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Reviewer: Gin110881 Signed Date: 2017.09.26 - 03:43AM Title: Soul Skulduggery

To be honest, I don't believe that these incidents will have an impact on the season schedule of the circus, even if someone will be killed during such an incident in the future. I agree with Harry's argumentation, but I doubt he's still in control in this project, his Slytherins are far too smart for him. They'll always get what they want.
Somehow I doubt that they will soon make real progress with their investigation, as Williamson and his bosses hinder them quite effectively by forbidding the investigation of the earlier incidents, and boycotting the investigation of Tracy's poisoning.

Somehow, I can't believe the bitch in Teri's head has disappeared forever.

It's great to hear that FoT is progressing so well. As much as I'm looking forward to reading the story, you may take the time you need for further tuning, because I want to re-read Splinters before I'll start reading FoT. I've got the impression that it might be a good idea when I read your excerpts. Unfortunately I'm quite a bit behind in my reading schedule.

Author's Response:

Hmmm... Can't really say much about the Flying Circus hypothetical since (it's not really giving away much to say that) their season does wind down as scheduled, and the practicality is not really tested. Beyond that, I suppose the argument would be best laid in terms of what we know of people's personalities. Ironically, if things started to get dicey for the actual athletes, it's not completely inconceivable to imagine a role reversal. Slytherins are not huge risk-takers. Harry and Ginny took risks leading up to the final battle, and technically Harry took huge risks in 'Taking Control' and 'Free Life'. However, those risks were peril-if-you-do / peril-if-you-don't situations, so I can't really see anyone being too keen at a certain stage. The only character who seemed to relish perilous avoidable risks was the canonical Dumbledore. I suppose he figured school would get boring if he didn't condone some sort of death-defying risk every year or two.

As far as the investigation, I believe you're now at the point of seeing some progress. Unfortunately both hunter and prey are learning on the fly.

Reviewer: MollyandArthur Signed Date: 2016.04.10 - 07:09PM Title: Soul Skulduggery


A lot of very interesting conversations in this chapter. Daphne is somewhat baffling to me. She seems bright and dim at the same time. Teri has quickly become a favorite character. She is so curious and so talented. I am glad that Harry is spending so much time with her and bonding with her as a friend. It seems as though it could be important later.

Author's Response:

So, you recall my statement in the story description that 'all Slytherins are neurotic'? By neurotic, I mean that they're all coloufully nuanced with both strengths and foibles aplenty, and Daphne is no exception. She is indeed bright and she is distinctly Machiavellian. If she spends a lot of time being a flighty tart, there may be two concurrent reasons for that -- she may be acting that way because she's been doing it so long and/or she may use it because it achieves her ends. Daphne, Zabini and Pansy all walk an interesting line between good intentions and self-interest; pursuit of that sort of balance is definitely a recipe for a certain degree of neurosis.

Note that in my statement that 'all Slytherins' are neurotic, that truly does apply to other characters such as Ryan, Tracey, Ted Nott, and certainly Draco. Technically, I will admit that Mary-Jo Clark and Lucia Blevins are vanilla characters, but they have only bit roles.

Finally, yes, Teri is critical to the story, as is her relationship with Harry. Harry got involved with her for a reason that will probably not bear out as critical (Occlumency), but is quickly subliminally sensing that all time spent mentoring her is a good investment.

Reviewer: MisterBlack Signed Date: 2016.04.06 - 07:42PM Title: Soul Skulduggery


Oh, boy. Now i look like an idiot. Ignore my PSS, PSSS please. I know (now) it is PS and then PPS and so on and so forth.I really need to pay more attention to my own writing.


*disappears into the shadows*

Author's Response:

Ha -- surely everyone does the occasional brain freeze on PPS vs PSS, right? Incidentally, it's not a privilege that I use much, but if a reviewer is embarrassed about a typo or whatnot, I theoretically now have the ability to go in and fix it for them.

Reviewer: MisterBlack Signed Date: 2016.04.06 - 07:28PM Title: Soul Skulduggery


So… let me get this straight - there is a chance that Bellatrix sent some henchman to deliver some tetrodotoxin poison that could not just kill someone but even if they do survive then there is a possibility that the victim could end up as a squib? She did this and decided her target in this case should be Tracey? Really?

Speaking about the toxin… uhm… maybe I am wrong here but I am pretty sure that up until now there has been no mention of this. Was this intentional on your part because it is obvious that Harry has already learned about this poison since he is able to recognize the signs and symptoms related to poisoning?

