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Reviewer: Gin110881 Signed Date: 2017.09.24 - 09:46AM Title: Tears in the Dark

I still could remember the visit to Mrs Parkinson, and the three options she presented to Harry. I suspect, however, that there will be an up till now unknown option 4.
Even if the title "The Seekers Daughter" wants to make this option credible, I donít believe in option 3.

I do not believe that the author will fall back on previously undescribed conception methods where the participants are e.g. under the influence of Polyjuice potion or some kind of dark magic mimicking someone else's identity, maybe even multiple identities. With the latter all three options could be feasible at the same time, couldn't it? However, it all sounds so farfetched that I don't believe the author would use such an approach. Hence my best guess is on the still unknown option 4.

Long distance mind control; seems Ginny has a reasonable suspicion that Teri might be "a kind of" medium controlled, occasionally or permanently, by someone, for whatever the term medium I'm using might stand for. As far as I remember, Ginny and Harry didn't learn much more yet about Teri in the later chapters of Trix. On the other hand, maybe I forgot about it.

Author's Response:

Ah, the power of persistence! I will admit that I had a somewhat nebulous notion of the precise resolution to the story's most pressing mystery -- rather like authours or playwrites who write two or three alternate endings to their work, except I had not yet committed the notions to paper. Well, in view of your speculations, I have now committed to a resolution that is neither overly complex nor simple; is not lurid or trashy; is not cliche; does not follow Rose Parkinson's prescription, yet also doesn't make her seem foolish. Furthermore, it bears upon the personalities of those people most affected by the issue, and ties into a poignant climax and conclusion.

Or so I believe, anyway... Now, I only need to write the chapters to reach that point -- a pox on the poxy, daft authour for devising such a long, complex story :|

Yes, Ginny's (and your) assessment of how Teri is being affected is accurate. However, the understanding of Teri's situation is incremental and does grow appreciably from where you are here and chapter 17. Chapter 17 introduces a new perturbation, however.

Anyway, those readers who are following the story should thank you for forcing my hand regarding a real resolution. Muy Bien!

Reviewer: MollyandArthur Signed Date: 2016.04.10 - 10:50AM Title: Tears in the Dark


Teri seems to be suffering so much and likely is in terrible danger. I am glad that Harry and Ginny are working so hard to try to determine what is going on and how to block the damage. The meeting with Pansy and her mother was very interesting. Unfortunately determining the girl's parentage is of critical importance.

Author's Response:

I must admit that I did not give Teri an easy path to follow in this story -- she had a terrible childhood; her only semi-stable home life was disrupted by the war; when she starts to settle into caring (if pseudo-orphanesque) environment, she finds herself enmeshed as a pawn in a criminal plot. This is perhaps as close to Thomas Hardy character development as I will ever permit myself to write, but unlike TH I will promise you a good outcome at some point.

Glad you enjoyed having tea with the Parkinsons! I haven't yet decided if Rose will be back, but she was fun to write for one scene anyway.

Interestingly, I have had some mixed opinions over whether there is fundamental value in determining the girl's parentage, or whether the authour is simply leading everyone on a goose chase. Sometimes in research the journey is as important as the destination.

Thank you again for some wonderfully thought-provoking comments, M&A!

Reviewer: MisterBlack Signed Date: 2016.03.23 - 09:39AM Title: Tears in the Dark


To tell you the truth I am far more concerned with Teri and her problem than I am about who is her father.

Immediately if you just go by logic then you can immediately remove Harry from the list. I have to be honest I am a bit hesitant to just eliminate him based on logic because if logic had any merit then Bellatrix would not even be considered the girl's illegitimate mother.

Okay, so according to this chapter the 3 possible fathers are:

1.) Harry Potter: I find this unlikely and bordering on impossible. For one... Harry Potter would be too young. He was 8 years old. He has not even begun the process of spermatogenesis. I doubt even magic would be able to help in that area. Based on what we know about the physiology of our reproductive system it is simply impossible. Not to mention they would not even be able to get near Privet Drive with the blood wards.

2.) Tom Riddle: Very unlikely as well. I won't say it is impossible because we are dealing with magic and maybe there is an answer I have not thought of but as of now... no. He was nothing but a wraith at the time of conception. Again... I doubt even magic would be able to help out in these matters.

