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Reviewer: alterdream Signed Date: 2018.06.17 - 11:04AM Title: Seeing Ghosts


Reading about the events from such an indirect perspective was quite interesting. Great writing once again.

Author's Response: Thanks, and thanks for the 800th review of this story. More soon. -N-

Reviewer: skiutahnum1 Signed Date: 2018.06.06 - 02:48AM Title: Seeing Ghosts

Funny she can pass the bike but not the car test. Nothing wrong with the once a decade hangover that reminds you not to do it again...kutgw

Author's Response: She's never bothered with the car test. The occasional reminder is useful.

Reviewer: snarky24 Signed Date: 2018.06.06 - 12:07AM Title: Seeing Ghosts


I was hooked after the first chapter, and I've been binge-reading this story over the past few days. When I hit "Next" on the latest chapter, I actually gasped out loud because I could not believe I just blew through 36 chapters. I was skeptical about reading the story from an OC's perspective at first, but I was very quickly hooked. I think it would be very easy for Jacqui to come off as too nosy in order to advance the plot, but you did a great job of making her likeable. Her friendship with Ginny develops in a realistic and gradual way, and her very Muggle observations of the Potter family are endearing.

Regarding the latest chapter, I thought Jacqui might be able to see Polly since a few Muggles had seen her at the pub, but I was totally floored when Annie did, too! Maybe Annie will get a Hogwarts letter when she turns 11, even though it appears that her mother was not magical enough to be a witch. Can't wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response:
Thank you.

It’s always good to hear from a new reviewer, and unlike some who have been waiting (sometimes even patiently waiting) for years, you’re arriving as I work on the last three chapters.

Jacqui is nosey, and she can be needy, there’s no doubt about it. Hopefully, it’s understandable. She’s a full time mother who's moved into the middle of nowhere. She doesn’t know anyone and she doesn’t fit into any of the existing school-gate cliques. She’s desperate for a friend.

Annie won’t get a Hogwarts letter. I knew that when I started this story. She’s not quite magical enough, but I’ll need to complete James and Me for you to find out more.


Reviewer: mcepl Signed Date: 2018.06.04 - 05:44AM Title: The Drop Off

Being non-Brit I love to go through places described in the HP fanfiction stories and looking them up on Google Maps. Is this the school all kids went into ?

Author's Response: They went to a school a little similar to that one, but its name was different, and so is its design, and the surrounding properties. I keep the village names, but some properties are moved (the model for Lintzgarth is actually in Teesdale) and others (like Drakeshaugh) simply don't exist. -N-

Reviewer: mdauben Signed Date: 2018.06.03 - 05:59PM Title: Seeing Ghosts


I was exstatic to see your update today! So, the werewolf murders are finally solved. Sounds like quite a circus at the Potters last night. A great chapter as usual. I love Jacqui and Mike.

Author's Response: Thanks, the next chapter is progressing nicely, too. After this chapter, I'm glad I chose Jacqui as narrator. Mike has a terrible tendency to go off at a tangent! -N-

Reviewer: rbrt_emmer Signed Date: 2018.06.02 - 05:51PM Title: Seeing Ghosts

Damn, reading reviews and responses has made me realize that you actually have a continuity error, unless not all is as it seems from the kids version. In the Drakeshaugh Dragon you mention in that story that prior to it Albus hadn't done any accidental magic.

Author's Response: That's what happens when you write stories out of order, you sometimes forget the little things. It's particularly irksome as Al's actions in the chapter have always been a fixed point in this story. When I finish Strangers, I'll do a rewrite. -N-

Reviewer: potternut190 Signed Date: 2018.06.02 - 02:33AM Title: Seeing Ghosts


The Bloodstone! I loved the two versions of the tale. Yet another great chapter!

Author's Response: Thanks. It's two versions, once removed, as this is Mike's version of stories what he was told. -N-

Reviewer: hawkeye2008 Signed Date: 2018.06.01 - 11:31PM Title: Seeing Ghosts


Writea another chapter sooner

Author's Response: I'll try, but I find that a rushed chapter is not a good chapter. -N-

Reviewer: TomBombadil Signed Date: 2018.06.01 - 09:50PM Title: Seeing Ghosts

Always glad to see another stallment of this story! I read your reply to someone else about Jacqui not behaving in the way you intended, which makes no sense in one wat an in another, it makes all the sense in the world! Half the fun of writing is in learning what your characters will do, regardless of however carefully you have storyboarded in your mind!

