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Reviews For The Question

Reviewer: mcepl Signed Date: 2017.10.08 - 02:04PM Title: The Question


When I mentioned in the other review (for “It Take Two”) that this story Exceeds my very low Expectations of “Harry asks Ginny The Question” type of story, I reread this again. And I found that it not only exceeds expectations, it is perhaps even Outstanding among these stories. For the one, here you managed to keep the tension for the reader (and even without killing Terry, which I think would Fenella greatly appreciate). Although, obviously there are no doubts that both ladies would say yes, you managed to create light-hearted tension and lot of questions in my mind: Will both guys manage to find their ladies on time? What if they do? What if they don't? Will Ron make some other lovely disaster (YES, awesome)? Will Harry be too eager and embarrass both of them (YES, in a very lovely way)?

And of course, if I had any doubts about this story, then Kreacher cracking his first (and only?) joke, would eliminate them with one swoop.

I wonder what’s so different between the two stories. Why in this case I was very willing to admit lightness, fluff, and what was missing in the other case? Not sure, perhaps, I take birth more seriously than proposal (where certainly no drama was involved anyway; we all knew that both Hermione and Ginny will say yes)?

Author's Response:
As you say, it's difficult to create tension when you know what the answer is going to be. Fortunately Ron's self-doubt creates tension for him, and Harry gets involved in a chase.

Reviewer: HPmum2014 Signed Date: 2014.08.26 - 04:24AM Title: The Question

Would probably have to be my fave of all the 'Harry proposes to Ginny' stories. Great story! Love it

Author's Response: Thanks
It took a long time for me to get the main, Harry/Ginny, section to work, when I finally figured out the where, it all clicked into place.

Reviewer: JetLaBarge Signed Date: 2013.01.22 - 10:44PM Title: The Question


This is one of my favorite stories. The word picture you paint of Ron flailing and falling and proposing is fantastic! And maybe my favorite line in all of fan fiction, "I have confused that mighty brain." The whole scene is so Ron.

Author's Response: Thank you.
This quartet-based story came in two segments. Ron was easy, he's quite capable of making problems for himself. The Harry section took a lot longer to get right.

Reviewer: mysinger Signed Date: 2012.03.20 - 03:17PM Title: The Question


No Review

Reviewer: pottermania Signed Date: 2012.01.18 - 05:40PM Title: The Question


Brilliant lovely yet immensely hilarious. Ron is do get the difficult jobs (but I suppose giving birth more than evens the scores!!!) Loved these words "Why is it my job to ask? Why is it the bloke’s job? Why are all of the difficult things in life always the bloke’s job? Why couldn’t she ask me? Then I’d know the answer."

And I was so amused at Harry nearly letting if Molly didn't already know!
‘But I asked her yesterday m...’ Damn, don’t say morning; Molly will want to know when! And ‘over breakfast’ is not an acceptable answer. At least, if this works, that will be one less thing for me to worry about. ‘…Molly.’ Good recovery, I hope.

Author's Response: Thanks for the review. I think that you’re probably right about childbirth, frim my indirect experience. I also think that Ron answers his own question when he imagines his response. Molly, and Arthur, know everything. I think that it amuses them to make the kids attempt to keep secrets. -N-

Reviewer: moonpaw Signed Date: 2011.12.04 - 04:53AM Title: The Question


Wow. I think I spent about a week that should have been studying for my upcoming board exam was devoted to reading every HP fic you've written, and this one is as great as the rest. Love the part where Ron can barely speak, and all the trouble Harry has findin Ginny.

Author's Response: Thanks for the review.
Exams are important! But I'm glad you enjoyed this. Ron was always going to be nervous, I'm sure, and Ginny had to lead Harry a merry dance.

Reviewer: Hermine Signed Date: 2011.11.03 - 10:40AM Title: The Question

Very well done. It gave me a good laugh.