3.) Roland Lestrange: This is the most likely candidate. It is simply awful to read about a father in law who would do such a thing but alas... it is not unprecedented. If Bella is the mother (I still have my doubts) then more than likely it is because of Roland. Unfortunately this brings more questions like "who did they pay to keep quiet about the pregnancy?" ... "How is it possible for the baby to survive at all in a place like Azkaban?"... "Why was nothing ever said before? Who else knows?"

There are more questions but these are enough to make me doubt the information that they have. If any of the information were true then I doubt even Rose Parkinson would know. If she ever did find out then I have no doubt that she would be receiving a nice Killing Curse right at her chest.

I have to say... I dont envy you, GHL. If Teri is infact the offsrping of Bella and any of the 3 possible fathers then you really have to convince me. As of now I will just say that based on what we know so far that she is not the offspring of Bella or any of the 3.

Moving on... I am willing to wager that the girl in your first chapter that wakes up all frantic like looking for the purple stocking is none other than Teri. If Bella took something personal for her she would be able to control her, right? That is more current theory.

I still say you are trying to distract me. This is just all too...straightforward? I am still keeping an eye out.

Author's Response:

Yes, your humanistic attitude is certainly reasonable in Teri's case. I think at this point the interest in her origins stem from wondering whether there are any clues in her past to shed light on what unusual powers she might have and how/whether those powers might be being manipulated, and by whom. The familial connection, you now know (via next chapter) have other implications as well though. Anyway, you are quite correct in stating that she is in potentially grave danger, and implying that no resolution of question of parentage is going to alleviate that danger directly. Basically, now is not the time to veer off in Hermione-like intellectual tangents. Point well made.

That said, I will mercifully eliminate one big question mark and state that, by mechanisms that have not yet been hinted at, Bellatrix is indeed the girl's mother. The father I shall not identify, but I will certainly cheerfully share that I am definitely trying to drive you (and other dear readers) to distraction ;)

Less distracting, I will also confirm now that the girl in the opening scene is indeed Teri, and that an article of clothing was indeed taken from her before she became safely ensconsed in Dolwyddelan (just as items were also taken from other upstanding citizens). And yes, the issue of control is indeed at stake; the success of which and prospects for which you shall discover as time goes on.

Thank you for another engaging review, MisterBlack!

Reviewer: Gin110881 Signed Date: 2015.07.17 - 06:02AM Title: Tears in the Dark


OK, Mrs Parkinson was not my first option when I wondered whom Harry has meant in the little Cliffie at the end of the previous chapter. In fact, she would have be the last option I would have thought about, if at all.
The negotiations with Mrs Parkinson were very, very Slytherin-like. Regarding her negotiations tactics one could assume that the Slytherin characteristics have already stained on Ginny? Are the two of them really plan an authorized biography? I hope not, this applies to both questions. Well, if they do not plan an authorized biography, Ginny was very well Slytherin-like, to my regret. (OK, there was a kind of answer to those questions in the chapter later on)
Oh yes, Teri's father.
Option 2 I had expected. This would also fit in well with Bella's subservience towards her Dark Lord.
Option 3? No. No. Come on, no. How does that work? Time travel? Has someone nicked Harry purple stockings ten years ago and made Bella wear the stockings when she did the act, along with some ancient magic and Fugo-like music? Come on, no!
Then rather someone made Teri wear Harry's purple stockings and manipulated her magical core and everything to look like Harry's and to force him somehow in that dark issue.
However, the real question would be: to what purpose, and who could have had such an interest ten years ago.
The manipulation of Teriís magical core could have been done recently. That would match much better. Mrs Parkinson had never mention when she has performed that magical profiling stuff. Was it recently? Or, maybe years ago. Or was it, very Slytherin-like, a lie? I trust that you will solve this riddle for us someday, lol.
Next point, Quidditch action. I know that there are a lot people out there, who enjoy the detailed description of a Quidditch match. I must admit, I am not. However, for sure I would like to visit a live Quidditch match. It's not the problem that I don't like Quidditch sports. For years, I've played football myself and I have coached children team's for over a decade. I like to watch good football match, even in the stadium. But I would never read a book that describes a match in all details. The imagination and the real action would be too far apart.
Writing Quidditch scenes is certainly very difficult. I know it and I will appreciated it and I'll read them all, however, maybe a little faster ;-)
Ginny and Harry's evening with the kids is beautifully written. I am very curious about Ginny'S idea. However, I do not like that the two of them are traveling separately again. Something will happen to one of them soon. I am sure. It is always like this. Usually.

