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Reviews For Trix

Reviewer: PotterBabe Signed Date: 2018.03.04 - 01:39PM Title: Strafe and Secure


Love your stories and hope this one continues!

Author's Response: Thank you most kindly! I am hoping to begin drafting another few chapters soon, now that Fires of Time has been put to rest. Some writers are capable of juggling multiple stories at the same time, but FoT really took over my circuitry for a while!

Reviewer: aimless Signed Date: 2017.10.06 - 08:18AM Title: Strafe and Secure


Qudditch loss doesn't look like a loss, more of a case of loads of bad luck produced by evil plots. Might teach a lesson of responsibility though :P

Attack seems just a cover for Teri's jumper to leave in Nott's rucksack. Might've been a test for zombie army as well ). Very interesting developments, Quidditch game seems secondary to all the other happenings.

Author's Response:

Sharp as always! While I usually like to leave detailed responses to reviews, I think in this case it's best that I keep my words to a minimum so that I don't give things away for other readers.

One thing to say, though, is that 'yes', the Quidditch match (both here and in general) is rather secondary to the behind-the-scenes intrigue. And, indeed, it was rather a learning experience.

Thank you for the review, Aimless!

Reviewer: Gin110881 Signed Date: 2017.09.29 - 08:47AM Title: Mist and Vault

Oh, there is a slight difference. A couple of chapters ago it was Monday night, and they all had lessons on Tuesday, and Professor Potter was in charge to supervise them. Now they are on holidays, Harry is just another team member, and the students are free to go to bed whenever they want. ;-)

Of course, I was aware that the stunt was needed to lure Ginny and Harry out of bed. However, I'd liked to see them suffer a bit more. They didn't even have a bad conscience afterwards, and a few words of regret didn't seem to be necessary either. I doubt that they learnt their lesson. I suspect, however, that this was intended, because their recklessness is probably still needed for the next pub visit. ;-)

A trap? Yes, I'd thought the Bokor is one of Bella's allies.

Author's Response:

Ah well. One thing is clear: at this point you will be afforded your well deserved break from the foibles of callow youth and creepy Bokors. Enjoy your other reading pursuits, and thanks for your thoughts!

Reviewer: Gin110881 Signed Date: 2017.09.29 - 03:28AM Title: Strafe and Secure


What the trip to Haiti just a trick to lure them away from England? Probably not, the attack of the Bokor, presumably Bella's ally, was certainly planned especially for the trip.
Who betrayed the location of Dolwyddelan to the attackers, it's under the Fidelius Charm and, as far as I know, unplottable. They shouldn't have found it without help.
And again the jumper. I'd suspected right from the beginning that it'll somehow find its way to Bella. I guess that someone forced Nott Jr. to nick the jumper during that incident. The sole reason for the attack might be to get hold of the jumper. They should give Teri another jumper to protect her.
Hermione and the house elves, lol.
The Silver stranger, I must admit that my first guess was Lucius, the usual suspect, but, of course, Roland fits in quite well here.

Author's Response:

Some interesting speculations here.

First of all, correct to not assume Malfoy was having any involvement with dark Caribbean magic -- he was too relentlessly busy in England during the time frame. He does remain at large in this AU, however. He's largely been ostracised at this point by both the dark and the light, yet it's not inconceivable that he might attempt some sort of desperate move. But he doesn't. Not in this book.

Bellatrix has a bit of a history with the house, considering she was scouting out the nearby village early in the book and was, by Teri's own insinuations, probably using her as a window into the place for a while. Teri's protections are too strong for that now, but a combination of previous 'intel' plus some other unwitting manipulation likely got her close enough. Fortunately, it was unsuccessful.

Finally, it does seem I have managed to maintain an element of surprise for you on a few points. That's probably not a bad thing.

Anyway, you made it through! I do recall saying, a long while back, that I feared you would not like this story. It's a testament to your character that you kept with it. Hope you're on to some good fun reading for a while!

