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Reviewer: TomBombadil Signed Date: 2017.07.10 - 06:06PM Title: Chapter 17 Epilogue


This story has been such a joy to read! Thank you! You have written a thoroughly likeable Harry and a Ginny who jumps off the page and blows a man away ... probably a good number of women, too!!! Poor Hermione's! Don't we all know people like her? When I had a near-death experience 18 months ago, surrounded by my beautiful wife and our five wonderful daughter, a friend asked if once -- only once -- if I had found myself wishing I had spent more time at work! I also like that you allowed Ron to grow up and trust his sister! I'm not a great Ron-fan, but it is too easy to simply bash him as an overprotective gut who is jealous of his superior-in-every-way "baby" sister! Anyway, I picked this story from your author's summary page after having enjoyed another excellent story and was not disappointed in the least! Congratulations!

Author's Response: Thanks. I'm currently writing a multi chap with a strong Ron characterisation, inspired by jenoramas characterisation of him. Appreciate your comments, one of my most popular multi chaps, I think. xx

Reviewer: potterfan2008 Signed Date: 2017.04.13 - 07:18AM Title: Chapter 16 Birthdays Pt 2


I love this chapter! I like how Hermione finally sees how things really should be and she's not interfering. All of the Weasleys are great and of course Harry and Ginny are wonderful! I love the way you write them. I really liked them having all the granddaughters at the Burrow - that is something my mother loves doing, having all of her granddaughters spending the night. It made me smile :)

Reviewer: I Love Ginerva Signed Date: 2015.07.16 - 07:01AM Title: Chapter 17 Epilogue


OK, Ginny/Neville... Weird... Harry/Hermione no

Author's Response: great review for the whole story!

Author's Response: great review for the whole story!

Reviewer: I Love Ginerva Signed Date: 2015.07.16 - 04:31AM Title: Chapter 7 Choosing a Quidditch team


Found a small typo in this great chapter...
. I hope your ddid, too, said Ginny, hugging her


Reviewer: I Love Ginerva Signed Date: 2015.07.16 - 03:24AM Title: Chapter 4 Weasleys Everywhere!

Neville??? Really?!

Author's Response: REALLY!

Reviewer: Lord Otello Signed Date: 2015.01.18 - 02:52AM Title: Chapter 17 Epilogue


I loved this story :) ty for writing it!!!!

Reviewer: JJamieDupane Signed Date: 2015.01.13 - 04:44PM Title: Chapter 17 Epilogue


That an Amazing story...
I'm so sad to see it end...
Hope to see some more stories like this soon...

Reviewer: Bee_Black Signed Date: 2015.01.11 - 04:17PM Title: Chapter 17 Epilogue


The story is really good, I started to read it and thought about stopping because when you mentioned Rose, Hermione came straight to my head and I thought,,, No, It can't be Hermione. But it was and she was the villan... Well... Apart from that I love Ginny and Harry ships, but I am a Ron and Hermione ship for ever,all the way until the end. And in my opinion, I'm sorry, that was your mistake. The story could have been much much better, but... You cannot please everybody! ;(

Author's Response: I really appreciate that you took the time to write this, instead of just stopping reading. First, I can TOTALLY understand how you feel about your fave pair not being together (I go nuts with H/Hr stories) When I was plotting and worked out the characteristics for Rose/Lily's mum, I needed a strong minded career woman. Straight away I thought of Hermione, and given the fact that she was an exchange student, and being English, had a reason for Harry to interact with her, it all just fell into place. That left me with Ron. I truly can NOT ever see Ron with Lavender (apologies to those who can) BUT in this story it worked well for why Ron wasn't working when Harry started. I know Hermione comes across as a bit of a b*tch, and she does come into it in the next couple of chapters. I understand if you don't want to continue reading, but I hope I convey towards the end that Hermione realises what she could have had with Harry and Lily. Again, I appreciate you leaving your review. xx

Reviewer: GinnyCC Signed Date: 2014.12.27 - 10:32AM Title: Chapter 17 Epilogue


What a treat! Loved this story and all of the characters. Well done.

Author's Response: Thanks so much, glad you enjoyed xx

Reviewer: zeta_one Signed Date: 2014.12.24 - 11:53AM Title: Chapter 17 Epilogue


Very nice story.

Thanks for sharing.

Author's Response: Thanks for reading and leaving a review xx

Reviewer: alterdream Signed Date: 2014.12.22 - 07:52PM Title: Chapter 17 Epilogue


That was a cute ending :) Maybe a bit too cute but you are forgiven :p

Author's Response: Thanks for the forgiveness! I definitely go for cute epilogue, no denial there. Cheers for R and R'ing xx

Reviewer: HeroInTheWings731 Signed Date: 2014.12.22 - 05:16PM Title: Chapter 17 Epilogue


Great ending to a very fun story. I've really enjoyed this take on Harry and Ginny meeting as adults. Looking forward to your next stories. Have a happy holidays!

Author's Response: Thank you and same to you xx

Reviewer: Phil42 Signed Date: 2014.12.22 - 04:20PM Title: Chapter 17 Epilogue


Well, it was around midnight last night when I hit the refresh button before I was going to shut down my laptop ... or so I had planned. Imagine my surprise when the chapter counter climbed from 15 not to 16 but 17!!! Of course all thoughts of going to bed vanished that very moment. I simply HAD to read the final chapters.

