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Reviewer: carolyn jinn Signed Date: 2015.09.13 - 07:59AM Title: Setbacks


It was great to read Harry letting go and getting drunk. His time with George seemed very refreshing for both of them. I bet they will regret some of it tomorrow.

Looking forward to the next chapter.

Author's Response: Heh, the morning after coming right up! Poor Harry!

Reviewer: forgivenlu Signed Date: 2015.09.11 - 11:22PM Title: Setbacks

One other thing I noticed when I re-read the chapter:

Ron, Hermione, and Ginny all agree that it must have been George that convinced Harry to drink that much. George only provided the opportunity. Harry chose to drink all on his own. I think Harry is in a lot worse condition than any of them realize.

Author's Response: You're very right in Harry being responsible for his own decisions. I'm still not sure if he would have turned to Fire whiskey on his own quite yet, however.

Reviewer: Wolfs_Scream Signed Date: 2015.09.11 - 09:40PM Title: Setbacks


Come morning, I suspect that Ron will have his hands full (and then some)....

That said, he does seem to be maturing a bit more rapidly than is his norm. And I see that Ginny remains quite focused on Harry and his well-being.

Author's Response: Heh - you think? ;) I thought Ron had matured quite a bit by the battle in DH, so it seemed only natural to play on that. As for Ginny, I think she's felt very OUT of control for a long time. Everyone always wants to look after her, so I think she craves being in control of herself, and honestly, taking care of Harry rather than having him take care of her is filling that need right now. Harry looks out for everyone else, but doesn't let anyone close enough to care for him. Ginny has everyone else smothering her with care, but Harry will let her - and only her - take care of him. I think it's a way for them both to heal. That's my angle, anyway!

Reviewer: destin4fl Signed Date: 2015.09.10 - 09:04AM Title: Setbacks


Another amazing chapter!

Author's Response: Thanks!

Reviewer: MollyandArthur Signed Date: 2015.09.10 - 07:00AM Title: Setbacks


Greatly enjoyed this chapter. It would be odd if George did not have some bad moments after losing his brother, and drinking is a common way to deal with tragedy. Good bit with Percy and the family struggling to forgive his absence for so long. Hopefully, Harry learned a lesson about drinking.

Author's Response: Thanks! Harry actually will realize the lesson in the morning. Ouch! Poor kid. We've all been there - part of growing up and learning your limits.

Reviewer: Aurorofthelight Signed Date: 2015.09.09 - 10:33PM Title: Setbacks


Another terrific chapter, Mel! I almost thought when Harry and George were talking about being dead that Harry was gonna spill(and I'm not talking about his guts)! George is having as hard a time as Harry dealing with the aftermath! George needs to get the shop going and Harry still needs to have that little chat with Ginny about the seventh horcurx (hint hint)! BTW, Umbridge is unquestionably worse! At least with the dementors he could have one of them suck his soul and put him out of his misery! Can't wait for the next one! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

Author's Response: You were my 200th review, so thanks very much for that! You're right about Umbridge - nothing but the bast for our illustrious Commissioner (can you hear my sarcasm)? Harry needs to chat about the Seventh Horcrux, eh? I see where you went there! Stay tuned...

Reviewer: kitana415 Signed Date: 2015.09.09 - 05:32PM Title: Setbacks


Responsible Ron! It's about time Harry gets pissed.

Author's Response: LOL - I do love writing drunk!Harry. I think a lot of fic writers tend to leave Ron trapped in his teenage immaturity, but I think he grew up a lot in DH, particularly by the battle, and I like to try and show that. He's not there completely, but he's young yet.

Reviewer: skiutahnum1 Signed Date: 2015.09.09 - 01:55PM Title: Setbacks

well i think george needed to get stuff off his bad in the mroning he wont remeber a damn thing, but it was a step in the right for the girls seeing harry and getting some of the story out of hermione and ron ginny now sees the world a little bigger and smaller at the same time....molly is going to have a field day when she snaps back in to for harry.....I dont think there'senought potion int he world to fix the hangover he is about to get.....kutgw

Author's Response: You're right about that - hangover is coming in the next chapter! I had nearly as much fun with that as I did with the drinking scene. Harry, however, did not! ;)

Reviewer: ngayonatkailanman Signed Date: 2015.09.09 - 04:59AM Title: Setbacks


Awwww.... I love this chapter. I think it is so sweet. Yay!

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it. I love writing the angsty ones, and that scene with Percy fit the bill for me.

Reviewer: HP18 Signed Date: 2015.09.09 - 02:51AM Title: Setbacks

Love drunk Harry

Author's Response: Thanks! I know a few of you have been waiting for him, and I do enjoy writing him.

Reviewer: Dreaming Haven Signed Date: 2015.09.09 - 12:09AM Title: Setbacks


Goo chapter. Hopefully now Harry can open up to Ginny, and start to get a little better.

Author's Response: I think you might be onto something ;)

Reviewer: potterfan2008 Signed Date: 2015.09.09 - 12:00AM Title: Setbacks


Great chapter! I loved the conversation between Harry and George. I completely agree with you about Remus - I don't think Ron and Hermione ever really realized what Harry had been through. Ron is going to explode at this rate - either that or Harry and Ginny are going to kill him. Harry won't enjoy being restricted for long. Yes, Ron is grieving, but why do his needs take precedence over Harry's?

Author's Response: Thanks! I don't think Ron and Hermione bother me as much as they do you (except in that particular Lupin scene!). I kind of thought Ron was really there for Harry in that drunk scene. I think it's in Ron's nature to be protective, and I always enjoy when its directed at Harry.

Reviewer: forgivenlu Signed Date: 2015.09.08 - 11:17PM Title: Setbacks


I forgot how wonderful you portray a drunk Harry! It's just THE best!

This was a well needed chapter. I'm interested to know if in the next chapter a couple more things will be addressed. I don't think Ginny or Hermione will let this pass without a talk.

How many chapters do you have in mind for this story, if you're ahead right now?

Author's Response: Thanks. I do love writing drunk!Harry. I'm guessing the story will be 30 chapters in total, give or take one on the end. Chapter 19 marks a real transition - less recovery and more moving on.

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