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Reviewer: Gin110881 Signed Date: 2017.09.21 - 04:24PM Title: Momentary Lapse of Reason

It is very Slytherin of Zabini to lure Harry and Ginny into his Quidditch squad to increase his chances to be scouted.
I am very curious from whom the purple stocking man has nicked all the underwear. I guess that Ron, without even knowing it, is also missing parts of his underwear.
Asteria Lestrange ... well, even if Malfoy knows her under the name Lestrange, it's no prove that she really is a Lestrange, isn't it? Is it a distraction, a first hint, or a red herring? I know someone who knows, but he'll certainly won't tell me...

Author's Response:

Absolutely -- it is very Slytherin of Zabini to scoop up the best talent remaining at Hogwarts to surround himself with in his bid to make the League. The only less-than-Slytherin part about it is that he's at least somewhat honest about it

Yes, a good question as far as who has lost clothing. If someone has been affected by the 'wierdness', then it's a good bet that they lost clothing, but are there any others whom we're not yet suspecting?

And finally, yes, 'Asteria Lestrange'. I'm not sure if I've come up with any better name in all of my HP writing. I was a bit miffed when I discovered that Rowling was creating a 'Leta Lestrange' (a name almost as cool from a Mythological and Symbolism perspective) for Magical Beasts, and that this was another shady, conflicted, powerful witch. But this *is* Rowling's world of course :) Anyway, as to whether she is truly a 'Lestange', well... Time will answer at least 'some' questions :)

Thank you for stirring the pot a bit more, Martin!

Reviewer: MollyandArthur Signed Date: 2016.04.10 - 08:44AM Title: Momentary Lapse of Reason


Fascinating chapter. The possible plots are thickening. Zabini has an interesting idea for their development as Quidditch players. Poor Ron can't seem to stay out of trouble or in control of himself. Then, of course, is the big question. Who exactly is Asteria Lestrange? And, what is she capable of?

Author's Response:

Poor Ron indeed! Played himself for a fool then (literally) got taken for a ride. He will not be the last to make a bit of a plonker of himself though -- this story is rife with regrettable behaviour whose ultimate blame is... difficult to assign.

Who is Asteria Lestrange, and what is she capable of? A fine question -- fine enough to not get answered definitively for quite some time I fear!

Thank you most kindly for the reviews, MollyandArthur!

Reviewer: MisterBlack Signed Date: 2016.03.22 - 07:12AM Title: Momentary Lapse of Reason


Sometimes I think Harry is my spirit animal.

He and I are in the same wavelength. Sort of. I personally do not trust the little girl. There is a chance that she is completely innocent but I just feel that there is a connection between her and Bellatrix. A connection that really has nothing to do with their shared last names.

It is just too suspicious that no one has absolute any information about her. I got the impression from even the previous chapter that she was like Tom. A female version of Tom Riddle. I always felt that Harry had great instincts and for the most part he is usually right. I know he is not suggesting she had anything to do with Ron falling off his broom but Harry knows that something is

I happen to agree. Whatever the case may be it is entirely possible she does not even know it. It is entirely possible she is a victim. Either way I do not think it can be ignored. Then again this just all seems too convenient and I would not put it past you to put this in front of me to distract me from something else. A red herring, perhaps?

I have a feeling she will be a side project of Harry and he will in turn get closer to her. She is a creepy little girl but nevertheless she deserves fair treatment. I will say though... she really reminds me so much of a female Tom Riddle. Oh and no... I do not think she is his daughter or anything. I have always imagined that Tom was either some sick rapist of innocent muggles or asexual. One of the two extremes.

Now on to the next topic: Draco Malfoy

It is so satisfying to see such a focused Draco. I always thought this is who he would be after the events of HBP but unfortunately that never really happened. It is good to see him so calm and...humble? The boy has been knocked down and has been given a 2nd chance. At least he is trying to make right and studying. I can appreciate that. He does not necessarily need to be nice but he also does not need to be some prat either.

One last note: I am surprised Ginny or Harry have not punched Zabini in the face yet for his flirtation and sexual innuendos. If I remember from the previous stories he was just full of those.

I imagine Harry and Ginny will join his flying circus team? This story seems to be very focused on Quidditch in particular.

Author's Response:

Another fine review, thank you MisterBlack!

I'm perfectly on board with your impression that Teri is analogous to a female Tom Riddle. Both have immense precocious powers, both are prickly and manipulative social misfits, and both had distinctly inadequate early-childhood upbringings. Some questions to bear in mind though -- could a child, vulnerable to descent into darkness, be rescued prior to that slippery slope? Need Riddle have gone that route? What if he had come under a stabilising influence a few years earlier? Dumbledore encountered Riddle as a ten year old boy, and treated him with cautious suspicion; what if Dumbledore had found Riddle as an eight or nine year old, and had mentored him for a year or two prior to bringing him to Hogwarts?