And a great finale it was. On the one hand I was glad that Hermione didn't give them any trouble, on the other hand it could have been interesting to see Lily take care of her. ;-) I think it was particularly sweet that Ali shows a character trait she had to have inherited from Neville, namely her love of plants.

Since other reviewers mentioned a possible sequel, I wouldn't mind reading a sequel/spin-off with Ali and Lily at Hogwarts wreaking havoc. Too bad the age difference is too big for them and their younger siblings to be at Hogwarts at the same time.

Anyway, I'm sure I'll be happy with everything you'll come up next with.

Keep up the great work!


Oh, and a very special thanks to those responsible for validation - you really outdid yourselves!

Author's Response: Glad you enjoyed the ending. Yes I took a chance and posted the final two chapters together and once again the validators came through, cheers for mentioning them. I hadn't considered writing a sequel, as I'm currently writing three others and plotting a fourth, but someone else suggested it, so I'll let the idea brew a bit and see what I can come up with. Thanks for your support, look for me next year. Merry Christmas xx

Reviewer: dmacx Signed Date: 2014.12.22 - 01:57PM Title: Chapter 17 Epilogue

I could have lived without Biatch!Hermione, but this was pretty good. I also like what you did with Ron And Lavender.

Author's Response: Thanks. I didn't set out to make Hermione a bitch just cold and career minded, esp after losing her family. She could have had it all with Harry and Lily and I think when she saw Ginny had what she could have had, she got nasty. And cheers for the Ron/Lavender comments xx

Reviewer: Gin110881 Signed Date: 2014.12.22 - 01:33PM Title: Chapter 17 Epilogue


I think we had a really magnificent story. A big THANK YOU for sharing!
All the background information given in the epilogue would be sufficient to write a sequel to the story ;-)

Author's Response: Thanks for a great review. A sequel may be a possibility, maybe a one shot of visiting Hermione in Australia? I'll see where my muse takes me, cheers for the idea xx

Reviewer: Gin110881 Signed Date: 2014.12.22 - 01:18PM Title: Chapter 16 Birthdays Pt 2


Its nice to see that Hermione is on the way to find a kind of relationship to Lily and the future Potters overall. Since I was not aware that Percy was married in this story I had the suspiction that both, Hermione and Percy, could build up a special Australian-British connection between their Ministries :-)

Reviewer: Aurorofthelight Signed Date: 2014.12.22 - 10:51AM Title: Chapter 17 Epilogue



Author's Response: Thanks for a great review xx

Reviewer: carolyn jinn Signed Date: 2014.12.22 - 06:36AM Title: Chapter 17 Epilogue


This story was wonderful. I loved the way you ended with such a happy ending.

As real life has got in the way the last couple of chapters...and the validators have been in some sort of race to get these chapters validated, I haven't been able to review the last couple of chapters. There is something that I have wondered since Hermione came into the story. How did she find out where Harry and Lily lived when they were disguised as James and Rose? No one knew (except Kingsley) that they were Harry and Lily.

I loved the way Harry proposed to Ginny. I am glad that Hermione got experience an evening with the Weasleys. I'm sure that deep down, she would like something similar.

Again, Thankyou for another wonderful story. Looking forward to the next one.

Author's Response: Hi Carolyn, hope all is ok with you. Always look for you in the reviews, o faithful reviewer LOL I love it when someone picks something up that I may have missed. So, in regards to how Hermione knew where they were, she had been in touch with Kingsley regarding her appointment with him, mentioned meeting up with Harry and Lily and Kingsley told her Harry had been injured. Seeing he wouldn't be there when she first arrived from Australia, Kingsley gave Hermione their address, not realising the status of their 'relationship'. Hope that helps. I agree with your comments that Hermione would love to a part of a close family like the Weasleys. Cheers for your review, and hope you enjoy your Christmas xx

Reviewer: Kanour Signed Date: 2014.12.22 - 04:52AM Title: Chapter 17 Epilogue


Poor Dobby, he will be so lonely for the next years.
Incredible story, so original, I loved that. Some of the readers may say that this story was too fluffy and too smooth but that's not something which could bother me :D
Hermione was great at the end. I have always thought she would not be evil, immoral yes but after all she had smoe feeling for Lily.

Merry Christmas and good luck with the nextr writing :)

Author's Response: Dobby will become a great guard dog for little James Sirius and the many more to come. Oops, possible spoiler alert!! Cheers xx

Reviewer: Dreaming Haven Signed Date: 2014.12.21 - 11:48PM Title: Chapter 17 Epilogue


Loved how they conceived James a little earlier than they planned but were still thrilled. Also very glad you had Ginny urge Lily to try and and have a relationship with her mom. At least her mom would be very interested in her schooling and the school it's self. Also thanks for the fast updates!:) I hate waiting.:(

Author's Response: Thanks for your two latest reviews. Yeaha, I like to tie up loose ends, and I feel that Ginny and Lily are secure in their new family that they can afford to be generous and let Hermione in. As I mentioned in another review, this may actually be the turning point in Hermione's life. I deliberately didn't mention whether she had agreed to Ginny neing named guardian, preferring to let you decide. Thanks for your continuous reviews in this and many of my other stories, it's much appreciated. Seasons greetings xx PS I hate waiting for updates too xx

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