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Reviewer: ykirirn Signed Date: 2017.11.20 - 05:40AM Title: Quidditch: Rejection, Selection


Hi Waiting for an update in Strangers in Drakeshaugh and James and Me I started re-reading a little of the others fics you have wrote. I was a little lost until I found you in so from there I can have a little list of the order of your histories.

I really hope that you also update Aurors and Schoolgirls. I think you'll add the stories as Spontaneity and some others,

Love the world you have created with the cannon and how you create the characters more corporeal and understandable for the common non English speaker.

Thanks a lot for this free and good entertainment, keep on the good work


Author's Response:
Strangers and James and Me will be updated as soon as the next chapters are ready. I've delayed myself by writing my first Christmas tale in a few years.
There will be no more chapters to Spontaneity, but I hope to update Epithalamium and Friends and Foes next year.

Reviewer: moonpaw Signed Date: 2017.07.21 - 12:32AM Title: Christmas: Deputations


I was awaiting an update on "James and Me," and thought I would take a look back at some oldies I hadn't read in awhile...started with Grave Days, and ended up here. On the one hand, the writing style has most certainly changed, and I understand the desire for a re-write. And yet, your animated portrayals of the characters are just as vibrant as always. Not just that, but also the thoughtfulness that goes into filling in the blank spaces JKR left is astounding. The more I think about it, the more your version of the Granger's response to Hermione's plan makes sense. And yet, I feel like everyone forgets about how they might have felt about being involuntarily moved to Australia.

Author's Response: Thanks, and sorry for the ridiculously long delay in my reply to this review. I've been very bad at review replies this year, must do better. There will be movement on this story when I get some of my other unfinished stories marked complete. -N-

Reviewer: BuffyRose Signed Date: 2016.01.21 - 05:16PM Title: Dungeon: Discussions

These are by far my favorite fan fiction stories. I do hate the hint of slut shaming though that seems to occur in all fan fiction. Bad girl = dressed "slutty" aka revealing. Sex = bad. Sex and revealing clothes go hand in hand. I had sex at 15 and was wearing a baggy hoodie that day. Not that I would judge someone who wanted to wear more revealing clothing. the idea of Ginny being a virgin is comical. But otherwise I seriously love this serious the characters for the most part really sound in character and it mostly sticks to canon and it's just everything I look for in Harry Potter fan fiction

Author's Response: I don’t think I’m guilty of those things, particularly not the sex = bad thing. As for the clothing, Different boys react differently to a girl's clothing choine. I hope I showed that. If I didn't, I'm sorry.
Your view of Ginny differs from mine. "I did" does not equal "everyone does" and I strive to give different characters different attitudes.

Reviewer: 21Racr Signed Date: 2015.10.15 - 07:51PM Title: Christmas: Deputations


It's been some time since this was updated, so I don't think too many people would mind if you did the full re-write that you were mentioning doing in a different response. We're all too interested to see what happens to mind!

Excellent story, by the way, I can't wait to see where this goes!

Author's Response: I've been slowly working on this story (very slowly). -N-

Reviewer: Nariem Signed Date: 2015.07.30 - 06:16AM Title: Christmas: Deputations


Realy your stories a lot, hope to see update soon :)

Author's Response: I'd like to think I'll be updating soon. Wait and see. -N-

Reviewer: carolyn jinn Signed Date: 2014.12.23 - 05:30PM Title: Christmas: Deputations


Good story. Just read the entire story and loved it.
Just wondering....are you going to update soon??

Author's Response: Good question. I'm currently working on it, alongside other things. Unfortunately, my writing style has changed rather since I started this and I've been unable to stop myself from editing the thing from chapter one. I'll try to update soon. -N-

Reviewer: GHL Signed Date: 2014.04.29 - 04:49PM Title: Dungeon: Discussions

I would bet that this particular HTML issue is not of your making, as I think it is precisely the same glitch that bites me in the derriere several times.

What I was going so say in my abrogated message was that if you start an HTML tag on the hard left of a new line, there is a chance that the parser will insert a single blank character somewhere in the first word (usually the HTML command itself) which disrupts the command. So, I have started just automatically inserting a single blank character before any HTML tag. This ensures that no tags begin on the leftmost character of a new line.

