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Reviewer: Gin110881 Signed Date: 2017.09.24 - 02:28PM Title: Black and Blue

I was just wondering if the laundry fetishist still knows which knickers belong to whom, or whether he sometimes simply picks a random piece from the dirty laundry to attack a victim.

Ah-yes, Ginny's Christmas jumper. I still remember the jumper very well. I'd suspected, and I'm still suspecting, that Bella will use the jumper to go after Ginny. As far as I've read Trix earlier, i.e. chapter 13 or 14, Ginny didn't get it back. I'm pretty sure about it. I just don't know if Teri still has the jumper, or if laundry fetishist already has claimed it.

I hope they'll try to help Teri using Harry’s first-hand experience and Ginny’s mind skills. But as far as I remember, Zabini will keep the two of them busy in the near future, so they won't have much time to worry about Teri.

Great chapter, as always. Thank you so much.

May I can invite you to a drink on my place under the top 20 reviewers?

Author's Response:

Oh ho! Tied for 20, are you? And higher quality reviews than many of those above you on the list, too!

Anyway, yes, I would be happy to join you for a drink of your choice on this occasion. And if "Fires of Time" nudges me past Northumbrian into 18th on the list of most verbose authours, then I shall have to return the favour :)

Have drafted chapters 4 and 5 of FoT, by the way. Not quite ready to release it to alpha reading yet, though, since I'm still rearranging vignettes and correcting some my more puzzling typos.

I believe that chapters 17 and on of the earlier ones (13 or 14) do answer many of your questions above, so I will leave them be for the time being.

Anyway, thank you for having expended a very fair number of your noteworthy 1060 reviews on my stories!

Reviewer: MollyandArthur Signed Date: 2016.04.10 - 11:41AM Title: Black and Blue


Voodoo magic. I really should have seen that coming since you were kind enough to give us a few clues. It is a shame they don't have any friends from the Deep South to call upon for information. Louisiana, for example, is a home to such magic. Teri really needs help quickly. They should talk to her about everything, as I sure she knows more than they realize about the situation. She probably knows a great deal that she simply does not understand.

Author's Response:

I find it interesting that among all of the magical/mystical traditions that the HP universe offers nods to, one of the richest, most enduring and (to westerners) most grippingly frightening is left out entirely. In any case, you have hit the plot device on the nose here -- Harry & co. have nobody to whom they can turn to tap into a even the simpler aspects of a very deep and mysterious magical culture. The best that they have is an old 'Heart of Darkness' like account from some obscure Belgian wizard who ventured up one of the dark, malarial rivers on the African west coast. That would seem like a major disadvantage, but the discriminating reader may ask, well what about Bellatrix? She's closed-minded and notoriously nonintellectual, so what would she know about O Bo? Probably very little... unless she has a friend...?

So Louisiana does certainly, as you suggest, remain a hotbed of the Voudoun culture. Might circumstances also scan a little further south?

Very true: Teri is host to a great array of (decidedly not great) experiences that might prove valuable to the investigation. I think Harry is approaching her with a great deal of caution, though. He doesn't want to expose her to the worst repercussions of what may end up as a very dicey situation and, perhaps, he may somewhat be guilty of a Dumbledore-esque fear that she is a conduit through which the dark side is attempting to spy or lash out. So will he manage this balancing act any better than his first mentor did?

Reviewer: MisterBlack Signed Date: 2016.03.23 - 11:08AM Title: Black and Blue


So it is not possession in the traditional sense. The victim would still be concious and aware of what it is that is happening. It is almost like torture in a sense?

It is possible that the victim starts hallucinating however so briefly?

This is just all under the assumption that what Harry was experiencing was the same thing experienced by Teri. That in itself is not enough though right? She has to break their character?

