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Reviews For Vis Insita

Reviewer: Hippothestrowl Signed Date: 2015.09.13 - 09:13AM Title: Dear Kylie


Good chapter. Good action

Author's Response: 'Dear Kylie' has been one of the most popular chapters of Vis, I think. I know it's always been a personal favorite.

Reviewer: druggist Signed Date: 2015.08.26 - 10:02PM Title: Dear Kylie


Excellent and impressive authoring, editing, and storytelling! So often you might stumble upon a story with one or maybe two of the above characteristics, but it seems rare to see all three in one place! Very nice. I'm impressed with the development of not only the NC characters, but also with Scott and Lila, et al. Hilarious and very sarcastic banter injected by Scott's rapier-like wit is refreshing. Bravo!

Keep it up!

Author's Response: Thank you very much, I'm always grateful for feedback and appreciate your kind words.

Reviewer: RighT3rantZ Signed Date: 2015.08.14 - 04:18PM Title: Dear Kylie


This is a really good story. I can't even put an eccentric spin on my perception of it yet. Onward!

Author's Response: Cool, I hope you like the rest of it as well.

Reviewer: hills Signed Date: 2015.07.28 - 12:32PM Title: Dear Kylie

Kylie's an unexpected complication, I can't wait to see what'll be done about her. It'll be nice to see Scott's love interest, I can't believe I've forgotten her name, now that they're both grown. Maybe Scott would be able to stop talking about it so much if he was having it, lol. Can't wait to see how they tackle the ministry in this incarnation of the hunt. Your Harry's a bit more indecisive than canon Harry, probably as a result of Scott's presence.

Author's Response: Kylie ended up being a better addition to the story than I had anticipated. I'm pleased with how she worked out. The woman you're thinking of is Sophie, though she's much more than just Scott's love interest, and also has a role to play. "Your Harry's a bit more indecisive than canon Harry, probably as a result of Scott's presence. " I would consider him to be less indecisive than cautious, and yes, I think that can be attributed to Scott's influence. Scott has been repeatedly telling Harry how important planning is, and I think Harry has seen the results of careful preparation and a tactical mindset. So it's true that, at this point, he is less likely to charge heedlessly forward than he was in the novels.

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