==================================== =====

Kudos to Amelie / Ginny Guerra if she has been able to foster some of your best writing. She apparently did a great job with some of Count Westwest's writing. His material was racier than I prefer, but he wrote some very concise, compelling and entertaining fiction. So it's interesting that you seem to be suggesting that the quality of your writing is more a function of quality of beta-reading than of maturation or simply getting in a groove? Thus far I have been going it alone, relying on self-editing, which I can cultivate by leaving several weeks between initial draft and subsequent proofing session. If I read it when I'm sufficiently grouchy, I can often catch some stylistic issues, but I suppose it's better to rely on someone whose role/duty is to be grumpy :)

==================================== ===

I appreciate the fact that you've taken the time to respond to my rambles. However, my intention is to give back a little, rather than take. Definitely don't let me come between you and your writing!

Author's Response:
Thanks. I have used a lot of betas, some better than others, but Amelie has been a constant in my Harry/Ginny stories for almost five years (she deserves a medal). I hope that my writing has improved, and that it will continue to improve. I listen to reviews, and I correct my mistakes, I hope that I continue to learn. I also experiment a lot (Hunters and Prey and Tales of the Battle are two examples of me playing around with voices – so is Strangers at Drakeshaugh).

I tend to work in a similar way to you. I write, rewrite, leave for a while, rewrite again, and then send it to beta’s. When I get it back, I usually rewrite again.


Reviewer: GHL Signed Date: 2014.04.22 - 07:45AM Title: Christmas: Elucidation


These 'Christmas' chapters definitely have a flow and rhythm that had not quite established itself in the earlier ones. The writing in the various Drakeshaugh stories remains my favorite though.

Author's Response:
Thanks for the review.

I’ve been revising this story for some time, with a view to getting it completed. Real life has interfered a lot this month (hence my lack of submissions for a long time) but I hope to be back in the saddle soon. It will help if I can find the flashdrive on which I saved my latest drafts. :-(


Reviewer: GHL Signed Date: 2014.04.22 - 07:41AM Title: Dungeon: Discussions

Hah! I see that there is also a problem when one tries to talk about HTML tags inside one of these review messages (see sudden truncation of my previous message). Anyway, long and short of it is that the parser garbled your closing center tag in this chapter, leading to spurious text centering through the final 30% of the text. I assume you've figured out the tricks for working around the parser's amusing little glitches, but if not then feel free to drop me a note.

Author's Response: The HTML problems are often of my own making. I’ll fix this one asap. -N-

Reviewer: GHL Signed Date: 2014.04.21 - 07:45AM Title: Dungeon: Discussions


As you've probably noticed, I'm making my gradual way through much of your work. It has seemed to me that your writing really blossomed in terms of quality sometime around 2011, essentially progressing from good to excellent over a fairly short period of time. I wonder what the inspiration was?

Anyway, this chapter seems to be right in the transitional stage -- the plot intricacies are suddenly a lot more intriguing than what earlier chapters of Schoolgirls had afforded, although the writing style is still a bit greener than later work.

NOTE: I know it's been years since this chapter was uploaded, and I'm guessing that you've probably long since figured this out on your own, but just in case this is at all helpful to know: there's a glitch in the SIYE HTML parser such that sometimes when you start a new line with the "

Author's Response:
Thanks for the (oddly curtailed) review.

Almost since I started submitting stories Amelie (Ginny Guerra) has been beta reading for me (the very early stuff was done by Spenser Hemmingway). I submit my stories to other sites too ( and Mugglenet Fanfiction). At the time Mugglenet were extremely strict (that’s no longer the case) so I was also using a second beta for that site. I had a few, but in 2011, I began using Soraya. She pulled no punches, and she used to send me reams of comments, “this bits too slow” “delete this section” etc. I didn’t always agree with her, and sometimes she asked me to delete stuff I knew would be important in later chapters, but she made me think, and she raised my game. I miss her.-N-

Reviewer: gemz1313 Signed Date: 2012.06.24 - 10:37AM Title: Christmas: Deputations

I'm so slow on the uptake! Just realised this is a WIP, doh! So glad lol I did think it was an odd moment to end buy figured another story picked up from here lol.
I'm subscribing to this story and eagerly awaiting an update!

Author's Response: Apologies. I have too many works in progroess. I am trying to finish Hunters and Prey. After I do, I'll get back on this. -N-

Reviewer: gemz1313 Signed Date: 2012.06.24 - 10:24AM Title: Christmas: Deputations


Yay after brilliant story. Now I want to see if Wylde is really a death eater! I assume there's a squeal? Off to look....

