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Reviewer: Gin110881 Signed Date: 2017.09.26 - 07:13PM Title: Smoke Behind the Glass

What were Bella's intentions with Crabbe? Was it really a second attempt to get Tracy? Or did she just like to brag, as Ginny suspected? Or was it a punishment for Crabbe because he failed Bella. Or all three reasons? Does the reason even matter? Probably not. It also shouldn't surprise anyone that Bella knows no mercy.

So, what does it mean? Actually, there are no new findings, except that she hasnít given up yet.

Author's Response:

Ah. Well one has conscience-ridden Harry believing that Crabbe lost his life because of the potentially sensitive information that Crabbe was starting to spill, versus Ginny saying that it was more of a characteristic 'power play'. I'd be inclined to think they're both partly right - that the Crabbe's attempt to warn Harry was noted by someone with the power to stop it, but that there might have been other less-drastic ways to stop the disclosure, given a bit of human compassion. Good question.

With a bit of regret, I should mention that I decided to remove a comment a couple of chapters back. It was probably funny and all, and perhaps this is all fair game considering I suppose I should have had a thief take, say, a head-band or towel from Tonks's locker earlier in the story, but for the sake of people skimming this conversation, I think it conveys the wrong sort of message about the aims and subject matter of my stories.

That's not to say I devalue the comments, and indeed this is all very useful to me in deciding what to do about this particular story.

At the end of that comment you pointed out a repeated bit of text. Thank you! It's possible I might have corrected that on my own home version but, if not, I will be sure to add that to my long list of running changes. Unfortunately, due to a SIYE glitch, I am unable to register edits to chapters 1-14. This frustration, among others, has me strongly considering deleting the story; perhaps to be posted again in the future in properly edited form.

Reviewer: MollyandArthur Signed Date: 2016.04.11 - 08:13PM Title: Smoke Behind the Glass


This is becoming so disturbing. I cannot honestly say that I have ever liked the character of Crabbe, but his death seems so cruel and arbitrary. Curious to see what will happen next.

Author's Response:

And, having just completed a response to your review to chapter 11, I will now revise the statement and say that they (and you) are now 90% of the way toward understanding the basic parameters of the threat they face. Harry, Ginny and their friends are still missing one key element of insight about their enemy but now they know that what they face is capable of cruelty on par with Voldemort and powers that Riddle never knew (and no, we're not talking 'love'). In any case, the only known murders committed by this new menace have been on its own operatives (two now, counting the story's very first scene) which shows how little regard is held for any human life (and how greatly failure is despised). However, I do believe the assertion that the preferred target for this demonstration of might was Tracey, rather than Crabbe. So, although rather Pyrrhic (to lose a human, and a potentially vital witness), the outcome was sort of a victory.

Anyway, in response to another review quite some time ago, I had categorised this story as comedie noire, and this latest episode was one of the most 'noire' aspects of it.

In any case, thank you so kindly for the reviews, M&A!

Reviewer: sdourse Signed Date: 2015.12.18 - 06:08PM Title: Smoke Behind the Glass


Really cool whodunit, with great Quidditch scenes and humour. Thanks for writing!

Author's Response: Ah! Yes, well that would sum it up pretty well -- allowing for your highly complimentary adjectives of course. Thank you very much for reading and tossing me your feedback, sdourse!

Reviewer: aimless Signed Date: 2015.11.05 - 03:39PM Title: Smoke Behind the Glass

Finally! Was waiting for this update )

Author's Response: Ah yes! My apologies for the long lag; I hope these latest twists (and the challenge reward) prove worth the wait!

Reviewer: lunagranger Signed Date: 2015.10.31 - 07:55PM Title: Smoke Behind the Glass


I was missing this story and the Great Zabini Flying Circus. I really love when you write humour, even if you say this is not very humurous (it is).

Author's Response:

Great! I now once again get to ponder some kind LG comments!

There is an ever-so-slight temptation to teasingly suggest that I have lured you over to the dark side (i.e., into appreciating the nefarious genre of 'sports literature'), but I'm pretty sure that we both agree that it is not Quidditch that makes The Flying Circus plot line compelling, but rather the interplay of personalities and personal growth. Trying to imagine how a disparate group of personalities manage to band together to progress from 'good' to 'great' has been a fun challenge. What obstacles must be overcome? How can they plausibly progress in ways that are fun, dramatic, and at least semi-believable?

Oh, and thank you most kindly for always sifting through the various tonal sands to find humour. I think something in my nature probably dictates that there will always be a lighter side to nearly everything I write.

Reviewer: skiutahnum1 Signed Date: 2015.10.31 - 12:45PM Title: Smoke Behind the Glass

Ah the mystery deepens and with no clear why to figure everything out.....they do have a problem but they are not getting help to fix it yet....kutgw

Author's Response:

"No clear 'why'?" Intentional word play, or Freudian slip? In any case, it works in either the straight or oblique angles since I agree that there is no clear way to figure things out (surely not even my eerily perceptive readers have yet discovered enough to fully elaborate the plot), and there are indeed a lot of questions surrounding the 'why' as well.

Oh, and I also agree that nobody has yet stepped forward in a very helpful way to help break through some of the mental blocks. However, Martin (Gin110881) very much wants to get us inside Azkaban. Maybe that might help to pry loose a few glimmers.

Thank you for reading and reviewing, Fred!

Reviewer: Gin110881 Signed Date: 2015.10.31 - 11:57AM Title: Smoke Behind the Glass


Oh, what a surprise. Lots of Quidditch action instead of an Azkaban visit.
Harry is right. I'm pretty sure that the security breach during the match will not alter the match schedule. The guys want to join the big Quidditch business. A few victims will be irrelevant to reach that goal.
I'm curious to know if the Crabbe incident helps to identify the real threat.
... and now I'm looking forward to the Azkaban visit to learn more about Teri.
Many thanks for another great chapter.

Author's Response:

Yes indeed, in the manner of someone like James Michener, I remain a slave more to the calendar than to plot themes. Hence Wigtown before Azkaban. However yes, Azkaban is the key feature of the next chapter; out first real glimpse of Nott Sr. since late in The Prevailing Counterpoint. In reference to my response to Aragorn, more hints will be dropped as per the 'surprise'.

Regarding Crabbe, I will say one thing -- remember that his was the *second* death in this story so far. You have been told rather little about either death, but that's can't be expected to last.

As always, I appreciate the thoughtful comments!

Reviewer: Aragorn Signed Date: 2015.10.31 - 01:55AM Title: Smoke Behind the Glass


Quite the developing story.

Thanks for the update!

Author's Response:

Yes, that's a good turn of phrase -- 'developing story'. My more enterprising readers (quite possibly including yourself) are likely sensing that I'm setting up a surprise. As always, the surprise will not be a complete bolt out of the blue, though. I have been dropping hints...

Thank you for the review, Aragorn!

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