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Reviewer: Gin110881 Signed Date: 2017.09.25 - 04:07PM Title: Cousin Capers

Great chapter with lots of useful information.

I really couldn't remember this meeting between Teri and Harry, although I think it was quite important to understand Teri's situation. I've got, however, the impression that Teri'd hoped for more immediate answers from Harry. I'm quite curious if Bella will be able to draw information about the meetings from Teri.

The meetings with the Aurors are quite fruitful as long as the students take care that the Aurors do not interfere with the case, lol.

Oh, I really can't believe that you seriously considered to close Teri's case without a proper final resolution.

Author's Response:

Great! Thank you for the feedback and vote of confidence!

As far as providing a definitive solution to the Teri mystery, I'm fairly certain that I would have settled upon one of the plausible alternative explanations prior to completing the story. Of course, there are days when I'm not certain whether this story will meet the Brennus test of a writer's mettle (i.e., never leave a story unfinished). It is a good example of my own oft-broken rule, which is: never write a sequel unless you have a very good reason. Anyway, it's underway; it's past half way, and I still have reasons to want to complete it... although sadly those reasons are not as fun and interesting as my reasons for writing other things. Ah well...

Reviewer: MollyandArthur Signed Date: 2016.04.10 - 03:19PM Title: Cousin Capers


Greatly enjoying this story.

Author's Response:

Great to hear that, MollyandArthur! I am greatly enjoying your comments. Thanks!

Reviewer: MisterBlack Signed Date: 2016.03.23 - 01:01PM Title: Cousin Capers


This is by far my favorite chapter. The Quidditch was great but honestly who can resist reading about Smith turning into a chicken? What a ponce. That was really funny.

I have to say I rather enjoyed how you wrote the Quidditch match. Most people write the whole match as it is happening. You took a different approach and basically summarized the key points. I rather enjoyed it. I see potential problems though. It seems to me that these games are becoming very popular. Without any doubt I am sure it mostly has to do with Harry and Ginny being on the team.

Anyway... I would not be surprised if there is an attack in the future. It really would not surprise me. Something always seems to happen to Harry.

I wonder... does Occlumency really help here? I think the magic used here goes much deeper. I would wager it has more to do with will than anything. The Imperius curse can be resisted and I would imagine the same can be said for this curse. Teri kind of reminds me of a young Ginny when she was suffering through her first year. At least Teri has the support of people around her and she seems very determined not to let any one control her. Clearly she will be a very powerful witch. She seems to have good control over her magic.

Perhaps I was wrong. Maybe Bellatrix is her mother. I am still not convinced despite what was revealed in this chapter but if I am wrong then okay. I guess I am wrong.

This will be very interesting. I am really curious to see how the group will confront this bump in the road.

Why am I not surprised? Harry and an Auror bumping heads? Williamson comes off pretty arrogant but at least he is willing to listen even if he does not completely understand the subject. That is good I guess. There is room for improvement. At least his decisions are based on some form of logic as opposed to just ego. Still... perhaps he should listen more closely to Harry and Ginny. There are certainly ways to be discreet that would not compromise the investigation. An investigation on a subject matter that for the most part they are still pretty much in the dark about. The evidence surrounding Remus, Nott, and Davis situations are tenuous at best sure but even so I think it is risky to simply disregard it all together.

I am not an investigator of any sort but even I know that the smallest of information could lead to bigger leads. In this situation I would not focus so much on what actually happened and I would focus on the individual. Have they had a past with a similar incident? Things of that nature. Perhaps this is why Voldemort was very successful in the first war. Nobody really pays attention to what is most important.

Author's Response:

Great to hear that you enjoyed the chapter and the Quidditch! The latter is a fairly regular fixture from this point onwards (a key subplot, if you will), and I apply a general recipe that I think will continue to work for you -- Quidditch action is a metaphor for character development, and the action that I explicitly provide is ultimately intended to advance the metaphor du jour. In other words, the time devoted to a Quidditch match, like any sporting contest, is probably going to be divided into a majority portion of bland filler, and a minority fraction of real action. The latter is typically what I'll aim to focus on.

