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Reviews For Trix

Reviewer: Gin110881 Signed Date: 2017.09.20 - 05:44PM Title: Eyes

Oh, I just noticed that I left a couple of rather lengthy babblings when I read Trix for the first time. I'll try to make it shorter this time. ;)

It's always a good idea to talk about things. However, I've got the feeling that the two of them sometimes are talking a bit too much, and an occasionally step beyond the snogging stage would do wonders for their relationship. Since it will take six more years for James to be born, I'm afraid that they'll wait another five years to do this step, lol.

Ah yes, and then there still is Teri. I must admit that Teri's story is one of the things that fascinates me the most in this story. I'm really curious how and when her mystery will be solved.

Author's Response:

Ah, now for some things you might wish to use your imagination. To read 'outside' the lines, so to speak.

Regarding the depth of their physical relationship, I did go a bit further in TPC than I generally have in Trix. Matt went further yet, of course. Tastefully, I might add. But the fact of the matter is that I'm aiming to preserve a PG-13 rating, and in doing so I stick to sweet supportiveness and quiet companionship in times of strain, relegating the spiciest (perhaps quite torrid) encounters to the white space that trails on between the paragraphs...

I suppose I could leave more innuendos, though, as I likely could also offer a greater number of quiet, personal, moments... All things to think about.

Regarding Teri, if Seeker Daughter is any indication, some aspects of her mysteries may never fully resolve -- or at least never be revealed to any more than an extremely select few... She is, after all, both a real human and a creature of mystery -- someone who walks among us with that odd combination of awesome powers and very human frailties. She is one of us, and yet, she is not.

Maddening, aren't I?"

Long or short, thank you for the re-review!

Reviewer: TomBombadil Signed Date: 2017.08.02 - 01:52AM Title: Eyes

Seeing your latest installment, I have decided to start afresh on this story! What a great ... CREEPY ... beginning!

Author's Response:

Well, thank you!

Not sure I deserve such faithful readers / reviewers considering I let a few distractions get in the way of completing my series of review for your fine story. However, the feedback is most welcome!

And yes, as a dark comedy, Trix does indeed have its dark moments... and I've recently written another one. Hope to get the editing done reasonably soon to post it!

Reviewer: TomBombadil Signed Date: 2016.07.26 - 02:57AM Title: Eyes


Fascinating that you are picking up on Teri's story that was so less than subtlety planted by Fake-a-smile (Matt) in TC! Excellent move! And I just knew 'Bella wouldn't be hanging around such a sensitive location out of sheer coincidence. Oh, I just re-read TPC for the third or fourth time! Congratulations on an outstanding job! It surpassed a modest effort by a wide, wide margin! You have given me high hopes for this story!!!

Author's Response:

Kind words, indeed. Thank you Ed!

Great to hear that you enjoyed TPC; this story is definitely intended as a natural progression of the trends that had developed in Taking Control. There is a bit of a change of pace (somewhat articulated in this first chapter) arising from the fact that with Voldemort's death (and the corresponding loss of urgent motivation) Harry is somewhat adrift. The urgency, however, begins rebuilding; it takes a while because the enemy is maddeningly slow and deliberate, but my current point of writing (midway through chapter 15) is where it's about to begin spiraling again. Hope you enjoy it!

That all said, I need to get back on the horse again. Lots of distractions, but hopefully I'll find some 'me'-time soon to get back to it.

Thanks again!

Reviewer: MollyandArthur Signed Date: 2016.04.10 - 07:43AM Title: Eyes


Great opening chapter. Bellatrix on the loose is a rather terrifying reality they must not ignore. Ginny is correct that in many ways she is more dangerous than Voldemort who at least had a clear motivation as well as weaknesses that could be used against him. Love the way that Harry tricked Ron into appropriate behavior after his cruel comment, though it is a shame that it was necessary. Ron still needs to learn to think before he speaks. So, the opening scene with the purple stocking...