Author's Response: Thanks, that was the idea. -N-

Reviewer: SYLVELLE Signed Date: 2011.09.27 - 02:23AM Title: The Question


Absolutley loved it. I tried to read the part where Ron talked decided dthe part of his brain that controlled his feet I was laughing so hard he couldn't understand.
I've read some other things by you and didn't know it. Loved them all.


Author's Response: Thanks for the review. This was a story in two parts, the Ron section came quickly and easily, the Harry section was slow torture (for him and me). -N-

Reviewer: GinnyPotterFan26 Signed Date: 2011.09.12 - 01:51AM Title: The Question


I was surprised when I got the notification for this story, but I was glad when I realized it was Harry's side of it. I like that, this time, things go (somewhat) smoothly for Ron and messily for Harry. They're two wonderful proposals.

Author's Response: Thanks for the review. Ron might dispute that, he was (at least I hope he was) a lot less certain than was Harry. -N-

Reviewer: potternut190 Signed Date: 2011.09.11 - 11:11PM Title: The Question


Love the calendar bit. Very cute!

Author's Response: Thanks. I needed to slow Harry down (he might have caught Ginny at Grimmauld Place if it wasn't for calendar Ginny. ;-) -N-

Reviewer: ginny92 Signed Date: 2011.09.07 - 08:01PM Title: The Question


hahaha this was very nice sweet. I think harry had the worst of it

Author's Response: Thanks. -N-

Reviewer: Mollyweasley Signed Date: 2011.09.07 - 02:42PM Title: The Question


Funny and cute!

Author's Response: Thank you. -N-

Reviewer: deedeevee Signed Date: 2011.09.06 - 08:30PM Title: The Question


A very adorable way for the boys to pop 'the question.' I especially liked Ron's 'I have confused that mighty brain!'- that was a nice touch. And poor Harry- he definitely had the harder time completing his mission.

Author's Response: Thanks for the review. I found myself sympathising with Ron, it probably shows. Although Harry did have the harder time. -N-

Reviewer: GREYWOLF Signed Date: 2011.09.06 - 12:14PM Title: The Question


A nice take on the question. Very funny when Harry announces his love to the world. So Harry believes that love is a real entity...Hmmm?

Author's Response: Thanks. I'm glad you thought that it's funny. Love is what drives the Potter novels, JKR makes that very clear. -N-

Reviewer: RedHeadGin Signed Date: 2011.09.03 - 07:51PM Title: The Question


Awww the two best friends proposing at the same time, cute! I love the twists and turns, leave it to this two, Ron would always have a funny scene and Harry the action scene. Now - would this be a double wedding?

Author's Response: Thanks. I hadn't thought of it that way, but you're right. Double wedding? No. Ron and Hermione's is already written (After Breakfast). Harry and Ginny's is in the early planning stages (Epithalamium) -N-

Reviewer: lunagranger Signed Date: 2011.09.03 - 09:37AM Title: The Question


No Review

Reviewer: skiutahnum1 Signed Date: 2011.09.02 - 05:31PM Title: The Question

nothing will every be quite for them and they got lucky hermione waited 2 more seconds before she called....kutgw

Author's Response: Thanks -N-

Reviewer: dseay Signed Date: 2011.09.02 - 02:49PM Title: The Question


Loved it, fantastic little story!

Author's Response: Thanks -N-

Reviewer: mdauben Signed Date: 2011.09.02 - 06:44AM Title: The Question


Poor Harry! Great, funny little one shot.

Author's Response: Thank you. -N-

Reviewer: Ocean Dream Signed Date: 2011.09.02 - 06:27AM Title: The Question


I remember reading the Ron-Hermione part elswhere, it was great. The Harry-Ginny part was equally great; it's fantastic that you wrote this side of the story, too. I'm loving this universe of yours! :) (AND the fact we never can tell which part of the story we are getting next, makes it exciting!)

Author's Response: Thanks
The Ron/Hermione section has been on ffn for probably six months. The entire story took a while to arrive. Next will be either The Drakeshaugh Dragon or Strangers (probably) often I can't twell which part of the story you're getting next.

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