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Reviewer: Aragorn Signed Date: 2017.03.12 - 03:19AM Title: Strange Operations


How did this story become "Complete"? Know that you were seeming a bit discouraged after the last chapter...but were clearly intending to finish it.

Is that no longer true? Don't have any judgment around that. Believe it's a good story and warrants more attention than it's been getting. But, if it's lost its juice for you, that is understandable.

Have never checked if you are on or not. Are you?

Thank you...

Author's Response:

Oh? I have no idea how the story got marked complete, but it's fixed now.

As far as whether I still intend to complete it, the answer is yes. Late in the fall, through around New Years I got semi-serious about working on it and did a fair bit of editing, but then I got hit with an odd whimsy that prompted me to instead write music. Three halfway decent piano pieces later I think that compulsion has temporarily run its course, so perhaps I'll once again devote my evenings to writing.

I indeed am not on Back when SIYE validation queues were clogging, I began posting things on my own site, but that's not been a problem for quite a while, so from a fictional perspective, I am an SIYE-exclusive writer. Or at least I have been.

Anyway, thank you for the note!

Reviewer: TomBombadil Signed Date: 2016.07.26 - 02:57AM Title: Eyes


Fascinating that you are picking up on Teri's story that was so less than subtlety planted by Fake-a-smile (Matt) in TC! Excellent move! And I just knew 'Bella wouldn't be hanging around such a sensitive location out of sheer coincidence. Oh, I just re-read TPC for the third or fourth time! Congratulations on an outstanding job! It surpassed a modest effort by a wide, wide margin! You have given me high hopes for this story!!!

Author's Response:

Kind words, indeed. Thank you Ed!

Great to hear that you enjoyed TPC; this story is definitely intended as a natural progression of the trends that had developed in Taking Control. There is a bit of a change of pace (somewhat articulated in this first chapter) arising from the fact that with Voldemort's death (and the corresponding loss of urgent motivation) Harry is somewhat adrift. The urgency, however, begins rebuilding; it takes a while because the enemy is maddeningly slow and deliberate, but my current point of writing (midway through chapter 15) is where it's about to begin spiraling again. Hope you enjoy it!

That all said, I need to get back on the horse again. Lots of distractions, but hopefully I'll find some 'me'-time soon to get back to it.

Thanks again!

Reviewer: lunagranger Signed Date: 2016.07.10 - 12:40PM Title: Strange Operations


I've been a bad girl and haven't reviewed. Actually now I only read this side on the tablet and it is really difficult to write in English.on it. You write really well and the chapter is good, butthe story is dragging a bit.

Author's Response:

Yes, I suppose it may be dragging. Unlike my other recent stories, this one involves cautious 'feeling around' on the part of the antagonist, while H&G still don't know enough about the threat to know *how* to charge in and make things happen more precipitously. That's all in the design of a gradually building drama, but the result is a somewhat prolonged dance of tease and discovery which may well come across as dull. There is also the bit about having two plots in one.

Anyway, the project as a whole has always baffled me a bit -- the story has gotten a surprising amount of recognition, but the reviews are sparser than my other stories and (except for a couple of refreshing exceptions) tend to be more tepid. The people who requested the story in the first place seem to have have long since abandoned it. As a result, it's easy to put it aside when other things come up, as is again the case (I wrote part of chapter 15, but am temporarily sidetracked by a few non-HP projects, plus one other HP story).

On the flip side, though, I do have a clear plan for the rest of the story (including a spiral-out-of-control path to the climax), and when I occasionally go back to reread the story, I generally find it to be a fun read.

So ultimately,I will finish the story, but it will probably be on the back burner for a while again until the enthusiasm deficit subsides.

Reviewer: aimless Signed Date: 2016.06.23 - 05:09PM Title: Strange Operations


I have to ask, who is Hyperia and Anders?

Author's Response:

Imagine if the Wizarding World had the kind of fan-fic phenomena that ours does? Hyperia and Anders would be the Ginny and Harry of that world -- the fictitious stars of romance and adventure of varying degrees of sensuality and/or cheesiness.

Thank you for the review, Aimless, and thanks for the recent PM discussion on aspects of other recent chapters.

Reviewer: RighT3rantZ Signed Date: 2016.06.23 - 04:35PM Title: Strange Operations


You are moving right along with your Trix GHL. I believe the '98 Circus vs Portugal match had Emilio Estevez in attendance. There is probably something to that, so ya, indeed. I get it, and better late than never.