Reviewer: Gin110881 Signed Date: 2017.09.28 - 07:13PM Title: Mist and Vault


Just alone for educational reasons, Harry and Ginny should have let their protégés deal with the situation on their own. Children have to learn to get up alone when they've fallen on their bum, especially if they are called Fred, George, or Blaise. They’re always trying their best to get Harry and Ginny into trouble. If Harry always changes their nappies, they'll never learn not to pee in their pants.

Now Harry has seen the smoke behind the glass by himself. Will it help him? I doubt it. I bet Bella was quite surprised that it was so easy to lure Harry and Ginny into a trap.

Author's Response:

Hmm... Did I over-convert you? Some chapters ago you advocated for a hard line in chaperoning post-match revelers to make sure they returned to base before curfew. Anyway, it is as it was; I needed a way to get Harry and Ginny to defy Langlois's strict proscriptions and make it up to the Mapou tree. And I needed a semi-hard lesson to shake Zabini's, Fred's and George's skulls a bit (in a way, Daphne's too, since she has a non-Quidditch role to play).

A trap? Bellatrix? It seems I have not quite telegraphed my intentions quite so obviously, then.

Reviewer: Gin110881 Signed Date: 2017.09.28 - 06:33PM Title: Teeming


No birthday party for the twins?
The idea that Ginny's Christmas jumper might protect Teri from Bella is quite intriguing and sounds plausible. This doesn't mean, however, that the jumper can't be used to create a Voodoo proxy to get access to Ginny. The latter was my guess ever since the jumper was mentioned for the first time. And the first guess has the odd peculiarity that you won't discard it so easily.

What happened at the end of the chapter? Probably just the expected end of a party Zabini is participating. Let’s hope they're all still alive.

Author's Response:

Party for F&G? From a practicality perspective, their birthday falls mid-week, so they're juggling work commitments. They're also older, and don't come to the castle for much more than Quidditch. Quite possible they went out for drinks with Angelina, Katie and Lee Jordan. From the composition perspective, the birthday would do little to advance the plot. But rest assured, they will find ways to have fun.

Reviewer: Gin110881 Signed Date: 2017.09.28 - 03:52AM Title: Strange Operations


I've been pondering for what purpose Mrs. Crabbe might have an appearance in this story. It will certainly be quite interesting how she'll settle in Dolwyddelan, in particular because Malfoy still lives there. But I don't think that it'll be important enough that it will be part of this story. Quite obviously, she is another person who can provide insight into the life of the former Death Eaters. It doesn't seem to be important, but could it have been Mr. Jugson, who'd collected the laundry for Mrs. Lestrange in the first chapter? It's strange that nobody but Mrs. Crabbe is missing Jugson. I think it says a lot about the methods and acceptance of the DMLE. The most important piece of information, however, seems to be the realization that someone, presumably Mrs. Lestrange, recruits helpers and disposes them unscrupulously when they're no longer needed.

I loved the theory behind the family clocks. I've often wondered how they might work. Ginny’s explanations sounds quite believable.

Interesting, Harry wants Ryan and Hermione to rub shoulders with the dark wizards of Haiti to learn about their Voodoo practices. Apparently, he's ready to take bigger risks. Let's just hope the two of them won't get hurt.

Author's Response:

Expect more substantiative responses later, but a quick reply on this right now to compliment you on your projections and analysis! As far as Mrs. Crabbe's role, I think it will end up not being much more than the information conduit she was in this chapter. It seems a waste to bring in a new character only to under-utilise her, but the story is complex enough. Finally, with respect to Ryan, Hermione and O Bo research... I don't I will spoil much to say that they will not be the ones getting into trouble, but nor will they reap great rewards.

Reviewer: Gin110881 Signed Date: 2017.09.27 - 05:26PM Title: Elders' Insights


Bill and Teri got along surprisingly well, considering that Teri wanted to talk to Harry only. I'm pretty sure it would be the same with Ginny, if Harry would ask Teri nicely and give her enough time to get used to the idea. I remember when I read Trix for the first time, it was quite irritating that Ginny has never shown the slightest interest in talking to Teri. Something is wrong here!

