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Reviewer: Wyrdflame Signed Date: 2019.04.02 - 06:05PM Title: Epilogue: Four Days Later


It took a while to get used to your more... detailed writing style, compared to the relatively simple styles of most stories I've read, but once I got into the swing of it I have to say this made for a fitting and satisfying ending for "Taking Control" and "Free Life" where I had not actually thought I'd find an ending short of writing it myself.

Frankly, my only complaint is the (somewhat lacking) length of the epilogue, and that's just because I enjoy "Post-battle fluff" a bit too much (so much so that I tend to repeatedly read 100k+ word stories consisting solely of exactly that).

At this point, I don't really recall why, where or how I came across this story, but I'm certainly glad that I have. I wonder how long it will take me to forget enough of what I've read (or become distracted enough by other stories) before I can manage to read the entire saga in one breath.

Author's Response:

Sorry to have taken a while to reply to your thoughtful comments! Life is busy, and I wasn't expecting reviews, though of course they're still appreciated.

You've chosen your words diplomatically. 'Detailed' is a kind way of saying verbose, which is certainly how this story began. TPC was my first semi-serious attempt at prose fiction, after a bit of print-published poetry, and decades of non-fiction. I learned a lot as I went along, but that means that I had a lot to learn. I probably still do, although most of what I've written after 2017 is a lot more concise.

Anyway, I value the fact that you soldiered through!

Reviewer: rbrt_emmer Signed Date: 2018.06.03 - 03:16PM Title: Epilogue: Four Days Later


Hey, I read this story ages ago and enjoyed it. My question that I just realized I've never asked is, obviously Matt gave you his blessing to write the story. My question is, how close does this get to what Matt had originally envisioned? Has he said? Because it occurs to me that he hasn't actually updated Free Life in nearly 7 years and it'd be nice to know if he views this as the conclusion to his story. Either way, it's a fun continuation.

Author's Response:

Hey Rob -- good questions!

Matt and I never strategised in fine detail, though there were some broad brush-strokes that had emerged as obvious:

  • the 'free life' that Harry and Ginny had for a while would need to end because Harry's influence pegged him as the leader everyone needed,
  • The Phoenix fire episode would be transformative for both H&G, but especially Ginny, by giving her the means to escape from her own soul fragment problem... thus Ginny would play a major role leading to the end,
  • Dumbledore may have capitulated, but remained unreliable, and his ability to lead would remain compromised, so it would be easiest to get him out of the way,
  • having a large chunk of Slytherin House rise up in support of Harry would be crucial to having a clear victory, and
  • Matt's cast of emerging secondary characters were too capable and interesting to subside, and would thus need important roles to fulfill.

The further things got toward the end, the less grounding there was in Matt's originals, and I never really got any feedback after, say, chapter 16 or so. It was never completely obvious to me if he had fully mapped an ending in his own mind. I have no doubt he could have done a brilliant job of wrapping it up if life had gone differently, and I'm certain his ending would have had a different set of twists (very likely more drawn out time-wise and word-wise) than TPC, but at this point, TPC will, for better or worse, be the ending that readers will have, unless readers take it on themselves to produce another version.

Reviewer: RighT3rantZ Signed Date: 2018.05.17 - 02:10PM Title: A Bit of Funny Reading


Hmm, I remember reading 'Free Life' and 'Taking Control'. '08 or '09 maybe?

Anyway, on a whim I decided to go over the one story of yours on this site I haven't read yet. The name you chose flashed back to something else...Harry's undefeated debate record vs Dumbledore in all Brennus stories. Could just be a reference to someone who always likes to get the last word in.

Ah yes, the universal issues of control make an early appearance. There are of course two ends to a whip...

I was just think about your current story....change the names and nobody would know.

Author's Response:

Last comment first, about changing character names: to be honest, that had *not* occurred to me when I originally planned Anthem for the Scraps but, to be even *more* honest precisely that though came to mind a little ways in. There's really no need for it to have any tie-in to HP at all, even as a bit more is revealed about their powers. In that sense, I'm kind of secretly considering it my first main non-fanfic work (that is, apart from a ton of non-fiction).

So, I wouldn't necessarily have encouraged you to read this one. There as some good aspects to the story, and I think there are some sequences you will enjoy, but it was very amateur, and I'm a bit perplexed that, despite writing far better stories since this, it remains my most popular work by a fair margin. I think it has made it onto some crackpots' lists of all-time worst HP fanfics which, perversely, is a bit of a compliment :)

Author's Response: Oh, I should also mention that 'The Prevailing Counterpoint' is actually a musical reference. See, I was even doing that way back when :)

Reviewer: Gin110881 Signed Date: 2017.09.14 - 05:38AM Title: Epilogue: Four Days Later

Thank you so much for sharing this really wonderful story. It is a worthy continuation of TC and FL.