Hmm… Daphne will need some protection of her own if she is not careful. She needs to tread carefully. Even in the past with their flirting or sexual innuendos, Daphne and Zabini, have never gone so far to make Harry or Ginny feel uncomfortable. I really have my doubts that Daphne was so oblivious to the tension she created with her moaning and roaming hands.

This could be a red herring but I would not put it past you to make us focus on Tracey when the real victim is Daphne. She could be just as affected as Tracey or Pansy, right?

Excerpt: "Wouldn't Tracey have been in danger regardless of whether she went to the match?" she continued. "She's of age. She's entitled to request weekend passes whenever she wants, so which is riskier — going out shopping with her mum, or hanging out with a bunch of Quidditch fans who happen to be Order of Merlin recipients with extensive defence training from some sweetie named Potter?"

A very excellent point. I only wish someone would have used that same argument against Harry when he decided to end things with Ginny. I always understood the reasons why Harry felt like he had to break up with Ginny but I never fully agreed. If she were some muggle then perhaps it would be more understanding but Ginny was besides being his girlfriend, a Weasley, and therefore she was still in danger due to that. I would have understood if they TOLD everyone they broke up but to actually do it. Well… I guess Harry thought it would be unfair to Ginny because he was not even sure he would survive. Silly boy. As if them breaking up would soften the pain in the event that he would die. Anyway… on to other matters…

Excerpt: "And also," she added, "you won at Quidditch! We were so excited! We all clumped together in the den, listening to the match on the wireless. Then the moment before you started chasing the snitch, I swear I could practically feel it. The announcers hadn't mentioned the snitch in ages, but somehow I knew you'd seen it!"

This is very interesting. She says she somehow knew. It is almost like she sensed it. Is she somehow bonded to Harry? She and Harry seem to be getting close and she does trust him very easily so I would not be surprised if they do share a bond. Perhaps I am looking too much into this.

Overall I think this was a great chapter and it seems they now have a new lead. I do not understand why Hermione is so hesitant to use the term zombification. This is the magical world and at some point Harry and Hermione thought magic did not exist yet it does. If you really think about it then everything is a possibility. Harry Potter seems to be a magnet for danger and rare conditions. He is the only wizard alive to have been struck by the killing curse and survived even though everyone else says it is impossible to block.

PS: Did you change fonts for this chapter? Can I be honest and say I like it and prefer this one over the original? I think it makes for better reading. I only wish that SIYE had a function where we could change the font ourselves. I know has that feature so it is possible.

PSS: You might have noticed that my reviews have slowed down to a trickle. This is done on purpose. I was getting near the end of the completed work (so far) and I knew you had just recently started writing again. I did it to have something to read in the near future. This is not a completed story and I know life tends to get in the way so I just wanted to have something to read in case you are not able to update as much.

PSS: It is very welcoming to read your wonderful work. I had decided for the time being to catch up on some of the other stories I have yet to finish and wow… how frustrating. You are a gem, GHL. Many authors try and try but honestly I have to question if they really paid any attention to the books. Some of their characterizations are just bizarre. One story I literally stopped reading mid-paragraph, closed the tab, went to my favorites list and promptly deleted it. Not many people seem to understand these characters and worse they do not seem to understand how real humans interact with each other.

PSSS: Never try and debate or argue with a fanatic of any kind. Very recently I tried to reason with a superSnape fan. Boy oh boy…. What was that for? I was accused of being a rape apologist and James Potter fanboy because I refused to acknowledge that Snape was the perfect human specimen and everything he did (including joining the Death Eaters) were justified because James Potter used to bully him.

Author's Response:

Yes, your assessment is correct about the night club incident, as far as it goes. Indeed, it was Tracey targeted. She is obviously not the most strategically devastating potential victim, but are there other reasons for the choice? Keep in mind that the villains in this tale are disconcertingly patient. As far as the implications of the attack are concerned, I assume you have now (or will soon) grasped the third possible outcome, worse than either death or surviving as a squib?

The flag regarding tetrodotoxin came to Harry mere days before the incident. In terms of the writing, I conveyed that a bit inelegantly as the flashback Harry had while racing down to the hospital wing. In truth, a detail in my mental graphing escaped me, in that I probably would best have conveyed the Ryan/Hermione/Harry exchange in real time. If I was writing this in batch form, I would have gone back and added it to a previous chapter, but writing for an audience in serial form, I figured I would go for the quick fix.