Some of these reporters, like Kikis....I would say at least one of the squad was prepared if not pleasantly surprised with that line of, uh.... questions(let's go with that)

I am looking forward to Haiti, I will review some some more upon this chapter after you have replied to this review. I might have something to say about the challenge issue as well.

Author's Response:

Ah, I hadn't realised that Esteves wasn't a Muggle. There should be good celebrity seating for him, fortunately, as the match will be at Wiltshire Downs.

Yes, it was inevitable that the press coverage should not always be so glowing. I think the twins could have handled the question fairly scathingly too, but there are times when a captain's responsibility is manifest.

Great -- if you had more opinions to render, that would be superb. Thank you for following along!

Reviewer: skiutahnum1 Signed Date: 2016.06.22 - 04:51AM Title: Strange Operations

Well getting new people in to the safe house is never easy but sometimes you can figure out what all is going on with the other side with them....kutgw

Author's Response:

Too true. I think the message is that it is not always one's friends who can be seen to have hardships. Enemies, too, have their fears and privations. I often think back to Slughorn's inspirational speech about Death Eaters not being a fearsome force, but rather the thugs and wretches on the fringes of society. True, perhaps, but how did they get that way? I prefer to believe that although a few people are innately and irredeemably evil, the vast majority are not.

Thanks for the review, Fred!

Reviewer: Dad Signed Date: 2016.06.21 - 02:28PM Title: Strange Operations


A pleasure to read.

Author's Response: Thanks Dad! Compared to my other stories, this one has always been inherently easy to write, and I think that translates into a favourable reading experience. The prose may not be artful; the images not so vibrant, but I think the characters speak easily, and the action flows. Anyway, glad you're enjoying it!

Reviewer: MollyandArthur Signed Date: 2016.06.21 - 08:57AM Title: Strange Operations


Another very interesting chapter and a great way to start my day. I am quite curious about Mrs. Crabbe and Amelie, and how they will fit in with everyone at the safe house. Harry should certainly be concerned about the possibility of unknown deaths and disappearances among the old death eater crowd. There may well be widows and young orphans who have been too frightened to request assistance, but who could appear at any time. The game in Haiti should definitely be something. Haitians take their magic seriously, and most of it can be rather dark. They would do well to be prepared for anything because they are likely to see and experience a lot.

Author's Response:

Ah -- much truth in this review. Thank you MollyandArthur!

Indeed, there is definitely discomfort within the dark community. Among the dirty 'trix' playing out right now, only a fraction are affecting the targets one might normally associate with a revenge scenario. So why the peculiar fratricide? That may be the biggest mystery right now.

Haiti! That will definitely be the next adventure, and (though I haven't written much yet) may well span multiple chapters. And yes, a lot of that excursion will not be about Quidditch.

Anyway, sincere appreciation for the astute thoughts and kind words!

Reviewer: sdourse Signed Date: 2016.06.09 - 12:55PM Title: Elders' Insights


Fun story! This one has been going for a while. How long do you plan for it to be?

Author's Response:

That's an awfully good question. I want to guess that the story is roughly half over; there is a lot of *action* yet to play out, so I'm unlikely to rush the narrative. That said, though, I would hope that the second half doesn't take as much real time to release as the first half did.

Anyway, thank you for reading and reviewing!

Reviewer: dannbard Signed Date: 2016.06.08 - 08:37AM Title: Elders' Insights


Interesting contrast between this story and Splinters. You don't have many of those breathtaking passages in this one, but everything is smooth, easy to read. Is Trix basically pulp? If so, it's good pulp. Lot's of fun.

I liked that Teri got on so well with Bill. You haven't used Bill much since the end of Counterpoint, but he's a good complementary character.

Anyway, a fine chapter. More soon?

Author's Response:

Is this pulp? Sure, I guess so. It's clearly easier to write (and edit!) than Splinters or Biscuits were, since they forever hinged on colourful imagery, whereas this is earthy black and white class fiction.

Yes, it's true that the secondary/tertiary Weasleys play less of a role in this than in The Prevailing Counterpoint. Bill was almost as prominent in the earlier story as the twins were. Will he regain such prominence in this one? I'm not sure yet -- I'll have to see as I improvise my way through this.

Thank you very much for your latest thoughtful comments, Dann!

Reviewer: Aragorn Signed Date: 2016.06.07 - 11:39PM Title: Elders' Insights


Am presuming that Lamont is referring to Ginny....but the possibility of it being Bellatrix (in some weird synchronicity) also seems real.

...or it could refer to both, consciously or unconsciously. Unlikely but interesting contemplation nevertheless.

