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Reviews For The Tijdvelt Twist

Reviewer: RighT3rantZ Signed Date: 2017.10.09 - 01:08PM Title: The Tijdvelt Twist


Yanno, I read this when it first came out. Not exactly sure why *I* forgot to leave a review. I forget why I forgot.. maybe I was hanging out with Auclair again.

The bit about ley lines, yeah. Phi, Not pi ;). Something there for later workings.

The purple train...makes sense...but only as of fairly recently.

Some of your writing should come with a disclaimer about causing astral projection, lol.

Author's Response:

Ah yes, as analogy to art that causes seizures or migraines? :)

Indeed, Auclair is a bit scattered, even when he's not three sheets to the wind

Anyway, thank you most kindly for the review and thoughts! BTW, Fires of Time has now seven complete chapters, though perhaps I should take a little detour to re-edit the first ~6 and send to alpha.

Reviewer: Gin110881 Signed Date: 2015.04.10 - 07:11PM Title: The Tijdvelt Twist


I run across this story recently. I guess it slipped through my visual filters earlier because of the word "Auror" in the summary. ;-)

The first part have reminded me of the works on the complex analysis, which I read at some point in the last millennium. Although the argumentation was not quite complete in that part, it nearly was in the ‘cold case’.

You've described some interesting future prospects. They were testing a new spell detection technology. It seems to me that the good old wizarding time is gone. At the end there is no need to perform the spells and jinxes by yourself. All you need is to buy device and the appropriate gadget or app that will do the spelling and jinxing work for you. Good for Harry that he got the invitation to that party to meet good old friends to talk about the golden days when Arthur has been studied battery driven stirring devices in his shed, lol.

To cut it short, it was a great pleasure to read your ingenious mind games. And before I forget, Fred was really brilliant. All those who have fought their way through the theoretical part, was for sure lots of fun. I for sure was a lots of fun for all who have fought their way through the theoretical part, hehe.

As you see - a glass of Lagavulin and I'll talkative.

See you around

Author's Response:

Ah! Lagavulin can inspire me to light, cheery commentary too. Laphroig, perhaps, for more deep and brooding contemplation.

Great that you derived from the story that which was intended. Receiving your comments actually prompted me to skim through the story again for the first time in months. It may be the only story I have where I don't regret parts of it; I appreciate your patience with the theoretical part -- even today I don't feel any desire to chop that eccentricity out, because I think it filters the audience down to those nuts who are most likely to appreciate the mind-warping nonlinearities.

Have you ever read Jorge Luis Borges, by the way? If not, then please consider it. Doesn't matter which of his stories -- they're all delightfully insane!

Finally, have you seriously taken complex analysis? Didn't think I'd meet anyone else on this site who has. Ironically, Eventus's claptrap was actually modeled on 'real analysis' rather than complex analysis, but I'm sure either will do!

Reviewer: aimless Signed Date: 2014.07.24 - 08:03AM Title: The Tijdvelt Twist


Brilliant! And some things we may never know, indeed. I think if you tried to exlain everything right in this story, it would loose it charm. Some things left unsaid - for the best.

"Do you want to know what horrific shame I would have carried for all eternity if I had managed to stagger alive down to the Great Hall shortly before sunrise that morning?!" - YES! I would like to know, but... But I love the way the story is. The story is simply harmonious even if confusing for some readers here.

Completely agree with Arnel's review, I love the characterization you've made.

Author's Response: Great -- thank you for the review Aimless!

It was certainly my original intention to cultivate a mind-set, mood, and final outcome, without ever fully revealing on how things got to that point. I was very intrigued to see how readers would respond to the high degree of incompleteness of disclosure, and among reviews the preference was nearly unanimous for retaining the emotive ambiguity.

It was an immensely fun experiment to have made.

Reviewer: SYLVELLE Signed Date: 2014.07.17 - 10:32PM Title: The Tijdvelt Twist

Just read this again. Great story.

Author's Response: Thanks Tricia -- great to hear that you enjoyed it! It's a completely different style and tenor than Prevailing Counterpoint, so it's very gratifying to know that both have worked for you!

Reviewer: demonesprit Signed Date: 2014.07.15 - 12:01PM Title: The Tijdvelt Twist


I really enjoyed your story -- you created a unique approach to the subject; very fresh and different.

However ... I think there's a hole in Fred's horror over the Time-Turner use in Year 3. It wasn't just Sirius and the Hippogriff (whose name, sadly, escapes my non-functioning brain cells at the moment) but Harry himself who was saved. If he hadn't gone back, knowing he could do the Patronus charm, Harry would have been "got" by the dementors too, as I recall ...