I just had a look at my previous review for this final chapter. However, I think we talked enough about this topic. ;-)

Well, perhaps a word to my own visions. Ginny and Harry are both natural flyers and I've always hoped that they will find their way into broom development, establish their own Broom Company to develop and build brooms of all kinds (racing brooms, sports brooms, children brooms, ...), establish a flying school, and play Quidditch just for fun for the Godricís Hollow Hawks in the third amateur league, far away from the ever-present press, having a real private life and just be have everything under their control. :-)

Next stop: Trix

Author's Response:

Interesting vision -- thank you for sharing that! Perhaps you could take a second venture into a world like that, given your remarkably successful first venture? It wouldn't have to be a full novel or anything, but I could imagine a short story (full of lively kids and silly shenanigans) set at some heart-warming milestone like their 20th wedding anniversary...

If I say any more, you'll be justified in telling me that I should write it myself ;)

Reviewer: Gin110881 Signed Date: 2017.09.14 - 05:06AM Title: The End and a Beginning


It's a unique idea how to solve the Harry-Horcrux problem and defeat Tom in one single step.

I really liked the way how Ginny insight in Tom mind-set, gained the hard way through her experiences with the diary, was used to understand and defeat him. It was a striking improvement in comparison to the books, where her experiences, except the brief discussion how it feels to be possessed, were completely neglected.

And there was another Nott sighting I probably should remember for Trix. (I was just wondering if Trix is simply the second part of Bellaís name...strange that I'd never noticed it before).

It was a memorable Grand Finale. It was great how you've included Dumbledore (I'd completely forgotten about his last appearance) and even gave Snape a memorable end (I suddenly remembered his fate, just when it happened).

Just like in my previous review for this chapter, I really don't like the idea that the Ministry interferes in the education of the students. That's something widely used in dictatorships to suppress unwanted free thinking as early as possible. I'm disappointed in Kingsley's and Bones' plans.

Author's Response:

Thank you, Martin!

Regarding my mode of resolving the Horcrux situation, I'm glad you enjoyed that! It could never have happened in canon, since it required much more 'bravado' in Harry than Rowling could allow (she wanted him to remain relatively pure, and be a hero only reluctantly, which is fair). Of course, it's much harder to rationalise canon's failure to learn much from Ginny's ordeal. I'm sure there have been essays written in support of why it had to be as it had to be, but I doubt I will bend.

Yes, 'Trix' is definitely a double-entendre, and yes, one of those allusions is to Bella's name.

And finally, I can't recall precisely how I responded to your qualms about MoM involvement (interference?) in education, but my current stance is that there were likely justifiable reasons to believe it could be a win-win situation (in particular, the dire situation of Auror and Hit-wizard staffing), but again I believe that Trix speaks fairly clearly to how such a relationship is an invitation to abuse.

Reviewer: Gin110881 Signed Date: 2017.09.08 - 06:13AM Title: Two Are Not Alone


It was a nice way to kill two birds with one stone, save Arthur, and kill Nagini. A fatal mistake by Tom to bring both to the same location, or a clever move by the author? In any case, it was a very well done, action-packed chapter.

The chapter has shown in an impressive way one of Harry's core strengths, his ability to work in a team, an ability that the Harry in the books is completely missing. It's a miracle that he's ever became a Head Auror, or an Auror at all.

Sadly, it seems to be a general rule, whenever it becomes most exciting, the adventure is drawing to a close.

Author's Response:

A very good question about Nagini's placement in Malfoy Manor. I do recall that, toward the canonical end of DH, Riddle wanted Nagini kept close for safe keeping, and I think this was a key motivation for me to have Nagini present on the MM grounds which, at this point, are Riddle's de facto headquarters. This is especially true now that it's clear that Horcruxes are being destroyed.

And, thank you for noticing, but yes -- we are now seeing the benefits of a smarter, more clear-thinking Harry, which (per Matt's telling) came from the exercises he undertook to systematicise his mind for Occlumency preparation. In addition to honing his magic, Harry's tactical instincts have improved greatly as well. Perhaps he could even now give Ron a reasonable challenge at chess? That's a rhetorical question only, though, since Ron still has his greatest, most white-knuckled chess match ahead of him.

And of course you are right. There is not much longer now.

Reviewer: Gin110881 Signed Date: 2017.09.08 - 04:17AM Title: The Other Side of the Door

Considering my former review of this chapter, it seems that Ginny's dream has already impressed me when I read the story for the first time.
I think I was wondering even then what triggered this dream about canon events. Was it simply the desire of the author to explicitly point out the differences in their relationship, in TPC and in canon? Or do we get another explanation later? Whatever it was, I loved the dream, and, of course, the timing.