Author's Response: ;-)

Reviewer: potterfan2008 Signed Date: 2018.06.01 - 07:03PM Title: Seeing Ghosts


Poor Jacqui! I can only imagine how horrified she must be of throwing up on Ginny's floor! I loved the childrens vs the adult version of what happened. I think I liked the childrens version a bit better. Yeah Al for the accidental magic! Good job saving Rosie. It seems there is some latent wizarding blood or something in Jacqui and Annie at least - or maybe they just believe a little more. Loved how Mike keeps on Camelia the teenage vampire, but not the Polly ghost.

Author's Response: Thanks
Jacqui is, indeed, horrified. Mike enjoyed the children's version more, too, I hope that was reflected in the way he told Jacqui the tales. The truth behind the keepers of the Bloodstone will eventually be revealed. Mike has seen Camelia, and while he met Polly once, he's never seen her ghost.
PS Mike want's you to know that he doesn't really think Camelia is a vampire. That would be ridiculous, wouldn't it?

Author's Response: PPS Where the hell did that apostrophe in want's come from, damn it!

Reviewer: MichiganMuggle Signed Date: 2018.06.01 - 06:42PM Title: Seeing Ghosts


So excited to see an update to this story.

Oh, poor Jacqui! Throwing up on a friend's floor is probably the worst of sins in her ultra-clean world.

Author's Response: Thanks. It is indeed. She needs to make amends. -N-

Reviewer: TomBombadil Signed Date: 2018.06.01 - 05:46AM Title: Seeing Ghosts


Always glad to see another stallment of this story! I read your reply to someone else about Jacqui not behaving in the way you intended, which makes no sense in one wat an in another, it makes all the sense in the world! Half the fun of writing is in learning what your characters will do, regardless of however carefully you have storyboarded in your mind!

Author's Response: Many of my characters take on a life of their own. Jacqui can be fussy at times, the information she gets in this chapter was going to be presented to you differently, but she was too drunk to narrate it. At least she's not as bad as Lavender. -N-

Reviewer: mcepl Signed Date: 2018.06.01 - 12:50AM Title: Seeing Ghosts

Also, the level how you understand hangovers (here, Bare, and April Fool) makes me nervous about your (hopefully) past life. ;)

Author's Response: Anyone who has ever had a hangover must understand them. -N-

Reviewer: jmcmutt Signed Date: 2018.05.31 - 05:18PM Title: Seeing Ghosts


always enjoy getting an update. There is something about Jacqui and magic that is just under the surface. Enjoyed the adult verus kids story. Kid story probably has much more "facts" than the cleaned up version for the adults.

Author's Response: Thanks. There is certainly something not quite magical about Jacqui. As for the kids, they aren't worried about how preposterous their version of events might sound. -N-

Reviewer: rbrt_emmer Signed Date: 2018.05.31 - 11:33AM Title: Seeing Ghosts


I love that Jacqui actively knows of magic but fears mentioning it. I'm sure it's solve quite a few problems with the Potters lol. Great chapter, I look forward to finally seeing the conclusion!

Author's Response: Thanks. I've decided that rather than one massive tie-up chapter I heed three more personal ones. I'll try to get the next one completed this month. -N-

Reviewer: mcepl Signed Date: 2018.05.31 - 10:16AM Title: Seeing Ghosts


Squibs can see ghosts (and hopefully Arabella Figg was not lying and they can see Dementors), but they cannot do magic themselves, right?

Anyway, a nice chapter. I still hold to my review of the previous chapter (too much background, too much splintered story-line, you are having too much fun with writing the ghost stories ;)), but considering that you are doing very nice job with writing an embarrassed Jacquie. I like Al Stupefying the bad guy with accidental magic. That's an Auror in making!

I wonder whether Jacquie will tell Annie about ghosts, wands and magic. Or will it be already too late? Will then they tell each other?

Looking forward to the last chapter(s), and of course looking forward to James and me’s next chapter.

