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Reviews For Realizations

Reviewer: aimless Signed Date: 2017.04.18 - 05:00PM Title: Chapter 19 Angry Birds

Oh, sorry for triple post, my connection played games with me. :/

Author's Response: No problem it has happened to me as well!

Reviewer: aimless Signed Date: 2017.04.11 - 03:23AM Title: Chapter 19 Angry Birds

I know this chapter not at all about Quidittch, but wasn't Dean picked as one of the chasers? I mean if he watches game with Harry, who plays for him?

OOC Hermione indeed...

Author's Response: Hermione is somewhat OOC, but she has a temper and she has a history of using magic against those who make her angry - Ron, Marietta, Rita. I don't think she would seek out counseling and I can see her exploding in anger.

Reviewer: aimless Signed Date: 2017.04.11 - 03:23AM Title: Chapter 19 Angry Birds

I know this chapter not at all about Quidittch, but wasn't Dean picked as one of the chasers? I mean if he watches game with Harry, who plays for him?

OOC Hermione indeed...

Author's Response: That's what I get for not double checking my notes.

Reviewer: aimless Signed Date: 2017.04.11 - 03:23AM Title: Chapter 19 Angry Birds

I know this chapter not at all about Quidittch, but wasn't Dean picked as one of the chasers? I mean if he watches game with Harry, who plays for him?

OOC Hermione indeed...

Author's Response: Oops! You are right - I should have picked someone else.

Reviewer: MollyandArthur Signed Date: 2016.03.31 - 07:22AM Title: Chapter 19 Angry Birds


Very eventful chapter. Hermione attacking Harry like that was completely uncalled for, and she was lucky he did not hurt her in an attempt to defend himself. The therapy session was well written. Looking forward to reading your next chapter.

Author's Response: Thank you. I think Hermione held everything together for so long that she just really lost it all at once.

Reviewer: hgromance Signed Date: 2015.07.01 - 06:08PM Title: Chapter 19 Angry Birds

Yep, still wanted to slap Hermione and Molly, too, for their inability to truly see what's in front of them. I have to disagree, though, about Ron being able to go out with Hermione to that cathedral and such. It strikes me as that being something that's earned, and in my opinion, neither of them earned it. Ron and Hermione could easily spend time together at the Burrow. That's just my opinion, however. Love this story. Can't tell you how many times I've read it.

Author's Response: Good that's the reaction I wanted. I think both Molly and Hermione have babied and made excuses for Ron for a long time and he doesn't really see it. As far as Ron going out with Hermione, he's an adult and not under arrest. He's doing his community service. Trust me it's difficult to keep young adults home (I have was too much experience trying to do that). Thank you! I'm glad you love the story :)

Reviewer: Mistress_Lrigtar Signed Date: 2014.08.04 - 04:11PM Title: Chapter 19 Angry Birds


Wow! You weren't kidding when you warned us Hermione was occ in this chapter. She is way beyond occ, and I had hard time believing it. She has always chosen Harry over Ron and I can't see her turning so abruptly on Harry. If anything, I see her supporting his actions. Ron has not always had Harry's back - twice he turned his back on Harry when Harry needed him most; how quickly love has blinded Hermione to these facts. I was glad that Madame Florence was able to make her see some sense. Glad to see Ginny being so supportive of Harry. Great work!

Author's Response: Thanks so much. That's one reason I went with the warning. She has always chosen Harry over Ron, but I imagined with her relationship with Ron and the circumstances she would be on Ron's side. Ron has not always had Harry's back, but neither has Hermione. She's never abandoned him, but she doesn't always trust him or believe he knows best (Malfoy, going to Godric's Hollow, using another's wand). Hermione does have a bit of a temper - it amazes me sometimes that people make so much of Ginny's temper for getting in a fight with her brother, but Hermione who set birds on Ron because she was jealous never gets knocked for having a temper.

Reviewer: Arnel Signed Date: 2014.07.09 - 12:23AM Title: Chapter 19 Angry Birds


The title of this chapter caught my eye and made me chuckle because the video game "Angry Birds" is one of my favorites. You also used it wisely to describe the major emotions in this chapter; I knew from the first moment I read the title that most likely Hermione would be venting her spleen because of real and imagined slights to her person as well as Ron's. It probably doesn't help that I agree with Mr Weasley's decision to have his son suffer the consequences of his actions: however, there comes a time when a parent--or friend--has to step back and let his son or daughter suffer the consequences. Only then can learning and understanding take place. I love how supportive you've written Arthur Weasley in this story. He's been there first for his wife and now is having to support his youngest son, no matter how ungrateful that son may seem.

