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Reviewer: carolyn jinn Signed Date: 2016.06.04 - 09:26AM Title: Chapter 26 - The Hallowed Halls of Hogwarts


Enjoyed the chapter.
Can't wait for Hermione to come completely to her senses and apologise to Harry.
Looking forward to more.

Author's Response: Thank you for reading and commenting! Yes, It certainly appears that Hermione will have to be eating a bit of crow... No one should always be right...
Happy reading!

Reviewer: RighT3rantZ Signed Date: 2016.05.31 - 12:09AM Title: Chapter 26 - The Hallowed Halls of Hogwarts


Good to see an update, well done. Interesting that R&H ended up using the elves from Potter Manor after it was declared an impropriety earlier in the chapter.

One small thing, two times you used effect/effected when it should have been affect/affected. Hypocritical I know, coming from me, who likes to missPell or double up on the the in my reviews. I am not as illiterate ass I appear.

Author's Response: Yeah, I know... That's not why Hermione summoned Jarphred, but it was late and Ron couldn't help himself. It was an but of an indiscretion to be sure, but hopefully they won't make it a pattern. I am glad you enjoyed the chapter. Thank you so much for the review! Happy reading

Reviewer: Dad Signed Date: 2016.05.30 - 06:30PM Title: Chapter 26 - The Hallowed Halls of Hogwarts


Hermione getting hold of the wrong end of the stick, Ron being sensible and Luna trying to be normal. What is the world coming to?

Author's Response: All I can say is weird things happen when kids grow up. I hope you are enjoying the journey. Thanks for the review. Happy reading!

Reviewer: TomBombadil Signed Date: 2016.01.25 - 09:03PM Title: Chapter 2 - A Little Advice


Very intriguing to have an enchanted base rather than the requirement for an enchanted portrait. Also glad to see Harry recognize that he had a limited capacity to protect Ginny combine with Dumbledore's consistent recognition that love is his greatest strength. I read some or all of this story long ago, but I am enjoying it even more this time. Thank you for taking the time and energy to post it here!

Author's Response: You are welcome... And I hope you will continue to find the story occasionally so that you can stay caught up. I know it is taking me an inordinately long time to move the story along, But I am adamant that I will one day finish this tale... I just hope folks will find it when I do... Thanks for the reading and the comments. Happy reading.

Reviewer: Gin110881 Signed Date: 2016.01.13 - 03:39AM Title: Chapter 25 - Summer's End


The additional students from Beauxbatons will certainly make the upcoming term an interesting one. Harry's idea to leave the Black heritage to Tonks was as surprising as well as amazing. I hope that Lupin can enjoy their heritage for a long time.
The dispute between Hermione and Harry came as a surprise. I still ponder about the purpose of the dispute in regard of the story. Is it a sideshow only or will it become important later. We will see...
Anyway, the biggest surprise was the way you included Diana's death into the story.

So far it was a great fun to read this story. In particular I liked the loving attention to the many details you describe. Every now and then it would have been nicer to read the conversation, as only the summary of a conversation. But thats only a minor thing that I've noticed.
And now I look forward to the next update...

Author's Response: I am glad you approve of returning the Black heritage to Tonks, I imagine Lupin will find a way to adjust, he has been poor for so long.
The thing between Hermione and Harry may well be only a minor bump in the road, but part of this story is as much about growing up and maturing, as it is about defeating Voldemort, so these minor bumps are in my mind important.
Diana's death was more than anything a convenient bit of timing, and a place to tie the real and fictional worlds together, if for but a moment.
I am so very glad you are enjoying this story and I hope you will continue to do so for as long as it takes to finish it.
Thanks so much for the read and the review.

Reviewer: Gin110881 Signed Date: 2016.01.13 - 03:08AM Title: Chapter 24 - A Grim Old Place


Mr. Prächts proposal to finance the army sounds much better. In the Muggle world it would be called a government bond, lol.
The way Kreacher is included in the Potter household, is very heartwarming. And with his first good deed Kreacher kills two birds with one stone (or as one would say with us, he kills two flies with one swatter), the locket horcrux and the rune stone.
Great chapter. Thank you!