Does Occlumency really help? By merely asking that question, you have basically answered (correctly) that no, it doesn't really. The only tangible benefit of Occlumency against the nasty esoteric magic that they're up against is that Occlumency instills a mental discipline that strengthens resistance against destructive compulsions. Harry has not quite reached this perspective yet, so bear with me, but you'll note (for a while) the mind-set that pursuing preparations that entail a remote chance of being helpful is better than doing nothing at all.

I would agree with you that Williamson is not stupid... but he is a by-the-book investigator with inadequate open-mindedness and he is no fan of Harry Potter. None of these attributes help him in this case, and none of this makes Harry any better disposed to DMLE. He probably wouldn't even try to involve them at all, if not for his respect for Kingsley, and his understanding (for now) that Tonks should be involved, and that her involvement is easier to secure if the Aurors are tolerated.

Oh, and your 'focus on the individual' admonition is (as you'll see soon enough) eerily apt!

Reviewer: Gin110881 Signed Date: 2015.07.20 - 03:56AM Title: Cousin Capers

Just a few additions regarding the attacks. After giving it another round of thinking, I believe that the loss of control at the end of an attack has several reasons. First, the Executor, i.e. Bella and maybe someone else in addition, is not very experienced. Second, the bloodline victims have refused to continue the attack at some point. (I'm assuming that the whiskey is a red herring. Perhaps it was poisoned, but it should not be the trigger for the incident with Remus. That's probably the Voodoo attack on Tonks). The third reason is the distance. When the end victim too far away from the possessed person, the control is lost.
Of course, everything changes when Bella has practised enough with their bloodlines victims and then directly accesses the end victims. Then the above error causes are eliminated. We will have a rude awakening for all affected people. In addition, there are probably already enough pieces of clothing belonging to potential end victims on their way to Bella.
I'm curious. Is it a begging for spoilers, when I ask how many chapters we will have at the end, when all riddles are solved?

Author's Response: Thanks Martin -- lots of astute speculation in there that I will not definitively comment upon. How many chapters? This is only speculation since I'm trying to keep all chapters under 10K words (faster validation is the chapter isn't too long), but I'm guessing 16-20 chapters.

Reviewer: Gin110881 Signed Date: 2015.07.19 - 04:34PM Title: Cousin Capers


Oops, what a surprise. My nickname is in the A/N. I did not expect this honour. Thanks a lot!

Are you kidding? The weather forecast of Dufftown, the capital of the whiskey? The air is pregnant from whiskey in a way that the instruments wouldn't work! I can confirm it from my own experience. You only need to smell the air to get drunk.

And yes, I've explicitly noticed at least twice that Ginny's never accompanied Harry when Harry meets Teri. And again she had an excuse to stay away from the meeting with Teri. During the story time with the kids I still believed in coincidence but after that I couldn't. It was a bit obvious that Ginny always had a reason that she was not with Harry and the reason was explicitly known (the walk with Mione, setting the wards with the other group). To me it looked like an intention of the author, since the two of them are usually together in such important conversations. However, I must admit that I have no clue why Ginny is not allowed to meet Teri. Surprise me!

The relationship of Harry to Teri's kind of weird. Why Harry has the feeling that he could never lie to her? Why is Teri on the same level with Ginny regarding this issue? Are we to believe that Mrs Parkinson's Option 3 is the truth? In any case, the conversation with Teri was very informative. I wonder if Bella is able to trick Harry and retrieve this information from Teri. It's a good idea to arrange another meeting with Teri. However, I'd wager that Ginny is again prevented.

Ah yes, the direct access of the Ministry to the Hogwarts resources. This may work well for some time. However, sooner or later, usually sooner, there will be a disaster. Williamson seems to be proof of that. You can take Hogwarts as an example for every possible institution in the wizarding and muggle world. Harry was brilliant when he countered Williamson.
OK, now they know about the Voodoo proxies. However, Harry didn't remember the he had given away Ginny's jumper. The idea with the bloodline is very interesting. However, I guess that Bella will also use other people as Voodoo victim. Maybe she has a better control over the victims in her blood line. At least until she has improved her capabilities.