The birthday party for Ron was a great idea, and a nice surprise, not only for Ron, but for me as well. I hope this nice gesture will help Ron to overcome his prejudices.

Author's Response:

Yes, I figured that Bill would be a good choice for a Weasley who could bridge fairly well with Teri. He is somewhat affable but most importantly (at least in canon) he is the calmest Weasley. Teri respects calm, and she is quite averse to frenetic, nervous, or otherwise volatile people. Perhaps she has a wizarding equivalent to Asperger's or some other autistic spectrum disorder?

In that light, although Ginny is really rather calm and balanced in this AU (as well as various other retellings; not so in canon), Teri will not easily get over the ferocity with which Ginny protected Harry during the incident on the warding day. Ginny understands this, and one might assume she worries that her presence would stifle the openness that Teri has around Harry alone. The question of Ginny's and Teri's abilities to interact with each other will play into the climax, though.

Yes, I think birthdays are a time for personal growth... and Ron is indeed growing, albeit at his own pace.

Thank you for your thoughts, Martin!

Reviewer: Gin110881 Signed Date: 2017.09.27 - 03:18PM Title: Footsteps


This was a truly brilliant chapter. The meeting of the Nott family, with a view into the mind-set of a former Death eater, was quite intriguing, and human. Nott Sr. was quite the surprise for me. Ok, I'd hoped for some more concrete information about Teri, but it was definitively a step in the right direction (and the story isn't over yet). For a short moment, I'd hoped that Ginny has even gathered more information from Nott Sr. when she had, consciously or unconsciously, a deeper look into his eyes. But obviously I was wrong.

It's an interesting, but also very speculative idea that Tom might have planned to control his followers with a kind of Voodoo magic sometime in the future. Now let's just find out what Harry's research team will do with this approach.

Ah, Luna. It's always great to hear from her. What's the intention of her Quibbler article? She says 'Please do not stumble" and "never stagger from your true course". Is it a kind of admonition? Does Luna already have a foreboding of Harry's future, just as the reader who's read TSD? Does she already sense that Harry, the brilliant leader, youngest Hogwarts professor and student of the Fugo's, will end up as a servant of the Ministry, making the identification of dark emblems the purpose of his life, just like his canonical self, the early school drop-out, who barely managed to get a couple of OWLs?

I was wondering for quite a while now, what actually happened to Ginny's research project from last September? Is she still working on it?

Author's Response:

So it should not(t) come as a surprise to you that the elder Death Eater is indeed slated to appear again in the story, after his now-imminent release. As far as what Ginny might have seen, it is very likely that (even within the blunted Azkaban environment) she held back her powers, however what she determined without reservation was that this was a man whose bad instincts had been beaten down, leaving him with remorse and honesty. Of course, many 'reformed' people experience that after effective incarceration only to slacken back into convenient vices but, we may hope, that Nott Sr. will prove to be an exception.

Luna's statements are clearly 'admonitions' of a sort, but are they aimed at high-minded ideals or mere survival? I think she sounds a bit too much like a foreign teller (i.e., artfully ambiguous) to clearly interpret. However some of these statements will definitely come up again :)

As far as Ginny's research project, it has largely morphed into her study of aura perception / manipulation (courtesy of Salvatore Fugo), and thus remains an ongoing 'interest' if not full-on project.

Very helpful review -- cheers!

Reviewer: Gin110881 Signed Date: 2017.09.26 - 07:13PM Title: Smoke Behind the Glass

What were Bella's intentions with Crabbe? Was it really a second attempt to get Tracy? Or did she just like to brag, as Ginny suspected? Or was it a punishment for Crabbe because he failed Bella. Or all three reasons? Does the reason even matter? Probably not. It also shouldn't surprise anyone that Bella knows no mercy.

So, what does it mean? Actually, there are no new findings, except that she hasn’t given up yet.