Brilliant story, very sweet and nice to see both the time and Hogwarts for the girls and know what's going on with Auror training. Love you characterisation as usual. We need more hagrid though! Did he get a medal?

Author's Response: Thanks for the review.
Wylde has the Dark Mark.
We do need to see more Hagrid. All these stories and I’ve never, ever, given him any dialogue. That must change. After all, he did get a medal.

Reviewer: merker5 Signed Date: 2012.02.29 - 10:55PM Title: Christmas: Deputations


Amazing story..i really like the portrayel of harry and ginnys relationship. Update SOON!!!

Author's Response: Update, definitely! Soon, is a lot less likely, sorry. -N-

Reviewer: SYLVELLE Signed Date: 2012.01.25 - 11:31AM Title: Christmas: Deputations


I think I've reviewed this before.. but I have a guestion. You write Hermione's mother as Jean, which makes sense to me since Hermione's middle name is Jean. Do we know for sure what the Grangers' names are? There doesn't seem to be any consistency between authors.
Just curious, waiting for more of course

Author's Response: Short answer: No.
Longer answer: Unless there is something on Pottermore (and this story predates Pottermore) then Hermione's parents are called - Mr & Mrs Granger, and they're both dentists, and that's pretty much all we know (except that they ski, too). There is no consistency because every author makes up names.
I MUST get back to this story, the next chapter has been drafted for months.

Reviewer: jaredadamc Signed Date: 2011.09.12 - 09:06PM Title: Christmas: Deputations


Great chapter. Had to reread the fic so that I could remember all the finer points of the story. Thanks for the update.

Author's Response: Thanks. More soon. -N-

Reviewer: smokeylovegood Signed Date: 2011.08.30 - 08:10PM Title: Christmas: Deputations

Another excellent chapter. Glad to see the "what is Fenella up to" storyline working its way back in. Of course, some intrigue is lost due to you writing out of chronological order. I do like this OC and hope she is keeping to the right side, or, at least, is vindicated in the end.
I like your Ginny in this chapter much better than in some of the previous ones. Honestly, a couple of times, I wondered if your simply didn't like her! She deserves some poor behavior based on age, but in this chapter, she seemed age appropriate (not allowing Harry to dance with Romilda - of course - no one should allow their man near her), stronger and more confident of Harry's feelings and pushy in a good way (it doesn't always have to be Hermione's way and Harry's tendency to obsess needs to be quelled).

Author's Response: Thanks for the review.
You're right, of course, that Fenella's appearrance in some of my future stories does reduce the intrigue.
I love Ginny, and with this chapter (and the dance talk) I hope that my number one couple finally fully understand each other. They've skirted around some difficult topics in the past, and they've been separated for a long time. Harry's tendency to obsess does not help. Hermione has a tendency to confront, which causes conflict (although conflict works with Ron). Ginny (I think) tries to listen and persuade. That's the main reason why Harry/Hermione is (as JKR said) delusional.

Reviewer: rbrt_emmer Signed Date: 2011.08.30 - 12:09PM Title: Christmas: Deputations


An intriguing chapter to say the least. Well done sir.

Author's Response: Thank you. There will be more questions in the next chapter. -N-

Reviewer: Dad Signed Date: 2011.08.30 - 11:06AM Title: Christmas: Deputations


You made my day. It is three weeks to my birthday, so a chapter of "Strangers" would be a great present.

Author's Response: Thanks, I really hope that the next one won't take so long. -N-

Reviewer: ginnyweasley777 Signed Date: 2011.08.30 - 10:13AM Title: Christmas: Deputations


great chapter
got to love Luna :)

Author's Response: Thanks
You can always trust Luna to say what she thinks.

Reviewer: lunagranger Signed Date: 2011.08.29 - 09:59PM Title: Christmas: Deputations


Oh, this chapter is the best in this story until now. All those people trying to be linked to Harry, the interaction of our favourite couple, the talk about Fenella and Ginny's exigence that Harry focus on her. Perfect, everything.
We waited for long but it was worth it.

Author's Response: Thanks for the review. I really hope that the wait for the next chapter will not be so long. Harry and Ginny’s “dance-partners” conversation was rewritten dozens of times. -N-

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