In your response you said that Iím a bit harsh on poor old Harry. I donít think so. You need to see it from my angle. The most important person for me is Ginny, the second importantÖ well its Ginny, and the third important is GiÖ no OK, itís Harry. I will judge Harry always a little harder. Like a son in law, who has yet to prove good enough for Ginny.
But I can also be different. I just partly reread TSD, the parts describing their relationship. I noticed again how unsatisfactory their relationship must be. The Quidditch business has clearly left its mark on Ginny. Apparently she has little to no time for Harry. Harry often feels a bit lost and aimless. At least that were Ginny's thoughts when she looked at Harry in one scene. But what is she doing about it? The answer seemed to be: Nothing. I thought to myself: Is this my Gin? My Ginny would have tried to make Harry laugh to feel a bit better. OK, we discussed this before and actually we are not here for TSD.

Many thanks for another great and informative instalment. A few questions are partly answered now. We got some new questions but also some indications for the further investigation.
/cu, Martin

Author's Response:

Ah yes, so another case of veiled but not explicit explanation. In the case briefing in chapter 6, it's said that Teri won't talk about serious stuff with anyone but Harry. It's an important plot point, and your questions point to the vague articulation not being clear enough. I should probably intervene in the text somewhat and explicitly mention that Ginny is voluntarily holding herself back from these meetings.

So my advocacy for Harry relates to the fact that in the end Harry is there for Ginny as they overcome a scenario that is brought about by a combination of circumstance, evil intent on the part of the antagonist, and a judicious smattering of mistakes on the part of both protagonists. This story differs from TPC in that, in this strange uncertain web, not all of H&G's judgments are unerring. They, like Bellatrix, are feeling their way through a complex caper that lacks any of the certainty or predestiny of the prophesy-dominated Voldemort confrontation. The salient difference between protagonists and antagonist (SPOILER ALERT!) is that the protagonists are first and foremost a team. In this sense, the Quidditch actually folds back around as a metaphor for how the parallel crime drama unfolds.

Reviewer: skiutahnum1 Signed Date: 2015.03.11 - 04:05PM Title: Cousin Capers

Oh no the trouble is just starting but I'm glad to see Harry is talking with Teri and getting to the heart of the matter but something tells me you are only just playing with them right now....kutgw (but one request, could you use a different font, I have a hard time reading it, and I can't are the screen work with your font.). Thank you

Author's Response:

Ah! I will tip my hand a little and gently disabuse one notion. On one hand, you're correct that the trouble is just starting, but on the other hand, the positive developments that are beginning to occur with some key characters reflect more than just a just a brief intermission. Although the strength to avoid all future hardship will not be easy to develop, the strength is emerging to help render it less devastating.

Thanks for the comment about font! I may try changing everything to Garamond or Sabon, both of which poll very well as book text fonts. If you could get back to me with comments after the next chapter, it would be appreciated. And of course, other readers are encouraged to opine.

Reviewer: Aragorn Signed Date: 2015.03.10 - 10:29PM Title: Cousin Capers


Good to see Teri making progress.

Thanks for the chapter!

Author's Response:

Yes, thus commences the portion of the story where her magic begins to move toward becoming 'prodigiously precocious', and especially it is a time when she begins to develop as a 'person', freed from the stunting obstacles of her earlier childhood.

Thank you very much for continuing to follow the saga, and for offering your thoughts!

Reviewer: lunagranger Signed Date: 2015.03.07 - 05:02PM Title: Cousin Capers


Being friends with Slytherins is proving to be quite helpful for Harry solving this case. I love how Harry is respectful and careful with little Teri. Kutgw.

Author's Response:

I'm glad you like that dynamic. Teri and Harry do innately understand each other, in a way that's different from how Harry and Ginny relate. Harry and Ginny found each other at a time when each was growing into strength and confidence; this of course is an ideal basis for forming an exceptionally strong bond. By contrast, when it comes to Teri, Harry connects with her because memories of his own trouble youth provide natural empathy and affinity. Because he is quick to grasp the girl's potential, you can already sense that his instinct will point him toward trying to foster in her the sort of personal growth that he himself has achieved. Unfortunately, there is a certain psychotic witch in the background who has her own opinions on what's best...

Between that premise, and Quidditch and a battle of wits with insidious villains, you can see how the rest of the story is shaping up.

Oh and yes -- the merry crew of neurotic Slytherins. Frustrating, funny and, surprisingly yes, rather useful!

Thank you for reading and reviewing, Silvia!

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