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Reviewer: Gin110881 Signed Date: 2015.04.01 - 03:09PM Title: Slipping Away

Many thanks for your quick response.
The " at least it is when we actually see each other" in the conversation between Harry and Daphne is reflected in my " mostly go their own way". OK, maybe you meant it in a more positive sense than I. I think we had that discussion before ;-)
But with your third note you made a point, I didn't see. And to tell the truth, it brightened my mood considerably. This particular significance of the year 2004, I had not noticed.

See you around

Author's Response:

Ah yes -- no question that much of the conversation with Daphne is a downer, but I was thinking of him also alluding there to Ginny's possible retirement. In my mind, there is one more possible 'drama' story after Seeker Daughter (the last hurrah of Ginny's Quidditch career), followed thereafter by a quieter life, less controversial family life. I wonder if the latter holds much story-telling for me? It is ground that is already so well trodden by writers like Northumbrian...

Thank you, as always, for keeping me honest, and very glad you're pleased by the poignant little twist of timing!

Reviewer: Gin110881 Signed Date: 2015.04.01 - 10:29AM Title: Slipping Away


Teri really seems to have an interesting history. Apparently, I need to find the time to read Trix soon.
I'm a bit uneasy about Ginny and Harry. They remind me a bit of celebrities who live for public appearances and otherwise mostly go their own way. I really hope that they have luck with their plans for the future. The small private moment at the end could be a good sign.

Author's Response:

You're completely right on all of the above! Regarding the obvious imperfections in the Potters' celebrity marriage, I would also point a) to a side note in the conversation that Harry has with Daphne in the first chapter as a promising sign, b the apparent dissatisfaction Ginny is starting to have with Quidditch, especially when her good-heartedness and strong moral-fibre start to impinge on competitive instincts, and finally c) to the significance of the year 2005 in canon. Specifically, if James Sirius is entering second year of Hogwarts in 2017, then that means...?

Thank you for reading and reviewing, Martin!

Reviewer: annep Signed Date: 2015.01.20 - 09:03PM Title: Slipping Away


Really enjoyed your story and the multi-dimensional characters. Congratulations on the well-deserved awards.

I noticed a couple sentences in Harry's flashback of seeker strategy instruction (chapter 3), where you wrote chaser instead of seeker:
"You edge up at an angle and wait 'til you're right between the snitch and the other chaser, then you go for it!"
"I believe that if you always see the snitch before the other chaser, it means that you're more observant; you're better at mapping out patterns and deciphering motion."

Author's Response: Wow -- great catch, thank you AnneP! Glitches have been corrected!

Reviewer: Aragorn Signed Date: 2014.12.23 - 02:02AM Title: Slipping Away


Fun story!


Author's Response: Very gratified to know that the story worked for you and that you came away with what I intended. Specifically, I wanted this to be "fun". It's not fluff, but it's also not not particularly angst-ridden. It's not comedy, but I hoped to impart a few smiles on the way. Anyway, thank you for reading, Aragorn!

Reviewer: Aragorn Signed Date: 2014.12.23 - 01:39AM Title: It's Nott Over Yet!


Intriguing. Wonder where you're going to take us?

Author's Response: Glad you're enjoying it! Because I knew I would be posting on a fairly regular basis, I sprinkled mini-cliffhangers into the story (of the curious, rather than intense variety).

Reviewer: Arnel Signed Date: 2014.12.02 - 07:49AM Title: Slipping Away


While I was confused as to how this story fit in with canon, your Quidditch action was very nicely done. Also, my curiosity as to the origins of this universe were peaked by your story, I've gone in search of and am currently reading Fake-a-Smile's original stories and will eventually get to your continuance of his universe...which will hopefully make the setting of this story make sense to this particular reader. Congratulations on winning the Best Overall Award in the Quidditch Challenge.