The dream is about the things that made Ginny my only favourite character, far ahead of Harry, his silly break-up with Ginny, that fact that he didn't care whether she was hurt after the battle of Hogwarts. He didn't even grant her a reunion hug. What upset me the most, however, was that he sent Ginny back to school alone. My first thought was "arsehole". And my assessment hasn't changed since then. I really like this 'together' declaration in this chapter, one of the main reasons I read fanfiction ...

In contrast to my earlier reviews, I take notes while reading now, and transfer them into the review boxes. This way the problem with the forgotten thoughts is solved.

Well, Narcissa is it. This will certainly be interesting. She is a Black, undoubtedly a league for her own compared to the Malfoys. I'm curious what she's up to. I remember that Malfoy jr. lives in one of the safe houses in Trix. I'm pretty sure that Narcissa had a finger in the pie in this matter.

Thanks for pointing out the importance of the Luna scene. I'll go back to re-read it again. Just in case I missed something...

Oh, of course I 'm interested in another sneak a peek into the Fires of Time. The goose bumps weren't a lie, but I'd forgotten to mention the moistly eyes. Unfortunately, there's again a busy weekend ahead, but I'll certainly find a free moment.

Author's Response:

Actually yes -- the dream was little more than an authourly whim, aimed at illustrating the very different trajectories for Ginny. The timing, of course, is intended as a final validation of what each means to the other, as fortification before the final frenzy.

And yes, I believe the whole reason for the continued vitality of SIYE, well after other HPff sites have died, relates to the bizarre deficiencies in DH.

Good point about Narcissa being more of a legitimately cognitive human than either of the Malfoy males. She is a bit of a cipher in canon, and that is a reasonable way to treat her. I give her a few more nuances, which replace the canonical forest scene. And, of course, you are correct that her deeds are key to the eventual soft-landing that she and Draco eventually receive. I thought it an interesting pseudo-irony that she ultimately be placed back with Andromeda -- a situation that I felt could ultimately lead the lighter side of Narcissa to stabilise above the darker side.

Reviewer: Gin110881 Signed Date: 2017.09.07 - 04:16AM Title: Fired... up!


I must admit that I still can't tell apart some of the OC characters. Mostly I don't even know into which house they belong, but I guess that's the way you've planned it, to support the idea of House Unity.

The Ministry's attempt to use Percy to get more influence on Hogwarts brings another intriguing twist into the story, and yet another matter Harry's losing control. The plot thickens, as the saying goes.

I was delighted to read another simply brilliant Luna scene. Finally! It was really well done, like everything else, even if I sometimes forget to mention it.

Author's Response:

Yes, I agree that the OC's are difficult to keep track of. I inherited a fair number, added a couple and promoted a few more (very) minor canonical characters to speaking roles. To be honest, I don't automatically remember all relevant details about each of them anymore, and in continuing onto Trix I have obviously let many of them slide back into anonymity, with the basic assumption that they might just go back to being regular teenagers after the war.

Yes, Arthur warned them that the Ministry was likely to become a problem, and lo and behold it does. Couldn't have waited a bit longer, could it?

Glad that you enjoyed the Luna-cy :) Unlike previous ones that had an element of comic relief to them, this one is actually quite important to the plot, as you will observe soon.

On a completely different front, I wrote another short capsule on 'Fires of Time' today. I need to write another shorter one to precede it but, once that is done, I can send it to you if you're curious.

Reviewer: Gin110881 Signed Date: 2017.09.07 - 03:49AM Title: New Friends; Old Friends


Oh, Harry in the snake's lair. This was really brilliantly written, especially the view behind the facade of Mrs Parkinson. However, I must admit that I'm still not quite comfortable with Harry's repeated change of colour, from Gryffindor to Hogwarts to Slytherin. The way the recent change happened proves that he's slowly losing control of his life. Let's just hope that he'll at least won't lose control in the confrontation with Tom.

Ted Nott. I think it's a good idea have a closer look at him, it might be helpful for the sequel.

For whatever reasons, I'd assumed that the help offered to Hermione in the library was meant to be serious, and therefor Malfoy wasn't on my list of suspects, though I'd suspected him for a moment. It's amazing how a little adventure can bring forth old Hermione.

Considering that Malfoy's foremost a coward (as we've seen in many scenes in the books), even more than cunning and ambitious, he never had a chance against Hermione, or Ron respectively. I think the fact that he wasn't able to kill Dumbledore on the astronomy tower is often misinterpreted. I'm pretty sure that he would have killed Dumbledore instantly, if he'd turned his back on him, and Dumbledore knew that he's a coward, so he'd been talking to Malfoy all the time to keep him from acting. I think the way you portrayed Malfoy's reaction in the library was very well done. (

Author's Response:

Ah yes, but you yourself wrote about how the importance of the colours was reduced in times of crisis. I do admit that Harry's compliance with the winds of fate, here, were modestly unpopular with the readership in general, but the way things play out (including having this be more temporary and symbolic than a true redefinition of allegiances) proved to be fairly acceptable.

