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Reviewer: Gin110881 Signed Date: 2017.09.27 - 03:18PM Title: Footsteps


This was a truly brilliant chapter. The meeting of the Nott family, with a view into the mind-set of a former Death eater, was quite intriguing, and human. Nott Sr. was quite the surprise for me. Ok, I'd hoped for some more concrete information about Teri, but it was definitively a step in the right direction (and the story isn't over yet). For a short moment, I'd hoped that Ginny has even gathered more information from Nott Sr. when she had, consciously or unconsciously, a deeper look into his eyes. But obviously I was wrong.

It's an interesting, but also very speculative idea that Tom might have planned to control his followers with a kind of Voodoo magic sometime in the future. Now let's just find out what Harry's research team will do with this approach.

Ah, Luna. It's always great to hear from her. What's the intention of her Quibbler article? She says 'Please do not stumble" and "never stagger from your true course". Is it a kind of admonition? Does Luna already have a foreboding of Harry's future, just as the reader who's read TSD? Does she already sense that Harry, the brilliant leader, youngest Hogwarts professor and student of the Fugo's, will end up as a servant of the Ministry, making the identification of dark emblems the purpose of his life, just like his canonical self, the early school drop-out, who barely managed to get a couple of OWLs?

I was wondering for quite a while now, what actually happened to Ginny's research project from last September? Is she still working on it?

Author's Response:

So it should not(t) come as a surprise to you that the elder Death Eater is indeed slated to appear again in the story, after his now-imminent release. As far as what Ginny might have seen, it is very likely that (even within the blunted Azkaban environment) she held back her powers, however what she determined without reservation was that this was a man whose bad instincts had been beaten down, leaving him with remorse and honesty. Of course, many 'reformed' people experience that after effective incarceration only to slacken back into convenient vices but, we may hope, that Nott Sr. will prove to be an exception.

Luna's statements are clearly 'admonitions' of a sort, but are they aimed at high-minded ideals or mere survival? I think she sounds a bit too much like a foreign teller (i.e., artfully ambiguous) to clearly interpret. However some of these statements will definitely come up again :)

As far as Ginny's research project, it has largely morphed into her study of aura perception / manipulation (courtesy of Salvatore Fugo), and thus remains an ongoing 'interest' if not full-on project.

Very helpful review -- cheers!

Reviewer: MollyandArthur Signed Date: 2016.04.12 - 05:56PM Title: Footsteps


Wow, excellent chapter. The scenes at Azkaban were truly wonderful. Old Mr Nott is a great character and oddly somewhat likable. He reminds me a bit of my gruff old retired military grandfather. I am glad that they are cautious of what could be impacting Teri and how to help her. I am still concerned about who her parents are.

Author's Response:

Well, I'm sincerely gratified to hear that the chapter resonated! When I first wrote it, I was worried that it was 12K words with neither an amazing amount of action or humour, but for those readers who like character drama, I do believe the chapter qualifies well for that.

I'm glad that you enjoyed Nott! Ultimately, Rowling did, in a subtle way, convey that Nott Jr. did not toe Draco Malfoy's line, despite the fact that Nott Sr. was a Voldemort-contemporary Death Eater. I extrapolated this ambiguity to mean that Nott Sr. was conflicted in his role and did not relish the thought of his son following in his shameful footsteps. All that led me to paint him as inherently salvageable. He (like a good number of Slytherins) is coarse and has no intellectual gift, but he truly wants the best for his family and is prepared to embrace the side that can help him achieve that. Many of us can look back at people in our family tree with qualities like those, and many of us can see the core morality in that.

Anyway, you are correct -- there are a good number of people who are looking out for Teri's well being. She will need good people like that, in ways that Harry himself did not. After all, however precocious the girl's magic may be, she is still only nine years old and has attracted the imagination of some unpleasant people (Yes, in part because of who her parents might be).

Thank you for another wonderful review, MollyandArthur!

Reviewer: aimless Signed Date: 2016.04.12 - 08:09AM Title: Footsteps

Awwwww, update! Gotta read this one.

Author's Response:

Well, very happy to make you happy! I hope you enjoy the latest post, Aimless!

Reviewer: skiutahnum1 Signed Date: 2016.04.04 - 07:35PM Title: Footsteps

Well when harry uses his head it make a big impact, but it takes a long time for the wiring to get the brain to work. Kutgw

Author's Response:

Too true! Maybe they were all a bit tired out or something. Or perhaps the authour was using the exchange as a way to toss a number of thoughts out there for future stewing :)

Thank you for the review, Fred!

Reviewer: Aragorn Signed Date: 2016.04.04 - 03:40PM Title: Footsteps



Author's Response:

Great to see someone happy to see a chapter posted -- definitely made my day! Thank you Gene!

Reviewer: RighT3rantZ Signed Date: 2016.04.04 - 12:18PM Title: Footsteps


Ginny's incoherent magic proved particularly useful for the investigation. The thumbs up Lumos created a visual of BB-8 giving Finn the flame up in Episode 7.

Nott Sr. was more civilized than I was projecting him to turn. Was there anything regarding Ginny's observations of Nott's interview we may not have been privy to by any chance?

Just to clarify, Ginny answered Nott's last question for him? Nott certainly seemed shocked, but perhaps not as much as would have been expected. Was there some psychic smoothing out that was done?

Apparently Teri is a host of untapped magic potential. So much that Voldemort saw her as a potential tool/weapon/useful bag of flesh with a magical core.

I'm interested to see where the fetish forming goes now. The Vow, remains strong.

Author's Response:

Interesting thought about the BB-8 visual. I hadn't really thought I might be channeling J.J. Abrams, but who knows what the subconscious might be doing when one isn't paying attention!

I have to admit that this version of Nott Sr. is an interpolation. There are no grounds for respecting him or humanising him in canon; one can glimpse his humanity in TPC, but there is no basis for respect. Later on in The Seeker Daughter, though, one can attribute both humanity and an earthy degree of respectability to him, so here in Trix one can start to see him developing a bit of integrity. In truth though, he isn't too far removed from groveling here -- everyone knows that Harry is his ticket out, and everyone is watching to see how Nott responds to that irony. As far as whether Ginny has been privy to more than we have been, the implication from her not giving the (foot-related) signal to terminate the chat is that she has gazed upon his soul and found it satisfactory. Her unexpected bit of deep Legilimency has not yet been (as you'll note) explained, other than to assure that it was accidental. And yes, that was definitely Ginny speaking. I assume you must have read (or grabbed your copy of) the chapter within a few hours of me posted; I went in later yesterday and made that final passage a little more clear. Always a tricky balance to make between being ambiguous and condescendingly stating the obvious. Ah well.

Good question about Nott's reaction. Speech had certainly failed him at the end of that segment, since he was unable to spit out the critical bit of information there. But then he was also unable to respond to Ginny's statement immediately thereafter, which may have the non-magical sensation of being struck speechless. It's occurring to me that your characterisation of Nott's response may also be referring to the not-quite-stable version of the chapter; I think I I tweaked the balance of that too.

Finally, you are definitely correct in asserting that powerful people are interested in Teri. Did they realise back in 1996 that she would prove to be so magically potent though, or did she simply just represent something to those powerful people?

Fetish experiments shall be discussed soon now.

Thank you for the review, Bleu!

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