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Reviewer: bricat Signed Date: 2011.03.31 - 02:23AM Title: School Gates


I love the new definition of Auror,

Author's Response: I’m glad, because it took Harry quite a while to think of it. ;-) -N-

Reviewer: sapphire200182 Signed Date: 2011.03.12 - 04:08AM Title: School Gates


Excellent update! FYI, I really like the Drakeshaugh series because of its interesting viewpoint - one doesn't usually read about Harry from the POV of a completely unaware non-wizard... one of us, in other words =) Great attention to detail as always (fifty Aurors is about the perfect number)!

Author's Response: Thanks for the review. Jacqui\'s perspective certainly adds interest, I hope. In 2009, at the time this story is set The Auror Office has a staff of 47, including some specialists who are not field agents. You don\'t need their names and ages, do you? Because I can tell you (*blush*). -N-

Reviewer: Arnel Signed Date: 2011.02.22 - 11:24AM Title: School Gates


This story is so good I read it from start to finish all in one sitting this morning. I love your OC, Jacqui. She's quite the detective, but also a great mum: like her and Ginny, my son's artwork hangs on the back of the kitchen door. I also think I laughed and groaned in all the right places with her and felt really bad when she knew she was in trouble with Ginny over the bank debacle. To be sure, I felt quite jealous when she and Mike snuggled together on the couch; I can definitely identify with her that children somehow change the dynamics of a marriage so that the partners are too tired to bother with much passion at the end of the day.

Your depiction of Henry and James reminds me so much of my son at that age; the two are so cute and I can't help giggling when the mangle the English language--my favorite is James' "a Nora" for what Harry does for a living.

I love the gate gossip group. There always has to be a busy-body who promotes all the guessing and Mary Saville is the ultimate gossip. The way Ginny puts her in her place had me cheering her on since she oh, so politely made sure Mary knew any speculation was not going to be tolerated.

Your Harry seems quite dishy since most of the gate gossip group seem to be drooling over him. There were a couple of places in the story where you knew he and Ginny had cooked up a cover story for various things, most of the pertaining to his job and how he's involved with the Werewolf murders. It was good, too, to read about Terry Boot's possible choice of vocation, too.

All in all, I'm hoping the rest of this story is posted soon. I'm definitely hooked on it and found myself rather disappointed that it ended when it did. I'm giving all six chapters two thumbs up for helping me procrastinate from shoveling my snowy driveway and unearthing my car.

Author's Response:
Thanks for the review.

Writing from the first person female perspective is interesting, and this story could have been a disaster if I’d failed to make Jacqui a realistic (and hopefully likeable) narrator. I’m glad to discover that the kitchen door is the place for kid’s artwork. My sons’ paintings are there, too.

Kids do change things. Jacqui was acting at least as much for Henry as for herself when she intervened over the bank debacle, and her snuggle was cut short by Annie because that’s what happens. They pick up the words they shouldn’t (damn (-; ) and some words take years to get right. My eldest drank molk (the white stuff that comes from cows) for years, and would not be corrected.

Without school buses (except for kids more than three miles from school) the school run and school-gate gossip is a fact of British life.

How good looking is Harry? It is possible that I’ve over-praised him. According to Marry he’s “lean and slim”, has “a strange boyish charm which made me (and some of the mothers behind me…) want to look after him” and in chapter 6 “several others” were admiring him.

I’ve dropped several hints (I think) about Harry’s cover story. He and Ginny are reacting, slightly changing their story and releasing information when needed.

All of my stories are linked. Terry decided to become an Auror in “Tales of the Battle” and appears in several of my stories.

I have four chaptered stories in progress (big mistake). My non-H/G story Tales of the Battle is three chapters from completion and I’m concentrating on finishing it, sorry. Then (I hope!) I’ll be able to spend more time on the others. Having said that, chapter 7 is well on the way.

ps don\'t worry about the snow. If you procrastinate for long enopugh, it will melt! :-D

Reviewer: TheReader1312 Signed Date: 2011.02.21 - 12:57PM Title: School Gates


Ginny's handling of Mary was amazing. You don't mess with Ginny but, hopefully Mrs Saville has learned her lesson.

