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Reviewer: Gin110881 Signed Date: 2015.07.01 - 05:05AM Title: Hunting


Snoopy Mrs. Bones. As soon as she arrives on Potter Manor, she starts snuffling in all the details about the Potters. I ask myself why. I hope that we will find out.
It's fun to read the Horcrux hunt. However, where did they learn, where they have to look for the Horcruxes? Is that a result of the Pensieve sessions with Dumbledore?
The idea to describe the poison in the cave as a liquid Dementor was remarkable.
Now that so many Horcruxes have been found Ginny should talk to Harry. There is still time to find out about the Horcrux in Harry. I cannot imagine that Harry will be particularly reckless or panicking because he is a Horcrux. Ginny will help him and he knows that he will become a father and that Ginny's life is tied to his life. This should help him to see reason.
I'm curious to see how you will solve this problem.
Great chapter, again! Many thanks for sharing!

Author's Response: I would like to thank you for the wonderful reviews. I enjoy your reviews because they make me think and I get a good feedback on the chapters. Thank you! Amelia Bones is a curious person. At least she didn't' try to get into the Potters' personal quarters. The Horcruxes that they are hunting are ones that Dumbledore had suspected. I didn't write it but they all have been doing research into possible locations of the Horcruxes. The Pensieve memories was only part of it. Breaking the news to Harry about being a Horcrux will come soon, but there is still time. I don't want to reveal to much from future chapters. M.V.

Reviewer: cartman1701 Signed Date: 2015.05.23 - 08:56PM Title: Hunting


You just continue with writing a great story. This is one of my absolute favorites. I was getting concerned that there hadn't been an update in a while, and I hate being that person who asks "when are you going to update?" I am glad you did though. Until next chapter.

Author's Response: Thank you for following the story and the review. I had a very busy ad difficult winter and spring, but things have eased up and I should be able to produce several more chapters. MV

Reviewer: skiutahnum1 Signed Date: 2015.05.23 - 07:23AM Title: Hunting

Ah snape has really stepped I. To it for Sirius its always hard to forgive a long hate and he has a long way to go to for Ginny and Harry well at lease albus is put in his place for the time being....but letting the cat out of the bag is a hard thing to keep contained......kutgw

Author's Response: Snape and Albus are very complicated people for different reasons. M.V.

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