It reminds me of demon possession. I have read and heard stories (if you believe in these things) about how demon possession usually works. It is something sinister that starts out small and gradually with time things start happening around you that you cannot explain. You start feeling detached from everyone and you may even begin to hallucinate. Some have claimed to see how the horrible face of whatever demon they are being tormented by. Anyway... all of this is made to erode your will and to make you weak so you can just give up and let them possess you.

This is really disturbing stuff. You truly have to be evil to abuse on a child like this. I really really hope Bellatrix suffers for this. If this type of magic can be used to hurt Teri then why not use it to protect her? They did say you can use it in such a way, right?

I think overall you have done a great job in making Ginny and Harry equal. Harry actually knows what he is doing. Dropping a letter for her to find? Being all mysterious? 10 points to Gryffindor.

I have to agree with Harry on what he said before about not being needed any more at Hogwarts. I happen to agree with him. So far I have not seen the point in him teaching there. He would be better off somewhere else. Maybe it is just me but if I were him I would probably take Ginny with me and go around the world for one whole year. Just take a year off and explore different communities and different magic.

Maybe even go to America and learn more about the 'skinwalkers' over there. :P

Author's Response:

Very true -- there is no diary-like possession, and no Imperius-like clouding of mind. When done properly, the magic can theoretically permit the victim's body to be compelled, independently of mind. Needless to say, this can indeed be a nightmarish scenario. When things are more imperfect, the victim can be confused, although I would not classify the experience as a hallucination. Harry has a ghastly vision, but that is because he has developed a preternatural sensitivity to magical aura, and what he experiences his an appalling violation of his magical being. A lesser wizard might instead experience some physical and mental discomfort along with the sense of failing magical reserve.

Demon possession? In as much as this is common parlance for Loa possession, that is exactly the issue at stake here. The Vodun do frequently use this magic for benign purposes, including protection, so it would absolutely be possible to develop ways to counteract an evil intent using the same toolkit as the perpetrators, but the problem is that such magic is not taught anywhere in Britain -- even by Death Eaters. So there is a 'learning curve' problem. Nonetheless, very astute observation!

Evil and disturbing? Hoo yes...

Yes, I like the assertion that Harry and Ginny have become equals. Their skills are similar in many respects since they learned a lot together, but they each have their own distinct specialisations. Their current professional roles actually favour Ginny's magical development above Harry's -- she is not a big fan of spending long hours in the library, but it's less stultifying than grading essays. Which, of course, brings me to another very valid point which is to question why Harry remains in his faculty position. The joy of that particular life has clearly faded, and (emerging Bellatrix threat notwithstanding) Hogwarts has moved on from the seige mentality of the prior year, but there is one key benefit that Harry continues to derive from his role -- the fact that all of his best acolytes (except, arguably, the twins) are still students. In his current position, Harry can continue to mentor some very talented supporters and procure useful resources for them. Beyond that, though, you're right -- no real point.

Should Harry wrap us this case and take a year off? Sounds like a cracking idea. However, one must still ask whether life will avail itself on his behalf?

Reviewer: Gin110881 Signed Date: 2015.07.17 - 01:11PM Title: Black and Blue


Hui, fortunately nothing happened to the two of them, although they were separated. It always sets on the alarm bells inside me.
What Ginny has discovered is indeed interesting. So, West African Vodoun it is. What does it mean for our little problem? Is Teri kind of possessed? Is it possible to achieve something like that by purple stockings? Maybe Ginny should talk to Teri. She knows best what it feels like to be possessed.
Ha ha, Harry starts to tell his biography in the library. Hopefully no one takes notes, lol.
I wonder if Harry is happy that Mione wants to help Ryan in his project. I look forward to Harry's response.
What is Teri doing out there on the meadow? Spying upon the wards for Bella?
Cold or not, I am appalled that Harry voluntarily gives away clothing, especially after the recent findings, a kind of new voodoo material for Bella. If Bella gets her fingers on that jumper using Teri than Harry will experience an unpleasant surprise. Oh bugger, not him but Ginny. For sure nobody else knows that the jumper doesn't belong to Harry but to Ginny. When Bella wants to threaten Harry using this jumper, Ginny is in deep doo-doo. Stupid Boy. He always fucks up royally when Ginny isn't around. Harry hasn't got the jumper back, right? At least I didn't notice it.
The following attack on Harry was mysterious. I hope that he can find out what happened to him. He has now first-hand impressions. I wonder why the other kids will not be protected from Teri, and Teri from herself. Isn't it a dangerous situation? She is simply left alone in Dolwyddelan without special help and support. I'm not saying that she should be punished. Not at all. She is innocent. But at least she should be observed.
Oh, you're evil, so evil. I've almost thrown my reader away to run after Ginny to watch her back. My hands are still shaking. Actually, Ginny should have recognise Harry's handwriting, right? Brrr, the guy is simply irresponsible.