Author's Response: Mr. Prächt was the perfect vehicle to interject some more logical thinking about financing an army. After all it is his job to look after Potter assets.
Bringing Kreacher in to the fold was always my intention. What to do with him from this point on of course becomes a bit more problematic as it is just more of life, and easy to overlook.
As always, thanks for the read and the review.

Reviewer: Gin110881 Signed Date: 2016.01.12 - 03:53AM Title: Chapter 23 - Godric's Hollow


Oops, Harry wants to build a private army. Or does he want to give Scrimgeour money for an army? To be honest, I don't like any of these ideas. Such a private army is a power factor that sometime will endanger any society, even if it belongs to a Harry Potter. What would happen to such an army when Ol' Tom was defeated?
These are things that Harry most certainly doesn't want, but which are to be considered.
Luna is truly unique. She is probably the only one who really understands the fairies.
Godric's Hollow is certainly not the place Harry has imagined. You've made a real magical tourist hell of it, lol. I wonder then, however, that there never was a Death Eater raid on such a prominent Harry Potter related place.
The theories for creating magical paintings sounded really interesting.
Many thanks for another great chapter!

Author's Response: Very valid points about the Army. What happens after the need is done? These are delicate questions which will eventually be answered. Luna is indeed unique and though I intend to evolve her I hope that I will be able to maintain her uniqueness.
Godric's Hollow was fun to write, it was all part of exploring fame and it's not so pretty side. It has always seemed to me that Rowling didn't truly appreciate the effects of fame on he own character she made Harry famous, but never really exposed him to what it meant, except for a little bit in book four. I am just trying to catch him up. Why would Voldemort attack a tourist trap? it seems to me that last place Harry would be found.
Thank you for reading and reviewing.

Reviewer: Gin110881 Signed Date: 2016.01.12 - 03:28AM Title: Chapter 22 - Relics


Ah yes, the annual Hogwarts letters. It's good that everyone has got a job, so no one can be grumpy.
The treasure hunt was quite adventurous. I'm glad that Ginny hasn't allowed Harry to apparate alone. The two of them are more and more attentive to each other, and I like it.
I'm sure that it does not matter, but I'm curious about the location of the cavern. I'm pretty sure that it is not somewhere below the Manor.
I'd suspected that the Heart of the Hero will be found during he treasure hunt, and I'm still looking forward, what it is all about. However, I suppose that it will take them a bit longer to find it out. On the other hand, I guess that the books contain the greater mysteries, and hopefully also the solutions to the mysteries.

Author's Response: Well... what can I say, you were right. Now it remains to be seen how it will fit in to the story. We will also have the books and Caracticus' battle axe to contend with.
At least one part of the treasure caverns is indeed somewhere below the manor. The round chamber into which they Apparate is in a direct downward line, but the rest of the caverns only begin from there.
I am so gload that you are enjoying my little tale. Thank you for the reading and the review.

Reviewer: Gin110881 Signed Date: 2016.01.11 - 08:37AM Title: Chapter 21 - The Binding of Matrimony


That was a surprise, three weddings in one fell swoop. I hope that there is no dispute over the cost of the event at the end, lol.
The idea with the gold powder forming the weddings bands during the ceremony sounds fantastic. Is it one of your own inventions?
Great chapter. Thank you!

Author's Response: Yes, as far as I know that concept is my own unique invention, like the Whisper in an earlier chapter. I try to inject little things when I can that I feel enhance Rowling's world, without toppling it completely. The chapter with the portrait studio serves the same purpose, adding depth to the world without losing sight of it.

Reviewer: Gin110881 Signed Date: 2016.01.11 - 08:25AM Title: Chapter 20 - The Potter Curse


Oh, the eponymous heart of the hero was a gift to Caractacus? I am curious to see what it's all about that Muggle artefact.
The Potter curse and its modification is quite intriguing. However, I'm curious about the effects of the curse on this story and Harry's future tasks. I hope that we will see..
I liked the way you described how the ancient Potters lived with the fairies.

