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Reviews For Trix

Reviewer: Gin110881 Signed Date: 2017.09.25 - 05:47PM Title: Flowers in the Spring

I honestly see no reason why Harry should voluntarily make his and Ginny's skills and knowledge public. The same goes for Teri's identity, he's even not sure about, isn't he? There are no laws that oblige him to do so. I don't understand his concerns. Apparently, he is less concerned about the fact that his students are still in the pub on a Monday evening after curfew, and most certainly have lessons the next morning.
I really enjoyed the rare Ginny-Harry moments in the snow.

Author's Response:

Slight misinterpretation of my intent, and of Harry's & Ginny's angst. Their discomfort is not because they 'want' to reveal their secrets, but rather reflects the oppressive nature of 'needing' to keep such knowledge so closely guarded; of continually having to watch their step and watch their tongues. It is not a relaxing way to live.

As far as Harry's duties to identify Teri's heritage, he claims (to Rose Parkinson) that as the operator of a safe house that houses possible orphans, he has to make a good faith effort to document legal parentage and guardianship relationships of his wards. That doesn't mean that he has to volunteer that information, although if someone came along who claimed to be the parent or guardian of someone in his care, I suppose those documents could undergo legal scrutiny. Of course, anything that Rose herself offers is heresay, so at this point Harry wouldn't be obliged to tell anyone anything.

Glad you enjoyed the bit of messy winter fun!

Thanks again, Martin!

Reviewer: MollyandArthur Signed Date: 2016.04.10 - 04:19PM Title: Flowers in the Spring


Okay, so Tracey was very creepy there at the end. I hope that Pansy realizes something is wrong soon and says something about it to one of the others. George and Fred should be careful about going out drinking with Blaise at a wizarding bar. They would probably be much safer in a muggle pub.

Author's Response:

Trelawney would be most proud of you, MollyandArthur! I suspect that the background contrabass as throbbing with imminent foreboding during some of the sequences in this chapter.

Good point about finding a Muggle establishment instead of The Spiny Swampe -- entirely possible that things would have proven safer. Note that alcohol-related problems are a bit of a recurring theme in this story. I do not necessarily mean to sound like a teetotaler temperance type, although it has often struck me that DWM (drinking while magical) misadventures have a risk that exceeds that of your Muggle partier, and the villain(s) of the story may well see intoxication as a state ripe for exploiting.

Thank you very much for your most foresightful comments!

Reviewer: MisterBlack Signed Date: 2016.03.27 - 10:00PM Title: Flowers in the Spring


If Harry from two years ago could see the Harry present now, I wonder if he would look at him and recognize himself. Would he look at his choices and agree with himself or not?

Just two years ago, Harry Potter stood in the Headmaster's office and loudly exclaimed, "YOU CAN'T DO THAT!" to a subdued Dumbledore after having been explained his (The Headmaster's) part in the death of Sirius.

Albus Dumbledore practically locked Harry and Sirius up all for their safety. Two years later and we have Harry Potter doing the same with the safehouses and keeping its inhabitants as prisoners.

I don't blame him really because I do understand the need. It is not as dangerous as it was back then with Riddle still alive but still It is just funny because in some ways Harry Potter is filling in the role that has been vacant since the Headmaster's death. Everyone seems to look up to him and they defer all their problems to him. It is very easy to forget that he is only 17 years old. He is making life and death decisions that affect the lives of kids and his friends and in some ways the wizarding world itself. He is keeping BIG secrets that if he is not careful could put other people's lives in danger. Tracy seems to now be affected and possibly in control by Bellatrix. Unfortunately it does not seem that Daphne, Tracy, and Nott have any idea about what is really happening so they really have no idea to look for anything at all.

THAT is the problem with keeping secrets. Sometimes keeping secrets does more harm than good. What is supposed to keep someone safe ironically turns into something that could potentially hurt or worse kill. Luckily for us Harry Potter unlike Albus Dumbledore has Ginny.

It is just too bad that Albus Dumbledore did not have his own Ginny to keep him in line and to offer perspective.

With all of that said... I think Harry should take a page out of Albus DUmbledore's book and simply not say anything about Teri. Perhaps in the future but for now it is imperative that he keep shut and stop trying to be so damn noble. I understand that he has issues following the law but if you really think about it he is only teaching Teri Occlumency. This is a shield that is used to protect her mind from possible invaders. She isn't hurting anyone else and for sure no one will even KNOW she is studying it because as far as I know that isn't really utilizing magic. At least not in the same way as lets say a spell or charm.

I am more interested in her abilities. It is quite clear by now she will be a powerful witch. The only question I really have is if she is picking up Occlumency so quickly because she is just that powerful or because of circumstances in her past have forced her to hide her feelings and clear her mind?