Author's Response:

Ah. Well one has conscience-ridden Harry believing that Crabbe lost his life because of the potentially sensitive information that Crabbe was starting to spill, versus Ginny saying that it was more of a characteristic 'power play'. I'd be inclined to think they're both partly right - that the Crabbe's attempt to warn Harry was noted by someone with the power to stop it, but that there might have been other less-drastic ways to stop the disclosure, given a bit of human compassion. Good question.

With a bit of regret, I should mention that I decided to remove a comment a couple of chapters back. It was probably funny and all, and perhaps this is all fair game considering I suppose I should have had a thief take, say, a head-band or towel from Tonks's locker earlier in the story, but for the sake of people skimming this conversation, I think it conveys the wrong sort of message about the aims and subject matter of my stories.

That's not to say I devalue the comments, and indeed this is all very useful to me in deciding what to do about this particular story.

At the end of that comment you pointed out a repeated bit of text. Thank you! It's possible I might have corrected that on my own home version but, if not, I will be sure to add that to my long list of running changes. Unfortunately, due to a SIYE glitch, I am unable to register edits to chapters 1-14. This frustration, among others, has me strongly considering deleting the story; perhaps to be posted again in the future in properly edited form.

Reviewer: Gin110881 Signed Date: 2017.09.26 - 05:42PM Title: Two Stones

Thanks for setting things straight regarding Harry's discomfort to hide their skills. Quite obviously, I've got it wrong.

I wonder if the two of them, with all the knowledge the Fugo's shared with them, should be able to reconnect in a similar way like before Tom’s defeat, or similar to the connection between the Fugos.

Furthermore I wonder, if it is really the lack of Ginny’s clothing in the dirty laundry bag of the laundry fetishist, or the abilities she learned from the Fugo's, why she hasn't been attacked yet. Well, and so we're back to Ginny's jumper. Good to know that it is still in Teri's possession. I'll keep watching it!

Ah-yes, Nott Sr. To be honest, the last thing I remember of Trix is the plan to visit Nott Sr. in Azkaban. I'm quite curious if they'll be able to gather information about Teri from him. I'm glad Ginny will join them. Somehow I've more confidence in her than in Harry, at least regarding this mind magic business.

Author's Response:

So, without spoiling anything, I can indeed say that the sweater is important, and confirm that the capacity of Harry and Ginny to reconnect will be a challenge that they must address.

The question of which people are being targeted for sympathetic O Bo magic, which you've pondered quite a bit, is actually defined by two very specific criteria -- one of which has already been identified by the intrepid investigators, while the other (though not identified) follows from a fairly logical analysis.

Dunno if that helps :)

Reviewer: Gin110881 Signed Date: 2017.09.26 - 03:43AM Title: Soul Skulduggery

To be honest, I don't believe that these incidents will have an impact on the season schedule of the circus, even if someone will be killed during such an incident in the future. I agree with Harry's argumentation, but I doubt he's still in control in this project, his Slytherins are far too smart for him. They'll always get what they want.
Somehow I doubt that they will soon make real progress with their investigation, as Williamson and his bosses hinder them quite effectively by forbidding the investigation of the earlier incidents, and boycotting the investigation of Tracy's poisoning.

Somehow, I can't believe the bitch in Teri's head has disappeared forever.

It's great to hear that FoT is progressing so well. As much as I'm looking forward to reading the story, you may take the time you need for further tuning, because I want to re-read Splinters before I'll start reading FoT. I've got the impression that it might be a good idea when I read your excerpts. Unfortunately I'm quite a bit behind in my reading schedule.

Author's Response:

Hmmm... Can't really say much about the Flying Circus hypothetical since (it's not really giving away much to say that) their season does wind down as scheduled, and the practicality is not really tested. Beyond that, I suppose the argument would be best laid in terms of what we know of people's personalities. Ironically, if things started to get dicey for the actual athletes, it's not completely inconceivable to imagine a role reversal. Slytherins are not huge risk-takers. Harry and Ginny took risks leading up to the final battle, and technically Harry took huge risks in 'Taking Control' and 'Free Life'. However, those risks were peril-if-you-do / peril-if-you-don't situations, so I can't really see anyone being too keen at a certain stage. The only character who seemed to relish perilous avoidable risks was the canonical Dumbledore. I suppose he figured school would get boring if he didn't condone some sort of death-defying risk every year or two.

