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Reviewer: IamGinnyWeasley Signed Date: 2016.06.26 - 09:24AM Title: Waning Gibbous


I really love this story, I first read it a couple of years ago and I've just finished re-reading it. I hope everything is going okay for you and I know you're probably under a lot of pressure but do you know when you'll next update? I really want to know what's going to happen with Harry's case and if the Charltons will find out about the magical world. Thanks x

Author's Response: Thanks. I took early retirement three months ago and things have been a lot busier than I expected since then. I'm working on the next chapter, as I'm working on some of my other unfinished stories, but it may be a while before you see an update, sorry.
I'll try to post something soon.

Reviewer: budabobo Signed Date: 2016.03.09 - 05:53PM Title: Waning Gibbous


Will there be anymore chapters? One of the best stories I have read. Would like more.

Author's Response: There will be, although despite my best efforts the next chapter remains unfinished, I will get back to it as soon as I can.

Reviewer: lunagranger Signed Date: 2015.10.28 - 10:15PM Title: Waning Gibbous

I really love your writing and would be willing to pay for anything you write. Have you thought about retiring and trying to be a professional author?

Author's Response: Thanks for the kind words, I doubt I could make it pay, but it could, I suppose, supplement my income. I’ve been working on a couple of original stories for a while, but Harry and Ginny drag me back here. -N-

Reviewer: rbrt_emmer Signed Date: 2015.10.26 - 12:52AM Title: Waning Gibbous

Hey Neil,

I hope all is well in life. I was just curious if you had any updates on your stories?

Author's Response: I've recently celebrated being married to the same woman for thirty years (where did the time go?). That's the goog news.
the bd news is that it's now 1005 certain that I will be unemployed when the next UK tax year starts in (6 April 2016). (Not voting for these buggers hasn't helped me at all.) I'm currently working out whether I should take my pension early (it's an option) and, if I do, whether we can live on it or if I'll need to get another job.
I'm currently back working on Strangers, James and Me, Entente Cordiale, and other stuff, but (for obvious reasons) I've been concentrating on looking at my finances.

Auth or's Response: that's 100% certain, damn.

Reviewer: carolyn jinn Signed Date: 2015.08.01 - 11:10AM Title: Waning Gibbous


Good chapter.
It was interesting that Ginny immediately began telling Jacqui about Harry's case and not expect the question to be something else.
Looking forward to the next chapter.

Author's Response: Thanks.
That was supposed to be a clue about what the women Ginny was talking to at the gate were asking. I should have made it more clear.
More soon.

Reviewer: lunagranger Signed Date: 2015.07.31 - 12:13PM Title: Waning Gibbous

A late review, because I was away from my computer. Once more, a brilliant writing. We don't see a lot of what is happening witht the aurors' investigations, but it's delicious to see the little details of the daily life of a British muggla family. The shows they see, the way they interact. Your characters are superbly written, both children and grown-ups. I've been reading a bit of Jane Austen and, after two centuries, I see the same ability to tell about ordinary life in such a lively way, that we fall in love with the characters and want to read modre and more, even if nothing angsty happens.

Author's Response: Thanks. This is a very quiet chapter after the last few. Things will heat up again soon, but It will be a while before Jacqui finds out the latest developments in Harry's case. The shows are contemporaneous with the story. Jacqui has mentioned a few, earlier, though rather obliquely (a reference to Inspector Barnaby, I think). More mundane stuff (with a hint of something odd) soon, I hope. -N-

Reviewer: skiutahnum1 Signed Date: 2015.07.28 - 04:59PM Title: Waning Gibbous

ah the kids are growing and the colds are coming and the screwups are fill up fast and furiously....kutgw

Author's Response: And there are more problems ahead. -N-

Reviewer: SYLVELLE Signed Date: 2015.07.28 - 01:54PM Title: Waning Gibbous


Another winner. Great chapter as usual. Are you sure you aren't an author???? Well of course you are, but you know what I mean. You always draw me in, even when I'm looking for Harry and Ginny Jacqui and Mike are great
Look forward to more.