Either way, she seems to like and trust Harry so at least we know that the darkness we saw before was probably not even her. It was probably her psychotic mother. Wait... does she know Bellatrix is her mother? I don't remember if that was discussed.

Anyway... Harry Potter... the New Albus Dumbledore. Excellent chapter as always, GHL. The Quidditch section was well done. I thought it was interesting to have commentators similar to those in the muggle world. I now have even more cause to think SOMETHING will happen in one of the games in the future.

PS: Is Tonks working? I ask because she is an Auror and well... this kind of falls in her territory and it just seems like she is in the sidelines and letting Harry take the lead.

Author's Response:

Ah! Many many points on the money here!

So it is indeed a point of valid irony that Harry is finding himself lurking uneasily on the edge of the manipulative domains he loathed so much while under Dumbledore's sway. Somewhat mitigating the circumstances is the fact that most of those refugees cosseted in Dolwyddelan are more willing than Sirius or Harry ever were. The fact that the children latch enthusiastically onto nearly variation in routine is a sign that they're likely a bit bored where they are, but in all cases the nurturing environment provided by Andromeda, Ted Tonks and Narcissa is healthier than where they came from. Andromeda and Narcissa have obviously rediscovered a sisterly bond, and would probably prefer to be sheltered than to be exposed to Bellatrix right now. I don't really give Ted Tonks much of a voice, and one can guess that an independent-minded soul of his nature probably feels a bit constrained, but he never had the adventurous streak that Harry or Sirius had, so he's probably accepted his lot, as evinced by his constant backstage efforts in maintaining the estate and pitching in with childcare. That leaves Draco as an obvious malcontent. On one hand, we've been trained to dislike Draco intensely, but on the other hand he has a valid complaint. He is the de facto head of a major pureblood wizarding head; one can only assume that he's chafing fiercely under captivity while Malfoy Manor is being left to rot. Of course, if it were Harry alone standing in Draco's way, Draco would very likely have whined and agitated enough to force his release (one can imagine Harry, at some point, throwing up his hands and letting Malfoy go get himself killed) but Draco is also heeding his mother's will. So all that leaves is the one caged bird we always come back to -- Teri. She is not terribly unhappy at Dolwyddelan in that she doesn't pose major problems to the adults and remains close to Anna, but Teri has little patience for the other children and is inherently the type of person who will only blossom out in the open. The weekly visits from Harry are highlights for her, and give her a flavour of the wide world outside. But does that satisfy her cravings or intensify them?

I could argue that, in addition to Ginny's perspective, Harry at least wrestles with his own conscience regarding the decisions he must constantly make for others and the constraints he finds himself imposing. Yes, I could argue that this gives Harry a moral standing somewhat above Dumbledore, but in truth Dumbledore likely wrestled with such a conscience even without having Harry shout at him. One can only hope that Harry will shed such moral burdens as quickly as he can, rather than cling to them just a little longer until loose end after loose end is wrapped up. Yes, one can hope.

So clearly Teri is very well aware of the evil that is Bellatrix, but does Teri know that this evil corresponds to Bellatrix Lestrange, or that Bellatrix is her own mother? Well, she's never been told -- not by Harry (who mostly knows) and not by Andromeda or Narcissa (who may suspect, since surely they could not help noticing the resemblance to their own family), but like any hyper-observant child it's possible she may be picking up enough clues on her own to suspect.

Is Tonks working? The answer is yes, but as far as clarification is concerned, I'll defer that to the next few chapters.

Anyway, thank you very much for the detailed thoughts, MisterBlack! Very helpful to re-inspect everything like this as I begin to pick up the writing again. Note that I've had a steady stream of distractions since finishing Splinters, but the writing is starting to progress tangibly again!

Reviewer: RighT3rantZ Signed Date: 2016.02.02 - 04:30PM Title: Flowers in the Spring


Just a re-read for research here.

Septimo seems to be a projection of a throwback baseball commentator from the 1940's. It is almost as if I could here some big band music lulling away in the background. The crack of the beater's bat signalling that there was an underlying personal experience underway. "Enjoy yourself a Lucky Septimo. 3 out of 4 Medi wizards recommend consuming a pack of Lucky Strife a day to keep the Goblins away."

Your other commentator, sorry I can't remember his name, I won't ask nor comment how he received his press credentials.

Author's Response:

Ah yes, there's no question that I was thinking back more to the golden age of radio, as opposed to the trashier sportscasting we have today. There's also no question that, like many professions in the Wizarding world, it is not always competence that rises to the top. Richard Auclair is the straight man of the duo, but that doesn't mean he's particularly smooth or well composed.

Your commercials are wonderfully scary! No wonder nobody in magical society seems to smoke!

Thank you for the review, and for your exemplary service to the Trix project!