Lots of good questions -- some of which are good enough that I'm not going to answer them. Anyway, Daphne is actually a bit more reckless than Zabini in her dealings with H&G; she walks a fine line that could end badly... or else the story may take a bit of a twist in the end. As far as whether she is a plausible target... one can't rule it out. Anyone can be victimised to some extent; the primary targets tend to be chosen based on pedigree though.

Yes, and isn't your comment about Tracey's safety (and subsequent extension to canonical Ginny) at the crux of why the world of HG fanfics is so vibrant? A great many readers were unsatisfied with that canonical plotline -- both logically and emotionally. There's no question in my mind that JKR had love/hate relationships with a lot of her characters, alternatingly building them and trashing them. I read once that JKR modeled the Ginny of OotP/HBP after her own teenaged daughter. I wonder if there was a caustic real-world mother/daughter eruption daughter somewhere around the end of HBP drafting that lasted through most of DH? Might explain a few things...

As far as your speculation about some form of bond with Teri, am I permitted to be infuriating and suggest the possibility that there could be aspects of the Harry/Teri relationship that may never be officially explained?

I believe Hermione's aversion to the term 'zombification' is less a denial of possibility than an acknowledgement that the phrase has a very cheesy connotation in Muggle pop culture. Of course, purebreds would never catch that, but I think it's just more in Hermione's nature to prefer a ter like 'Corpus Qualia dissection'.

Yes, I do exercise a bit of font creativity, because I try to manufacture a bit of media-immersion experience in my stories. This is to say that periodicals and headlines have different fonts compared to the base narrative. Anyway, I think I was part-way through Trix when, after doing a bit of research into the best core fonts for text-focused web pages, I settled on Lucida Sans Unicode as the primary base font. LSU is a little glitchy at the end of italic segments, but otherwise has provoked no strong dislike among readers.

No problem whatsover about the rate of leaving reviews! This particular little comment probably sets a record among my stories for most detailed chapter review ever. Needless to say, I appreciate the feedback!

Finally, thank you for the compliment regarding characterisation! My principle with respect to characterisation is to find a decent balance between these three factors:

  • What was the character like at the point in canon when I extracted that persona?
  • What sort of growth or decay trajectory did Rowling intend for said character?
  • What am I doing to the character to perturb that trajectory, and how will that change the persona?
Needless to say, I do make a fair bit of use of fringe characters who have blank-slate potential, but any other well established canonical character should expect reasonably fair treatment, and I'm grateful for your approval!

Reviewer: Gin110881 Signed Date: 2015.07.21 - 05:33AM Title: Soul Skulduggery


I was surprised that Tracy as a bloodline relative of Bella was allowed to go on a booze without precautions. Is the Slytherin gang still unaware of the danger or do they not fear Bella? It's good that Tracey started with the Occlumency lessons, even if it may be useless against the attacks. Nevertheless, I had expected that someone has already interviewed her whether she had experienced extraordinary things with herself. Nor do I think that Tracey observed Harry, because she has a crush on him. This may sound funny for the others, but I think that there are other reasons.

Harry has one meeting after the other. I wonder if he's still bored.
Zabini is a bit cheeky, if he thinks that a drinking bout with half the team has nothing to do with the team.
Five Knuts for Ginny's thoughts during that discussion.

Oha, here is confirmation that Tracey has not yet been interviewed. Presumably, the other affected people also weren't interviewed yet. In addition, nobody has told them yet that they might be in danger. That's kind of strange and irresponsible.

Ah, well. Now we have experienced the beginning of the story between Teri and Harry and Quidditch.

Oha, Zombification is the new topic. I wonder to what purpose it was applied. Does it even make sense? I am curious to see what else Bella is going to try.

Many thanks for a another chapter with a bunch of new surprises.

Author's Response:

All good points! So one over-arching practical problem in all of this is that most of those issues that there is little or no tangible proof that any of the incidents they're investigating are related and really part of a single crime wave. As long as evidence is that thin, there is the counter-argument that to scare people with a highly hypothetical threat is irresponsible and danger. Because of this uncertainty and the sensational nature of the allegations, a risk-averse Auror Department is keeping a very tight lid on the investigation. Tonks knows most of the salient info because she's both a 'victim' and an investigator. Lupin knows because of his privileged relationship with Tonks (plus his alleged status as a victim). Teri is sensitive enough to know about a certain 'bitch' in her head, and sensitive enough to know that this bitch is a real entity and a real threat, but she hasn't really been told that it's Bellatrix. Beyond that, however, nobody outside of a narrow privileged circle has been told anything. This includes Ron, Ted, Pansy, and Tracey, as well as (obviously) many many others. For better or for worse, perhaps?