As far as the investigation, I believe you're now at the point of seeing some progress. Unfortunately both hunter and prey are learning on the fly.

Reviewer: Gin110881 Signed Date: 2017.09.25 - 05:47PM Title: Flowers in the Spring

I honestly see no reason why Harry should voluntarily make his and Ginny's skills and knowledge public. The same goes for Teri's identity, he's even not sure about, isn't he? There are no laws that oblige him to do so. I don't understand his concerns. Apparently, he is less concerned about the fact that his students are still in the pub on a Monday evening after curfew, and most certainly have lessons the next morning.
I really enjoyed the rare Ginny-Harry moments in the snow.

Author's Response:

Slight misinterpretation of my intent, and of Harry's & Ginny's angst. Their discomfort is not because they 'want' to reveal their secrets, but rather reflects the oppressive nature of 'needing' to keep such knowledge so closely guarded; of continually having to watch their step and watch their tongues. It is not a relaxing way to live.

As far as Harry's duties to identify Teri's heritage, he claims (to Rose Parkinson) that as the operator of a safe house that houses possible orphans, he has to make a good faith effort to document legal parentage and guardianship relationships of his wards. That doesn't mean that he has to volunteer that information, although if someone came along who claimed to be the parent or guardian of someone in his care, I suppose those documents could undergo legal scrutiny. Of course, anything that Rose herself offers is heresay, so at this point Harry wouldn't be obliged to tell anyone anything.

Glad you enjoyed the bit of messy winter fun!

Thanks again, Martin!

Reviewer: Gin110881 Signed Date: 2017.09.25 - 04:07PM Title: Cousin Capers

Great chapter with lots of useful information.

I really couldn't remember this meeting between Teri and Harry, although I think it was quite important to understand Teri's situation. I've got, however, the impression that Teri'd hoped for more immediate answers from Harry. I'm quite curious if Bella will be able to draw information about the meetings from Teri.

The meetings with the Aurors are quite fruitful as long as the students take care that the Aurors do not interfere with the case, lol.

Oh, I really can't believe that you seriously considered to close Teri's case without a proper final resolution.

Author's Response:

Great! Thank you for the feedback and vote of confidence!

As far as providing a definitive solution to the Teri mystery, I'm fairly certain that I would have settled upon one of the plausible alternative explanations prior to completing the story. Of course, there are days when I'm not certain whether this story will meet the Brennus test of a writer's mettle (i.e., never leave a story unfinished). It is a good example of my own oft-broken rule, which is: never write a sequel unless you have a very good reason. Anyway, it's underway; it's past half way, and I still have reasons to want to complete it... although sadly those reasons are not as fun and interesting as my reasons for writing other things. Ah well...

Reviewer: Gin110881 Signed Date: 2017.09.24 - 02:28PM Title: Black and Blue

I was just wondering if the laundry fetishist still knows which knickers belong to whom, or whether he sometimes simply picks a random piece from the dirty laundry to attack a victim.

Ah-yes, Ginny's Christmas jumper. I still remember the jumper very well. I'd suspected, and I'm still suspecting, that Bella will use the jumper to go after Ginny. As far as I've read Trix earlier, i.e. chapter 13 or 14, Ginny didn't get it back. I'm pretty sure about it. I just don't know if Teri still has the jumper, or if laundry fetishist already has claimed it.

I hope they'll try to help Teri using Harry’s first-hand experience and Ginny’s mind skills. But as far as I remember, Zabini will keep the two of them busy in the near future, so they won't have much time to worry about Teri.

Great chapter, as always. Thank you so much.

May I can invite you to a drink on my place under the top 20 reviewers?

