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Reviewer: TomBombadil Signed Date: 2018.01.18 - 08:36PM Title: Distractions


Nice touch to go to some levity, though encased in angst, to help dry the tears from Harry's confession. Damn! So well written!

Author's Response: I've really been enjoying watching your reactions as you've gone through this story. Thanks for that! As for Harry feeling like a murderer, while I agree with your assessment, I still think it would trouble him immediately after the fact. It's a lot to take in. Right after he'd been told the prophecy, his thoughts dwelled that his life must either include or end in murder. He eventually pulled himself together and set forward on his task. I think the same thing would happen immediately after it was done. Maybe its my feelings coming through, but I cant help it would take him some time to absorb it all. Shrugs - that's where I was coming from anyway.

Reviewer: MollyandArthur Signed Date: 2015.08.15 - 01:48PM Title: Distractions


Good chapter. Glad they all finally know about Harry being so badly bruised. Hope George will start feeling better soon as he focuses on the shop.

Author's Response: George will get there, but definitely more highs and lows along the way.

Reviewer: jojo99 Signed Date: 2015.07.16 - 03:38PM Title: Distractions


No Review

Author's Response: Stars are very nice! Thanks!

Reviewer: kitana415 Signed Date: 2015.07.15 - 04:12PM Title: Distractions


Oh Harry... I thought we talked about the pity thing! It's good for Harry to have some normal interactions. Maybe some will not like it, but getting a hickey from your girlfriend is almost a rite of passage. I remember when I was 18... I digress-

With Ron & Hermione gone, do you think Harry will have a better, or maybe faster, opportunity to heal? The distance might do them all some good. Ron can learn to be comfortable with Hermione away from his family, and maybe loosen the reigns a bit. He'll have no choice in the latter, I suppose. An ocean apart will do that. Hermione will be less hysterical once she settles things with her parents (although I expect them to be furious). Harry might be more honest with himself and others (I hope).

Mr. Weasley is exactly as I pictured him. Even Molly holds her tongue when he goes into Dad-Mode (you know what I mean). It'll be his firm yet gentle hand, along with Ginny, that will get this through this. I can guess he's going to get much worse before he gets better. Good luck with that, lol.

At first, I start to feel bad for Percy but then I remember what a git he's been. I cannot blame the others for their anger if I share in it. Still, the Weasley brothers need to come together. Will Charlie be staying much longer? I'm not used to seeing him in fics and his presence keeps surprising me. We talking a bit about his role, but my heart still feels it should have been Charlie (or Percy) instead of Fred. I won't apologize for that.

And I don't know how I feel about Harry being treated by some random Medi-Witch. I can only imagine how that will turn out...

I look forward to the next installment!

Author's Response: I think most of us would've preferred Charlie or Percy, and that's why JKR did what she did. Fred's is still the hardest death of all for me to take, but it creates oodles of opportunities for fanfiction. My heart aches for George, so we'll explore the result of Fred's loss on all the Weasleys. I like Charlie for this reason. He's a Weasley, but we don't really know him so there's more room to play. As for what happens with Ron and Hermione...coming up shortly! Thanks for taking the time to review.

Reviewer: destin4fl Signed Date: 2015.07.15 - 11:16AM Title: Distractions


Outstanding!!! On pins and needles for the next chapter.

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm hoping to update each week.

Reviewer: carolyn jinn Signed Date: 2015.07.15 - 12:02AM Title: Distractions


I loved the way Arthur treated Harry as one of his sons. The way he spoke to Harry, to get him to take his shirt off and explain about the bruise was very good.
I don't understand why the goblins seized all of Harry's vaults. Surely, the ministry will be able to help him in that respect. After all, he did have a good and honest reason for breaking into the bank.
The way the Weasley boys supported eachother at the end was lovely.

Author's Response: Thanks. I think Goblin/Wizard relations seemed very strained in canon. Perhaps after Kingsley takes over they can improve that, but when Bill explained Goblin thought process, it just seemed very different to the way wizards think. Even if it isn't a huge plot point, I thought it needed to be addressed.

Reviewer: ngayonatkailanman Signed Date: 2015.07.14 - 04:46PM Title: Distractions


Oh drat! Thdre are so many threads in this story. The next chapter will have to tackle WWW, Harry and the go lins, Harry and the mediwitch, Ron and Hermione plus the Grangers, travelling the Muggle way.... I think you will have to do a part 1 and part 2 update.