Draco's confinement in Dolwyddelan, and his enforced separation from an impenitent Lucius (unaccounted for 'public enemy number two'), has unquestionably moderated him. I can't imagine him ever liking Harry, but there is a path laid out for him for a normal place in a light society.

Finally Zabini... He and Daphne are reliably annoying, vaguely helpful (Daphne moreso than Zabini), and inherently provocative. Harry and Ginny have consistently tolerated them now for quite a while, though. Largely without complaint. One reason for this is that Zabini and Daphne were, for the longest time, the only two Slytherins in Harry's year to risk joining the HA and to support Harry. The second reason why Harry tolerates Zabini is because he knows that Zabini is really only blowing smoke. Harry knows that Zabini has to make a show of being a jerk (in part to appease his own ego; in part to sustain some standing with upper class Slytherins) and knows that Zabini would never risk his skin by actually trying anything too untoward. And finally, as rigourously as everyone tries to deny it, Zabini probably actually considers Harry to be a friend. And vice versa.

And finally yes, Harry and Ginny ultimately do surrender to the great illogic of joining Zabini's Quidditch squad :)

Reviewer: Gin110881 Signed Date: 2015.07.16 - 07:16AM Title: Momentary Lapse of Reason

Sorry, I didn't mean labelling but separation.
I double checked the separation of the scene transitions again. You're right. In the browser, the separation is clearly to be seen as a double line. Unfortunately, the double line disappears during the conversion to the epub format. So it's my fault. I'm sorry for bothering you...

Author's Response: No bother at all. What software do you use to convert the text for your reader? I could probably use a basic character separator. I actually intended to just use a row of asterixes, but LibreOffice automatically converts those to a double line, which looked kind of cool.

Reviewer: Gin110881 Signed Date: 2015.07.16 - 05:05AM Title: Momentary Lapse of Reason


Oi, Zabini. I dunno why, but I’m always a bit uncomfortable around him, always in the wand at ready position when I read his name, lol. With him, it's like with my bank account manager. He is always very nice and friendly. He just wants my best. He always makes tempting proposition to get my best, to get my money.
Zabinis Quiditch idea sounds like a lot of fun. However, I do not think that the professional Quidditch League is a good idea. At least not for our darlings. In fact I think it would be horrible. Well, they would sell their souls for good money. OK, I've read a few Quidditch Queen Ginny stories only, but what I've learned about perils of the Quittich league sounded really bad. They would be caged in the campus of their appropriate team over the Quidditch season. They are not allowed to leave the town without permission. When to both of them can live with seeing each other only once or twice during the Quidditch season this should be no problem. It is expected to give regular interviews, Ginny would certainly appreciate the Witch Weekly questions. The Play Wizard is a sponsor of the Harpies. Ginny sure is looking forward to her pictures in the magazine. Not to mention the permanent presence in the gossip columns. The club owners expected that players will occasionally escort the sponsors to public events, its dirty business, right? All in all it would be a hard work to keep their relationship healthy. Thats why I don't like Quidditch Queen Ginny stories.
Did I mention that Bella is waiting somewhere out there? During a professional Quidditch game, the both of them certainly will be an easy target. I'm curious to read to what paths you lead us.
And-yes, this seems to be the second thing, what Ginny and Harry want to talk about. I'm looking forward to the discussions and the outcome.
The scene with Ron's accident was very mysterious. I think Ginny would have managed the situation with her brother better than Harry has. The bad things always happen when the two of them are not together.
Ah yes, Teri's real name. According to her description that was to be expected anyway, right? I am curious if her riddle is solved someday. If I remember correctly, it was not yet solved in the TSD. Or did you hide important things in TSD?
The Potter family life is charming. I just wonder when the aforementioned problems are discussed. Are the two of them avoid problematic issues? I must admit that I always like their conversations most. The more there are in the story, the better.
It seems you keep us busy with several curious incidents. Well done!
Many thanks for sharing!

By the way, a better labelling of the scene changes would make it easier for the reader.
Maybe you want to double check on “examining examining” and “doesn't rationally explain doesn't explain”.

Author's Response:

Very quick response to say that I've downloaded your two detailed reviews and will contemplate them today -- greatly appreciate, since the process of answering questions like these frequently solidifies (and sometimes inspires) plans for the rest of the story.

Thanks for catching the two transcription issues! Now when you were thinking of better ways of labeling scene changes, what did you have in mind? Date and location?

More later!

Author's Response:

Indeed, Zabini (like many Slytherins in this AU) is pulled by two sets of instincts, of which one is fairly unhealthy. Like many conflicted people, he can be steered reasonably well by good characters, though. Both H&G seem to be able to foster the good side of Zabini, although his pride makes him maintain a constant state of abrasive irreverence.

