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Reviews For Splinters

Reviewer: TomBombadil Signed Date: 2017.02.05 - 03:16AM Title: Invenies in Tenebris


Turning the page at 2:15 ... Too engrossed to stop!

Author's Response:

Oh dear -- got you trapped, yeah?

Your nocturnal ponderings lured you into what may be my own personal favourite chapter -- one in which mysteries swirl in and out of focus.

Not sure, personally, if I would have tackled it at 2:15 a.m. though. It might mess with your dreams :)

Reviewer: MisterBlack Signed Date: 2016.03.20 - 05:21PM Title: Invenies in Tenebris


If there is one word I can use to describe this chapter it would have to be "ominous." I have a feeling something will either happen to Harry or Ginny and they will have to somehow use their dreams to find each other again. Perhaps the glowing white light represents that and it represents how Ginny can find Harry again.

That obituary for Gemina Wilsey seems to be hinting that even in a world where Harry Potter was never born, Ginny, and her heart belongs to him. This goes back to what Harry told Ginny when he "confessed" his love for her:

"I know that a lot of people say things like that, right? But doesn't this somehow seem different? Don't you think that when you and I say something like that it'll be more than just words? That it's a promise over all time past present and future? Feelings like this are stronger than time, aren't they? Stronger than cause and effect? I mean, once we've created something like this, how could anyone ever take it away?

"...there's no way that the Legate, or Malfoy, or Riddle can ever break this feeling. They might try to kill me or even erase me from history, but you will always have my love. It is, it was and it will be. It's as much a part of this universe as all the stars and the space around them.

I am absolutely convinced Harry will be lost. It might have to do with that trap that the Publican fears will be sprung. The Publican is really much too nice. I understand why he sacrifices so much. He does not need to help the Queen with anything. It just seems to me that the Queen is very ungrateful. Time and time again she has been saved by him or the Princess. The Queen does not seem to be very smart and she is out of depth with this war. I very much doubt she will return the wand. She seems blood thirsty to me but I do hope I am wrong.

I really do not like the Queen. Even after everything they have done it seems she only cares about power. She has pretty much given up on her other daughter and it seems to me she did not even shed a tear for the Princess when she did not even know if she and the Publican were alive or not. She just left them and went on to her war.

Anyway... I liked Gemina. I hope we do get to read more about her and Harry. How did they come in contact? Is that Harry OUR Harry? It has to be, right?

It is getting a bit confusing determining which timeline we are currently in... I am assuming that the 8 year old Hermione is from another time? I am sure our Hermione would remember something like that happening to her. I am assuming that man in the hood was Duff? Or perhaps it is not Hermione from another timeline but it is just a dream. A dream to give her the brooch because of what is to come in the future?

You see? Ominous.

PS: Yes, I can relate with you when it comes to how limited you are with the fics you come across. In some ways I was the same and in a way I still am the same. I don't know if that made any sense. I am slowly allowing myself to broaden my horizon. The only thing I cannot read is Harry coupled with some other girl (Hermione, Luna, Daphne, Pansy, Susan Bones, etc) for some reason it just seems wrong to me. How anyone can pair Harry with Daphne is beyond me... she had like what one mention maybe two in canon? I am glad to have broaden my horizon though. I do not think I would have ever read your work had I just stuck with POST DH fics. There are so many good stories out there that I have found but unfortunately they seem to be incomplete. Up to now I have yet to find a soul bond story that is better than Sovran's "The Meaning of One." Mistress_Lrigtar's story comes close but unfortunately she has been absent for a bit and I don't know if that is abandoned. Anyway... point is... boredom helps me. I tend to find some great stories when I am bored. *shrug*

Author's Response:

Ominous, indeed! Much truth in your speculations -- so much so that I feel a need to limit my response a bit so that I can leave you a bit of surprise in terms of finding out what you've guessed correctly, where you're half right, and where you've fallen a bit shy of the mark.

In terms of aspects that I feel comfortable in confirming, though, you are definitely on the money in suggesting that Gemina knew and loved a non-existent Harry for the same reason that Harry somehow grasped that the love he shared with Ginny was broadcast farther than the bounds of causality. Just how this might be possible is for you to consider as you read the remnant of the story.

