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Reviews For The Only One

Reviewer: mansegirl39 Signed Date: 2016.11.04 - 02:53PM Title: The Only One


No Review

Reviewer: nayin1704 Signed Date: 2016.06.18 - 09:07AM Title: The Only One

Harry is such a good husband. Love James Sirius and Lily Luna

Reviewer: HG Forever9696 Signed Date: 2013.05.23 - 02:05AM Title: The Only One


great just great

Reviewer: sunnyseaforever Signed Date: 2012.05.15 - 11:21PM Title: The Only One


Lovely story.

Reviewer: LuvinHG Signed Date: 2011.09.02 - 05:24PM Title: The Only One

I always enjoy your H/G fics. Loved it! Great job. *^_^*

Reviewer: Cassi23 Signed Date: 2011.08.03 - 08:24PM Title: The Only One

that was very cute nice job

Reviewer: Sovran Signed Date: 2011.06.22 - 04:25PM Title: The Only One


A very nice little slice of married life. I recently passed through one of the oddly-themed anniversaries myself (copper), and I too had to get a little creative. I didn't do as well as Harry did, though!

I had to read the other reviews to determine what a swede is. I couldn't imagine why you were including an apparently-obese resident of Stockholm in the Christmas play. =)

Reviewer: Naty L Potter Signed Date: 2011.04.26 - 06:08PM Title: The Only One


Oh Geez, what a lovely fanfic! *-*

I see Harry just like this: very romantic, rembering all the special dates, and having thoughts like these you put, about the best present and all! The snitch was genious, and the ring! Aw, just absotely lovely!

I loved the fanfic, really!

Reviewer: butterfly Signed Date: 2011.01.18 - 11:19PM Title: The Only One


No Review

Reviewer: monkeyfighter Signed Date: 2011.01.12 - 11:49PM Title: The Only One

this is awesome!! i loved the love actually references!!

Reviewer: shendrina Signed Date: 2011.01.11 - 05:46PM Title: The Only One


No Review

Reviewer: tinabell Signed Date: 2011.01.10 - 10:37AM Title: The Only One

Great little tidbit! I love the references to "Love Actually"!

Reviewer: harryluvsginny Signed Date: 2011.01.07 - 08:06PM Title: The Only One


Why do you write such perfect stories?

Reviewer: skiutahnum1 Signed Date: 2011.01.06 - 12:05PM Title: The Only One

well at lease harry is no dumby...then again he should have been on time...kutgw

Reviewer: ngayonatkailanman Signed Date: 2011.01.05 - 10:17PM Title: The Only One


LOL. Now that is a Muggle play to remember. I thoroughly enjoyed this oneshot. Well done, you.

Author's Response: Makes you sort of wish you were actually there watching the play, doesn\'t it? Thank you, dearie. :)

Reviewer: sapientia_stulti Signed Date: 2011.01.05 - 09:51PM Title: The Only One

"There was more than one lobster at the birth of Jesus?" "Duh."
Best line ever. Love Actually has some of the most amazing actors even if the ending annoyed me. This was much much better than the movie but it still had the Christmas lobsters. Loved it!

Author's Response: Wow, thanks for the great review. I\'m glad you liked the story. :)

Reviewer: potterfan2008 Signed Date: 2011.01.05 - 08:15PM Title: The Only One


Absolutely loved the story, esp with it's nod to one of my favorite movies :). I loved the matured and great Dad/Uncle side of Ron, that was very sweet. I loved James' line at the end - gotta love kids.

Author's Response: Everyone seems to like Love Actually, which is great since it\'s my favourite movie, ever. Thank you for your review!

Reviewer: Rosina Ferguson Signed Date: 2011.01.05 - 08:14PM Title: The Only One


Loved it. Laughed out loud at the idea of gold frankenstein and myrrh. Priceless. Christmas lobsters? Will have to check the King James Version for that reference.

Reminded me of my own tenth when one guest gave us a tin of baked beans! It had an IOU for a meal at our favourite restaurant under the label which we missed and nearly threw away!

Had to google to find out what rutabaga was though. In the UK we generally call it a swede.

Author's Response: Thanks for the review and the gentle reminder that I did not do my homework with regards to the rutabaga=swede incident. LOL. Will correct my mistake at once. :)

Reviewer: Tom NotRiddle Signed Date: 2011.01.05 - 10:44AM Title: The Only One


What a wonderful story! Once again you have combined a beautiful plot with the most wonderful characters (I loved Mr Faversham) and story details - the Christmas lobsters and lobster claws, Hugo's language, shared showers, and forgotten Temporary Sticking Charms. While we all may strive to flesh out our characters and storylines, few of us are as good at it as you are.

Author's Response: Tom, you are far too kind to me, but I\'ll thank you anyway. I loved writing Mr Faversham and the Next Gen kids, so I\'m happy that you liked them too.

Reviewer: Ginny Guerra Signed Date: 2011.01.05 - 10:13AM Title: The Only One


So sweet!
Of course diamonds are suitable whenever!

Author's Response: Yes, they certainly are. ;) Thanks!

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