At the moment, I'm tending to be of the opinion that Ron is still under the delusion that he himself is right and Harry's wrong. From some of the things he's said to Hermione when they are alone, it seems that he's not ready to admit completely that he is wrong. It takes a very strong person to admit this and right now, I'm not sure Ron is mature enough to realize the gravity of his accusations, opinions, actions and the entire situation he's put himself in.

The on thing I am sure of is Ginny's own maturity. She's come through the aftermath of her difficulties remarkably well for someone just reaching adulthood. I loved her refusal to let Hermione talk to Harry in the hospital wing: she knew exactly what Harry needed and she made sure he wasn't bothered by Hermione. I also cheered earlier in the story when she suggested Harry talk to Bill about Ron and George. (By the way, I'm really glad that George is mature enough to realize he needs help and has found a way to get it, once Bill brought the facts to his attention.)

As aggravated with some of the characters as I am, I really want to know what happens next. I hope the next chapter will be published soon. Until then, well done.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I have to admit I couldn't resist the title. I'm glad that you agree with Mr Weasley's decision regarding Ron. While it is difficult as a parent to say enough is enough, it has to be done as time and this certainly qualified. I think of Arthur as one of the most underrated characters - I think of him as the calm, steady parent in the face of Molly's more emotional parenting. To me Ron is simply not mature enough at this point to accept that he is wrong. He's not a bad person, he's simply a much more typical teen age boy who while he's watched the events around him, this is the first time he's had to accept a loss. He's so wrapped up in what he is feeling that he doesn't see that is what had been happening to his best mate for years. I do like Ginny. I think she would stick up for Harry. Hermione is a character who is difficult to stand up to, but Ginny has shown in the past her willingness to stand up for Harry. Glad you are enjoying the story - I am working on the next chapter.

Reviewer: ngayonatkailanman Signed Date: 2014.06.23 - 08:45AM Title: Chapter 19 Angry Birds


Whoa! Now that is what I call intense reading!

Author's Response: Thanks! Glad you liked it :)

Reviewer: HPmum2014 Signed Date: 2014.06.22 - 12:41AM Title: Chapter 19 Angry Birds


Another great chapter, its always good to read differing versions of how everyone copes after the Battle and I think your portrayal of Hermione is very good. She is the sort of character that thinks she can handle everything, and who does she have to unburden heself to? Ron is also going through some stuff, and the fact that he has turned to Ginny and seems to be coping well would have them wonder why they aren't doing as well. Loving this story, please update again soon. Any chance of Perilous Journey being completed,. too?!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm glad you like my portrayal of Hermione. I will be working on Perilous Journey as well - I don't plan on abandoning any of my stories.

Reviewer: trigg Signed Date: 2014.06.20 - 03:01AM Title: Chapter 19 Angry Birds

No matter how much Harry forgiving one, he shouldn't forgive Hermione or Ron so easily. Both gone too far. What she did was disgusting. Harry didn't ask them or forced them to do anything. She spoke as if Harry had done nothing. As if he didn't help them or save them from anything. She made him look like he took advantage of Ginny. As if she care about Ginny. She simply jealous of her. And Ron blame Harry for consequences of his own mistakes. Anyway, hope Ginny wouldn't be so forgiving. And slapping or bat bogeyed Hermione and Ron both.

Author's Response: Thanks for the review. I think Harry has a habit of forgiving easily - I think he would find it easier to forgive Hermione who while she was completely out of line, realizes her mistake. Ron will take a bit longer. Ginny, on the other hand, I can't see her being so forgiving.

Reviewer: Brennus Signed Date: 2014.06.19 - 03:06PM Title: Chapter 19 Angry Birds


So, Hermione has now cast the Avis Charm on both her best friends, eh? Nice. I don't know why some people hold her up as this paragon of virtue, she could be a right vindictive little madam when she put her mind to it. Apart from cursing Ron, she also when to Slughorn's party with McLaggen purely to spite him. Draco's face also knows what its like to cross her (although I'll forgive her that one). I'm guessing Ron will be giving up the fags (I'm British, remember) pretty soon now that Hermione knows of his dirty little habit. Same with the boozing with those shop girls and getting into the odd bit of agro. I do have to point out that this is a perfectly normal Friday night out for most British blokes... damn, I'm starting to feel sorry for Ron: that can't be right!!!

Author's Response: As I'm sure you know, I rather agree. I've heard that I'm being a bit hard on Ron - let me state there's nothing wrong with going out drinking and I used to smoke back in the day, but it shouldn't be used as a coping mechanism. Plus he's rather a jerk so I don't feel too badly for him :)

Reviewer: HP18 Signed Date: 2014.06.18 - 11:31PM Title: Chapter 19 Angry Birds

Wow I can't belieyve Hermione attacked Harry. And when is Molly going to realize that Ginny is just as old as she was when she married Arthur.