Author's Response:

Yes, it seems that in almost any HP universe, there is no truly 'happily ever after'. No victory is absolute. And that, of course, is realistic. So in this one, Bellatrix is definitely angling for a measure of payback. One might ask a question though -- is she the only one?

I think you'll be happy to hear that Ron grows tangibly in this story -- more so than in Splinters where, technically, he only had four weeks to turn around. This time has closer to a year. This is a story that is heavy on magical theory, which is not his strong point, but after being left on ambiguous ground at the end of TPC, he definitely grows back into relevance in Trix.

Purple stocking... yes it does take a while for understanding to catch up with that imagery!

Reviewer: MisterBlack Signed Date: 2016.03.22 - 05:47AM Title: Eyes


I imagine that with his occlumency skills, Harry is better able to deal with the tough memories from war. It could be why he does not seem to be having nightmares. Then again... relative to what we see in canon... this Harry did not suffer as much during the war. That is not to say that people did not die or that it was easy. It is just that for the most part he was well fed, had a roof over his head, and had Ginny by his side.

I forget just how young they still are so I was a little thrown off when it was mentioned that Ginny was 16 years of age. It is pretty remarkable to be that young and be practically done with Hogwarts. It seems that now it is Ginny's turn to train Harry. For the longest time she was dependent on him. I think he will need it.

I don't think he will be able to rely too much on the Ministry and the Aurors. Already I can see they have not learned from their mistakes of the past. Well... maybe they have but that is the impression I am getting at least from Tonks. Harry and Ginny worry about Bellatrix and with good reason. She is absolutely psychotic and unpredictable. That is a terrible combination to have. The fact that Tonks does not seem too worried about her recent sighting has me a bit worried. This is how Voldemort was able to get into power in the first war.

Anyway... can I just be honest about something? For the life of me I just cannot truly picture Harry doing so much charity and having so much responsibilities and looking after so many kids. That is not to say that he does not care. I am sure he does but I always pictured him as the type of person to help in other ways. He is a selfless man sure but I just can't picture him getting too deep into this.

I know many people do not agree with Harry becoming an Auror but I am one of the few who does. They say after the life he had that being an auror would be the last thing he would want to do. I beg to differ. I think that because of his life and what he went through that he would absolutely want to be an Auror because he knows that at any time another Voldemort could easily rise up. He knows that the Ministry is corrupt and it is because of that corruption that Voldemort was able to get spies and do so much damage. He would want to be an auror to prevent another dark lord from rising and to change the Ministry for the better.

Anyway... as far as Bellatrix goes... I am not too worried yet. Harry is the type of person to listen to his instincts and I think they will help him here. Bellatrix can be sneaky and I just hope I am wrong but I have a feeling that the girl in the beginning and Teri are the same person.


Ginny raised an incredulous eyebrow. She was in the process of preparing an acerbic response, when Harry broke in. "A single smile from Ginny is a gift more precious than all the gems in Gringotts," he intoned, prompting Hermione and Audrey to sigh melodically in the corner, while George inadvertently snorted eggnog onto Fred's shoulder.

Not to be diverted, Ron turned on Harry. "You shouldn't talk, you cheap bum! You didn't give Ginny anything either!"

"A mere blink of Harry's eyes," Fred crooned, "is a gift more cherished than all the fresh pickled toads in North Side Apothecary."


That had me spilling my coffee thank you very much. It was very funny. We did not see too much of Fred and George in Splinters. I do hope we get to see more.

Author's Response:

Regarding nightmares, it was actually Matt who took that off the table by having Ginny's close proximity solving Harry's severe sleep issues (a rather useful way of enabling their young but rapidly maturing romance to become acceptable in the eyes of Dumbledore and MacGonagall). Ginny was ultimately a shield against Voldemort's connection to Harry, but let's say more generally that she was a calming influence.

Yes, Ginny's tranferred skills are indeed going to be very useful to Harry, and her instructions will begin to factor increasingly into the middle portion of the story.