I can't help but feel sorry for Harry (and Ginny). Everyone is always following them in the Wizarding World, but now they can't even be left alone in the muggleworld. :-(

James says, that 'his mammy doesn't do anything'. Isn't Ginny working for the Daily Prophet, as a Quidditch reporter? Or is she just a housewife, while the children are small? (Three kids under 5, would probably be full-time job).

Author's Response:
Thanks for the review.

Ginny has been under a lot of pressure for a few days, but she’s back! Harry and Ginny will have to learn to deal with Muggle neighbours.

Three kids under five would be a full time job without the assistance of an active babysitting Granny. Most of the things which puzzle you will be explained. Remember that Jacqui’s information is her four-year-old son reporting the words of his words of his four-year-old friend. The fact that Harry is a Nora is about the most accurate thing that Jacqui knows.


Reviewer: GREYWOLF Signed Date: 2011.02.21 - 09:33AM Title: School Gates


I thoroughly enjoyed this chapter. Ginny's confrontation with Mrs. Busy Body reminded me immediatly of her response to Draco in Chamber of Secrets. Ginny is generally kind and compassionate, but just threaten her family and she turns into a Gryffindor lioness in a heartbeat.

And that kiss. Would Ginny and Harry still kiss like that after three kids? YES, because they realise what they almost (and still could) lost. Unlike most people they understand the frailty, and brevity, of life.

Author's Response:
Thanks for the review.

I agree with your assessment of Ginny (obviously). I was really impressed at the amount of good parenting JKR showed in the epilogue. Harry and Ginny worked as a team, backing each other up where needed, and Ginny cleverly ‘not noticing’ Al’s anxiety and leaving Harry to deal with it.

Ginny has had more than a dozen unbroken years of years to help Harry to open up.


Reviewer: dshadel Signed Date: 2011.02.20 - 09:19AM Title: School Gates


glad to see a new chapter of this, Im loveing this story so far. Can't wait for more!

Author's Response: Thanks for the review. No more until next month, sorry. -N-

Reviewer: alterdream Signed Date: 2011.02.18 - 11:40PM Title: School Gates


That was a fun read :) Especially the confrontation at the beginning! It really shows Ginny's character. I wonder if we'll find out the truth about Mary later.

Author's Response: Thanks for the review. You will find out more about Mary. -N-

Reviewer: Gemma Signed Date: 2011.02.18 - 10:54PM Title: School Gates

I'm really enjoying this fic. Ginny's smackdown of Mary was a gorgeous thing to behold. I also enjoyed the image of all the mums sighing dreamily at Harry. Hee!

It surprises me that people would be THAT intensely interested in a new family, but possibly this is only because I've never lived in a small town or rural area. I can understand a certain degree of interest, of course, but I am bemused by the way their entire social world seems to revolve around gossiping about the Potters. Still, it's amusing, and it's a good way to show how Harry and Ginny's life must look to Muggles.

I look forward to the next update.

Author's Response:
Thanks for the review.

How good looking is Harry? Jacqui thinks that he has “a strange boyish charm which made me (and some of the mothers behind me, I suspected from the excited murmurs …) want to look after him.” Mary doesn’t fancy him (I don’t know if that’s obvious or not).

As I said to hushpuppy22 in another review, the nosey neighbour interest would be there, but I have racked it up a little.

Reviewer: potternut190 Signed Date: 2011.02.18 - 05:54PM Title: School Gates


This is such a fun read. I love the little bits of "truth" slipping out or being mispronounced.