Harry has many meetings, but does Harry like meetings? Sometimes perhaps... although yes -- as the next chapter confirms, boredom can certainly be a fleeting thing too :)

Yes, Zabini is cutting a few corners with his argument. Daphne is too, of course. She's a bit quicker to seize on responsible compromises, but they are both inherently Slytherins.

You know, I never thought to ask Ginny for her opinion. She surely would advocate for sanity and security, but she is having a lot of fun with the Quidditch too -- I think she values this experience more than Harry, even if she's never comfortable working so closely with Zabini. I think this pseudo-conflict-of-interest would make for an interesting paragraph or two down the road!

Thanks as always for your thoughts!

Reviewer: regdc Signed Date: 2015.07.09 - 04:34PM Title: Soul Skulduggery


I do not write reviews very often; which is probably down to me being very lazy!!

That said, I just wanted to say that you are one of my favourite authors on SIYE and I love your work!!

You have done a great job of taking over this universe and creating really interesting new characters as well as "interpreting" the characters we all love in new ways.

I really like your Harry and Ginny, but I am very fond of Daphne as well and her relationship with Harry!!

It also goes without saying that Teri Nott is a fascinating character and I love that Harry tries so hard to help her.

She is a real mystery and I can't wait to read about who her parents really are.

You are doing a great job, please please keep up the good work!!

I am very sorry that I have not reviewed until now!!

Author's Response:

Perfect time to get such an encouraging review! I had just, over the last few days, put in a big push to finish drafting Chapter 9, and I noticed this just shortly after I finished -- definitely feels like vindication of the invested time!

Chapter 9 was great fun to write as it is a bit of a pivot point for the plot. Also, while I'm immensely glad you like my fringe characters (I love to write idiosyncracies, and they're certainly full of them), this chapter is an opportunity to refresh our views on some of the more traditional JKR personalities. They can certainly be fun to write as well.

Anyway, I still have to do a few rounds of obsessive editing, but I have some travel coming up, and that's often a good chance to peck at a keyboard, so hopefully I'll get this in the validation queue soon.

Thank you very much for reading and for your gracious opinions!

Reviewer: Aragorn Signed Date: 2015.06.24 - 04:19PM Title: Soul Skulduggery


Apologies...but I sort of forget between chapters what a good writer you are. That, however, makes for a wonderful remembering when reading the new one...

Thanks again for this gift!

Author's Response: No apologies necessary, but thank you very much for offering your kind words, Aragorn! It's great to hear that you've continued along with the tale, post-Riddle. It's a slightly different genre than TPC, and (understandably) not everyone has made the transition.

Reviewer: aimless Signed Date: 2015.06.22 - 08:25AM Title: Soul Skulduggery


Thanks! Long time awaited chapter. I started to forget the plot line )).

Author's Response:

Yes, it has been a while, hasn't it? Mea culpa! Unfortunately I have another project (something completely different) which is also competing for my attention, but good old Trixie remains dear to my creative heart :)

Thank you very kindly for continuing to chime in! As an authour, this story's reception puzzles me -- it's actually my second most 'favourited' story, and won a birdie early on, but the readership remains smaller than most of my stories (at least on a per-chapter rate) and rather few people have given feedback.

Ah well, it's not the quantity of the audience, but the quality!

Reviewer: lunagranger Signed Date: 2015.06.21 - 11:09PM Title: Soul Skulduggery


Oh, thank you ! So sweet of you. This chapter is brilliant. Funny and suspenseful. Reading it I realized I was missing your style.

Author's Response:

Ah, but the sweetness is all yours, cara mia!

Great that you enjoyed this latest installment! I did sweat over it longer than most chapters, although part of the long delay was incurred by obsessing over the latest challenge story.

Thank you again for keeping up with the saga!

Reviewer: skiutahnum1 Signed Date: 2015.06.21 - 08:00PM Title: Soul Skulduggery

Nothing like going down hill faster and faster but soon they should see the for Davis well she will be ok but it's not going to be easy.....kutgw

Author's Response:

Ah, but before they can see the light, they must first see the dark! A key theme in this story is an inability to fully grasp the evil plan they're trying to thwart. This may be because that plan is inscrutable, or it may be because Bellatrix herself hasn't quite figured it out yet either...

Tracey, like many characters, has survived an initial scrape, but are these all just 'tests'? If so, what happens when something happens for real?

I've noticed that the site admins have changed the HTML parsers a bit, so my apologies in advance if my response ends up with bizarre formatting.

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