Author's Response:

Ah yes -- I'm afraid it simply never occurred to me to add the AU tag to the story. My apologies to you and any other readers who may have been puzzled by that! Anyway, I would certainly encourage you to read through Matt's work as it is fine story-telling. The most important things that you'll derive from reading through this alternate universe are an understanding of how Harry and Ginny established a more congenial relationship with most of the less-hostile Slytherins, as well as the original back-story for Jonathon and Clara. Beyond that, you will still be missing some context (because the context hasn't been written yet), but I was hoping the story could fly as a largely-self-contained character drama, floating a bit peripherally to the overall history.

Anyway, my sincere gratitude for reading, thinking, and providing your thoughts! I have read your story as well and do intend to re-read and comment soon, but things got unexpectedly busy and exciting on my end.

Reviewer: pickledtoad Signed Date: 2014.12.01 - 10:17PM Title: Slipping Away


Really enjoyed this story, thank you! Am looking forward to delving into your other work when I get a chance as your writing is very rich and I enjoy your new characters. The resolution was great (although I'm still very confused about Teri's parentage but I figure I'm supposed to be!). Teri won something more valuable than she would have catching the snitch and winning the game, and I like that Clara gained some wisdom from the experience too.

I wasn't quite so keen on the Appendix, but I figure this might tie in with your other stories. Also when you have Harry saying 'gee' I find myself reading his dialogue in an American accent and he stops sounding like Harry to me.

All up, very well done and I'm glad I read your story.

Author's Response:

Yes, that is all too true -- Teri's parentage remains obscured. The prequel to this will spell out the identity of Teri's mother in a fairly definitive way (although this fact will remain a secret known only to a small number of characters). The truth about her father will remain ambiguous, although it will effectively narrow down to a choice of three and then ultimately two people. And yes, one of those possible fathers is (despite all of the practical impossibilities) Harry.

Ah yes -- I needed a vacuous verbal tic of some sort to insert there. Would hate to erode Harry's voice like that, so I've replaced the 'gee'. Thank you very much for the suggestion!

The appendix, like many epilogues, is completely dispensable. This one is a bit like the out-takes or whimsical chatter than sometimes occupies a movie audio while the credits are rolling; if you want to hang onto the immersive experience for another couple of minutes, then it's there, but if you're like me and have already risen to stretch your legs and clear away the popcorn bowls, then it's imminently skippable :) Anyway, on one hand I have a little authorial fondness for the sequence, but would have chopped it out entirely if my edits in the main story had gotten me any closer to 20,000 words.

Anyway, I'm so very glad that you took the time to read through so carefully, to share your thoughts and keep me productively and happily on my toes!

Reviewer: pickledtoad Signed Date: 2014.12.01 - 09:12PM Title: It's Nott Over Yet!


Very exciting chapter - really enjoyed the Quidditch commentators byplay which brought the game to life. Normally I sort of skim through quidditch match descriptions but this hooked me - well done.

Author's Response:

Wonderful -- I'm very gratified to hear that you enjoyed those! You very likely already picked up on this, but the story is obviously not a sports story, but rather a character drama. The commentators ultimately served a very useful role for me in giving an external perspective for establishing context and motivation for the characters... as well as the occasional comic relief.

Reviewer: pickledtoad Signed Date: 2014.12.01 - 06:55PM Title: Hide and Seek


Well, I'm more confused but also definitely intrigued and very much enjoying the ride - well done.

Author's Response:

Ah good -- I must have honed my aforementioned 'third-person befuddled' framework quite well then. Thanks again for reading and opining!

Reviewer: pickledtoad Signed Date: 2014.12.01 - 06:13PM Title: The Winner's Compromise


Well, this looks like it will be fun! I haven't read any of your other work so hope I don't get lost, but enjoying it so far.

Author's Response:

Hey -- great to have you aboard, Teresa!

So, I can promise you this -- regardless of whether or not you have sampled any of my other pieces, as a reader of one of my stories you are bound to get a little muddled. A lot of authors write in the third-person omniscient, and most of the rest write in first-person semi-omniscient, but I generally write in the third-person befuddled :)

Anyway, other than the fact that Harry and Ginny have Slytherin frenemies, and are idolized by a pair of Muggle-born quidditch players (Jonathon and Clara), most of the backstory to this one hasn't been written yet, so you are at no real disadvantage even as a newcomer. Either way, I hope you enjoy!