Author's Response:

Oh ho! Tied for 20, are you? And higher quality reviews than many of those above you on the list, too!

Anyway, yes, I would be happy to join you for a drink of your choice on this occasion. And if "Fires of Time" nudges me past Northumbrian into 18th on the list of most verbose authours, then I shall have to return the favour :)

Have drafted chapters 4 and 5 of FoT, by the way. Not quite ready to release it to alpha reading yet, though, since I'm still rearranging vignettes and correcting some my more puzzling typos.

I believe that chapters 17 and on of the earlier ones (13 or 14) do answer many of your questions above, so I will leave them be for the time being.

Anyway, thank you for having expended a very fair number of your noteworthy 1060 reviews on my stories!

Reviewer: Gin110881 Signed Date: 2017.09.24 - 09:46AM Title: Tears in the Dark

I still could remember the visit to Mrs Parkinson, and the three options she presented to Harry. I suspect, however, that there will be an up till now unknown option 4.
Even if the title "The Seekers Daughter" wants to make this option credible, I don’t believe in option 3.

I do not believe that the author will fall back on previously undescribed conception methods where the participants are e.g. under the influence of Polyjuice potion or some kind of dark magic mimicking someone else's identity, maybe even multiple identities. With the latter all three options could be feasible at the same time, couldn't it? However, it all sounds so farfetched that I don't believe the author would use such an approach. Hence my best guess is on the still unknown option 4.

Long distance mind control; seems Ginny has a reasonable suspicion that Teri might be "a kind of" medium controlled, occasionally or permanently, by someone, for whatever the term medium I'm using might stand for. As far as I remember, Ginny and Harry didn't learn much more yet about Teri in the later chapters of Trix. On the other hand, maybe I forgot about it.

Author's Response:

Ah, the power of persistence! I will admit that I had a somewhat nebulous notion of the precise resolution to the story's most pressing mystery -- rather like authours or playwrites who write two or three alternate endings to their work, except I had not yet committed the notions to paper. Well, in view of your speculations, I have now committed to a resolution that is neither overly complex nor simple; is not lurid or trashy; is not cliche; does not follow Rose Parkinson's prescription, yet also doesn't make her seem foolish. Furthermore, it bears upon the personalities of those people most affected by the issue, and ties into a poignant climax and conclusion.

Or so I believe, anyway... Now, I only need to write the chapters to reach that point -- a pox on the poxy, daft authour for devising such a long, complex story :|

Yes, Ginny's (and your) assessment of how Teri is being affected is accurate. However, the understanding of Teri's situation is incremental and does grow appreciably from where you are here and chapter 17. Chapter 17 introduces a new perturbation, however.

Anyway, those readers who are following the story should thank you for forcing my hand regarding a real resolution. Muy Bien!

Reviewer: Gin110881 Signed Date: 2017.09.21 - 05:15PM Title: Happy New Year?

I'm not sure if it is a prejudice or a brilliant idea, but I wonder if Bella managed to somehow imperious Zabini to lure Harry and Ginny to the public with his circus to make them vulnerable. Or is the author using Zabinis Circus to distract the reader from more important things.

I really like Harry's train of thoughts. Teri looks like Bella, who looks like Andromeda. It doesn't seem too farfetched that Teri is a Black, too. Somehow I'm pretty sure that Teri's ancestry will have a very simple explanation.

Ah, Ron's missing his boxers. Seems the purple stocking man got hold of his dirty laundry. I wonder if Remus is also missing parts of his underwear. Nott jr., too?

Somehow I have the same feeling I had when I read the story the first time. Obviously, someone is practising with easy targets, to be proficient with his or her weapons when he or she will try to kill his or her real targets. Maybe practicing is also necessary to learn to bypass the occlumency shields of the real targets.

Teri's encounter with Tonks was quite noteworthy. I wonder if Teri is a kind of medium who witnesses the "accidents", and was shocked when she suddenly saw a victim of a former vision when she met Tonks.