Bad things are more likely to happen when H&G aren't together? True. Professional Quidditch would be likely to pull H&G apart? True. Problem? Perhaps.

Regarding Teri's true identity, yes, her name seems to make superficial sense given who her mother is, but... who is her father? Is Teri truly a 'Lestrange' by blood? If not, why would she sport that name? There is a piece of the puzzle that was not articulated in TSD. It hovers in the unspoken subconscious like a skeleton in the family's closet.

I think I have H&G come together for at least one chat in nearly every chapter -- I wholeheartedly agree that doing so is crucial to our protagonists remaining true to their ideals and to each other.

Thank you very much for your thoughts -- enjoyable for me to think through what and how to answer!

Reviewer: skiutahnum1 Signed Date: 2014.11.27 - 06:39AM Title: Momentary Lapse of Reason

Well now where is Teri roots and how will this change for teri getting away with murder well we all know it never happens that for Ron well he's an idiot....kutgw

Author's Response:

Ah, well I can promise you more frustration when it comes to Teri's origin because our two beloved protagonists are going to round and round the mulberry bush a few more times with ever-shifting theories :)

But is Ron an idiot? He is certainly a bit thick at times, but could he have been played for a trick on this latest incident? If so, who's pulling the strings? Who will be the next victim?

As always, thank you for reading and reviewing Fred!

Reviewer: aimless Signed Date: 2014.11.26 - 05:11PM Title: Momentary Lapse of Reason


Well, I can see from where the Flying Circus coming. Although i think Ron would love the chance, didn't he want to be a pro? And why Zabini said Gryffindor playing bad if they can have Harry and Ginny? Also, didn't they do some interhouse games with scouts observing them? Doesn't look that bad, although exhibition team is a great idea.

Author's Response:

Ah -- greatly appreciate your critical eye in catching things that weren't well explained.

One thing that I will get on there and clarify is that between Ron feeling a duty to his Gryffindor captainship, and not having any interest at all in playing on a team being organized by Zabini (i.e., an arrogant Slytherin), he would be unlikely to accept. I didn't think either Harry or Ginny would mention that latter part directly to Zabini's face, although it should get casually conveyed to readers :)

The other thing that I need to clarify is that the interhouse scrimmages weren't working out to be very evenly balanced competition. In the one scrimmage that was attended by pro scouts, things fell apart to the extent that Holyhead was the only club that stayed until the finish, and the only player throughout who appeared in an impressive light was Ginny.

As for the reason Gryffindor had such a poor team, the main factor was the loss of both Harry and Ginny -- both of whom sacrificed their eligibility by graduating early.

I'll get on there this weekend and hack around to try to make those points more transparent. Thank you again so much for reading and reviewing!

Reviewer: LysCsuri Signed Date: 2014.11.24 - 07:50AM Title: Momentary Lapse of Reason


That whole Ron thing was really fun. Well for a while though, until it got creepy. And speaking of creepy, I don't trust Draco. Ummm, but then again, who does, right?

Author's Response:

Ah -- creepy! There's a good word. That can be my mantra as I write this story

No, I think it's fair to distrust Draco. If you've had the chance to read The Prevailing Counterpoint, you would have learned that Draco was theoretically intending to kill Hermione (Ron saved her) so unlike many of the reformed Slytherins in this AU, he is more resistant to redemption. And of course Lucius is on the run and, as far as we know, is as evil as ever. I think you can trust Narcissa though -- she burned her Death Eater bridges too thoroughly to expect much more than life as a recluse until the final remnants of Volddemort's followers are rounded up.

Reviewer: zorica Signed Date: 2014.11.22 - 11:03PM Title: Momentary Lapse of Reason


First things first. Dom Perignon will be fine and I'll have anything with that! Now what was Ron thinking and who are Teri's parents? I'll sip the Dom as I ponder these questions. You and Brennus are welcome to join me in my backyard on this pleasant Sunday arvo in Australia.

Author's Response:

Well, as I stare out into the interminable grey, I must say that the bottle of 2000 vintage that I have currently chilling for you will be a small tribute to pay for a healthy dose of sunshine and warmth of an Oz springtime afternoon. Now all I have to do is work out the portkey schedule!

While you await our arrival, here are some things to consider:
- Hermione and Ron will be asking an important question in the next chapter, although I suspect that readers will begin to hone in on the answer before they (or H&G) do.
- Regarding Teri's heritage, H&G have started to think outside the box, although one may eventually wonder whether they may want to take a closer at the box itself before they discard it completely.
- Harry makes an assertion in the last chapter that Ginny accepts without question, but if you dig into canon you realize that it's not proven to be true. It's something that Horace Slughorn might be able to speculate a bit about.

Anyway, I hope that's just the right balance of intrigue and confusion to string you along :)

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