Regarding Harry and charity, yes I don't think that it's a natural role for him and I don't think it ever becomes effortless, but if you'll recall in TPC when Harry returned to Hogwarts, he did so with the attitude that winning the war was not all about Horcruxes and dueling -- he very much wanted to soften the blow for those people who might otherwise be caught up as innocent victims, and thus gathered a wide circle around him, encouraging (and bankrolling) others to go out and be productive in their efforts to meet the broader needs. The implication is that a lot of the 'charity' activities taking place are the whims of people like Daphne Greengrass, Susan Bones and Hannah Abbott. For the most part, they''re off doing stuff with Harry's money but, as seems inevitable, there are times when they (especially Daphne) feel a need to bring Harry in for show or whatnot. So it is there -- never his main focus, but also somewhat inescapable.

Regarding the Aurors, you are correct that to guess that things will remain tenuous and unhelpful there. Tonks has a relatively important role in the story though -- somewhat independently of her Auror responsibilities. As far as Harry's own future as an Auror is concerned, I have indeed espoused it for this series (it manifests in full by The Seeker Daughter). I have not thought things through fully, but I believe that Auror failure in this story will be one of the reasons that Harry finally accedes to fate and joins DMLE.

Yes, the girl in the very opening sequence is indeed Teri. Bellatrix is indeed more devious and patient than she was in canon, and just as evil. And fortunately, yes, Harry is much better equipt to deal with her than in previous years but there will be suprises to contend with.

Finally, if you like humour and you like the twins, then this is a good story for you. Although the plot has some grim elements, the story is very likely my most humourous work outside of the Fuddle Fog series. Hope you enjoy it!

Reviewer: Gin110881 Signed Date: 2015.07.16 - 03:43AM Title: Eyes


Some time ago, I've promised to come back to Trix. Now the time has come. I must admit that I have procrastinated over again to start reading the story after you have indicated that some parts of the story will not be to my taste. Now I'll sit in your boat and you must live with my nagging, when I find something to complain about, lol.
Maybe you remember that I'm not able to deliver some kind of literary criticism here. My English grammar isn't nearly good enough for that. My ramblings here are probably proof enough for this. Iíll simply write down what I think and feel while reading the story. Sometimes, maybe, without giving it a second thought. In the TPC responses, you pleaded guilty of the occasional use of polysyllabic monsters. I am curious if I can pass this exam better now after reading fanfic for another six months.
I promise to pester you for every single chapter you've already posted for this story. So, let's get going.
I am glad that Harry listened to Ginny and that he didn't join the Ministry. At the Ministry his superiors would determine what he has to do, he would only be a subordinate. This would be the end of control of his life. Ginny seems to be smarter than the whole Auror Corps. Good thing, that Harry didn't join that club.
Ah-Rita Skeeter. Whenever I read her name, I'll be remembered that JKR has made the Quidditch Rita Skeeter for the Daily Prophet out of Ginny. And then my good mood is gone...
I wonder about what problem Ginny needs to talk to Harry. Did she secretly signed a preliminary Quidditch agreement? I hope not!
Yes, well. Harry is brooding again. Why is Harry bored? It seems that he takes his teaching post at Hogwarts not serious enough. Instead of brooding, a brainstorming with Ginny would do him good. I'm relieved that Ginny assess the situation correctly. Ginny should slightly push him in the right direction. I think she is smarter then him. A man is only as strong as the woman is at his side (and, of course, she is so strong because he is hers). I'm glad that I have my own Ginny at home. Without her, I'm pretty sure, I would live a little aimless into the day. A certain challenge would be missing. I suspect this is true for the most of the males.
Ah Yes, Teri. The unknown creature. Her first meeting with Harry was a bit disturbing, right. The very clear description of Teri's facial expression was certainly intentional. I'm curious how that develops.
It was a great opening. Many things have happened. The next chapter is already read. I still need to write down my notes...
Many thanks for sharing the story!

Author's Response:

So actually what you're capably providing here is indeed literary criticism, which is comprised jointly of the practical (how well is the authour saying that which he purports to say) and the symbolic (what is the authour saying that he won't quite admit to). There's also plenty of basic opinion in there. All is welcome and appreciated.