Thanks for the updates. You make my day whenever I read an update from you.

Author's Response: Yipes, it would be 20,000 words long. I promise we'll get to everything, but at a slower pace. All these things will happen in the next few chapters, plus a few additions. I'm glad you're enjoying it. After the frenzied build up to the Battle, they need a slow unwind.

Reviewer: Aurorofthelight Signed Date: 2015.07.14 - 03:53PM Title: Distractions

Forgot one thing! Don't folks in the UK usually refer to hickeys as "love bites"?

Author's Response: LOL! I do have a Brit Picker who lives in England, and although she's pointed out other things for me, she didn't have a problem with that, so I left it. :)

Reviewer: NoTagBacks Signed Date: 2015.07.14 - 03:53PM Title: Distractions


The storyline is moving along nicely. It seems like everyone has problems, but they're helping each other.

Will there be external threats in this story, or just internal demons for each character?

Author's Response: Yes, there will definitely be other things happening, including the missing Death Eaters and even some things left behind by those who have past. But, in the words of one of my favorite characters, "That's all I'm going to say about that." I hope you enjoy!

Reviewer: Aurorofthelight Signed Date: 2015.07.14 - 03:51PM Title: Distractions


This was another marvelous chapter, ML! I think that you and Mr. Weasley are spot on that Harry is suffering from some type of PSD(post stress disorder)! I'm also surprised that Ginny and Molly didn't both blow a gasket when
they saw Harry's injuries and make him see a healer right then! ;) Not surprising that just about everyone is dealing with shock in the aftermath! Ron is lucky he didn't get a nose full of bat bogeys! Can't wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response: Thanks! I think Arthur had it under control. You'll see more of Arthur's workings in the next chapter. Harry has to process things, and he's notoriously stubborn, so it'll have to be in his time. I just think he needs some help with this much baggage.

Reviewer: skiutahnum1 Signed Date: 2015.07.14 - 03:50PM Title: Distractions

Sometimes time is the best healer but not always when its physical and mental combined....kutgw

Author's Response: Thanks! I hope I'm showing the support they're all giving each other. Getting to talk out their thoughts and concerns can go a long way toward healing. Harry's never been one to share, but he's learning.

Reviewer: potterfan2008 Signed Date: 2015.07.14 - 03:36PM Title: Distractions


Another amazing chapter! I love the interaction of all of the Weasleys - Mr Weasley is wonderful and just what Harry needs at this point in his life. It is so like Harry to try to minimize his issues - I've always imagined the Goblins would go after him as well. I've always envisioned him as having to work off the damages and paying some restitution as well as giving the Goblins credit for helping him. I'm glad Hermione is starting to see the toll this is taking on Harry - I don't think she realizes the horror and unclean feeling he seems to have, but you are right she would see it from a logical point of view before coming to an emotional one. I always thought it a little funny in OOTP that Hermione was made out to be an expert on emotions, because honestly she's not. Congrats on your well deserved Silver Trinket!

Author's Response: I'm loving all the thoughts from everyone on where you think I'm going. I hope you all continue to like the story when you see where it is! UNCLEAN is exactly what he's feeling, and that feeling will continue to grow.

Author's Response: Thanks for the award congrats, too! It was such a nice welcome back. I'm glad there are more of you who felt the longing to fill in the gaps!

Reviewer: Arnel Signed Date: 2015.07.14 - 02:33PM Title: Distractions


I omitted a thought in my review on PS... The ending to the second section wherein Harry lets himself be emotional in front of Ginny when he has to flee the kitchen and her other family members really touched me. Ginny seems to understand Harry on a level no one else does and I think it's freeing to him not to have to use words to communicate with her. I hope that when she needs some silent support in the future, Harry will be there to lend it to her.

Author's Response: I hope I'm able to show they're supporting each other as the story goes on. You'll have to let me know if I'm succeeding! I always thought Ginny just "got" Harry, and he was more open with her than anyone else. Even as far back as OotP, it was Ginny who helped him when he was stressing over James' treatment of Snape, and she didn't even realize what she'd done. His best source of comfort, indeed.