You'll be happy to learn that you have not heard the last from Gemina, but details I shall not divulge.

Fascinating that you do not believe that the queen will return the wand! Yes, the queen of the Iceni is not a nice lady, not grateful and distinctly lacking in pragmatism. Under the best of circumstances, it would be fair to describe her as prickly or difficult but... are these circumstances anything approaching 'the best'?

Good point about the Hermione time line being jarring. I believe I'll insert single hard-line spacers to guide the reader a bit. I originally wrote it without hard returns because I wanted to convey to the reader the magnitude of Hermione's disorientation, but I don't think one loses that in helping the reader a bit.

I appreciate your thoughts on the whole matter of finding stories, and on general preferences therein. Interestingly, I have tended to avoid soul bond stories, but I will admit a distinct soft spot for Bethany's latest Aphrodite story (Love Changes Everything). There is a distinct sweetness to Harry and Ginny that can only be carried off effectively if there is adversity. I must go back and leave reviews for the two last chapters she's written, and hope that she returns to it.

Thank you again for all the analysis, MisterBlack!

Reviewer: dannbard Signed Date: 2016.01.08 - 03:45PM Title: Invenies in Tenebris


So we have the master dabbing a bit more paint onto the thinner versions of the canvas, pulling it along intricately with shank and scalpel as another work of art approaches its final form. I love the Hettie/Rob sketches and would yell "More!" though I suspect we'll not get it. That's okay -- looking forward just as much to another chapter of H&G and P&p. And will Grimmauld Place devolve into utter pandemonium?? Can't wait!

Author's Response:

Ah, well I believe you're the first to trot out that sort of imagery for this discussion space. Maybe we can pretend this is a moody patchwork along the lines of Paul Klee, perhaps? That would suit me just fine!

Yes, regrettably the Hettie and Rob story, although complex, poignant and surprisingly romantic, will not appear on this site, since SIYE is devoted to Harry/Ginny. To be honest, there are aspects of the story that could actually live and breathe completely independently of fanfic. I might thus bring it to life as a distinct fiction in its own right. Although it would have to wait in line behind an elaboration of my elaborate semi-historic plot-sketch of the tale of a dashing young English savant on the run from the British Army who falls in love with a spinster seamstress just off the Royal Mile in 1840's Edinburgh... Very funny at times, but oh so sad...

Fortunately, Splinters is mostly not sad, so let me not digress.

Will Grimmauld Place go nuts? Quite likely although it appears you will have to wait for chapter 16. I had written to David (Wolf_Scream) earlier suggesting that the next chapter would contain that drama but it appears chapter 15 will mostly dwell in AD 61. I swear that I really do know what's going on in this story -- I just always misjudge how quickly I can get through the scenes.

Reviewer: gracepark Signed Date: 2016.01.08 - 09:24AM Title: Invenies in Tenebris


Interesting chapter!! It's a little hard to review because everything seems so transitional, like it's on the way toward the answers but not quite there yet. Some of the segments are beautifully written though; they move me in ways that very very few other 'free' stories do. Love it love it love it though, and it seems to really be closing in on the big finale!

Author's Response:

Thanks Grace! Yes, it's certainly a transitional chapter -- the last one of those, I promise!

I'm glad that you liked the writing. In truth each of these chapters could benefit from another week's worth of editing, so some rough edges persist, but c'est la vie. I think there are a fair number of readers who prefer promptness above the subtle niceties of style, and I'd admittedly been trying to cater to that audience. So it's great to hear that for some of my audience I've actually been able to have my cake and eat it too. Thanks for the good cheer!

Last but not least, you're most correct -- things are definitely winding down. I find myself writing on an ever-sliding scale, but I think at this point that we're looking at two more core chapters, and perhaps an epilogue.

