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Reviewer: Gin110881 Signed Date: 2017.09.29 - 08:47AM Title: Mist and Vault

Oh, there is a slight difference. A couple of chapters ago it was Monday night, and they all had lessons on Tuesday, and Professor Potter was in charge to supervise them. Now they are on holidays, Harry is just another team member, and the students are free to go to bed whenever they want. ;-)

Of course, I was aware that the stunt was needed to lure Ginny and Harry out of bed. However, I'd liked to see them suffer a bit more. They didn't even have a bad conscience afterwards, and a few words of regret didn't seem to be necessary either. I doubt that they learnt their lesson. I suspect, however, that this was intended, because their recklessness is probably still needed for the next pub visit. ;-)

A trap? Yes, I'd thought the Bokor is one of Bella's allies.

Author's Response:

Ah well. One thing is clear: at this point you will be afforded your well deserved break from the foibles of callow youth and creepy Bokors. Enjoy your other reading pursuits, and thanks for your thoughts!

Reviewer: Gin110881 Signed Date: 2017.09.28 - 07:13PM Title: Mist and Vault


Just alone for educational reasons, Harry and Ginny should have let their protégés deal with the situation on their own. Children have to learn to get up alone when they've fallen on their bum, especially if they are called Fred, George, or Blaise. They’re always trying their best to get Harry and Ginny into trouble. If Harry always changes their nappies, they'll never learn not to pee in their pants.

Now Harry has seen the smoke behind the glass by himself. Will it help him? I doubt it. I bet Bella was quite surprised that it was so easy to lure Harry and Ginny into a trap.

Author's Response:

Hmm... Did I over-convert you? Some chapters ago you advocated for a hard line in chaperoning post-match revelers to make sure they returned to base before curfew. Anyway, it is as it was; I needed a way to get Harry and Ginny to defy Langlois's strict proscriptions and make it up to the Mapou tree. And I needed a semi-hard lesson to shake Zabini's, Fred's and George's skulls a bit (in a way, Daphne's too, since she has a non-Quidditch role to play).

A trap? Bellatrix? It seems I have not quite telegraphed my intentions quite so obviously, then.

Reviewer: Aragorn Signed Date: 2017.08.15 - 10:29PM Title: Mist and Vault


Thanks for the update but, to be honest, a mixed grade. A for ambition...but much lower for the creative choice. Personally I found the accents way too hard to bother with...but that's just one opinion.

Author's Response:

In truth, your 'thanks' was kind and appreciated. I certainly hear a bit about my delays in posting, but the most common response for the late nights taken to give faster turnaround is more of an implied 'meh, whatever'.

Moving quickly ahead to your substantial comment, I really don't disagree. You might have seen the comments in my AN, basically absolving readers of any guilt in not bothering with the thick dialect. My attention to language in this chapter was motivated primarily in crafting the 'atmosphere'. This Haiti trip was distinctly unsettling and disorienting for the group, and in hitting the audience with non-plot-critical snippets of semi-authentic (and thus disorienting) dialect, I seek to give readers a share of the protagonists' disorientation.

Of course disorientation justifiably 'bothers' a lot of readers, but that's actually a writing tactic, which others have pulled off quite effectively too. In recent weeks' reading, I'd admit to have been significantly unsettled by passages in some SIYE stories. Yet, in each instance I realised quickly that my discomfort what very likely what the authour intended. Ultimately, there is a bit of perverse satisfaction in the experience, knowing that a writer has pushed me into emotions more nuanced than happy/sad/angry.

All the same, I freely also admit that many (perhaps most) readers are looking for escape more than discomfort, and I respect that, hence the way I phrased those cautionary pre-chapter notes.

Reviewer: skiutahnum1 Signed Date: 2017.08.14 - 06:30AM Title: Mist and Vault

Bout time Ginny acted like the caption she is and get her crew to the end.....kutgw

Author's Response:

Interesting take on the matter -- that Ginny should take charge.

From the perspective of hindsight, this whole 'Flying Circus' business was really not her idea, and so she hasn't really asserted much leadership prior to this, but that's not to say that a star does not need to eventually take ownership.

Anyway, to your main point ('get her crew to the end') I can't agree more. Unfortunately, as I implied to Dad, it's not quite over yet!

Thanks again for leaving your thoughts, Fred!

Reviewer: MollyandArthur Signed Date: 2017.08.11 - 05:45PM Title: Mist and Vault


Oh, what a mess! I really want to be furious with Zabini and the twins, but it seems almost cruel to be upset with them. They have fallen victim to a magical culture and drinking culture they were clearly unprepared to handle. Admittedly rum really can be a vicious drink for the uninitiated.

Author's Response:

Yes, I'm completely aligned with your ambivalence -- that hard edge between callow impetuousness and hard circumstance which trips up so many of us at least once sometime around that tricky cusp of adulthood. I'm not going to go into my own 'rum' story from some time ago...

Anyway, as you've likely noted, the whole Flying Circus thing is a series of allegories of personal growth -- each of these good but flawed people being placed in difficult circumstances that make them better. Basically a 'Quidditch as life' schtik."

In any case, thank you so much for your thoughtful words. As always!

Reviewer: Dad Signed Date: 2017.08.10 - 07:01PM Title: Mist and Vault


I am worn out just reading about this quidditch match.

Author's Response:

Indeed! You may want to bring a dose of Pepperup when chapter 17 is released because, as a wise man once said, "You ain't seen nuthin' yet." :)

Great to hear from you, Dad!

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