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Reviewer: Gin110881 Signed Date: 2015.05.28 - 07:28AM Title: Inheritance


Oh, now I know where the name the story comes from. I like the idea that Ginny's love is sufficient to create a Soul Bond.
It is an effrontery of Dumbledore, to hide Harry from his grandparents. That should not be forgiven so quickly. The scene, when Ginny puts Dumbledore in his place was splendid.
At the beginning, I was astonished that Dumbledore was allowed to attend the reading of wills. However, at the end it made sense to let him know some of the revealed facts.
The concept that Ginny and Harry can strengthen magical power of those around them is very interesting. I'm curious to see (or read) where this will end up.
I hope that Ginny and Harry soon have an opportunity to talk alone. There are so many things to sort out, not only their confusing mutual feelings.
The end was very Sirius-like; I loved it, lol.

Great chapter! Many thanks for sharing!

Author's Response: Thank you for the review. I am glad you are enjoying this story. As you will find out the relationship between Dumbledore and the Potters will change as the chapters progress. You may be slightly disappointed that I don't spend too much time with Harry and Ginny talking things out. This is a long story and I want to keep it moving. I think you will be able to sense from their interactions that Harry and Ginny are doing fine. M.V.

Reviewer: Mistress of Potions Signed Date: 2013.07.02 - 03:27PM Title: Inheritance


Sirius really is a dog, isn't he?

Author's Response: At least, he has the mating patterns of one. M.V.

Reviewer: potterfan2008 Signed Date: 2013.05.06 - 05:35PM Title: Inheritance


Very sweet! I love Harry's reaction - he just wanted to kiss her. I'm glad they talked. Yeah for Remus and Sirius!!

Author's Response: Thank you, They are only eleven and nine. Ginny will actually be ten in a couple of weeks.

Reviewer: nataylaleah Signed Date: 2013.05.02 - 08:10PM Title: Inheritance


No Review

Reviewer: riegert8 Signed Date: 2013.04.21 - 12:27AM Title: Inheritance


Dumbledore should have to prove that he can be trusted

Author's Response: Yes, he does, but can he ever be truly be trusted.

Reviewer: I Love Ginerva Signed Date: 2013.02.01 - 01:54AM Title: Inheritance

ok, I know the challenge is over, so I am wondering if you plan to continue with this story? I really hope you do, since I enjoyed what I read so far.


Author's Response: I have submitted the next chapter and have a another in the works. Thank you for the review.

Reviewer: sapphire200182 Signed Date: 2012.11.28 - 11:00AM Title: Inheritance

Judged for Challenge. Overall, good. I like the fact that the characters are more rounded and flaws highlighted. For example, Dumbledore cracks a joke, then immediately reveals implied racist tendencies against goblins. Interesting use of physical growth to go with the magical bond (also conveniently avoids problems of, er, physicality). Remember that Harry and Ginny may have the bodies and minds of older people, but have the inexperience of those with barely a decade of life, skipping also the lessons painfuly learned by all teenagers. Hermione and their other nominal peers are also going to feel very small compared to Harry and Ginny.

Furthermore, following on the hints in the final paragraphs, it would be interesting to see how magical society in general and Dumbledore in particular intends to utilise this new, powerful resource - how Harry and Ginny react, and what are the good or ill consequences of their reactions.

I don't like to review when I'm judging, but am making an exception as you indicated you may continue the fic. I hope the above gives you some ideas where to take your story.

Author's Response: Thank you for the review. Many of the points you made about continuing the fic I have thought about. I don't want to make anyone one dimensional. Throughout the first six books many of the characters seemed to be either all good or all bad. I like characters that have more than one dimension to them. A person can be a good person adn still have bad habits, traits, or tendencies. The magical power created by their bond will be an issue that they, Bill, Sirius, and Remus must deal with on a daily basis. I appreciate that you made an exception to leave me a review. M.V.

Reviewer: hptrump Signed Date: 2012.11.24 - 02:06AM Title: Inheritance


Don't give up.

Author's Response: Thank you for the review.

Reviewer: Spenser Hemmingway Signed Date: 2012.11.22 - 03:48PM Title: Inheritance


There is certainly a lot of information with this chapter. I enjoyed it, but wondered if it might have been split earlier on. regardless, I really enjoyed it. The pair's ages definitely complicated things, but it worked well, especially during the interactions with Dumbledore and the transfer of the estate. The Pensieve were especially enjoyable. This is a nice story and a great read. Thanks--Eric B.