Reviewer: Gin110881 Signed Date: 2016.01.04 - 01:20PM Title: Invenies in Tenebris

You're right. Although I rarely have a Cardhu on stock, but I think a Talisker would've done it too ... and I wouldn't have been so impatient and double checked the inscription of the brooch in the first chapter. I've relied on my memory and I recalled P. PEVERELLIVS only. Obviously, the first day in the office after the holidays was a bit exhausting. Thanks for the tutoring. Now, that there is one brooch only, it is much easier to understand.

Author's Response:

Yes, a deep and brooding Talisker would be best for those existential ponderings. I recommended the Cardhu for little quiet interlude of problem solving, but I think you've graduated to the inner sancta.

So there is nothing written that says there couldn't be a second brooch but I think it would be a cop-out on the authour's part to invent one so late in the game. Anyway, it was a good discussion to have for the sake of any other readers who might have been misled. Everything would have cleared up eventually, but no point in letting too much fog settle over everyone's eyes.

Thanks Martin!

Reviewer: Gin110881 Signed Date: 2016.01.04 - 10:32AM Title: Invenies in Tenebris


Sirius is always marginally involved only. However, I have the feeling that they'll make a big step forward, as soon as he is properly onboard. We will see...
Oh, well, another brooch. And the certainty that nothing written in the history books can be changed ... but everything else might be possible. But the most intriguing part was the end of the chapter. Lets hope that the Publican and the princess succeed to make Gemini happy ...and of course, all the others as well.
Many thanks for another great chapter. Maybe a chapter with a few answers only, but a chapter with the certainty that Ginny and Harry will long as they are together...and that they'll be together forever...and a chapter that left me wondering if Hettie has the second brooch.
I wish you a Happy New Year.

Author's Response:

Happy new year, Martin!

Regarding Sirius, I will drop a quick hint to suggest that his role is less in terms of facilitating a big step forward, and more a matter of helping to avoid a disastrous step back. You shall see.

"Another" brooch, you say? A second brooch?

You might want to find a glass of Cardhu to meditate quietly on such questions. After the first glass (and presumably at some point during the second) you could start to contemplate different hypothetical realities (including) but not limited to:

# A reality in which the brooch remains hidden in the Northamptonshire moss for eternity,

# A reality in which the brooch is dug from out of the moss by the wrong person,

# A reality in which the brooch is dug from out of the moss by the right person, but too late to avert many great tragedies, and

# A reality in which the brooch is dug from out of the moss by the right person, even if that person has no idea what the object is.

Confused or enlightened? A bit of both? Pour yourself a third glass, and it will no longer matter :)

Reviewer: ginnyweasley777 Signed Date: 2016.01.04 - 08:53AM Title: Invenies in Tenebris


wow! what a chapter that is!
loved the line about Dumbledore with a bee in his bonnett :)

Author's Response:

Thank you thank you! Immensely happy to hear that you enjoyed it! Apart from my aforementioned concern (see response to RighT3rantZ's comments) about coherence, I was immensely happy with the writing itself and the characterisations. The logic and flow should ultimately make sense in the end, too.

I greatly appreciate your readership, support and comments, Hannah!

Reviewer: RighT3rantZ Signed Date: 2016.01.02 - 08:04PM Title: Invenies in Tenebris


EgADs!!! Kakistocracy, very relevant GHL. Where do you find these fabulous words?
(When Googled a picture of Vader appeared....I found that 0dD). It is known who the true mastermind of that Empire was, and it sure was hell wasn't Ani, but the pawlitician from Naboo :)

As a side note I looked up the Iceni Rebellion finally, very obscure historical reference. Someone suggested Peter Connoly, and I admit your story has me curious for more.

The mysterious man with the walking stick. Is this a flashback of Hermione or a memory of Hettie that had her memories reorganized? Does it coincide with the temporary magical awakening of thec kQueen's disappointment? For a moment I thought I was getting a preview for a future chapter of Trix. The vocalization was all wrong though. Suttle consonant change with relative verb uses E rmn K to create the surname for what it is worth. The beat need also be off anon, lol.

When I am reading your stories I get so focused in the moment to moment that the 2nd to last (and so forth) time shift becomes a bit hazy. Certain details clear, the overall progression still held, other details are the wind swept between my earbuds. Metta betta, shady fella.

