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Reviewer: carolyn jinn Signed Date: 2015.08.01 - 01:05AM Title: Springtime Lull


Another great chapter.

One of the main reasons I love reading this story is that it doesn't bog you down with over the top descriptions. Some stories I have read lately ( on another site) have soooo much description or background that has little to do with the main plot of the story. Too much just makes me feel bored with the story. Then I just drop the story. This story has just enough background that it leaves me wanting more when the chapter is finished.

That being said,...please update the next chapter soon.

Author's Response: Thank you for the review. I too find overly descriptive stories dull. I am not a lover of words, so expertly crafted sentences are not exciting to me. I want action and also character development. The one thing that has bothered me about this story is: I haven't had time to tell the story and create new characters with background information. It would have made the story way to long. It is time for some serious action. M.V.

Reviewer: Gin110881 Signed Date: 2015.07.28 - 07:19AM Title: Springtime Lull


I am curious to see, who is Voldemort's spy in the Order. Maybe Ginny should double-check all of the order members. I fear that Voldemort tries to get Ginny and/or Harry into his power using this spy.
Oh, the secret about Harry's Horcrux is revealed. I just wonder why they are not looking for a way to remove it and destroy it. They don't even try. Do they simply take it for granted that Harry must die?
Harry has the best connections to the Goblins. Why couldn't he simply ask them if it is possible to verify if there are horcruxes inside some vaults without opening them
I think we will know anytime soon. :-)

Many thanks for sharing another great chapter!

Author's Response: Ah the line about another spy. Sorry, Snape was trying to scare Dumbledore into trusting him and it could be said negotiating in bad faith. There isn't another spy in the Order. It doesn't mean there are people that shouldn't be trusted other places. The only way to remove a Horcrux is to destroy the vessel so that it cannot be magically repaired. The other way is to get Voldemort to feel remorse. He wouldn't be the Voldie we all love if he could feel remorse for anything he has ever done. I was going to have Harry walk past the vaults in this chapter to try and detect the Horcrux, but as I was writing it, That scene didn't seem to fit. Another chapter maybe? Thank you for the review. M.V.

Reviewer: Dad Signed Date: 2015.07.27 - 07:55PM Title: Springtime Lull


This story just gets better every chapter.

Author's Response: Thank you! I appreciate the compliment. I have read stories that the first chapter is extremely exciting and it really grabs a you. The rest of the story seems to drag. Hopefully, you will be enjoying the rest of the chapters as the pace is picking up some. M.V.

Reviewer: skiutahnum1 Signed Date: 2015.07.27 - 03:28PM Title: Springtime Lull

well no use crying over spilled milk, and no point in getting worked up over nothing at this they need to get in to gringotts and get the cup....kutgw

Author's Response: There are other things to consider. Getting the last two Horcruxes will be very difficult and dangerous. M.V.

Reviewer: SYLVELLE Signed Date: 2015.07.27 - 02:47AM Title: Springtime Lull


Not a real nice place to end it, but exciting. I'm glad they let them know.

Author's Response: I noticed others didn't appreciate the cliffy. The story's pace will be picking up with each chapter. M.V.

Reviewer: cartman1701 Signed Date: 2015.07.26 - 06:13PM Title: Springtime Lull


Great story as always. I am now going to throw a temper tantrum, rant or what ever you want to call it. I hate cliff hangers in fan fiction. Unlike tv, when you know when the next episode will be; next week or next fall. With fan fiction it is completely random. I now have to wait 1, 2,3 or 6 months for the next chapter. I hate it. Sorry, but I just finished with dinner and this rant is 3 glasses of wine induced.

Author's Response: I am happy that you are enjoying the story. (Now to tickle a sleeping dragon) I am also happy that you are upset with the cliffy. It means you really do like it and are emotionally involved in the story. Do me a favor, don't read the next chapter after a three drink dinner, you might try to hunt me down. The cliffy is even bigger and more dramatic (if I didn't just ruin it) M.V.

Reviewer: hubris Signed Date: 2015.07.26 - 03:20PM Title: Springtime Lull


So happy to see the update. Couple of questions- why not approach the Goblins about their suspicions as the Potters have a long, positive relationship with them; why not a more punitive reaction to Deatheaters rather than wound and release? Even in the most enlightened cultures, rabid animals are put down.

Your mature, but still teenage insecure, H&G is one of my all time favorites.

Author's Response: I was going to add a section in this chapter about the Goblins stance on Harry and company entering a vault that is not their own. The Goblins' mindset is very rigid and unwavering. The same mindset that would honor a centuries old alliance would also view Harry illegally entering a vault as a violation of that alliance. They would feel that their relationship had been abused, and this could possibly break the alliance. The catch and release tactic that the Order is using is because the Ministry is so corrupt that the Order is afraid that anyone they drop off at the Ministry would find their freedom within days. I am glad you are enjoying this version of Harry and Ginny. I have difficulty writing from the perspective of a young teen or preteen, Aging them because of the bond gave me an avenue to get away from that situation. They can still be young and naive, but also be mature and knowledgeable without being too far out of proper character for their particular physical appearance. M.V.

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