Author's Response:

Of course, to presume Lamont is referring to Ginny is the reasonable default. If this were Splinters, you would be perfectly apt in suspecting that I might be conflating multiple subplots, or establishing weird synchronicity, but Trix derives its weirdness fro other sources, and is actually a rather linear story-line, with normal (largely parallel) threads.

All that said, however, I believe your thought process is well attuned. This story is ultimately about Harry figuring out who he is, post-Voldemort. In that sense, he needs to figure out whether he 'wants' Quidditch enough to make it a lifelong goal, and he needs to figure out whether he's focused and dedicated enough to the concept of peace and light to defeat the elements of chaos and darkness such as Lestrange.

So a very useful, thought-provoking review. Thanks Gene!

Reviewer: skiutahnum1 Signed Date: 2016.06.07 - 08:28PM Title: Elders' Insights

Well at lease they are working on why trix is having the issues and maybe startred to figure out where to go in her defence...and lamont is right ginny wants it more....kutgw

Author's Response:

Which witch tricks Trix? ;)

I believe by the context of your note, you're referring to Teri, as opposed to the diminutive 'trix' which may be short for Bellatrix. Or perhaps it's not, and the authour is only toying with you. In any case, if you made a slight slip then it's all my fault anyway since I've been taking so long to update.

So, to properly reply to you, yes Harry & co. do make the occasional progress on practical protection for Teri who is in a fairly constant state of endangerment. It remains a race, though, since the secretive plots in the background remain ambiguous and forever shifting.

Oh, and there will be a bit more light shed on Lamont's statements in the next chapter (drafting of which is in the early stages).

Thanks for reading and reviewing, Fred!

Reviewer: MollyandArthur Signed Date: 2016.06.07 - 06:51AM Title: Elders' Insights


Well, I am definitely rather fond of Lamont. He is also quite correct I believe in stating that Ginny wants it more than Harry. Great surprise birthday for Ron in the Slytherin common room. Bill's examination of what is happening with Teri is unfortunate, but not surprising. Harry and the others still have to find a solution and catch the perpetrators as soon as possible.

Author's Response:

Indeed, for all Harry is exceptionally mature (and arguably even wise) for his age, there are other wise perspectives out there and Harry tends to attract them. Glad you liked Lamont -- he might come across to some as 'unsettling', but perhaps that's a normal impression to form of people who have a somewhat different way of looking at the world.

Yes, your assessment of Harry's and Ginny's different priority ranks is correct and is at least approximately faithful to canon. Harry was, early in the story, confronted with Zabini's perspective that he (Harry) was a shoo-in for professional Quidditch if he so chose, but at numerous steps along the way one gets subtle hints of the guilt Harry feels for undertaking the Flying Circus adventure half-heartedly. Ginny, by contrast, is outwardly understated in her dedication to playing, but the evidence of her true commitment shines through in every non-verbal way possible. She is partaking in the whole criminal investigation subplot with all due energy as well, but I think astute readers such as yourself have noted that she doesn't have quite the passion for it that Harry does.

And so it is (as is so often the case) we have two strong individuals, accommodating each other fairly selflessly, but each with his/her own somewhat different life to lead. The underlying unspoken question, of course, is whether those two lives can be aligned in harmonious parallel...

Oh, and speaking of very different life paths -- yes, another step along the gradual re-integration of Ron.

Thank you very much for the review, MollyandArthur!

Reviewer: Dad Signed Date: 2016.06.06 - 05:05PM Title: Elders' Insights


Good chapter. Great game.

Author's Response:

First of all, glad you enjoyed the chapter -- kind of an incremental one, but some furthering of plot nonetheless.

Secondly, I'm equally glad that you got a kick out of the latest match. They're going to thin out a bit going forward for a reason that will arise in the next chapter, but I'm fairly certain that there will be three more. In approaching the matches, I aim for a diversity of subplots and outcomes, and also aspire to some character development on the part of Harry, Ginny or some other character. Hopefully the remaining contests will be comparably entertaining.

Thank you for the kind words, Dad!

Reviewer: Trucker Signed Date: 2016.06.05 - 11:23PM Title: Elders' Insights


I don't watch televised sports anymore, gave them up decades ago (not good for the heart), but reading your accounts of the Flying Circus certainly Exceeds Expectations!

Author's Response:

Interestingly enough, I too swore off televised sports about a decade ago for what I recognised, in retrospect, were similar reasons. On the front of it, I just didn't feel I could spare the time to be a true fan, but in truth I found soon enough that I really didn't miss the highs and heart-breaking lows. Anyway, I figured out when writing The Prevailing Counterpoint (and especially The Seeker Daughter) that I did have some ability to write about those crazy swings, and that it was fun to compose.