More to the point is your assertion of Harry 'losing control'. This is true in two ways. Firstly, as he and Ginny had already worried, surrounding circumstances have launched themselves prematurely, which is denying them the full extent of planning they'd hoped for. Secondly, in Free Life, the seeds were planted for Harry to begin assuming more true leadership. As any dedicated politician knows, it is only possible to be a true Maverick when one does not have true power. The assumption of responsibility means subjugating one's true control to an expression of interests far beyond one's own. Consequently, Harry now looks upon forces far broader and more unruly than his own two hands; he can still hope to sway those forces in the right direction, but he can no longer specify every single condition.

Fortunately, the one area where he and Ginny retain nearly as much control as they'd hoped for is with Riddle. He is not their puppet, but his strings may prove a bit easier to pull than those of unruly allies and the undisciplined Death Eater rabble.

Glad you enjoyed the library scene -- it was fun to write. Malfoy's utter humiliation brings him to the lowest point, which allows him to gradually scrap every worthless thing he had become. Ron has a moment of heroism to begin to understand and grow from. And Hermione has a little excitement in her life :)

Reviewer: Gin110881 Signed Date: 2017.09.06 - 05:40AM Title: Many Meetings


Seems I've successfully forgotten about the significance of the Crown and the Outcrop for each of the two couples. I only remember that the Outcrop will be the location of the final confrontation, and that the boxes, the twins had invented, turned out to be quite useful.

The workout with dozens of Harrys certainly was a good idea to train the anticipation and recognition the two of them discussed on the top of the Outcrop. I guess it'll soon become important.

Hermione Birthday party was a great idea, the turning point towards their reconciliation?

It is undoubtedly a cunning idea to request Harry as the Head of House. With the Leader of the Light as Head of House, the Slytherin House would certainly have a better standing than any other house after Tom's defeat. That's what I call cunning and ambitious. Kudos!

Sometimes I wonder if there are certain parts in a chapter, you were hoping they would be addressed by a reader in a review, but it never happened. If you happen to remember such parts, I'd like to know about it, if you won't mind.

Author's Response:

Thank you for the offer! In truth, I often learn more about my own stories by reading reviews and writing responses, so it's all a very useful exercise. And when reviews come in during the actual writing process, they do frequently massage the story itself going forward. TPC definitely benefited a lot from reader feedback, and Splinters also picked up some reader character. As far as post facto discussions, though, I think your greatest service is having me relive things -- a process that is surprisingly fun after three years of my own 'forgetting'.

Yes, I also thought that the Slytherin revolution was an amusing and plot-enriching development. I tended to believe that it was a fairly natural eventuality of having a strong and charismatic Harry, especially considering the number of times that Rowling attempted to to persuade us that Slytherins were not inherently evil, but rather self-serving and Machiavellian. I believe that, in the Oedipean world they inhabit, that could sometimes even extend to Slytherin students defying their parents.

Hermione's birthday party -- I would say that this cements the transformation, and allows them to move together, in synch, to address the real adversary. It as adventitious timing as well since one of my readers (sorry, but I can't remember who) reminded me about Hermione's upcoming birthday just in time for me to include it in the appropriate chapter. Brilliant timing on someone's part!

Reviewer: Gin110881 Signed Date: 2017.09.06 - 04:18AM Title: All About Knowing


I've been pondering why Harry suddenly told Hermione so much. Not that I think itís been wrong. On the contrary, I am delighted. But why so suddenly and completely. Is it really just a question of forgiveness, or the fact that theyíll need her? Well, maybe itís better to postpone the pondering until after their next meeting, or confrontation, whatever might happen next, lol.

Apparently, Hermione has made progress with her fluid portkey project without meeting Mr or Mrs Unknown. Iím still quite curious who it might be.

Funny soul bond discussion. I must admit that I really like soul bound fics. From my experience, a cosy soul bond story is a safe harbour after reading a nasty Quidditch story. It was quite helpful for me when I found out that the post Hogwarts canon isn't exactly my cup of tea. However, I agree that it's quite boring if it's overdone.

Obviously, parts of the super seven are much too smart for their own good. Harry wonít like it, lol.

Author's Response:

Why did they tell Hermione so much? All of the reasons you list are certainly part of the equation, but the tipping factor is probably that Hermione's little misdemeanour so completely intrigued and even amused Harry that the whole discussion ended up with a light-hearted, friendly tone that broke down barriers. As far as why Harry would react that way to being assaulted, I'd say that he's riding a fairy impressive winning streak, and doesn't experience defeat often anymore. If he can get away with experiencing his defeats in learnable scenarios, taught be people who aren't trying to kill him, then great. He gets to absorb the weakness and strengthen his armor, and is all the better for it.