Reviewer: gracepark Signed Date: 2014.11.17 - 10:34AM Title: The Winner's Compromise


Reading through this a second time. I wonder what bad thing is was that made Harry quit Quidditch? When will we find out?

Author's Response:

The story that I'm just starting to work on now, Trix, will deal with that. There will actually be a fair bit of Quidditch in that one, a fair bit of which will be comic relief, but the primary theme is an action drama.

Thanks for taking an interest!

Reviewer: lunagranger Signed Date: 2014.11.16 - 04:43PM Title: Slipping Away


It1s a great pleasure to read you stories and observe how meticulous you are. Teri is a very endearing character and her relationship with Harry is fantastic.

Author's Response:

Thanks LunaGranger! It's always a great boost to the day to get a review from you :)

Needless to say I too am very fond of the Teri character. I think she has element of the 'super seven' type character in her, but she has strengths and weaknesses of an intensity that supersedes anything that I attempted in their characterization. In a sense, as I intend to write in Trix, she has some of the same sort of 'child of fate' circumstances to deal with that Harry had before he fulfilled the prophesy. Trix will not be an easy book for her, so Seeker Daughter is a well-deserved, post-facto compensation for her.

Anyway, great to hear that you enjoyed the story -- thanks once again for reading!

Reviewer: sdourse Signed Date: 2014.11.14 - 05:58PM Title: Slipping Away


Great way to wrap up a very novel and heart-warming story! Yes, there really were multiple ways of winning (thanks Dad)!

Cute how Anna, Ginny and Daphne were all pushing the pieces around to bring them together again -- one wonders if they planned it that way, or it was just a case of 'great minds think alike'?

Oh, and I'm very glad you didn't back down with the rogue reviewer yesterday. This site is really overburdened with the same tired plot variants and same recycled supporting characters over and over, it's a real treat to find those rare stories like this one that let Harry and Ginny finally interact with some new people who have unique and lively personalities! Always sad to see people wanting to suppress creativity and spoil things for us readers.

Author's Response:

Hi sdourse -- thank you for the kind thoughts about the story. Personally I think the girls were operating independently but with some cognizance of each other, but I'm officially leaving it as one of life's mysteries.

Regarding your last point, I think we can all take a cleansing breath and smile, right? I hardly think that I was standing up to anyone, and I doubt anything really needed to be stood up to. And as far as the bit about preserving creativity, don't forget that we word-hacks are a stiff-necked lot, right? Anyway, the review served a purpose in giving me a good excuse to expound and orate.

Any comment from anybody who makes a good faith effort to read my stuff will be dignified with a response. Communication is a good thing.

Reviewer: gracepark Signed Date: 2014.11.14 - 12:21PM Title: Slipping Away


Way cool! I actually play quidditch at my uni, but the way these guys play in your story sounds like so much more fun. Hey - you try running all over the place carrying a broom between your legs.

Love the color commentary, by the way. Wish you did more of that and the play-by-play, but maybe you had a word count limit or something?

Author's Response:

Aha -- I real-life Quidditch nut! I had heard rumours of the existence of such creatures and even seen a book on official rules for collegiate Quidditch, but I don't think I've ever before conversed with someone who's actually tried it!

Great to hear that you enjoyed the story! An yes, there was a soft-limit of 20K words on challenge entries -- something that I came quite close to abusing. There wasn't really a huge amount more to say, but I will have more live action to report later on in Trix if I can ever get around to writing it.

Thanks for reading and for reviewing!

Reviewer: LysCsuri Signed Date: 2014.11.14 - 07:06AM Title: Slipping Away


OMG! I'm so glad I read this -- such a sweet story! More!

Author's Response:

First of all, thank you!!

Secondly -- eeps! I am just beginning a new piece in which 'sweetness' is a bit deficient. Hope you can bear with me!

Of course if you or any of my other idea-engines had any thoughts for a shorter, sweeter, followup I would certainly consider them.

Reviewer: potterfan2008 Signed Date: 2014.11.13 - 06:50AM Title: It's Nott Over Yet!

