more than the “finding out how the Weasleys ended up”-aspect though. :-) The speech also really feels like something (a truly great) best man would give, very “authentic”. I also appreciate the conformity to canon and canon personalities displayed.

As for the use of the word “cruel”; It initially broke my reading “flow” as well until I remembered that this is just another example of Brit-speak confusing some of us (or at least I think that’s what happens). Not being a native to English but having spent time on both sides of the Atlantic I seem to remember that on the US side “cruel” is heavily associated with “evil” and is thus rarely used (except in “cruelty to animals”, “wanton cruelty” and similar circumstances). In both Scotland and England I’ve heard the word used both more often and more liberally.

Oh, and as for “Steve”. Boy does he ever exist, almost exactly as written. He was in fact at my wedding (the squirrely little sod). :-)

Author's Response:
Thanks for the review.

This was the second story I started, the first I marked as complete, and my first ever one-shot. My first attempt to write fanfic was the novel-length Grave Days. The original version was not good, and while I was struggling with it I decided to try a one-shot. This was it. I admit that this was written because I read a truly horrible Ron/Hermione wedding story which was full of magic, and “Groomsmen” (what the hell are groomsmen – I certainly didn’t have them at my wedding). I decided that they needed a Muggle wedding, and this was it.

Harry’s speech was a lot of fun to write. I’ve been a Best Man, and a Groom, and I’ve been to enough weddings to know how important the speeches are. I saw the happy atmosphere in one wedding collapse during a (drunken and full of crude jokes) Best Man’s speech. I tried to make this the speech of a man who is still very fond of his two best friends.

You’re probably right about cruel. I used it rather than use harsh, or unkind, or mean. And at the time I was too stubborn to change it, probably because back then I didn’t appreciate the sometimes subtle differences in meaning between English and American English.

The only good thing to come out of my brief flirtation with (thanks to their long list of words and there ratings) was a better understanding of the differences. Bitch, too seems to be regarded as much harsher word in the USA than it is here, bugger is the opposite. There are a lot of more subtle differences.

”Steve” was at my wedding too. And that of several of my friends.


Reviewer: Hopeless Romantic Writer Signed Date: 2012.03.09 - 12:31AM Title: After Breakfast


No Review

Reviewer: mysinger Signed Date: 2011.10.22 - 09:36PM Title: After Breakfast


Funny and very well written.

Author's Response: Thank you. I hope that you enjoy my other stories, too. Although they aren't all funny. -N-

Reviewer: SYLVELLE Signed Date: 2011.10.01 - 05:13PM Title: After Breakfast


Been a couple of years since you posted this one but I just read it. I've been reading your other fiction and so far have loved them all.
Keep writing, we'll keep reading.
Patricia USA

Author's Response: Thanks for the review of the first one-shot I submitted. I now see several punctuaton errors which slipped past me a couple of years ago. I'm still very fond of this story. So much so that "Steve" even got a mention in the last chapter of Aurors and Schoolgirls.
I'll keep writing until I run out of ideas, and it doesn't look like that will be any time soon.

Reviewer: wongwizard101 Signed Date: 2011.08.20 - 12:03PM Title: After Breakfast



Author's Response: Thanks -N-

Reviewer: beryl Signed Date: 2011.06.06 - 07:45AM Title: After Breakfast


Lovely! Simply fantastic! You really felt it as you wrote it, didn't you? Thanks for the awesome work.

Author's Response: Thanks for the review. I did, yes. :-) -N-

Reviewer: potternut190 Signed Date: 2010.11.22 - 02:24PM Title: After Breakfast


No Review

Reviewer: NES85 Signed Date: 2010.01.03 - 04:32AM Title: After Breakfast


Well done; I hadn't read a story like this before and it was very touching :)

Author's Response:
Thank you.

And thanks, too, to whoever nominated this story for a Silver Trinket award.


Reviewer: arwen85 Signed Date: 2009.11.03 - 06:45PM Title: After Breakfast


No Review

Reviewer: NotACat Signed Date: 2009.10.18 - 02:12PM Title: After Breakfast


No Review

Reviewer: jkrofan Signed Date: 2009.09.10 - 02:13PM Title: After Breakfast

OH, sweet!

Author's Response: Thanks :-) glad you liked it

Reviewer: GREYWOLF Signed Date: 2009.07.31 - 02:41PM Title: After Breakfast

I would agree with your definition of cruelty with one important proviso. Crueltly is premeditated, and initiciated without cause for the perverse pleasure of the doer. Malfoy's constantly making fun of the Weasley family is a good example. Responding to an insult, or attack, annoyance in anger (rightous or otherwise) as you've described Ginny is not cruelty. I suggest you choose your words carefully. Particularly a connotation laden word like cruel.