Many thanks for another wonderful instalment.
Cu, Martin

Author's Response:

Possession? Sort of, yes, although clearly it's not the sort of absolute control that possession conveys. Good point that Ginny could (should) have discussed the issue with her. She always seems to have very little direct interaction with Teri, though. Subtle plot point?

So obviously you have caught onto the clothing / control motif. Yes, one might well wonder what could happen with that jumper?

Bad idea to leave Teri at Dolwyddelan? Good question. You will soon encounter some answers (and hopefully some reassurance) regarding what I think you may fear the most, but are there any other pitfalls to the situation at the safe house?

Methinks you are a bit harsh on poor old Harry. It is definitely true that H&G are magically at their most vulnerable when they are apart, but I believe that they can both retain wisdom and good judgment. While they are both at their best when together, their ability to overcome separation may prove very important.

Thanks as always for your thoughts and for making me think!

Reviewer: skiutahnum1 Signed Date: 2015.03.07 - 01:11PM Title: Black and Blue

Ah ha ray and Teri have had a time now but now Bella has seen what she is going to have to do and soon she will have to be careful or she will see the ground fast....kutgw

Author's Response:

Yes, a fun bit of comeuppance for the unlovable Madame Lestrange! However, incisive readers such as yourself can likely see that not only are there weaknesses in the techniques Bellatrix is using for the attacks, but also a critical flaw in what Harry and Ginny did to repel the attack. Their defence was brutally effective this time, but one can envision scenarios in which it wouldn't work...

Thank you very much for reading and reviewing, Fred!

Reviewer: lunagranger Signed Date: 2015.03.06 - 11:04PM Title: Black and Blue


Very intriguing!And well written as your stories always are.

Author's Response:

Ah, tres bien! Very glad to hear that you enjoyed it and that my obsessive editing continues to pay off :)

Thank you as always for reading and reviewing!

Reviewer: sdourse Signed Date: 2015.03.05 - 01:57PM Title: Black and Blue


There's a lot to like in this chapter! The scene in the meadow rocks, and the trick Harry plays on Ginny (actually I think it's *you* playing the trick on the *reader*) is fun, but my favorite is the awkward conversation between Hermione and Ryan. I can just imagine her rolling her eyes at the same time as being intrigued. It almost makes me wonder (shiver) if there's romantic potential there?

Author's Response:

Heh heh. Yes, I have to it's probably more authour trying to trick reader than Harry tweaking Ginny. However, you might be a bit deranged if you suggest Hermione + Ryan. 'Shiver' indeed.

Thank you for passing along your esteemed thoughts!

Reviewer: aimless Signed Date: 2015.03.05 - 07:24AM Title: Black and Blue


Interesting development here of a few hints from first chapter. "smouldering reed fetishes " is the result of Ginny's intervention, I guess?

Author's Response:

Yes indeed -- don't mess with Ginny's man!

And also yes -- this chapter and the next (undergoing edits) do tend to shed light on some of the earlier mysteries, but of course some new ones are cropping up. Also, with the early imminent peril pushed back, Quidditch starts to come to the fore for a while.

Thank you for reading and reviewing, Aimless!

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