Anyway, thank you very much for the kind words, and for reading Trix, Ronald!

Reviewer: MollyandArthur Signed Date: 2016.04.12 - 05:56PM Title: Footsteps


Wow, excellent chapter. The scenes at Azkaban were truly wonderful. Old Mr Nott is a great character and oddly somewhat likable. He reminds me a bit of my gruff old retired military grandfather. I am glad that they are cautious of what could be impacting Teri and how to help her. I am still concerned about who her parents are.

Author's Response:

Well, I'm sincerely gratified to hear that the chapter resonated! When I first wrote it, I was worried that it was 12K words with neither an amazing amount of action or humour, but for those readers who like character drama, I do believe the chapter qualifies well for that.

I'm glad that you enjoyed Nott! Ultimately, Rowling did, in a subtle way, convey that Nott Jr. did not toe Draco Malfoy's line, despite the fact that Nott Sr. was a Voldemort-contemporary Death Eater. I extrapolated this ambiguity to mean that Nott Sr. was conflicted in his role and did not relish the thought of his son following in his shameful footsteps. All that led me to paint him as inherently salvageable. He (like a good number of Slytherins) is coarse and has no intellectual gift, but he truly wants the best for his family and is prepared to embrace the side that can help him achieve that. Many of us can look back at people in our family tree with qualities like those, and many of us can see the core morality in that.

Anyway, you are correct -- there are a good number of people who are looking out for Teri's well being. She will need good people like that, in ways that Harry himself did not. After all, however precocious the girl's magic may be, she is still only nine years old and has attracted the imagination of some unpleasant people (Yes, in part because of who her parents might be).

Thank you for another wonderful review, MollyandArthur!

Reviewer: aimless Signed Date: 2016.04.12 - 08:09AM Title: Footsteps

Awwwww, update! Gotta read this one.

Author's Response:

Well, very happy to make you happy! I hope you enjoy the latest post, Aimless!

Reviewer: MollyandArthur Signed Date: 2016.04.11 - 08:13PM Title: Smoke Behind the Glass


This is becoming so disturbing. I cannot honestly say that I have ever liked the character of Crabbe, but his death seems so cruel and arbitrary. Curious to see what will happen next.

Author's Response:

And, having just completed a response to your review to chapter 11, I will now revise the statement and say that they (and you) are now 90% of the way toward understanding the basic parameters of the threat they face. Harry, Ginny and their friends are still missing one key element of insight about their enemy but now they know that what they face is capable of cruelty on par with Voldemort and powers that Riddle never knew (and no, we're not talking 'love'). In any case, the only known murders committed by this new menace have been on its own operatives (two now, counting the story's very first scene) which shows how little regard is held for any human life (and how greatly failure is despised). However, I do believe the assertion that the preferred target for this demonstration of might was Tracey, rather than Crabbe. So, although rather Pyrrhic (to lose a human, and a potentially vital witness), the outcome was sort of a victory.

Anyway, in response to another review quite some time ago, I had categorised this story as comedie noire, and this latest episode was one of the most 'noire' aspects of it.

In any case, thank you so kindly for the reviews, M&A!

Reviewer: MollyandArthur Signed Date: 2016.04.11 - 06:05PM Title: Two Stones


Love the scene with Harry practicing his seeking skills with Teri. She really will become a force to be reckoned with. It begs the question of her paternity. The group at Hogwarts now knows what they are facing and will hopefully practice caution.

Author's Response:

Yes, Quidditch largely remains a recreation for Harry -- an escape; a medium for him to learn about himself and (as he is discovering) a mechanism to further his relationship of trust with Teri. As far as her paternity, that question is answered in philosophy (if not in fact) in another one of my stories on here (a story that is kind of an extended epilogue).

Does Harry's brain trust now understand what they're facing? I would say that they've now acquired about 80% of the requisite 'big picture' perspective.

Reviewer: MollyandArthur Signed Date: 2016.04.11 - 06:31AM Title: Weasley Whimsies


Revenge is so sweet, and I can hardly think of anyone being more deserving of it than Dolores Umbridge. Fred and George really are a brilliant pair.

Author's Response:

So true! I will admit that the whole sub-plot there bears no real relevance to the main thread, but was there strictly for fun. It is fun both to grind (and wield) an old axe, as well as give that pair yet another chance to seize the spotlight! I regard them as being, along with Luna, Jo Rowling's greatest inventions.

Thank you again for the fine series of reviews, MollyandArthur!

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