Author's Response: The legal definition of a Squib will play an important part in one of my stories (not this one), but you're correct. ;-)
I hope that they're threads, not splinters, and that the next three chapters will tie them up.
Keep wondering
The next chapter is going well

Reviewer: lunagranger Signed Date: 2018.05.31 - 04:00AM Title: Seeing Ghosts


Finally, the most awaited chapter. And it is very much worth it. Brilliant! So all the aurors' stuff was explained as an alarm.
Both the kids and the adult versions of the story are very good, but the best part is that Jacqui sort of knows she really saw the ghost and won't tell Harry and Ginny and therefore they won't take away that remembrance from her. At least not now. And Annie can see Polly even if she is not wearing the bloodstone necklace. Great!

Author's Response: Thanks.
Things are winding down as this story finally approaches and end. Jacqui is beginning to realise that there are times when she should simply keep quiet. Some Muggles saw Polly at her wake, too.

Reviewer: fi103r Signed Date: 2018.05.30 - 01:25PM Title: Seeing Ghosts


Al gets a boost with wandless stunning spell 'bang' is the default incantation he left off 'you're dead!', thankfully
love the kids vs Adult versions
Keep up the good work

How the heck did Annie and Jacqui not get letters to Hogwarts?
inquiring minds and all that...

Author's Response:
I'm not sure that you need more explanation, but the final interlude chapter will give more background.
More soon, I hope.
Perhaps they simply aren't magical enough.

Reviewer: mcepl Signed Date: 2018.04.20 - 02:59AM Title: Conversations and Invitations

Just a comment about Lord Peter Wimsey. Yes, I like him as well! But ... What is the point of that remark? How does Jacquie mean Harry resembles Lord Peter? Not very remarkable war hero with strong neurosis? War hero who resisted for many many years temptations of love and only in his late life he gave up and mated? I know you have something interesting on your mind, but could you please develop it for your thicker readers? Thank you.

Author's Response: A demonstration of how Jacqui thinks in terms of classic mystery heroes, perhaps.

Reviewer: mcepl Signed Date: 2018.01.28 - 03:41AM Title: The Drop Off

I have myself read and re-read whole Strangers fifteen times at least and it is close to my most beloved of all your stories (and you are in my opinion one of the best HP-fan-fiction authors). Thank you very much.

However, that is not the point I write this review. In my excitement over this story, I passed it to my mom as probably one of the best stories, most qualified to be read by normal person. She read Harry Potter and liked it, but she is certainly not the Potterhead to the level I am (what kind of rotten fish ghost ate in the Nearly Headless Nick’s 500 years Deathday party?). However, generally she reads a lot, she likes her Austen, Dickens, Brontes, etc. so I thought Strangers might be of interest to her.

She was actually quite unhappy with it, because in her opinion it is too slow: too much drinking cuppa, taking kids to and from school, and not much action for too many first chapters. After yet another rereading (or two, or five) I have to agree with her to some extent. I am too much immersed in the Potterhead jokes in the story (“I know what Ginny is trying to cover right now!”, “And now I wonder how Jacquie gets over the Apparation of the MIT to Drakeshaw the moment they are needed.”, etc.) that I can survive plenty of text without much real action. I am afraid, sensibilities have changed since Austen could write Emma without much story at all, and one third of the book completely useless (put the ball substory somewhere else, and you can get rid of whole second part of the novel without changing anything on the result).

To make my mom happy, I gave her Tales of the Battle and some MIT stories, and I am glad to report she like them very much.

And yet I am listening to the book (via TTS) for twentieth time, and laughing at now familiar jokes again (“I truly have to be paranoid, when I think those bats were following us from Drakeshaw home.”). And even with my other objection (some of the interludes are nice one-shot stories, but hurting the unity of the novel as whole) I am looking eagerly forward to new chapters. Please, do not give up on this novel.

Thank you

Author's Response: Strangers is very popular, and I've always been certain that most of that popularity is due to the fact that readers know more than Jacqui. They spot the clues she misses. But that also means that readers who aren't fans will find the story confusing and boring. That's fine. The bottom line is that I write as a hobby, and I write what I want. -N-

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