Author's Response: Thanks! Glad it was a bit unexpected. I think it will take Molly a while to realize that Ginny is an adult.

Reviewer: hgromance Signed Date: 2014.06.18 - 10:23PM Title: Chapter 19 Angry Birds

Glad Hermione apologized. Harry forgave her a little too easily but then he wouldn't be Harry otherwise. Hopefully Hermione won't continue agreeing with Ron's complaints. Looking forward to the confrontation between Harry and Ron. Harry is right to expect Ron to make the first move.

Author's Response: Thanks! I think that is Harry to forgive easily, especially Hermione.

Reviewer: Marinka Signed Date: 2014.06.18 - 04:56PM Title: Chapter 19 Angry Birds


Wow, this was expectedly unexpected i did not think that Hermione’s reaction would be that violent, but then she had a week to stew about the fiasco with Ron and that was her letting off lots and lots of steam, and scolding Harry in the process.
I liked how you write therapy sessions; i hope that Ron can join in as well. I am really fed up with all the that Harry and Ginny had to deal with, and then having Hermione having a go at him was just a last straw . Personally, i don’t think i would be able to forgive as quickly as Harry had, especially since she obviously was keeping mental checklist of things that he ever did wrong, and while it was emotional outburst, some of the things she had said made me think that she was thinking about it for a while..

Author's Response: Thanks! I do like doing the unexpected. I imagined she stewed about it for a week and everything boiled over. I'm glad the therapy session went over well - Ron was seeing her as well, but I didn't write them. As I said to another reviewer I can see Harry forgiving Hermione fairly quickly. I can see her keeping a list of things he'd done 'wrong' over the years.

Reviewer: seekers_destiny Signed Date: 2014.06.18 - 04:40PM Title: Chapter 19 Angry Birds


I like the new scene, here are your stars.

Author's Response: Thanks! I appreciate your input. I couldn't work anything into the scene with George, but I was happy with the way the scene with Hermione went.

Reviewer: jojo99 Signed Date: 2014.06.18 - 03:34PM Title: Chapter 19 Angry Birds


What a messy situation. I feel like slapping Hermione for being so angry at Harry when things don't go her way. I'll be very interested to see Ron and Harry talk.

Author's Response: Thanks! I've often wanted to slap Hermione :) Ron and Harry will talk, but it will take a while.

Reviewer: mdauben Signed Date: 2014.06.18 - 03:03PM Title: Chapter 19 Angry Birds


Great to see an update to your story today! Hopefully your muse is back because I really enjoy your writing.

In a lot of ways, this is a difficult story to read and this chapter is a great example of why. In my "head canon" I like to think that everyone got over the war fairly quickly and lived happily ever after, but realistically after the wreckage that was left at the end of DH your storyline seems much more likely. I certainly can see Hermione acting they way she did in this chapter. Between the aftermath of the last year and being back at school now without her usual friends it is undoubtedly hard for her, and having to deal with Ron's problems when she's separated from him is enough to make anyone a little... erratic. I am glad that she made up with Harry. I can believe he would be willing to forgive her even after what she did, but I do think both she and Ron are going to have to earn back his trust again.

I'll be looking forward to your next chapter!

Author's Response: Thanks! I know, I've read some 'everything is fine' fics that are well done, but I don't think it would happen that way. I'm glad that Hermione's outburst seems to be going over well.

Reviewer: ILoveHarryAndGinny Signed Date: 2014.06.18 - 02:43PM Title: Chapter 19 Angry Birds


Great chapter! I'm quite surprised at how hermione reacted, but it does make sense. However, I don't think Harry should have let her off so lightly.
Can't wait for more!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I think Harry has a history of letting them off too easily - I don't really see him holding a grudge. Ginny on the other hand...I think she might :)

Reviewer: mysinger Signed Date: 2014.06.18 - 01:55PM Title: Chapter 19 Angry Birds


This chapter was incredible! Thank you for such a well-written and satisfying follow up to Ron's arrest. Poor Harry. I was expecting Ron to attack him, but not Hermione. If I had taken the time to think about the chapter title I would not have been so surprised :) Harry may have forgiven Hermione but I think she should have to make amends in some way, especially since her attack and accusations were so public. Ginny continues to amaze me, as does Harry. I liked the way she stood up for Harry in the infirmary and refused to let Hermione see him until he was better. Seamus' character and friendship to Harry is a pleasant surprise. He has really grown up. Well done! I can't get enough of this story :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I couldn't help myself with the chapter title :). I'm glad you like Harry and Ginny. I like Seamus I and always imagined him becoming one of the leaders of the DA during that last year. I picture him as being very supportive of Harry and Ginny.

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