My thoughts regarding with whom Harry should share the memories have been treated completely in the first review of this chapter. However Potterfan2008 has described it much better than I could ever have done it... and I'm also satisfied with your answers.
Many thanks for another great chapter!

Author's Response: I re-read the review and response that you mentioned. You will find out more about the role of the Heart of the Hero. It may not be the first role you imagine.
Thank you for the reading and the review.

Reviewer: Gin110881 Signed Date: 2016.01.11 - 08:01AM Title: Chapter 19 - Mayhem, Mourning and Memories


I just became curious what a role a Squib Dudley would play in the story...and then he was gone ...
I didn't expect that Harry reveals the secret of the Dumbledore card for all, at least not so soon. But on the other hand, why not?
I'm curious to know what Pommy wanted to explain Ginny about the house elves calling her Mistress. It couldn't be 'The Talk', that would be Molly's task ... and why did she plan to have the same conversation with Hermione? It's strange.
And I'm relieved that Harry hasn't considered to view the memories alone, and has Ginny taken along.

Author's Response: It might have been fun to explore what role a Squib Dudley could have played in Harry's life, but alas, it was merely a curious twist before the heavy hand of fate... Something to make us think twice. Thankfully it seems to have worked on a good number of readers.
As far as the conversation with Poppy, It will come to full light if and when it works nicely in to a future chapter, suffice to say, Poppy knows something she felt Ginny needed to know, and she also recognized that both Ginny and Hermione are involved in romantic relationships with the boys and might need to know a few things their mother's haven't told them. Poppy is a bit of a liberal in such matters,
Thanks for reading and reviewing.

Reviewer: Gin110881 Signed Date: 2016.01.08 - 11:38AM Title: Chapter 18 - Shaman's Way


I wonder how Malfoy would behave if he were moved back home to his old environment.
He thinks that the Dark Lord must be defeated. Would he join the fight? He was taught to wait until it is obvious which side will succeed before endanger himself and then join the winning side actively. He isn't stupid.

Author's Response: Well, perhaps then it is a good thing that he is not yet returned to his former environment. Our boy Draco still have some evolving to do before he returns to the ole' homestead.

Reviewer: Gin110881 Signed Date: 2016.01.06 - 05:33AM Title: Chapter 17 - The Party


Oh, Old Evil Heart plans to get a new wand. I am curious to see what he's up to with it. Does he simply want to replace the brother wand of Harry's? Or is there something more behind his doing? We will see…

I am glad that the two of them have talked things over. Apparently Harry was able to talk Ginny into his rules of doing it the right way. However, things have been rather vague. What exactly are the right reasons? I have the feeling that Harry leaves it to Tom to dictate his private life... This is the first step to lose against him. I wonder if Harry has talked to Ginny about his Bonding questions.

I think Harry's decision to immediately renew the wards is right. It's good that he questioned Dumbledore's advice. The contents of the second lock box is very mysterious. I guess that we will learn a few interesting things in the next couple of chapters. Hermione as a relative of Harry is perhaps the biggest surprise. Of course, besides Tonks as secret keeper. However, they are good surprises. I wonder what the younger Dumbledore card will have up his sleeves.
The "How I met Harry" stories have been wonderful, the icing certainly was Molly's tale. It was absolutely eye-watering. I love the whole idea.

Please excuse my rant regarding the relationship of our favourite couple. I must admit that I'm often a bit quirky when it comes to Ginny. Especially when I think that Harry acts a bit strange. And yes, although it's been a long time ago, my kids also have been 16 and 17. And, unbelievably, even I was once at that age. I know what I'm talking about. However, I believe that neither manufactured limits nor rushing things are a good decision.

Many thanks for another brilliant chapter!