Author's Response: I realized that it was a lot of information or plot development, but the entire chapter dealt with what Harry and Ginny were inheriting or getting themselves into by forming the Soul Bond. Thank you for the review. M.V.

Reviewer: v_t Signed Date: 2012.11.21 - 11:43AM Title: Inheritance


fantastic! looking forward to the next update.

Author's Response: Thank you for the review. I am not sure when the next chapter will be out, but I will finish the story. M.V.

Reviewer: ProfessorBinns79 Signed Date: 2012.11.18 - 02:54AM Title: Inheritance


I just wanted to let you know that I really liked this story and would love to see you complete it further!

Author's Response: Thank you for the review.

Reviewer: Emlyn Signed Date: 2012.11.17 - 06:22PM Title: Inheritance

I think you did a nice job handling the dichotomy between their physical and mental ages and the effects of the bond on their emotions. Too bad it had to end here. I enjoyed the history between the Goblins and the Potter family. Nicely done.

Author's Response: Thank you for the review. I am glad you enjoyed the story so far. I need to think a little about continuing the story and finding a beta. M.V.

Reviewer: MrsAlphardBlack Signed Date: 2012.11.16 - 01:28AM Title: Inheritance


I adore this Story! Such an interesting take on the soul bond. Making Harry and Ginny physically mature quickly gives them an interesting depth. Look forward to seeing where you take this!

Author's Response: Thank you! I am glad you adore my version of the challenge. I wanted to make Harry and Ginny older, because ... well visualizing a ten year old girl and an eleven year old boy snogging seems a little creepy to me.

Reviewer: zeta_one Signed Date: 2012.11.12 - 01:02PM Title: Inheritance


Wow! Great start and nice change to the bonding by making them adults physically. I do hope you finish this as it has a lot of potential.

Thanks for sharing.

Author's Response: Thank you for the review.

Reviewer: I Love Ginerva Signed Date: 2012.11.08 - 10:13PM Title: Inheritance


No Review

Reviewer: hot48cricket Signed Date: 2012.11.08 - 01:26AM Title: Inheritance


Oh I hope you finish the story!! It would be so wrong not to!

Author's Response: Thank you for the review.

Reviewer: carolyn jinn Signed Date: 2012.11.08 - 01:04AM Title: Inheritance


Excellent. I have a habit of reading some reviews of others before I write mine. Thus, I totally agree with what Trucker said in his points. But especially the last one....You are a talented author.
This could be the start of a very good series. Please consider it.

Author's Response: Thank you, I am considering continuing it, but it won't be for at least another month. M.V.

Reviewer: Trucker Signed Date: 2012.11.07 - 11:30PM Title: Inheritance


Because of how you've set things up, I can see this being the start of a complete series of stories. If you do continue (and I *hope* you will!) I have a few requests:

1) Don't make either Harry or Ginny omnipotent! I've read too many of those--and I hope to see them have to overcome personal flaws, learn lessons, and realize the potential of Harry's greatest power being tied to Ginny (something I haven't yet forgiven JKR for setting up and then ignoring!).

2) Deal with Harry's Horcrux in a new way, unique to your alternate universe.

3) Keep Sirius and Remus thoroughly involved and heroes in their own right.

4) Find ways to bring Ron, Hermione, Tonks, Mad-Eye, and other fun characters into the story without abusing canon (changing their personalities is bad!) but also not adhering to canon to make this story uniquely your own (no dutifully killing them off because JKR did!).

5) Find a beta who can help you polish up some minor problems with verb tenses without slowing you down on the writing side. On the whole your story telling is excellent, but you do drift into present tense when you shouldn't.

6) Believe in yourself as an author. You are talented!

Author's Response: One of the challenges to writing for me is the ending. Without seeing the ending in my mind, I have a difficult time organizing the chapters and events leading up to the end. If I do continue the story I will consider all of your comments, especially getting a Beta. M. V.

Reviewer: LeprechaunJV Signed Date: 2012.11.07 - 08:25PM Title: Inheritance


No Review

Reviewer: SYLVELLE Signed Date: 2012.11.07 - 06:42PM Title: Inheritance


well done, I like it a great deal. I'd like to see you work on it some more. Extend it somewhat it would be a fun read I think.
Well done.

Author's Response: Thank you for the review. I am considering finishing it.

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