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Reviews For The Space Between

Reviewer: ngayonatkailanman Signed Date: 2015.11.30 - 02:40AM Title: Chapter 19


hello there. excellet update. i hope your podcast went well. do let us know how your podcast went in your autnor's note when you net update. i have been offline for a couple of weeks, you see. i canoot wait for your updates.

Author's Response: The podcast had a few hiccups, but we managed. We have a written transcript here: I was hoping to update this week, but I have a major work commitment this weekend, so not sure I will. If not this week, then next for sure.

Reviewer: mysuv1 Signed Date: 2015.11.27 - 03:45AM Title: Chapter 19

I have found all of your stories are good thank you so much

Author's Response: Thanks!

Reviewer: mysuv1 Signed Date: 2015.11.27 - 03:45AM Title: Chapter 19

I have found all of your stories are good thank you so much

Author's Response: Thanks!

Reviewer: MollyandArthur Signed Date: 2015.11.20 - 07:07PM Title: Chapter 19


Well written chapter. The difficulty is that this happens more often than anyone wants to admit.

Author's Response: sad, but true. It's way too common.

Reviewer: Lady Stardust Signed Date: 2015.11.20 - 11:21AM Title: Chapter 19

I must say, this story is well written, and very interesting.
I can't wait to see where this goes.
Good job. :)
How often do you update?

Author's Response: Thank you! I try for every two weeks, but it sometimes pushes three weeks for each chapter.

Reviewer: skiutahnum1 Signed Date: 2015.11.19 - 05:25PM Title: Chapter 19

it is amazing what it is that will wake us up at that age and make us think of who we want to be...and sometimes it takes a kick in the butt to tget there but in the end it does.....kutgw

Author's Response: yeah, there are always those major, defining moments in our lives. James has had a lot of smaller kicks in the butt to get here, but this is the one that puts him over the edge.

Reviewer: Dad Signed Date: 2015.11.19 - 10:25AM Title: Chapter 19


Well done James.

Author's Response: Cheers :)

Reviewer: jmcmutt Signed Date: 2015.11.18 - 03:01PM Title: Chapter 19


great chapter - Harry doesn't want to treat Al and Scorpius the way he was treated. James is seeing that his family is very different from others. I am really enjoying your story.

Author's Response: Thank you! Yeah, I can see Harry deliberately moving another way in how he treats his kids.

Reviewer: potterfan2008 Signed Date: 2015.11.18 - 01:23PM Title: Chapter 19


Great chapter - very emotional. I liked how Teddy rescued the girl - I can understand Harry's reservations about it, but it worked. Glad that the avalanche didn't turn out to be worse and no one was killed. Loved James' epiphany at the end of the chapter - he did really well with Caroline.

Author's Response: It was a drain to write, that's for sure. I do enjoy advancing the characters along, though. It's just difficult because things are getting darker.

Reviewer: mdauben Signed Date: 2015.11.18 - 12:11PM Title: Chapter 19


I have to say, based on this chapter alone Caroline's father is certainly someone who should end up dead. Teddy's first assignment as an Auror was pretty exciting as well as succerssful. Strill, things seem to be happening but the whole purpose behind events is still not clear. I'll be looking forward to reading your next update.

Author's Response: I wanted to kill Dodi in this chapter. You have no idea, it was so tempting, but alas, he lives to die another day.

Reviewer: ParadoxHoax Signed Date: 2015.11.18 - 11:24AM Title: Chapter 19


No Review

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