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Reviewer: English Muffin Signed Date: 2013.06.26 - 09:53AM Title: The Brokenhearted Resolve


So am I correct in assuming you are following movie canon and not book canon? This is a very well done story. I normally dislike first person perspective, but you have pulled it off. I really like the idea of the memoirs.

I have noticed a few idiomatic errors, as well as a few ongoing errors. Miss, ie Miss Weasley, does not need a period after it. Instead of running rampage, it should probably be rampant. Few and far (leave out in) between. Pining away instead of pinning (in this chapter you got it right, but in a previous chapter, it was incorrect. I have also noticed a few run-on sentences, too.

I believe that Romilda Vane is in the year below Ginny, rather in her year.

Reviewer: amy1997 Signed Date: 2012.03.18 - 05:31PM Title: The Brokenhearted Resolve


No Review

Reviewer: pottermania Signed Date: 2012.03.17 - 09:40PM Title: The Brokenhearted Resolve


Oh so, so close. It would have been better for it not to have been awful to have to say no because you were already going to the ball with someone else....but why did they leave it so long!! Because they were silly boys of course!! I'v got to say, I don't think it would have been the night of Ginny's dreams if she had gone with Harry...I think it would actually been very disappointing...I don't think she would have had the night dancing away with best she might have got some!

Poor Ginny...there is nothing worse, nothing more internally destroying to see the object of your dreams hanker after someone else....Merlin...that has to be the pits...:(

Author's Response: Been there, done that, it truly is the worst!~

Reviewer: GREYWOLF Signed Date: 2012.03.16 - 06:36PM Title: The Brokenhearted Resolve


Yes, very good. I liked the interaction between Hermione and Ginny.

Reviewer: riegert8 Signed Date: 2011.09.13 - 03:00PM Title: The Brokenhearted Resolve


No Review

Reviewer: hpforever85 Signed Date: 2011.09.10 - 03:21AM Title: The Brokenhearted Resolve


No Review

Reviewer: Gin-Gin Signed Date: 2011.08.24 - 03:26PM Title: The Brokenhearted Resolve


so touching!!!! The best chapter yet!

Reviewer: ALigirl Signed Date: 2010.10.27 - 12:43PM Title: The Brokenhearted Resolve


No Review

Author's Response: thanks for the stars!

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