Author's Response: Thank you. No Harry in this chapter (nor in the next, the way things are looking), but he will be back soon. -N-

Reviewer: hills Signed Date: 2015.07.28 - 01:10PM Title: Waning Gibbous


I've got to admit after the excitement of the inside look last chapter, I was a little impatient with Jackie and her family (whom I love to death) this chapter. But I settled back to enjoying the little scraps of info we get through them by the end of chapter, which was great by the way. About the last chapter, I can't believe Bobbie married Oliver Wood! But I like it.

Author's Response: Thanks, although it may not be obvious (and I certainly hope it isn't) a couple of important things happen in this chapter.
Commercial Break: The beginnings of Bobbie's relationship with Oliver is chronicled in "MIT: Secret Keeper" available on another website. [end of commercial break]

Reviewer: Dianainga Signed Date: 2015.07.27 - 11:39PM Title: Waning Gibbous


Great chapter! It amuses me how sheltered Ginny is about muggle customs, etc. but then forget that James is her first. Here is a Quidditch star, a member of Dumbledore's Army and yet she is challenged by a 5 year old's birthday celebration. It is a reminder of how much angst can be caused by trying to provide the "best birthday experience ever!" I hope James and Me receives the next update. That story has my heart! Isn't it interesting how much this case stumps Harry and staff? Will be interesting to find out who is the bad guy, I want Harry to spend more time with his family!

Author's Response: Thanks.
Harry’s experience of birthdays (nothing happens) is at odds with Dudleys (lots of presents and a party for friends and trips out and…) and Ginny’s (family party only) is different again. Jacqui is not a fan of big meaningless parties, and is showing her own bias.
Currently working on: Strangers 27 (Lintzgarth), James and Me 6 (Peveril), F&F 11 (Home), Epithalamium 9 (Sunday Lunch), A&S 17 (Christmas: Investigation).

Reviewer: potterfan2008 Signed Date: 2015.07.27 - 11:31PM Title: Waning Gibbous


Great chapter! I love how you manage to weave the magic in so it's unbelievable to the Muggles. Loved the conversation about Vampires.

Author's Response: Thanks. Mike’s not a reader, but he’s a bit of a tv horror/sf fan, Jacqui is a reader of mystery fiction. Someone asked about vampires in daylight in an earlier review. This is the in-story answer. -N-

Reviewer: ngayonatkailanman Signed Date: 2015.07.27 - 10:39PM Title: Waning Gibbous


Oh dear.... no wonder hunting is a venerable sport until animal rights came along. Even spent harmless cartridges are dangerous in that it is a representation of what it can do if they were not emptied and spent already. WhoaZ! that was the most verbose speach Jacqui ever gave....and I honestly could not wait for your to bridge the gap between this story and James and Me.... because between these 2 stories, Jacqui will find out who the Potters truly are. Mike would be shocked.

Author's Response: Thanks The land between Coquetdale and Redesdale is army ranges and subject to live fire exercises. Jacqui is something of a gossip, and as for James and Me – I’m working on it. -N-

Reviewer: destin4fl Signed Date: 2015.07.27 - 10:27PM Title: Waning Gibbous


Excellent tie in chapter! Did Harry order a little arial surveillance for his favorite muggle family?

Author's Response: Thanks. More mundane worries with Jacqui in the next couple of chapters and, yes, the Charltons are being watched. -N-

Reviewer: rbrt_emmer Signed Date: 2015.07.27 - 10:09PM Title: Waning Gibbous


A new chapter! yay! It's always fun to catch up on one of your stories. I almost feel bad for Jacqui the earliest she'll ever know what the hell is going on with her friends is, I assume, sometime during James and Me.

Author's Response: Thanks. It will be a long time before Jacqui finds out anything. Annie will, of course, be the first to know. -N-

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