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Reviews For Anticipation

Reviewer: MollyandArthur Signed Date: 2017.01.16 - 08:40PM Title: Anticipation


Perfectly lovely story! I enjoy reading little moments of time from different perspectives. This one from Ron was wonderful!

Author's Response: Thanks.
This is (I think) only my third firsst-person Ron story, the others are "Locket", and Ron's section of "The Question". Ron's perspective is a lot of fun to write.

Reviewer: InwoodHP Signed Date: 2014.12.26 - 02:38AM Title: Anticipation


Really enjoyed this story and the POV.

Author's Response: Thanks. -N-

Reviewer: Cassieopia Signed Date: 2013.12.15 - 07:07AM Title: Anticipation


No Review

Reviewer: Kyral Signed Date: 2013.09.19 - 09:54AM Title: Anticipation


Cute one shot! I loved it being from Ron's POV. I really don't mind that it was a Ron/Hermione story. They are Ship Mates (to borrow a Trope) with Harry/Ginny so it's all good. Actually looking for some more Ron/Hermione stories, so if you know of any archives for them I would love to know. Cheers!

Author's Response: Thanks for the review.Ron and Hermione certainly appear in most of my stories, and I've written a few solely Ron/Hermione tales which don't fit on this site. You could check out: The Girl from DRaCoMC, The Secret Diary of Hermione Granger, and the first three of the series I call "A Guide to Rose Growing": Conceptions, Conversations and Concerns. They are all at -N-

Reviewer: Catracha Signed Date: 2013.09.12 - 06:03PM Title: Anticipation

That was lush!

Author's Response: Ta muchly, hinny. -N-

Reviewer: pepperama Signed Date: 2013.08.03 - 04:04AM Title: Anticipation


Love it! I feel like I've been seeing so many things coming out recently that do not do Ron justice (or outright mutilate and bash his character) that it's wonderful to get a story from his perspective that is so in character and genuine. He and Harry are so great in this. I love their friendship, especially in the scene with the woman and her kids. I also really enjoyed seeing Harry and Ginny's relationship from Ron's perspective here. I love Ron and Hermione, they're so darn cute. This was a joy to read.

Author's Response: Thanks for the review.
I'm currently busy with a few other stories, and in all but one of them, Ron seems to be taking centre stage. Ron can be moody, and when he's hurt or upset he can be rude and nasty, but when he's in a good mood, he's a nice bloke.

Reviewer: ellen Signed Date: 2013.08.02 - 02:00PM Title: Anticipation


That was great. Ron is my favourite character (after Harry) and their friendship really showed through in this little snippet.

Author's Response: Thank you. I'm a big fan of the often underrated Ron. -N-

Reviewer: ngayonatkailanman Signed Date: 2013.08.01 - 11:34PM Title: Anticipation


Awwww...... how sweet and morantic!

Author's Response: Thanks (morantic - is that a cross between romantic and moronic? It's probably apt for a Ron-centred story. :-D). -N-

Reviewer: JSM Signed Date: 2013.08.01 - 08:53PM Title: Anticipation


Loved it! I must be one of the few who really enjoy Ron as a character, in spite of (or because of) his flaws. But this brings out the best in him, and his relationships with the people who matter most. It put a smile on my face!

Author's Response: Ron is brave, loyal, hardworking (when it matters to him) and an idiot. I hope that this shows his enthusiasm, and Harry's respect for his friend. -N-

Reviewer: Ocean Dream Signed Date: 2013.08.01 - 06:34PM Title: Anticipation


Another one of the jewels of yours, loved it so much.
Thanks for doing what we all would love JKR to do - there are so many things to be written about this beautiful world and those wonderful characters. What you write is so close to canon and so plausible, Dad is indeed right about the compulsion and reflexes stuff :)
Thanks for sharing!

Author's Response:
Some forum comment mentioned that Ron was always disorganised. I disagreed, and this story came to me almost as you see it.
Thanks for reading and reviewing.

Reviewer: shendrina Signed Date: 2013.08.01 - 06:21PM Title: Anticipation


No Review

Reviewer: Bethina Signed Date: 2013.08.01 - 05:50PM Title: Anticipation


Well done!

Author's Response: Thank you. -N-

Reviewer: GinnyP7 Signed Date: 2013.08.01 - 05:01PM Title: Anticipation


Love, love, love it! To what Dad said, I say "Amen".

Author's Response: Thanks for the review, and the stars. -N-

Reviewer: freshwater Signed Date: 2013.08.01 - 03:28PM Title: Anticipation


Nicely done. I especially like the inverse references, such as "Harry was dawdling"....not that Ron was striding quickly. The middle episode with the woman with kids was a nice indicator or how self-confident Ron has become, and is consistent with the rest of his dialogue and, that sounds so dryly analytical! I really enjoyed the story, too!

Author's Response: Thanks for the review.
I rather like writing Ron's perspective, it allows me to be biased (as you noticed) . I think that the Wesleys were "brought up proper" after all, the twins helped Harry with his case in his first year. And that Ron is, in many respects a gentleman.

Reviewer: Dad Signed Date: 2013.08.01 - 02:56PM Title: Anticipation


It's Northumbrian. It is a Pavlovian reaction. You just have to read it.

Author's Response: Just like you have to eat a pavlova? :-D -N-

Author's Response: ps five stars! I'm honoured!

Reviewer: skiutahnum1 Signed Date: 2013.08.01 - 02:45PM Title: Anticipation

They would be lost with out there girls.....kutgw

Author's Response: They would. -N-

Reviewer: Dianainga Signed Date: 2013.08.01 - 09:52AM Title: Anticipation

Love this story !!! Please keep these snippets into their lives coming!!!!

Author's Response: Thanks, I will. I really must finish my Draco/Ginny one-shot. :-D -N-

Reviewer: potterfan2008 Signed Date: 2013.08.01 - 09:30AM Title: Anticipation

It was well written as all of your stories are. I'm not a huge Ron/Hermione fan so its certainly not my favourite of your stories. You did warn us it was Ron centric and it was.

Author's Response: I donít know whether itís an accurate voice for Ron (my excuse for his use of some fairly long words is: eight years with Hermione) but the Ron world-view is one I find worryingly easy to write. -N-

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