Author's Response: You're absolutely right! I'll get that changed in the next couple of days. It will require making one statement a bit strident, but that's fine -- it's not meant to be a strident story :) Thank you very much demonesprit!

Reviewer: annep Signed Date: 2014.07.06 - 05:57PM Title: The Tijdvelt Twist


Very refreshing to see something so creative and different on this site. Well done, thank you.

Author's Response: You're most welcome and thank you very much for your thoughtful comments Anne! The inspiration for the story was my initial reaction to the description of the challenge: my every instinct told me that, for better or for worse, Harry himself should *not* rewrite history, so I rather ended up subverting the challenge pretext quite a bit :)

Reviewer: ProfessorBinns79 Signed Date: 2014.06.01 - 04:09AM Title: The Tijdvelt Twist


Just wanted to add a review to say that I voted for you in the challenge and feel like you were robbed! I mean "Most Creative?" This story is unlike any story I've read in fan fiction. Everything from your characterization of Fred to the way the mystery unfolds to how you tie in to Northumbrian's beautiful epilogue to his universe just works so well!

Anyway, thanks for the story and good luck next time!

Author's Response: Thank you so very much for the vote and kind thoughts!

This story was really quite fiendish to write -- it took me about seven major revisions to start to capture the atmosphere I was looking for, plus a fair bit tweaking thereafter. But all the effort was completely worthwhile, obviously not because of my performance (or lack thereof in the challenge) in the challenge, but rather because of the exceptionally favorable reviews such as yours!

Reviewer: Arnel Signed Date: 2014.05.23 - 12:48AM Title: The Tijdvelt Twist


I can truthfully say that the beginning of this story reminded me of some of the very dry textbooks I had to read thirty years ago in college! However, once I was past the academic explanations, the story intrigued me. I found myself wondering, while Harry was wandering down memory lane, when the Time-Turner would surface; by systematically referring to it as "the weapon," you cleverly snuck it in rather early in the narrative and us unsuspecting readers blithely passed over it, thinking quite different ideas about the weapon's identity, even with the clue Harry reveals when talking to Fred.

I think the best parts of this story, other than the ingenious plot twist, were Harry's conversations with first Teddy and then Fred. In both, you capture the person I've always thought Harry grew up to be: the brilliant, conscientious Auror; the loving husband; and generous soul who could not disappoint the children leaving for Hogwarts for seventy-eight years. Further, I love how you've so generously portrayed Teddy as someone who unfailingly accepted another generation's orphan into his family. I think that Harry influenced Teddy in more ways than one thinks.

All in all, a terrific story. Well done.

Author's Response: Many thanks for the kind words and thoughts Arnel!
There are times when an author is delighted to discover a minor character who suddenly refuses to be minor. Such was the case here with Teddy and, to some extent with Andora. They may have some additional stories to tell me at some point.
Speaking of "at some point", I am making a resolution that I will someday draft a story that allows the reader to slide effortlessly into the text (like you do :) rather than making them charge up the literary equivalent of San Juan Hill before getting into the flow of things.
Thanks again!

Reviewer: NoTagBacks Signed Date: 2014.05.21 - 01:31AM Title: The Tijdvelt Twist



Even though I was confused by the sequence of events, and see a huge number of unresolved plot points, I still loved this story. I generally hate puzzles I can't solve, and abhor writers who are stingy with clues, but that didn't happen after reading this. Instead of being annoyed that I don't know the whole story, I'm instead intrigued enough that I want to keep thinking about it, and to keep flipping back to earlier portions to see if there are clues I missed, And rather than being angry, I'm instead accepting of the near certainty that I'll probably never be able to figure it all out.

So, in summary, I should hate it, but unexpectedly I love it. And I can't figure out how you did that either.

Author's Response: I absolutely cannot ask for a better review than that -- thanks NoTagBacks! How did I do it? Long distance imperius curse, obviously ;) Anyway, after reading potternut190's review a few days I went off and let my thoughts wander as I washed the supper dishes. From this 'detergent therapy' I can now assure readers that at least 'I' know what happened in that strange instant after the wall came down, and might be prepared to capture it in a second story. What I would wonder, though, is whether it would spoil things for all you imaginative readers to know the 'truth'? Here's what I propose: I already have one version of what happened, and might try to write it unless there's a vigorous protest to the contrary; if any other readers have your own opinions of what happened, feel free to send them to me (private note please -- don't want to spoil it for the others). If any of these alternate explanations seem plausible and/or fun, then I may embellish them (with all due attribution) and bind them together into a series of shorts (possibly title = 'When the Wall Came Down'). Alternately, if anyone wants to write and publish their own version, that would be perfectly super!