Author's Response: I realize that Harry's restraint is unusual within the world and culture of today, but remember that Rowling herself bases the wizard world on a nineteenth century model. Harry is an unusually considerate boy and he genuinely wants to make sure his actions are acceptable to everyone. There is no question that he loves and desires Ginny, and rushing toward self satisfaction might be a normal youthful reaction, but it is not Harry. (In my opinion.) What is the harm in asking Ginny to be patient if she feels she is ready for more intimate contact? It could be argued that Harry's actions are forcing Ginny's behavior, but there is an huge difference between forcing a person into inaction, and forcing them in to unwanted sexual contact.
I am glad to seem to like the story and I do hope you continue to read it in-spite of the length of time it is taking me to write it. Thanks for the reading and the review.

Reviewer: Gin110881 Signed Date: 2016.01.05 - 05:24PM Title: Chapter 16 - Happy Birthday Harry


Oh well, the Golden Trio moves to Potter Manor and leaves Ginny behind at the Burrow. I'm curious how long Ginny will accept this situation.
I've missed Ginny in the morning of Harry's birthday. During breakfast she obviously was absent. That was kind of strange.
To my surprise, Harry has handled his inheritance matters at the Ministry. I wouldn't be surprised if the details soon were general knowledge and published in the Daily Prophet.
Obviously Harry enjoys rejecting Ginny. What’s the meaning of the expression "doing the right thing"? Who determines what is right? Harry? Is Harry trying to educate her? Is it that Harry wants to determine when Ginny experiences her first time and not Ginny herself? To show that he is the man in the house? Ginny's wishes don't matter? Harry is very hurtful, and this has nothing to do with noble and will power. I have to admit that I'm a bit puzzled about Harry's behaviour lately. I've the feeling that he isn't honest with Ginny. He can be glad that Ginny is so patient.

Author's Response: As you have no doubt discovered, Ginny's Parent's are not about to let Ginny live at the Manor, but she is able to be there quite a bit. I went back and looked at the chapter and you are quite right about Ginny not being mentioned. I hadn't noticed that before you mentioned it. In my mind she is there the whole time at breakfast seated right next to Harry, she just doesn't say much and thus has no dialogue. Still it is an oversight I suppose that I made no mention of her presence.
Having the inheritance meeting at the Ministry was as much a matter of convenience as it was a test of confidence in the Minister himself. As far as details leaking, that would be unfortunate, but no more likely given the meeting, as when the paperwork is properly filed... Remember however, that the details of matters concerning the Potter family and possessions is still covered by the unique Fedilius Charm cast by the Potters and reinforced by Harry himself later that day.
As far as Harry rejecting Ginny? I am not sure I am understanding your interpretation of events here? I don't think he rejects her at all rather re-affirms his interest in and love for her. The fact that he wishes to wait to physically consummate their relationship is a matter of being absolutely sure that all things are right for both of them. He is not trying to control her, or make decisions for her. Are you saying that if he wishes to wait it must be that he is trying to exert some form of authority over her? I don't get that? Had he succumb to her charms could not the same be said of Ginny? That she was manipulating him to her own ends without regard for his desires? Or is it that there is a double standard at play here regarding the dynamic between men and women?
"Doing the right thing" can have various meanings, you can do what is right for you alone, which may ultimately be selfish, or you can do what is right for a couple, which involves honest discussion, or you can do what is right for a group, which may require debate and discussion on a great scale. There may also be cultural differences in consideration of this idea. I think it requires context as well. In this particular case, I think Harry wants to do the right thing on a larger scale... he wants to be sure, and he doesn't want to potentially hurt or upset anyone. That would include, himself, Ginny, Ginny's parents, the Weasley family, etc. Plus, if her were to die, which he sees as a possibility, would it really be best for Ginny to have had that experience with him, and them loose him forever? I certainly disagree that he is being in anyway hurtful.
Thank you for the comments!