Author's Response: I must be cruel only to be kind. William Shakespeare: Hamlet Prince of Denmark (III, iv) - Farewell, fair cruelty. Willian Shakespeare: Twelfth Night, or What You Will (I, v)

Reviewer: gryffins_door Signed Date: 2009.07.30 - 02:14PM Title: After Breakfast


Very nicely done. And Greywolf is way off the mark - hardly fair to troll you for one insignificant canon dispute - and you make your case well. Ginny certainly did not appreciate being messed around, and she was not afraid to act with righteous indignation.

Author's Response: Thank you. :)

Reviewer: GREYWOLF Signed Date: 2009.07.29 - 01:29PM Title: After Breakfast


While I liked the sense of humor you gave Harry, your comment that Ginny could be extremely cruel was a huge negative to the story. Apparently we read a different set of books. Ginny never exhibited cruelty.

Author's Response: The full quote is: - “Ginny could be extremely cruel to people who pestered her, or him.” Cruel: deliberately and remorselessly causing pain or anguish, bringing about pain and distress There have been a couple of comments on my use of that one word, perhaps I should have used the word mean, or nasty, or vindictive. My defence: - Harry was pestered and annoyed by Colin Creevey, he ignored him and avoided him. Ginny was pestered and annoyed by Zacharius Smith, she hexed him (HPB). Ginny has a tendency to hex first and ask questions later. There are several indirect reports of Ginny hexing people who annoy her (using the oft reported but never described bat bogey hex). In HBP after the Quidditch commentary by Zacharius Smith, Ginny deliberately crashes into the commentary box. I’m left with the impression that, after what is no more than name calling; Ginny is more likely to use physical or magical violence than Harry. Harry was simply happy to win the game and prove Smith wrong, Ginny needed to physically show her annoyance, bringing about pain and distress. Still, on balance, perhaps “mean” would have been a better word for me to use, it seems to fit better. :(

Reviewer: whimsy Signed Date: 2009.07.29 - 07:15AM Title: After Breakfast


I am impressed that you were able to write such a good speech that gave the essence of evolution of the relationship among the Trio with the emphasis on Ron and Hermione while avoiding all mention of magic.

In the UK are weddings typically scheduled for the morning? Or does "wedding breakfast" refer to the meal served regardless of time of day?

I'm guessing that Teddy wouldn't be able to attend unless there was some way of fixing his features. Fortunately for him, the muggles attending Harry's and Ginny's wedding would likely consist only of the Dursleys.

Will you do a followup with Ron's speech at Harry's and Ginny's wedding?

Author's Response: Thanks for the kind words. :) To answer some of your questions: The Wedding Breakfast is the meal where the wedding party (literally) break their fast. It’s the first meal after the wedding, even if it’s in the afternoon or evening. I decided against an invitation for Teddy, my reasoning went thus: This is Ron & Hermione’s wedding, they decide on the guest list (actually, in my experience, Molly & Mrs Granger decide). That means family and friends of the Weasleys & Grangers. Teddy (and Andromeda) aren’t part of that group, they’re on Harry’s side, so weren’t invited. I assumed Ginny would be sole bridesmaid because Hermione has no sister and she’s never been close to the girls she shares a dorm with. Luna strikes me as Ginny’s friend, not Hermione’s. I started to write Harry\'s and Ginny\'s wedding, but I found myself drifting back to a sad little piece where Molly and Ginny are busy with a long list of relatives and friends to invite, and trying to agree a seating plan and Harry is moping in a corner because his list contains no-one but the Dursleys and the people on Ginny’s friends list. :( If I do write Harry\'s and Ginny\'s wedding then I’d give Ginny: Hermione as Matron-of-Honour and Luna as Bridesmaid. Depending on ages: Teddy as page boy and Victoire as another bridesmaid.

Reviewer: freshwater Signed Date: 2009.07.28 - 08:42PM Title: After Breakfast


Very well done! Although...I was rather looking forward to what Ginny might have done to Steve! A glass of wine tipping into his lap wouldn't have been too suspicious.....**smirk**

Autho r's Response: I agree.

Reviewer: HGRHfan35 Signed Date: 2009.07.28 - 06:17PM Title: After Breakfast


Fantastic to read!
No Ron bashing but just defining the friendships as they are. Nice.

Author's Response: Thank you.

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