He's letting her play with a concussion? I don't particularly like Teri and I wouldn't let her play with a concussion. That just seems a bit much for a school match.

Author's Response: Letting her play with a (putatively cured) concussion is peanuts compared to the irresponsibility manifest in some of JKR's Quidditch matches. Anyway, thank you for your well-considered and balanced reviews!

Reviewer: potterfan2008 Signed Date: 2014.11.13 - 06:32AM Title: Slipping Away

It was definitely a Quidditch story. I don't know any of the characters so it was hard to get into the story. I really did not like the Teri character at all and Harry and Ginny seem completely incidental so I'm not at all sure how to judge to story.

Author's Response: Always know I can count on you for illumination and careful consideration -- thanks Sharon! And perhaps you aren't sure how to judge the story, but I know exactly what to expect from your verdict.

Author's Response:

Actually this, like so many of the comments I've received, does raise a good soap-box moment. The kids introduced in this story (and painted in finer strokes in Trix) are not angels. Just like many of the children I deal with regularly in various youth programs, they have had rather tenuous relationships with adults -- they frequently act or emote in ways that annoy adults, and many adults just instinctively dislike them. Period.

In dealing with troublesome kids (many of those I interact with are in decidedly disadvantaged situations, and a fair number are somewhere on the Aspergers/Autism spectrum) I have always derived great satisfaction from shifting the goal posts (pardon the pun), never letting myself dislike any of them, never admitting labels like 'brat' or 'slow', and instead just spending a lot of time listening and interacting as equals. There are few experiences more rewarding than gradually polishing away the harder edges to where kids are listening raptly, starting to show each other kindness and respect, and so forth.

From the first time I ever read the Welcoming Feast scene in Order of the Phoenix, I was touched by the image of Harry gazing fondly at the incoming first years. Based on that and on his skilled parenting in the final Epilogue, I decided that any Harry character I wrote would be patient with difficult children, and that among his various wholesome attributes, this was the one that I felt the most affinity to. JKR never gave Ginny much exposure to kids, but I nonetheless have felt her to be imminently capable to the same sort of perception and empathetic reflection that she undertakes in Chapter 2. In any case, the fan-fics that I've most enjoyed have been some of the Northumbrian and Duke Brymin pieces that deal realistically and patiently with children. Similarly, there was no chapter or story that I've ever posted on this site that I found more cathartic to write than 'Puff the Magic Dragon' (TPC chapter 6).

Anyway, I have no problem with readers who just instinctively decide to dislike any of my abrasive characters, since there are many perfectly respectable adults who respond exactly that way to real-world situations. Regardless, I will almost certainly persist with illustrating challenging personalities and incremental redemption both in my fictional characterizations and in my day-to-day volunteerism.

Reviewer: dannbard Signed Date: 2014.11.12 - 09:11PM Title: Slipping Away


Touching and funny. Your characters are so nuanced and human - makes them very endearing in each their own very imperfect way! Thanks for writing!

Author's Response: Thanks Dann -- I definitely appreciate the kind words!

Reviewer: aimless Signed Date: 2014.11.12 - 06:39PM Title: Slipping Away


I'm not sure 13,5 meters is enough for all the thinking Teri did, but nevertheless it was a fun reading ).

Author's Response:

Heh. You got me curious, so I quantified it: in truth she fell less than one meter over the course of 889 words ;)

You might chalk it up to literary license or perhaps, charitably, to the general consensus that every near-death experience is different (my own, a near-drowning as a four-year-old, was much less inspiring or heroic -- I seem to recall a few seconds of raw panic, followed surprisingly quickly by an 'oh, what the heck' ambivalence)

Anyway, it's wonderful to hear that you enjoyed the story! Thank you (once again) for reading and for making me think!

Reviewer: skiutahnum1 Signed Date: 2014.11.11 - 08:33PM Title: Slipping Away

Leave it to Harry to save the day and not take any of the credit...but the girl dose have it right by figuring out what the heck is going on even if it's far fetched....kutgw

Author's Response: Exactly -- she may be a bit awkward, but she's a sharp lass and keeps Harry honest. Thanks for reading and reviewing Fred!

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