And yes, the Super Seven clearly take the initiative. Perhaps some of their efforts might worry Harry at times, but this will pay tremendously in the end. If you think of TC as Harry finding resilience, and FL as Harry imparting those strengths to Ginny, then TPC is where they build their enterprising little army that can stand up to an evil that is more than just Tommy.

Great points! Thank you encore for your thoughts!

Reviewer: Gin110881 Signed Date: 2017.09.06 - 03:34AM Title: A Weary Harry

You're raising some interesting aspects of the Horcrux-lore. I've always wondered what would happen to a disembodied Tom when all Horcruxes were destroyed.

Zabini is working hard to extend his list of demerits. Ambushing Ginny to kiss her are worth fifty more points from Zabini.

I'm glad that the two of them continue to help Remus during his transformation. However, I've always been wondering why in UK, in opposite to the other parts of the world, the full moon is never during the daytime. ;-)

I think Harry is overreacting about the locket Horcrux. The Horcrux has been hidden at the grim old place for many years now, one night more wouldn't have done any harm to the Horcrux, would it? He should learn to deal with such dangerous items when he's well rested. Obviously, Harry occasionally needs a good nightís sleep. Running through the mountains from 4-6 a.m. every night isn't healthy on the long run. His knees will not thank him. The way you wrote Harry's last class was brilliant, one could really feel how Harry's slowly falling asleep, lol.

Author's Response:

Ah, and do you recall how I dealt with disembodied-Tom in this one? Fully canon-compliant, but I'm not certain I've seen it used in any other fanfic.

Sorry for the self-congratulatory tone ;)

Yes, Zabini and Draco both demonstrate some of the problems with trying to bring Slytherins into the fold. Slytherins are 'people too', but some of them are not always the nicest people.

Well, to be honest, Scotland is one of the better places in the world to see daylight full moons, though that proposition is pretty sketchy by mid-September...

Could well be that Harry's urgency is an over-reaction. Perhaps he's a bit muddled by the Horcrux itself, since such critters affect him more in this AU than in canon.

I wonder if magical knees hold up better than Muggle ones do? Just as magical metabolism is different. Dunno. Harry is still young and 'indestructible'; maybe he will come to his senses one of these days. And yes, early morning exercise often is a precursor to mid-afternoon drowsiness :)

Reviewer: Gin110881 Signed Date: 2017.09.05 - 08:28AM Title: Goblin Gratitude

Damn, I've always the wrong impression that TPC continues their last visit to the Burrow in FL, and that was around July, wasn't it. I know that it's wrong, but it's obviously too much for my thick head.

Author's Response:

That's a perfectly natural assumption given that, yes, the last scene of FL is at the Burrow, and the first scene of TPC is back there too, but there are a few intervening weeks of hard swotting (i.e., boring) which consolidates their status as Hogwarts 'graduates'. For various reasons things are a little tenser at this point, with not everyone being perfectly comfortable with Ginny's rapid evolution...

Anyway, no cause for self-deprecation. Rather, I aim to disorient even the very astute readers :)

Reviewer: Gin110881 Signed Date: 2017.09.05 - 05:20AM Title: Goblin Gratitude


When Ginny and Harry arrived at the Burrow, it felt as if the scene where the Ginny burnt the wooden table happened ages ago. However, it can't be much more than two months, can it? So much happened in the meantime, it's quite easy to lose track of time.
Wow, one more Horcrux down, at least I hope so, and a nice party for the Super Seven at Gringotts, what more can the readers ask for? Well done!

Author's Response:

Would you believe, two mad, action packed *weeks*? Dates are included with each chapter for the skeptical ;)

In any case, at a certain point the timeline (rather different from Rowling's standard 9-12 months / book) became a bit of an inside joke. Hence my "Epilogue: Four Days Later"

Anyway, thank you most kindly for the note!

Reviewer: Gin110881 Signed Date: 2017.09.05 - 05:03AM Title: Property of the...

It' always nice to get a clue how the world looks from Mrs. Grangers point of view.
The property of the Half Blood Prince, well, I must admit that I've completely, utterly forgotten about the role that book in this story, not even the more than obvious headline made me suspicious, even if the headline seemed to be familiar.

The answer to my question from my former review, two and a half years ago (wow, two and a half year already...really?), is a bit more clear now. There were clues that Ginny and Harry talked about the Horcuxes, however, not as detailed as they're explaining it to Dumbledore. This probably was the reason for my confusion.

