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Reviewer: Rosina Ferguson Signed Date: 2016.05.29 - 04:51AM Title: The Friendship Stone


A wonderful, unique and joyous little story that perfectly captures the moment and the special relationship between the three. Thank you for a bright spot in my lazy Sunday morning.

Author's Response:

And thank you very much, Rosina, for brightening my Sunday! As an authour, I have a soft spot for this little story although it tends to get overlooked in and amongst the longer pieces.

This was my first experiment with what perhaps I might call 'stream of inevitability' -- a precipitous, semi-dreamlike chain of quasi-causative events leading to a silly and/or moving resolution. When I get it right, such a progression is loads of fun to write.

Anyway, I definitely appreciate the note -- always like to hear from readers, but *especially* from other writers (as I've just now discovered that you are -- sorry, I just discovered fanfic in 2014). I shall have to take a look at 'Book of Ages'!

Reviewer: cai2015525 Anonymous Date: 2015.05.24 - 10:12PM Title: The Friendship Stone


No Review

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Reviewer: potternut190 Signed Date: 2014.05.16 - 10:00PM Title: The Friendship Stone


Very good!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I had a lot of fun writing this; I hope to wend my way back and finish wrestling with the prequel to this. Hopefully life will settle down a little.

Reviewer: Arnel Signed Date: 2014.05.01 - 10:33AM Title: The Friendship Stone


While this story starts out a little confusingly, I understood why it was that way when you presented us with a rather distraught Ginny Weasley, fresh from her break-up with Harry Potter. That she should receive quiet comfort from Luna and Neville is just what she needed and certainly sets the groundwork for what will happen to the three in the coming year: there's nothing like adversity to pull people together. I really liked Luna's story, but I'm still wondering about what springlets are and why they're important enough for Luna to tell Ginny about them. I'm guessing they're either flowers or some sort of magical creature. However, I think the best part of the story is the conclusion in which Ginny resolves to help Harry understand how she found the courage she would need for the coming year while sitting on a friendship stone. He'll look ridiculous with muddy feet! Well done!

Author's Response: A profusion of thanks for your detailed thoughts and kind words, Arnel! So yes, I have to admit that the opening sequence is the literary equivalent to banging one's head on the wall -- it feels so good when you stop :) I don't like to do that to readers, but I think/hope (others please feel free to opine) that it helps to amplify the subsequent detente and epiphany. What are spinglets and why are they so important? There's a $64 question! Perhaps grist for another story but I'm afraid I must leave you dangling for a while. Thanks again!

Reviewer: ebdenis Signed Date: 2014.04.07 - 12:13PM Title: The Friendship Stone


OMG, I love the progression at the end! Luna's story is also a riot. The story is slow to start, have to make your way through the gloom, but I think that helps set up the middle and end.

Author's Response: I think you're probably right about the slow, gloomy start; I wouldn't be surprised if it puts off some readers. But hopefully it feels worth it once you make it to the end.

Reviewer: carolyn jinn Signed Date: 2014.04.06 - 09:52PM Title: The Friendship Stone



This could, really, be the beginning of the true, solid friendship that Ginny, Luna and Neville share. Yes they have been friends for a long time; but this is the real beginning of something more.

Looking forward to the next installment.

Author's Response: You're completely on my wavelength, Carolyn! When I originally imagined the story, I sketched a section at the end where Neville would raise the issue of 'next year at Hogwarts', which would form the basis on which the three of them would make a pact to stick together, revive the DA, and rally student morale. It's a natural extension, but I would need to think of what else I could add to transform that from a simple conversation to a more complete vignette.

Reviewer: HarrynGinnyfan Signed Date: 2014.04.05 - 02:05AM Title: The Friendship Stone


No Review

Reviewer: decdraft Signed Date: 2014.04.04 - 02:08PM Title: The Friendship Stone


That was amazing! I love to think that happened for Ginny. So we'll written. Hope to see the next part soon!

Author's Response: Thank you very much for the kind words, decdraft! Yes, I always found the breakup scene in HBP to be one of the most dissatisfying moments in the Rowling series, and I always hoped (and believed) that Ginny found some comfort that helped her recover with flair and humor.

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