Reviewer: Gin110881 Signed Date: 2016.01.05 - 01:47PM Title: Chapter 15 - Weasleys Reunited


Oh well, it's good to see that the horcrux hunt continues, at least the planning part.
I wonder why Harry asked Hermione about Bonding, I wonder even more why he thought it would be inappropriate to ask Ginny. He is (almost) of age, he should ask the girl he loves, at least he has confirmed that he loves her and that he 'is sure, very sure'. Or is he really still the little boy, whom Moody sees in him?
Great chapter! Thank you!

Yikes, I was so annoyed about Harry that I nearly forgot:
I'm glad that the Weasley had the chance to reunite, especially in the actual situation where nobody knows what will happen next in the wizarding world.

Author's Response: Interesting... I would never have anticipated annoyance with Harry based on this chapter. Why discuss it with Hermione, and not Ginny? Very simple... Hermione is his source for any information... she has always occupied the role of the information giver in the relationship... where as, Ginny is indeed the girl he loves, and he would not ask her about this sort of bonding 1) Because he would not want her to get the idea that he is presently looking to bond with her in this way. (Even if he were.) 2) Because he doesn't want to admit up front to the girl he loves, that he knows nothing about the whole concept, when she may well be anticipating that such a bonding may eventually occur between them. and lastly) The whole encounter was really one of convenience anyway. He happened to overhear a conversation which created questions, and then he happened immediately upon a trusted friend, who usually has answers. So he asked. There was nothing sneaky or conniving about it. And, while he is not the little boy Moody treats him as, neither is he the grown man that the Wizard world wants him to be.
Thanks for reading and commenting.

Reviewer: Gin110881 Signed Date: 2016.01.04 - 07:10AM Title: Chapter 14 - Hermione's Happy Place


It seems that life is not easy for Hermione. I can well imagine that she has told everything about Hogwarts and her friends at home, however, has left out the real adventures. Which teenager would confess the really interesting things at home? As far as I can remember, we haven't, lol.
The library at Potter Manor certainly is a welcome distraction for Hermione. I hope that her parents will come to their senses at some point.
The wedding at Potter Manor I see with mixed feelings. It is certainly a great thing. However, I fear that there are security problems if too many people know about Potter Manor.
Will Harry really move to Potter Manor? There must be a way to let Ginny move into the Manor too. At Harry's place I wouldn't move with Ron and Hermione only, and leave Ginny behind at the Burrow. Eventually Potter Manor should be much safer than the Burrow, right?
(OK, I fear that everybody will live at Potter Manor very soon. The problem would be solved that way, lol.)
Great chapter! Many thanks for sharing!

Author's Response: I wanted to create a little drama with Hermione, she always seems too steady, on top of everything, and nothing unpredictable or out of order in her life. Somehow it feels right to me to stir up her world just a bit.
Will "everyone" eventually live at the Manor? Hmm, that seems like a possibility left for time to unfold.
Thanks for reading and commenting.

Reviewer: Gin110881 Signed Date: 2016.01.04 - 06:03AM Title: Chapter 13 - Welcome to the Jungle


Oh, a Malfoy chapter. A short word count has revealed that Draco's part in the story is as important as Ginny's part so far.
You've described very well that a long hike can be useful to think about the details of life. It is certainly no coincidence that Malfoy's recognition that everything has gotten worse since the Dark Lord was resurrected, came on the long hike. I'm curious to see how the loss of his mother and the hard work to influence him. Will he end up as the hero in the title of the story? Hmm, we will see... Anyway, even if I can accept Malfoy as a better man, I will always feel uncomfortable in his proximity.
Snape's mission is explosive indeed. A look at the European history shows, that France will never accept the ultimatum of an English Lord. However, I wouldn't have thought that the bodyguards of the French MoM are such a bunch of sissies. On the other hand, it was a bad idea of the Mayor to endanger his MoM in such a way without warning.
MAny thanks for another interesting chapter!