I've also found another reason why I didn't particularly like Zabini. It certainly has something to do with the fact that he used Ginny and Harry to improve his chances to get into professional Quidditch, and in this way he pushed the two of them into this direction, too. I must admit, at the beginning, after DH, I was happy for Ginny, that her dream to play for the Harpies had been fulfilled. However, it changed quite quickly after I read a couple of post-DH fanfiction stories. I couldn't stand to see her without a private life, somewhere between the gossip columns and the front page of the Daily Prophet, or as the Centrefold of the Play Wizard, as escort girl for the Harpies sponsors, being caged in the Harpies campus, her life controlled by the press and the club bosses. It was quite disillusioning. Thatís not the Ginny I know and like. I was so pissed off, I almost stopped reading fanfiction at this time. Rant's over, sorry for that.

Author's Response:

Ah right -- the discussion of Horcruxes is certainly downplayed relative to the canon narrative in Deathly Hallows, but it is nonetheless there. H&G do provide Dumbledore with fairly full disclosure, although nobody has quite the depth of understanding that Dumbledore and Harry (and probably Snape) had in DH. In this AU, Harry and Ginny will understand the Horcruxes differently, and more personally, and this will prove adequate. Dumbledore's incomplete knowledge, however, may prove problematic.

Good point about Zabini. In truth, after Ginny's tryout during TPC, it was likely inevitable that she would be following the Harpies trajectory, but the fact that Harry became (unexpectedly) pulled back into a sporting world he had largely given up on is a critical (and perhaps not positive) plot element in Trix. There is subtle foreboding to this effect already written, though there is more to come. As to the extent to which Quidditch perturbs Ginny's life, I suppose other fanfics have used seedy aspects of professional sports to explain why such a long time passed between the end of the war and the birth of James Sirius. I have no intention of letting her be tainted by the grimy underside of sports, however one of your concerns in the above review does become a key factor in Trix. And yes, it will become unpleasant, however you will see that a bit of short term pain produces a better accommodation later. And that is perhaps all I should hint in that respect :)

Reviewer: Gin110881 Signed Date: 2017.09.04 - 04:39AM Title: All Slytherins Great and Small


I often remember the scene with Ginny alone in the mountains looking for Phyllanthus niruri, which is not there at all. Seems it's forever stuck in my head. Well, of course, I never remember the correct name of this strange plant.

Your version of Mrs. Parkinson is almost likeable, well, I really like her, at least a wee bit. Not as much as the Pansy in Birds of a Feather, but I like her, with all the things that make her life difficult.

The scene where the Slytherins revolt against Snape is quite intriguing. I stopped reading for a while to ponder about your intentions in this scenario, besides the obvious, uniting the houses, of course. With hindsight, itís strange that in canon two people, Snape and Malfoy, were able to pull all Slytherin together against the rest of Hogwarts. Maybe Pansy's "I am so bloody sick of being on the wrong side" is part of an explanation. They all were under the impression that the side of the Dark Lord would win at the end, and what cunning person would choose the side that will most likely lose from their point of view.

Author's Response:

Well, I will admit that the progression of Ginny's fruitless search, Harry's surprise visit, and then the Ginny / Pansy / Daphne collision down by the gate is one of those that I still feel very satisfied with. It's one of those flows that is plot-compliant, but is not enslaved by the agenda. I should get back to that more often.

Yes, from Chapter 3 onwards, Pansy became destined to become the 'good bitch', if you will. The rotten person that she was for so long through canon is still visible, but it is almost like a facade that is beginning to wear a bit thinner.

Anyway, Slytherins in general are shifting in much the manner you allude to, for reasons that you have identified. The biggest difference, I believe is that the combination of Harry and Ginny in this story is much more daunting than the Harry-alone of canon. 'Harry-alone' in canon was a hero, but until the end he rarely 'inspired'. He shied away from attention, and consequently his most immediate adversaries could 'define' him ('lucky'; 'nothing without his friends'; 'triwizard fraud'; 'liar'; 'unstable/deranged'...), whereas Matt gave us a Harry who, although still not deliberately seeking attention, was brash, forthright and driven to push back against anything internal or external that made him weaker. And, of course, his acceptance of Ginny's partnership became a great strength. The sum of all that was a leader whom nearly everyone (except for the most desperate core of Slytherins and Death Eaters) could look on for inspiration. Thus, the perceived strength in canon that was darkness, has been usurped. There is no inevitability of Voldemort's ascendancy. Voldy is by no means weak, but nor us he the unchecked epitome of perceived power.

Anyway, thank you for your renewed thoughts -- fun as always!

Reviewer: Gin110881 Signed Date: 2017.09.01 - 05:23AM Title: Magic Show


Great chapter, a lot happened and I was through in no time. No wonder, because it was quite entertaining, an intrigued Hermione, an intimidating bunch of students, an amazingly calm Ginny, and an amazing show with a nice cliffy at the end. Well done!