Many thanks for another lovely chapter. More and more questions and mysteries are emerging. There are still no answers in sight. I should create a catalogue of open issues, so I don't lose track. However, I sincerely hope that the author has kept this in mind, lol. (I still want to find something out about Ginny's problem in the first chapter. I know that I'm nosy, but please no spoilers.)
Cu, Martin

Author's Response:

So what is the extent to which H&G are willing to stoop to Slytherin tactics to extract info from Slytherins? At what point does it taint them? I would maintain that H&G earned the respect from Slytherins by their embrace of Machiavellian strategies that brought down the Death Eaters and Voldemort, and that it is all second-nature to them. They do not manipulate friends like that, but have no qualms about enemies.

My recollections od Quidditch matches in this stories are personal growth dramas -- not play-by-play, but rather a condensation that reveals character strengths. Let me know if you agree.

Yes, please do catalog the open issues, just in case the authour lets a thread slip through the cracks!

Reviewer: skiutahnum1 Signed Date: 2015.02.26 - 11:52AM Title: Tears in the Dark

Leave it to the library kids to figure it out where they need to look for information. Harry and Ginny are working a lot of extra hours and seem to be make headway but it's still going to take awhile to figure this out. Kutgw

Author's Response: Correct and astute! Yes, one plot feature that I will torture readers with is that as some puzzles resolve, others appear. I hope to have thrown at least one curve into your reading experience with the latest chapter (just now posted). Thank you again for reading and reviewing!

Reviewer: lunagranger Signed Date: 2015.02.22 - 04:59PM Title: Tears in the Dark


It was great to see how Ginny and Harry obtained information from Rose. And you're keeping the new information about both mysteries (Teri's ancestry and the mind spell) coming in a very good pace. Kutgw.

Author's Response:

Ah! The only day better than one with a LunaGranger review, is a day with *two* LunaGranger reviews! Thank you again, Silvia!

And this, of course, is the greatest challenge with Trix -- how to parcel out the discoveries, knowing that a large amount of information gathering must be accomplished in order to solve the case. I'm grateful for the fedback! Affirmation that the pace thus far seems about right gives me a benchmark for subsequent elucidation.

Reviewer: ProfessorBinns79 Signed Date: 2015.02.22 - 10:50AM Title: Tears in the Dark


I'm glad to see an update and hear that you're "back in the saddle." The mystery of this story is enthralling! I can't quite come up with what Ginny is thinking of that reminds her of her fourth year (which is before "Taking Control" and thus back into canon, right?). I'll be looking forward to the next chapter.

Author's Response:

Yes, this is indeed a canon reference! I suspect you'll figure it out, but if not then the recollection will emerge quickly within the fifth chapter.

Great to hear that you're enjoying this! Hope to not delay overlong in trotting out the next installment. Thanks for the review!

Reviewer: Dad Signed Date: 2015.02.21 - 05:21PM Title: Tears in the Dark


This is getting really interesting.

Author's Response:

Ah -- glad you think so! The story is a bit more demanding in terms of juggling disparate plot point and trying not to drop any threads from the weave. Makes it fun to write; hopefully the same will be true for reading.

Thanks for continuing to follow and offer your thoughts!

Reviewer: nesciamema Signed Date: 2015.02.21 - 12:14AM Title: Tears in the Dark


Very curious as to what Ginny is one to. Can't wait for an update.

Author's Response:

Great! That, fortunately, is one thing that I plan to address in the very next scene -- both Ginny's initial hunch and Ryan's best guess for an explanation. I do hope to not leave you waiting too long, though unlike TPC, I have not written far ahead. Writing far ahead has the advantage of helping one to understand and resolve inconsistencies before they get posted, but on the other hand make it more difficult to benefit from brilliant suggestions from readers :)

Thank you very much for the review!

Reviewer: Aragorn Signed Date: 2015.02.20 - 10:23PM Title: Tears in the Dark


Appreciating the new chapter. Certainly a mystery being woven here....

Author's Response:

And I appreciate your appreciation! Yes, there is definitely an element of mystery to the story. It's clearly not a whodunit, but more of a 'what are they going to do next?' plot, with an element of 'who can you not fully trust?'

Thank you for chiming in!

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