Within the scope of this story, Harry will not join the Ministry, and Ginny will not play a single professional Quidditch match. TSD reveals that they ultimately do conform to canon and proceed with those 'fates', but I don't think I will treat the subject matter in any great detail beyond what I wrote for TSD. People can read Northumbrian for that -- he handles that world very adeptly. After I finish Trix and the final Fuddle Fog / Secrest sequel, I have one more AU in mind that will take things in a completely different direction.

The precise nature of Harry's and Ginny's angst remains a little vague. The nagging sensation that things are a bit too quiet? A feeling that one should be preparing for something, but one isn't sure exactly what? Premonition? Anyway, yes, Ginny seems to be able to gently wheedle the requisite introspection out of him in ways that Harry's other friends are far less competent. We all do need someone like that.

Reviewer: LysCsuri Signed Date: 2014.11.24 - 07:47AM Title: Eyes


Hey -- there actually is some sweetness in this story too! ;-) Harry and Ginny seem to have great chemistry, even if they don't exactly tell each other everything the way they should.

Author's Response: Yes, all true -- as I intend it, the story should have elements of romance and a fair bit of humour. A fair bit of it will be light-hearted, but there will also be ambiguities and anxiety that I haven't developed in other stories. Not all good will be rewarded; not all evil will be punished; some people will come away thriving; others merely surviving. Anyway, thank you for reading and reviewing!

Reviewer: skiutahnum1 Signed Date: 2014.11.13 - 08:33PM Title: Eyes

well now we see how harry and teri had there start in way....she is a little cold but thats ok to work out later...kutgw

Author's Response: Exactly -- this is where it all begins. For reasons mostly beyond her control, this will not be an easy story for Teri. Same goes for Harry and Ginny. I always viewed TPC as the culmination of Matt's "Taking Control", with 'control' being a key element. In other words, nearly all the time both Harry and Ginny were either in control, or close to it. This story will be a bit of a step away from that, toward a something bordering on Rowling-style angst.

Reviewer: dannbard Signed Date: 2014.11.12 - 09:14PM Title: Eyes


Wow -- lot's going on! I'm sensing about four plot threads already starting to assemble here; it will be interesting to see how they weave together.

It's intriguing to see what a 'bored' Harry is like. He's a nice guy and all, but not quite the alpha male that he was in TPC. I wonder if he regains his quiet swagger?

Author's Response: Interesting take -- if you like, you could PM me about the 'four plot threads' you see. I'm curious to hear what you think they are. Anyway, in my own mind there are two primary threads, but plenty of secondary ones. There's more use of canon characters in this story than in TPC, but also there's the introduction of a whole new cast of secondaries. As to the question of alpha-Harry, that's a good one! I have to admit that most of the story remains still in sketch form (I got seduced by Seeker Daughter and am a solid month behind on Trix), but I would admit that Harry's confidence level is likely to remain a notch lower than in TPC. The difference really is the Prophesy which, as Ginny pointed out, is over. At this point, Harry no longer has that magical decree of fate to define his actions. He has skill, power and great friends, but he is lacking that clear assurance of predestiny.

Reviewer: zorica Signed Date: 2014.11.11 - 06:40PM Title: Eyes


Well you had me at "the man held aloft a small purple stocking". What man? Whose purple stocing? Ginny's? Looking forward to this very much. Am I your first again? Yay.

Author's Response: It is possible that no other story in the English language starts off quite like that ;) You are *the first* Zorica dearest!! That surely deserves a celebration, doesn't it? What can I offer you -- a shimmery, ice-cold Kors limited edition with caviar? Royal Lochnagar poured with Highland springwater? Reliquia Palo Cortado served with smoke pignolia? Dom Perignon and a plate of thinly sliced emmentaler? Pick your poison! Thus far Brennus has not joined the party, although him agreeing to not press charges for bribery is encouraging.

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