I agree with your last note, itís fun and refreshing to re-read the story after such a long time. I had several reason to do so. TC is on my re-reading list ever since I read it for the first time, and I already planned it a couple of times, the same goes with TPC, and when I noticed that I lost the grasp to the Trix characters I decided that the time was ripe. It also was the reason I didn't read and comment the latest chapters of Trix, I wanted to re-read everything before I continue reading Trix, e.g. to find out why I didn't like Zabini, why there was a lack of Hermione and Ron time, what happened to the other old friends of Harry and Ginny, what happened to Hogwarts that the students are allowed to travel all over the world instead of preparing for their exams, and, most importantly, at which point did Harry and Ginny slowly start losing control of their lives, something they were so proud of. I had the feeling that Zabini now has more influence on their lives than the other way around. When did their lives enter the paths we'll later see in the Seeker's Daughter, a way under the control of the professional Quidditch business, the press, and the public with little till no time for each other, a way, as you well know, I do not particularly like. To all this I hope to find explanations.
In your last reply, you mentioned that there are not as many romantic moments in Trix than in TPC. This might be the reason I was so surprised by the many, sometimes short but very beautiful, romantic moments in TPC.

Oh, before I forget it, do you still consider writing a sequel to Splinters? You once mentioned somewhere that it will only happen if you'll find a way to avoid the Horcruxes, or rather the Horcrux hunt. If you are interested in an idea, I would write you an email.

There's again a busy weekend ahead, and I won't be able to read the next chapter before Sunday. Please don't be afraid that I ditched you. On the other hand, maybe you're also looking forward to enjoying a few days without my babbling. ;)

Author's Response:

Yes, that particular chapter was fun to write -- thank you!

There are numerous questions in your second paragraph that you're hoping the re-reads will have answered. I hope so too, though I'll give you a hand with a few. Regarding the ability of students to travel away from Hogwarts in chapters 15-17 of Trix relates to the fact that it's Easter Break -- a Hogwarts scheduling feature that gets little mention in the early books (certainly not to the extent that Christmas was) but, by DH, is a plot item. Secondly, I would not say that Zabini is controlling their lives much. The Quidditch was his hare-brained scheme, and it bears his name, but he has very few leadership skills and thus leads very little. Ginny's involvement has become very much her own pursuit of the professional dream; Harry seems to be involved a bit as a lark (keeping from boredom) but perhaps more as a way of supporting Ginny. The same goes for the twins.

Finally Splinters. First of all, let me say wistfully that I may never get to write it because life is so much more complicated these days... but I have ideas that are so good they're painful. I would have been loath to write another sequel that didn't stand a chance of being as good as the original, but this one does. I will write you an e-mail this weekend. I will be interested in hearing your idea(s) as well, but don't send them until you've had a chance to see mine.


Reviewer: Gin110881 Signed Date: 2017.08.31 - 06:09AM Title: Caballero y la Princesa


Even though my knowledge of the music theory is only rudimentary, okay, I'm honest, non-existent, I agree that it is possible to defeat someone with (the wrong kind of) music.

Overall, the Fugos aren't as confusing as I remember them. Confusing is rather that I try to memorize all these sequences to look for subtle hints that may not even be there. However, I wouldn't be surprised if later, as out of nowhere, those sequences will provide the solution of an important question. As far as I know you, this will certainly happen, lol. Iím glad that they now know about the Horkruxes, at least that there are some. I'm still curious if Dumbledore knows about Tomís Horcruxes as well. Of course, I guess the answer is yes.

It's not really important, but I'd rather translate "it is a cute trick, ist es nicht?" as "it is a cute trick, nicht wahr?". As far as I know, the translation of all the "xx it?" phrases is "nicht wahr?". It's one of the few things that are easier in German than in English. Well, now that I've let my inner Hermione run free, I feel really good. ;-)

Author's Response:

Ah yes -- always a bit of relief once one's inner Hermione escapes. She doesn't make a quiet captive.

Anyway, thank you very much for straightening out the erroneous Deutsch! The mistake is mine, of course, but I think I will leave it as is, under the assumption that Tremelda has some kind of peculiar Swiss dialect :)

So indeed, the peculiar sequences described in the Room of Requirement exercise and in Tremelda's pseudo-exorcism of Harry are relevant, and do influence the later plot. Of course, one doesn't need to have all details committed in order to go with the flow and enjoy the plot -- it all depends on whether one wishes to be scholarly about it.

Dumbledore clearly knows a little about the Horcruxes (considering H&G gave him one to study), however in this AU he never thinks to interrogate Slughorn, so he doesn't have a chance to grasp the full extent of the problem before... well... before it's too late, shall we say.