I wonder if the Queen feels the mostly reformed Horse Head Staff should go to Lano as well. Probably not, but the wand really doesn't seem necessary to the two Potter line carriers. Then again, I lack foresight into the future and only attempt at providing an insight here and somewhere or something.thanks Brrrrr, it is getting cold (for my neck of the woords) finally so I will leave the reviews to yOu yoUor.

Author's Response: Placeholder alert: I have many miles to cover today and insufficient time to fully reply yet, but shall be pondering these words as I go. Check back later for something substantiative. But oh -- the character overlap between Teri and a younger Hermione -- I would never have thought of it myself, but once again you have psychoanalysed the authour with exceptional aptitude!

More anon.

Author's Response:

Okay, I'm back and settled now. And hence on to correspondence!

First of all, let me agree entirely that Darth Ani's leadership is definitely not a good example of kakistocracy, because he was a lackey. Even the Palpitating Politician from Naboo might not have qualified because the best examples generally involve a combination of criminality and ineptitude. Rowling definitely made the Thicknesse / Voldemort regime sound not just evil but also rather idiotic, and painted nearly all of the death eaters (with the possible exceptions of Lucius and Bellatrix) as a lamebrained rabble of ne'er do wells. Now where did I get the work? Dug around on some writers boards, searching for a term for criminally inept leadership, and got lucky.

Regarding the Iceni Rebellion, there are a fair number of articles here and there, based either on the writings of Tacitus or Cassius Dio or sometimes both. There are plenty of contradictions, other than the basic facts of Camulodunum, Londinium and Verulamium being sacked, so keep your salt shaker handy as you read.

The identify of the mystery man will become clear fairly soon. The episode off Farthingstone Road is Hermione's dream rather than a flashback per se. The difference is subtle but should be stated. And yes, this is all intimately coupled with Heanua's re-engagement.

Sorry if I left you in a haze toward the end. Earlier in the story people complimented me on being able to sustain a sensible flow, despite the complexities of working in so many times and places... but I think this chapter pushed things pretty well to the edge of coherence. Next chapter will get simpler though.

The questions of who should be holding staff and wand are both critical and muddled. For that, you may indeed need to immerse in the flow and see where it goes. Will the Publican indeed get his hands on the staff? What would the consequences be? Oh, and incidentally, you are correct that Boadicea would definitely prefer the staff in the princess's hands. The queen greatly likes/respects the Publican, but he is still 'Roman'; she is not confident in her daughter's maturity yet, however; simple conclusion is that the queen would not yet be comfortable with the staff in anyone else's hands.

Anyway, thank you as always for your stimulating thoughts!

Reviewer: MollyandArthur Signed Date: 2016.01.01 - 06:16PM Title: Invenies in Tenebris


Another interesting chapter. I am still uncertain about what exactly is going on, although I am definitely seeing more of a connection between each time frame than I was previously. The pregnancy of the young princess is looking extremely important to the future of the wizarding world. Sirius somehow has to help protect the youngsters while delaying Albus from interfering in events at Grimmauld place. I am still hoping that Molly and Arthur will become more aware of and involved in this. Also, Hermione is having dreams that include a possible future Ron, so I am hopeful that Ron will eventually have some small role to play in this mess. Looking forward to the next chapter.

Author's Response:

Yes, the connections between the time frames remain the major mystery; if any of the primary characters had grasped the full situation before now, it is possible that the whole crisis might already have been averted, so you (and they) remain in a race against time (or times?) to reach the necessary level of understanding.

You are absolutely correct that the pregnancy is critical. It is obviously important that the child be born, since that establishes Harry's birth line, but there is a second, more immediate factor at work that you, and other readers, may well now suspect. Back some time ago, David (Wolfs_Scream) began to move in the direction of intuiting what that importance was.

Sirius, Molly and Ron were definitely all slated for key roles in the emerging 'character drama' at Grimmauld Place. I have made relatively little use of Arthur under the assumption that he is spending much of him time at the Ministry; according to canon (rather than Muggle calendar), August 16, 1995 is a Monday so he will be at work for a chunk of the drama, but let's see how things play out. As far as Ron is concerned, though, there have been various vague hints dropped in recent chapters regarding what we might expect of him when push comes to shove.