Reviewer: Gin110881 Signed Date: 2015.07.14 - 12:40PM Title: Distractions


The girl talk was very important, even if Ginny was initially a bit shirty. Ah- the love bite ;-) Again learned a new word. Hickey sounds funny, lol. Your Ginny character is brilliant.
And - yes. Harry. He's just Harry. I do not think that he will change at some point. Arthur is brilliant in this scene. And it's good that George comes out of his shell eventually.

Well, Harry really considers to become an Auror. To be honest … that makes me sad.
As Dumbledore said, it's our choices that define us. At some point Harry has to make a choice between the dark wizard hunt or Ginny and a future family. Apparently he has chosen the dark wizard hunt. With him being the most prominent dark wizard hunter Ginny and a family, if he had one eventually, would not be safe. I don’t believe that Harry would start a family with that job, at least not the overprotective canon-Harry. In a reply to one of my review you stated that Harry always wanted to be an Auror. That’s true, but it was before he dated Ginny. In addition, it was always pointed out, that top mark NEWTs are required to become an Auror. The canon Harry was always embarrassed by his fame. Will he now truly use his status and fame to become an Auror without having the required educational attainment? I don’t think so.
Nor do I think that Harry will be a good Auror. He's not a team-player (even when playing Quidditch he has the lone fighter job Seeker). His constant guilt feelings when someone other is hurt, his desire to take every curse upon himself to protect the others, and his tendency to hide things, he will not be popular with the Chief Aurors. He should look for a job that he enjoys, Racing Broom Development for example.
I understand that you want to be close to the interviews JKR gave after DH. To be honest, I have to admit that I stopped reading her interviews when she made the Quidditch-Rita-Skeeter for the Daily Prophet out of Ginny. That left me stunned and speechless.
One of my favourite stories, it is the only one with an Auror Harry, deals with Harrys choices. It is a one shot called “Choices” by epeefencer. You can find it on ffnet, if you are interested. It describes my feelings better than I can. There is also a “More Choices” where we look at Ginny and the choices she makes and has made.

Enough nagged. I don't want to sour your mood, lol.
Despite the grumbling, it was an excellent chapter. I enjoyed it very much and I look forward to the next instalment.
Thank you!

Author's Response: Don't worry - mood is not upset! Everyone is entitled to their opinion. I must admit, I'm confused why you believe it has to be an either/or situation though? I don't think Harry ever gave up on the idea, that's why he jumped at getting back into Potions. He just wasn't certain he'd have ANY future once he knew the Prophecy. An Auror is the equivalent to a Policeman or FBI agent, and they certainly can have wives and families. It's kind of a moot point, anyway, since JKR says he becomes an Auror. Personally, I think it suits him, and there are always exceptions to the rules. I think ridding the world of Voldemort is the equivalent to top marks in his final year of school. I also believe the Auror ranks will be depleted after the war, and they will have to get new people in. I think Harry would grow restless and bored in another career. This suits him. That's my opinion, anyway. I can completely respect your right to see it differently, but I want to let you know that for this story, Harry's plans are to become an Auror.

Reviewer: forgivenlu Signed Date: 2015.07.14 - 11:16AM Title: Distractions


I just love Ginny! How she lets Harry get it out one piece at a time, and lets him stop when he's had enough is just the best. The hickey part left me in stitches! Though I wonder if Dumbledore's method of getting it all out at once would bring him faster healing?

I also love the section with Mr. Weasley. It drives me crazy when only one family member sees what happens to Harry, and everyone else waits outside. I think they all needed to see the mark from the Killing Curse so that they may have an idea of what he did for them.

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm glad you like it. I love canon!Ginny, but I have to admit fanon Ginny sometimes rubs me the wrong way. I think she just "gets" Harry, you know? I'm glad you like Mr. Weasley. He plays a bigger role in this one than he has in the past.

Reviewer: Wolfs_Scream Signed Date: 2015.07.14 - 10:44AM Title: Distractions


Very well done -- I particularly found Ginny's comment about forgiveness apropos. (I wasn't exactly expecting it, but when it came, it "just fit.") Harry's definitely got a fair bit more to disclose, especially to Ginny. And the way the (extended) Weasleys are supporting one another fits, as well.

Author's Response: Thanks very much. Yes, Harry has more to disclose, and we'll get there. I broke it up for two reasons: A) I think right after he'd have trouble going through it all in one go, and B), it would be too much a rehash of DH in one chapter for all you readers to take. I hope you enjoy the way I did it.

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