Enjoying this re-living of the tale -- it's been long enough since I wrote it that the story actually seems fresh to me. Interesting for me to see how 'simply' I wrote back then. Of course, delivering one 10K chapter nearly every week required a certain efficiency that almost seems foreign to me now.

Reviewer: Gin110881 Signed Date: 2017.08.31 - 04:36AM Title: Quest for Water


Oops, I just noticed that the story covers only four weeks.

Ginny is a real genius. I liked the way she set Harry straight regarding his discussion with Dumbledore behind her back, so calm but determined. It was simply brilliant. I just hope that the two of them will soon get the opportunity "to remind him that your experiences with objects of this sort can be an asset rather than a liability." I'm looking forward to reading this discussion.

I'm quite impressed about the way Ginny comprehends theÖwell, let's say the Fugo-istic way of cognition, it's sometimes beyond my realm of comprehension. I wonder, if that puts me on a level with Ron, you know, regarding the emotional range of a tea spoon...

Yes, the Fugo's. I must admit that their name always sounded a bit strange to me. Don't get me wrong, I'm pretty aware of the reasons you chose that name. It reminds me of Bach. He has written a lot of fugues. Okay, that's another subject, I'm even less skilled in than the mind and soul business, even if Bach was born just around the corner, lol.

I just realized that there are more romantic moments in the story than I remembered, and I like it...

Author's Response:

Yes, 250K words to cover four weeks. Barking, isn't it?

And yes, I think Matt had already made Ginny fairly street-smart, and my extension has been to make it clear that she really understands people. Perhaps this has been growing due to the osmotic accumulations of someone who has discovered an exceptional talent in Legilimency. Not that Ginny goes around reading people's minds (something she's vehemently opposed to), but she probably can't help but pick up empathic impressions. As to Ginny beginning to grasp Fugoistic cognition, I think this is attributable to having taken an interest in them, and having spent a lot of time pondering old records in the library. Beyond that, I cannot tell. Ginny keeps some things secret even from me :)

I honestly cant recall my exact process for choosing the name Fugo, although looking at its Latin root (Fugare -- to 'drive away') I see one plausible self-reinterpretation. I like the fugue analogy too, though, since TPC is kind of an extended exercise in musical theory :)

And finally, romance. Yes, I did indeed intend this story as the romantic culmination of the series. Trix and Seeker Daughter have their moments of tenderness, but TPC is the last real voyage of emotional discovery for the two. It is when a bond of circumstance is broken, only to reveal an ephemeral affinity of spirit.

Reviewer: Gin110881 Signed Date: 2017.08.30 - 05:12AM Title: Visions and Machinations


Ah yes, here was the hint that the unprecedented escape via phoenix fire may have unintentionally blended their magical cores.

Is Dumbledore really worried about Ginny's mental health, or is it simply a divide and conquer tactic? While I doubt the former, and I'm not sure about the latter. I'm curious if Harry will really keep this hidden from Ginny. I'd expected that he'd rise this topic when Ginny told him everything about the RoR events. Obviously, he didn't...

The Weasley moments were great, and the meeting certainly quite useful. I guess that Bill's help will become handy very soon.

Just to close the topic of their physical relationship, I never wanted you to endanger your PG rating, I just wanted to know the current status, no details how it happened. I must admit that I always get a cramp in my eyes, from all the eye-rolling whenever the two of them proclaim to wait until after their marriage, lol.

Oh, I've read The Girl on the Bench last night. Thank you so much for recommending it. With a certain amount of foreboding, caused by a peek into the reviews, it was a real fun of reading. Without that foreboding, and your recommendation, I must admit that I probably would have stopped reading at the end of chapter one or in the middle of chapter 2. Duke Brymin has done a wonderful job spreading red herrings, lol.

Author's Response:

So yes, Dumbledore's intent here was quite possibly to sew some seeds of doubt. As to whether Harry shares this fact with Ginny, it's not really said. It's somewhat unlikely he would actively keep it hidden (especially considering he regarded Ginny as someone who could read him very astutely) but it's quite possible he downplayed it, perhaps to avoid the stress that might otherwise fester. Ginny, after all, dislikes Dumbledore more at this point than Harry ever did. Circumstances place them in the same castle, but you'll notice that Ginny and Dumbledore aren't often in the same room, and that Ginny was less than thrilled to go to the Headmaster's office in this chapter.

And yes, and enforced thawing of Weasley tensions that do indeed, as you surmise, point toward Bill's increased role.

Finally, yes, that's right about where the brilliance of DB's story peaked for me -- a bit past half way through the second chapter. Prior to that, the story really pulled at my heart strings -- the thought of Harry's relationship with his long-time girlfriend fading to melancholy distance... to the point where cheating becomes a real temptation. And I truly never put together the subtle hints. Completely bamboozled!

Thank you for the review, Martin!

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