Reviewer: pleurocoelus Signed Date: 2014.05.18 - 09:19AM Title: The Tijdvelt Twist

Looks like Millie took the Tau Train. Good job.

Author's Response: You bet! Thanks for the review, my early cretaceous friend!

Reviewer: potternut190 Signed Date: 2014.05.18 - 12:28AM Title: The Tijdvelt Twist


Wicked! But that begs the question, what/who killed 2028's Millicent Bulstrode in 1998?

Author's Response: Thanks! That question, and several corollaries, certainly are begged, aren't they? I had intended this to be a one-shot, but perhaps some intrepid mind will find some way to learn the unknowable. Please stay tuned -- wheels are slowly turning...

Reviewer: lunagranger Signed Date: 2014.05.17 - 04:20PM Title: The Tijdvelt Twist


This is a wonderful story. Very imaginative.

Author's Response: Thank you very much LG -- great to hear that enjoyed it!

Reviewer: ILoveHarryAndGinny Signed Date: 2014.05.17 - 05:10AM Title: The Tijdvelt Twist


Wow. That was really good and very well written and thought through! I absolutely loved it, I think that this is the best entry to the competition.

Author's Response: Thanks!! I'm deeply honored by your comments! As far as the competition is concerned, I've already said elsewhere that I was completely taken with Arnel's story, but I will certainly not argue too vigorously with your exceptionally kind opinion :)

Reviewer: Mistress of Potions Signed Date: 2014.05.16 - 02:00PM Title: The Tijdvelt Twist


Outstanding. Stories like this make me wish I could write as well.

Author's Response: Wow, I'm humbled by the review, Mistress of Potions -- thank you! Of course you can write! If you made it through this story without cursing too much, then you clearly have the resilience and perseverance necessary for writing. Why not try it and find out?

Reviewer: mdauben Signed Date: 2014.05.15 - 11:16AM Title: The Tijdvelt Twist


A very interesting and unique way to use the time-turner in your story. It was at turns funny, sad and facinating to watch Harry and Fred work through what happened.

Author's Response: Thanks mdauben! Always great to hear it when someone enjoys a story!

Reviewer: ebdenis Signed Date: 2014.05.14 - 05:22PM Title: The Tijdvelt Twist


Nutty and inspired!

That may be the first and last time I use those two words in the same sentence of the same review ;]

You sort of implied in the opening statements that you'd leave this jumbled and incompletely resolved -- kudos for sticking to it! Time tweaking is a nutty ambiguous business, so it seems perfectly logical that it should produce nutty, ambiguous results.

What makes it all work is excellent writing: interesting characters, compelling imagery and lively dialogue. Well done!

Author's Response: Thank you very much ebdenis! Always great to hear from you -- truly appreciate that you tolerated my nutty ambiguity!

Reviewer: SYLVELLE Signed Date: 2014.05.14 - 02:53PM Title: The Tijdvelt Twist


Stunning. Wow that was pretty cool. Good to know our couple leave together.. Like Centuries.. Love Neil' stories.. Thanks for the story.

Author's Response: Thanks Tricia, and you're certain welcome! While I can only dream that some day I'll write half as well as Neil, I can at least guarantee you that no matter how bizarre a HP story I write, Harry will always leave with Ginny :)

Reviewer: dannbard Signed Date: 2014.05.14 - 02:07PM Title: The Tijdvelt Twist


"Is the author completely out of his mind?"

Yeah, either that or you've been reading too much Kafka!

Anyway, I'm probably out of my mind too, because I loved getting all confused. Fred is great, and it was fun meeting some of the next next generation.

Author's Response: Thanks dannbard! It so warms my heart to know that I'm not the only one who's at least somewhat incorrigible ;)

Reviewer: freshwater Signed Date: 2014.05.14 - 01:59PM Title: The Tijdvelt Twist

"Sorry mate — I'm in way over my head on this one — I'd better shut up before I get too confused and accidentally invent some new religion."

Best description of how we all felt about the time-turner in PoA!

Author's Response: I've always been a firm believer that the twins spoke more fundamental truths than any other Rowling character :)

Reviewer: freshwater Signed Date: 2014.05.14 - 01:56PM Title: The Tijdvelt Twist


Complex, intriguing, sophisticated magic in an AU setting, and Fred Weasley.....brilliant! I rarely give ANY story a score higher than 8. This is a fresh, unique and masterful piece of writing. So very, very well done! Am now off to look for more fics by you....

Author's Response: Thank you so very much for the kind review! This is obviously a very experimental, nonlinear piece and I wasn't sure how it would fly, but as long as a few readers liked it then it was well worth the time!

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