Author's Response:

Interesting questions that bring me back to the back-and-forth dialogue with readers during Splinters!

One answer I shall grant and that is that Zabini is not Imperiused. He is just a Slytherin, acting in his own interests, as you intuited in the earlier review. As far as other questions... who knows? All depends on just how demented the authour is, right?

As far as your observation that the villain is practising... brilliant! No denying that one.

And finally, yes, Teri's response to Tonks is indeed noteworthy, and in a manner that is 'similar' but not exactly what you've pegged.

Keep guessing and I will... keep you guessing ;)

Reviewer: Gin110881 Signed Date: 2017.09.21 - 04:24PM Title: Momentary Lapse of Reason

It is very Slytherin of Zabini to lure Harry and Ginny into his Quidditch squad to increase his chances to be scouted.
I am very curious from whom the purple stocking man has nicked all the underwear. I guess that Ron, without even knowing it, is also missing parts of his underwear.
Asteria Lestrange ... well, even if Malfoy knows her under the name Lestrange, it's no prove that she really is a Lestrange, isn't it? Is it a distraction, a first hint, or a red herring? I know someone who knows, but he'll certainly won't tell me...

Author's Response:

Absolutely -- it is very Slytherin of Zabini to scoop up the best talent remaining at Hogwarts to surround himself with in his bid to make the League. The only less-than-Slytherin part about it is that he's at least somewhat honest about it

Yes, a good question as far as who has lost clothing. If someone has been affected by the 'wierdness', then it's a good bet that they lost clothing, but are there any others whom we're not yet suspecting?

And finally, yes, 'Asteria Lestrange'. I'm not sure if I've come up with any better name in all of my HP writing. I was a bit miffed when I discovered that Rowling was creating a 'Leta Lestrange' (a name almost as cool from a Mythological and Symbolism perspective) for Magical Beasts, and that this was another shady, conflicted, powerful witch. But this *is* Rowling's world of course :) Anyway, as to whether she is truly a 'Lestange', well... Time will answer at least 'some' questions :)

Thank you for stirring the pot a bit more, Martin!

Reviewer: Gin110881 Signed Date: 2017.09.20 - 05:44PM Title: Eyes

Oh, I just noticed that I left a couple of rather lengthy babblings when I read Trix for the first time. I'll try to make it shorter this time. ;)

It's always a good idea to talk about things. However, I've got the feeling that the two of them sometimes are talking a bit too much, and an occasionally step beyond the snogging stage would do wonders for their relationship. Since it will take six more years for James to be born, I'm afraid that they'll wait another five years to do this step, lol.

Ah yes, and then there still is Teri. I must admit that Teri's story is one of the things that fascinates me the most in this story. I'm really curious how and when her mystery will be solved.

Author's Response:

Ah, now for some things you might wish to use your imagination. To read 'outside' the lines, so to speak.

Regarding the depth of their physical relationship, I did go a bit further in TPC than I generally have in Trix. Matt went further yet, of course. Tastefully, I might add. But the fact of the matter is that I'm aiming to preserve a PG-13 rating, and in doing so I stick to sweet supportiveness and quiet companionship in times of strain, relegating the spiciest (perhaps quite torrid) encounters to the white space that trails on between the paragraphs...

I suppose I could leave more innuendos, though, as I likely could also offer a greater number of quiet, personal, moments... All things to think about.

Regarding Teri, if Seeker Daughter is any indication, some aspects of her mysteries may never fully resolve -- or at least never be revealed to any more than an extremely select few... She is, after all, both a real human and a creature of mystery -- someone who walks among us with that odd combination of awesome powers and very human frailties. She is one of us, and yet, she is not.

Maddening, aren't I?"

Long or short, thank you for the re-review!

Reviewer: lunagranger Signed Date: 2017.09.06 - 11:29PM Title: Strafe and Secure


What a game! Thankfully the flying circus' members are well. and the plot thickens.

Author's Response:

Yes, it was a wild one. Thank you, LG!

‘! Go To Top ‘!

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