Author's Response: You are of course welcome! I myself am grateful that you take the time to read and comment. I have never done a word count, so I wouldn't have evaluated the importance of character roles on that basis, though, now you mention it, it is something to think about. When all is said and done we will just have to see how you feel about my transformed Draco, we have a long way yet to go. Snape is a man between a rock and lava flow; I would certainly not like to be him. Lastly, it was not my intention to make the French MoM guards look like sissies, they did after all essentially walk into a sort of ambush. Snape was prepared for what might happen, as they were not.
Thanks so much.

Reviewer: Gin110881 Signed Date: 2016.01.04 - 05:23AM Title: Chapter 12 - Ministry Mayhem


Scrimgeour is right, an alliance against Voldemort is certainly a good thing. On the other hand, Harry is right, too. Trust is built by the little things. A Ministry with people like Umbridge in authority cannot be trusted, at least not completely. And an alliance is only as good as the trust between the involved parties. Is Harry's deal with the Ministry is a good thing? Only time can tell. I'm curious to know the all the details of Harry's deal with the MoM.
Moody is funny. He demands from Harry that he shall grow up. On the other hand, he constantly tries to prevent exactly this by his way of treating Harry. He tries to dictate every detail in Harry's life.
That's interesting, a Secret Service Man with a gun as Muggle Studies professor. I fear that all the Hogwarts love birds will be banned from the Astronomy tower because the Hogwarts tower are converted into a machine-gun nests, lol.
Great chapter! Thanks again!

Author's Response: Harry’s dealings with the Ministry will continue to progress as the story unfolds. We will have to see how the trust evolves.

Moody is indeed an odd duck, he is a militant mind, with a lifetime of political and investigative experience. But, one thing he is not is a father. He tends to see Harry as under his command, but he is also looking for Harry to emerge as a leader.

You might take a closer look at Mr. Flemming, he is not likely to bring wide ranging Muggle technology to Hogwarts, but he might have a few surprises for us, especially if he has been to see Q before stepping into this story.

Thanks for reading and commenting.

Reviewer: Gin110881 Signed Date: 2016.01.04 - 04:49AM Title: Chapter 11 - The Most Noble and Honorable House of Potter


It may be irresponsible to visit Potter Manor without leaving a note, or ask for permission. On the other hand, which youth asks for permission in advance when he goes on nightly adventures, lol. Looking back at Harry's Hogwarts years, it was often a good thing that he hasn't asked for permission, right? Maybe Ginny would be dead by now. However, I am glad that Ginny "by chance" couldn't sleep either and the both of them could explore the Manor together.
I am happy, puzzled and surprised at the same time that Molly is so understanding. Will we ever find out what she had to talk with Philomena?
Many thanks for another great chapter!

Author's Response: I am glad you seem to approve of Harry and Ginny’s first venture to the Manor. As far as what Molly and Philomena talked about… Yes, the contents of that discussion will eventually come to light.

Thanks for reading and commenting.

Reviewer: Gin110881 Signed Date: 2016.01.04 - 04:23AM Title: Chapter 10 - The Lock-Box


I wonder what the tickling feeling might be that Harry had a few times anticipating thoughts of the others. Maybe I'm reading too much into it. However, I noticed it at least twice and that made me suspicious.
I am puzzled that the members of the Order treat Harry like a little kid, as if they all were his guardians. I hope that Harry soon takes countermeasures, at least after his birthday. He can not grow up if all the adults tell him what to do and what not to do.
The lock box, or better its contents is a very intriguing, both, the letters and the gadgets. I'm looking forward to learn more about it.

Author's Response: Sorry it has taken me so long to respond here. While I was away I fouled up my password, and I had to overcome some obstacles with the site before I could get access to my account.
Most of the time any tickling feelings Harry experiences are directly related to Ginny. Harry’s maturity is a big issue in this story because he has been quite protected by adults around him, and many of those adults feel an added measure of responsibility toward him just because of who he is. Harry can only overcome this by action. I am endeavoring to mature him, but he is still 17 so there will be some aspects of his maturity that may lag behind, or occasionally falter.
I hope you have been happy with the developments that have come from opening the lock box? You have found out as much as anyone by now.
Thanks for reading and commemting.

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