Thank as always for your careful, thoughtful comments, M&A!

Reviewer: KateP Signed Date: 2015.12.31 - 05:17PM Title: Invenies in Tenebris


Wow another interesting chapter just when you think you have all the answers you change the questions going to have to retread this over again to get my head around it

Keep up the good work and happy new year

Author's Response:

Ah yes! A lot of the questions that I've changed are actually working you around to the answer to a critical unanswered question that is buried way back in the story (long enough ago that many might have forgotten it). One thing I aspire to in these stories is Anton Chekhov's principles of leaving no loose ends and introducing no spurious detail. Needless to say, I am quite capable of driving myself crazy with stories like Splinters and Trix. Theoretically, I believe I still have everything lined up correctly, but fortunately I can rely on great readers such as yourself to keep me honest and see that everything ties up in the end.

Speaking of 'the end', the story has been behaving a bit like Xeno's paradox -- it always appears that the end is a finite distance away, but it seems to be taking an infinite number of steps to get there :) I had originally pegged it at ~12 chapters, but obviously we're not there yet at 14. I think we'll close in on it though.

Happiest of new year wishes to you too, Kate! Thank you for all!

Reviewer: Wolfs_Scream Signed Date: 2015.12.31 - 01:34PM Title: Invenies in Tenebris


Aye; we're dealing with Sirius, here -- so he not only has a few skills that could be "interesting" (though most suffering somewhat from lack of use lately), but he's also going stir-crazy from an inability to actually do anything that he considers interesting....

I find it rather amusing that someone named "Dumbledore" might have "chased straight after the first bee in his bonnet." :-}

On "we could drive out the foreigners forever. -- "forever" is a very long time, especially as compared to human lifespans.

Harry is waxing quite poetical, in that scene just after the scene at Tykes Water. And it's probably good for relationships to have a bit of mutual mystery now & then.

Yes, Hermione is definitely in the thick of things by now. Not exactly the same way Harry & Ginny are....

Ref. last chapter's review response & "etymology": Guilty as charged, Your Honor. :-) (And names are rather a special case of "words.")

Author's Response:

Yes, so definitely Sirius will now *have* to be apprised of the situation, and 'some' of his crucial talents will be brought to bear upon a tenuous situation at Grimmauld Place. If it takes me a little longer to produce the next chapter, it will not be because I'm slacking off, but rather because it's going to be a tricky character drama that I will likely need to edit the heck out of to get right.

You know, I had asked myself a couple of times whether 'bee in his bonnet' was the right metaphor in that place, and decided each time that it was fine. I somehow never consciously thought of the consonance, but that's probably what makes it work.

Regarding Boadicea's penchant for hyperbole, I tend to view that as a common tool (or crutch?) of oration (which historians widely view as one of Boadicea's greatest strengths). Making such a hyperbolic statement may seem a bit more loaded for a sorceress than for a bloviating non-magical politician, but then again we have the queen proclaiming proudly that she's not a seer.

I'm fascinated that Harry's halting dream speech comes across as poetic. When I wrote (and re-re-re-edited) this, I wanted to walk a fine line such that Harry was no longer stumbling around like a lovestruck teen boy, but that he was nonetheless still struggling to express ideas that he himself had not yet fully grasped. Have you ever tried to answer a question by opening your mouth and seeing what comes out? I do sometimes, and the results range from astonishingly plausible reflections all the way to utterly baffled expressions on the part of listeners. Anyway, I was essentially putting Harry in a bit of an improvisation state like that.

Completely true -- Hermione is now involved in a very essential way, but in this particular 'drama', she is almost more of a stage manager than a star.

Oh, and when I wrote my response to your prior review, I was too rushed to check to see if there actually was a special subdiscipline of evolutionary linguistics that covered proper names. Thank you for kindly and modestly not jumping up to point out that the correct word is apparently 'Onomastics'. Another year, another word!

Thank you most kindly for your valued thoughts!

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