Author's Response: Thanks for the review. One of the wonderful things about fanfic is that we have a background “canon” we know and share. I’m really enjoying playing with that here. Whether it’s the fact that James can “mix with some Mu… some children who he isn’t related to” or the fact that his Daddy’s \"a Nora\", readers know so much more than poor Jacqui. -N-

Reviewer: Padfoot7 Signed Date: 2011.02.18 - 05:49PM Title: School Gates



Author's Response: Thank you. -N-

Reviewer: skiutahnum1 Signed Date: 2011.02.18 - 04:24PM Title: School Gates

Mary should enjoy being on the other side for a while and maybe just maybe she will learn from this experance.....kutgw

Author's Response: It\'s possible, I suppose... -N-

Reviewer: hms42 Signed Date: 2011.02.18 - 04:17PM Title: School Gates


No Review

Reviewer: jojo99 Signed Date: 2011.02.18 - 02:52PM Title: School Gates


Great work by Ginny. I loved her calm and rational way of dealing with the town busy body. And then Harry arriving and the kiss - all the mums would have been swooning!!! I love the acronym for Auror - nice work.

Author's Response: Thanks for the review. Six chapters in, and for the first time Jacqui sees Harry and Ginny together. I had to do it (so did they). -N-

Reviewer: hushpuppy22 Signed Date: 2011.02.18 - 02:46PM Title: School Gates


There is so much drama involved in moving to a small town that I'm not sure that it's worth it for the Potters to try and make friends with the townfolk. How can you build real friendships if no one knows what you do or who you are? Ginny, a former professional athlete, is just a housewife and we know what they think of Harry, who is actually the equivilent to the head of MI6. Neither of them can talk about their passions with anyone from town and their entire lives are hidden, including friends and family. It isn't long before the neighborhood decides that the Potters are weird and too different to have their kids hang around them.

I think I'd stay in a big city where no one knew or cared how bizarre my lifestyle was...

Author's Response:
Thanks for the review

Drama makes story! To be honest the locals are a lot more interested than they would be. With three under-fives, Ginny has little choice other than to look after her kids. Her only real alternative is to rely on Molly (in my opinion). Harry still has his work.

Can they find common ground? Will everyone think that they are weird? Must they keep everything hidden? I hope that these little dramas are enough to keep readers interested.

Reviewer: GinnyP7 Signed Date: 2011.02.18 - 02:33PM Title: School Gates


Love this chapter, as I have the others. Ah Ginny! With her on his team, Harry can't go wrong. I'm thinking Amanda is going to have to watch out. Harry said he noticed his fan club but it was impossible for Ginny to miss. Amanda may be wondering where the bats came from if she doesn't back off...or some of the other mums, as well. I could just picture the puzzled look on Jacqui's face as she wondered where Harry had "disappeared" to. Can't wait for the next update:D

Author's Response: Thanks for the review. I agree entirely that harry can\'t go wrong with Ginny on his team, but then JKR says that Ginny is \"pretty much the ideal girl for Harry\" so I\'m not really saying anything new, am I? I\'m findind it great fun to describe both magic and Harry\'s world from the perspective of a Muggle, because you, the reader, can pick up so much more than Jacqui. -N-

Reviewer: st122 Signed Date: 2011.02.18 - 11:52AM Title: School Gates


This was a nice chapter. Enjoyed it more than the previous one. :) Can't wait to see where you're taking this.

Author's Response: I\'m taking it to Sheffield, eventually. ;-D -N-

Reviewer: Macsr71 Signed Date: 2011.02.18 - 11:10AM Title: School Gates


Wonderful, short review but loved the way Ginny dealt with Ma,,oh yes, Mrs Seville..ry, nothing like a polite shunning to set down a gossip now is there?

Author's Response: Thanks. Has Mary learned her lesson? Will Amanda get an invitation to Drakeshaugh? answers soon(ish) -N-

Reviewer: JadeYan Signed Date: 2011.02.18 - 10:51AM Title: School Gates


Love this! Love all your stories! You're a fantastic writer!

Author's Response: Thank you. :-D -N-

Reviewer: HGRHfan35 Signed Date: 2011.02.18 - 07:04AM Title: School Gates


Go Ginny Go Ginny *does happy dance*

I ♥ Ginny like this! Just my thing. Stay friendly, smile but chop the legs right from underneath them *happy sigh*

Author's Response: Thanks for the review. I like your description of Ginny\'s technique. :-D -N-

Reviewer: Redheadfan Signed Date: 2011.02.18 - 01:30AM Title: School Gates


No Review

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