Reviewer: Gin110881 Signed Date: 2015.07.21 - 04:32AM Title: Flowers in the Spring


I was fully aware that it was Teri’s wish that she won't talk about serious stuff with anyone but Harry. I think there is no reason to modify the text. However, the fact that Ginny is voluntarily holding herself back was not so obvious to me because I would have expected that Harry ask Teri whether Ginny may attend. Just to make sure that nothing important escapes him. Finally, it is one of their main problems. Probably it is a bit too much nit picking from my side just because I'm always worried when it comes to Ginny's participation in important matters. Please forgive me...
I really liked Harry's explanation of how Occlumency affects all the other things in life. However, I still have my doubts that it shields them from voodoo attacks.
I very much enjoyed the Ginny/Harry alone time in the snow and after the meeting. I already missed it. However, Ginny's had still not discussed her problem from Chapter 1 (her second problem, the one she couldn’t discuss with Tonks) with Harry...
Ah yes. Quidditch. Does Harry know that Ginny has signed a contract with the Harpies? Or is it a canard? Who has leaked this information? The Harpies?

A big THANK YOU for another great instalment. You keep it exciting.

Author's Response:

Yes, your trepidation is justified, especially since the first chapter sets a bit of a tone by implying that there had been a slight drifting-apart after the pair's exceptional closeness in TPC. They are still close, but after the loss of the Voldemort-induced connection, they have started doing a greater number of things separately, and don't automatically sense what each is doing at any given time (with the latter being the key issue that Ginny was unwilling to share with Tonks in chapter 1). In other words, they are a bit more like a 'normal' couple -- something that might not sound like a major problem, but of course is a strategic weakness compared to their earlier synergy.

Yes, your skepticism regarding occlumency is also reasonable. To some extent, Harry is guilty of the same sort of attitude ('well, we have to try something') as Dumbledore had in OotP. By contrast, Ginny's intervention in Chapter 5 went far beyond Occlumency. It's not explicitly stated, but one might analytically speculate that it was a bit of evidence of her Fugo-acquired powers. The rather different steps taken later for Tracey (chapter 9; in light of her Occlumency ineptitude) might also be considered as a possible alternative for addressing the threat.

So, perhaps this is something that needs to be reflected in modified text somewhere, but by this point in the story, there are no major issues that H&G 'understand' but have not yet at least partially shared with each other. Ginny had not yet had an opportunity to talk to Harry in great detail about changes in her powers (Salvatore's parting gifts), but Harry is aware that changes have occurred.

The label 'Harpies Recruit' refers to the fact, established in TPC, that Ginny has been invited by the Harpies to their training camp for summer 1998. She's still under-age, and thus hasn't signed a contract with anyone yet.

Finally, you're most welcome -- great that you're enjoying this twisty little drama!

Reviewer: lunagranger Signed Date: 2015.04.04 - 03:51PM Title: Flowers in the Spring


Oh. Teri is becoming an even more interesting character. I loved the Rita Skeeter's book thing. And the way you write quidditch is very entertaining. I usually am not a big fan of quidditch but you are very good at it.
Great chapter.

Author's Response:

Yes, I keep asking myself if there's anyone in my real-world experiences whom I might be modeling Teri after, but I continue to largely draw a blank. She is a damaged person in both Seeker Daughter and in Trix, although in Seeker Daughter, there is also the added teenaged angst (which many of us have experienced both first- and second-hand). In both cases, the cure to her ills is an easy-going, sympathetic and admirable role-model, and Harry proves to be a natural each time.

More Quidditch to come -- hopefully I can keep it entertaining for my 'character drama' audience such as yourself. To some extent, I intend the Quidditch to actually be character-drama as well -- as much about personal growth of the characters as about 'sports fiction'.

Thank you as always for reading and reviewing!

Reviewer: skiutahnum1 Signed Date: 2015.04.03 - 07:50AM Title: Flowers in the Spring

Oh boy now what is going on with Tracy just like to keep throwing plot twist don't you.....kutgw

Author's Response: Tis true, and there are more high-torque gyrations yet to come ;) Thank you so much for continuing to follow the saga!

Reviewer: aimless Signed Date: 2015.03.31 - 01:11PM Title: Flowers in the Spring


Your Quidditch commentary are one of the best for sure ). I can guess two possible motives for twins, a way to impress certain ladies, or a way to prove they can be serious business. I feel concerned about Tracey and I think Pansy/Ted break may be connected here. As always good job )

Author's Response:

Aha! "Impress certain ladies..." Hold that thought, but think outside the box. I will let you take another stab after chapter 8, during which a clue shall be dropped.

Speaking of clues, your instincts are definitely well honed on Tracey, and you will not have to wait much longer for that to get messy.

Greatly gratified that you like the Quidditch -- it will definitely progress as a major plot element. Hope you enjoy the ride!

‘! Go To Top ‘!

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