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Reviews For Splinters

Reviewer: Gin110881 Signed Date: 2017.11.11 - 04:16AM Title: Good Guessers

I'm back from holidays and I did my homework, I re-read Splinters. I'd already planned re-reading Splinters for a while, the Fires of Time have been a welcome occasion to finally take action.

Re-reading Splinters was as much fun as it was the first time. It's been my experience that it's obviously easier to grasp the many transitions between characters and timelines when reading the entire story in one go, and not from update to update. Some details seemed much more obvious and understandable than the first time, so many months ago. Well, part of the reason might also be that I simply forgot some (many?) details I've rediscovered now.

I remember that at that time I was desperately trying to find the solution to a mystery in every single scene with a transition between characters and time levels. Today I can easily admit that it's much easier to just stay relaxed and read on. That's a lesson that will hopefully help me with FoT, well, besides refreshing a lot of details from Splinters, of course.

As I already said almost two years ago, it's really a brilliant story!

Author's Response:

Welcome back to the wonderful land of fanfic. Must take a closer look at Gnats to see where they, and the Nargles, finally ended up.

So flattered that you took the time to re-read Splinters! Yes, I think that if I was giving advice to an analytically-oriented reader, I would likely suggest devoting the first read to just letting the word and images flow. Most of my works are conventional stories, but several, like Tijdvelt, Friendship Stone, Splinters, and now Fires, are 'art' first and story second. In all of those cases, the story comes at you in mists and flakes, and in the end a semi-complete tale lies about you like a field of new fallen snow, but it may well be that the journey (the storm) is a colourful swirl as entertaining as the plot.

Anyway, thank you most kindly for another thoughtful note!

Reviewer: TomBombadil Signed Date: 2017.02.07 - 08:06AM Title: Good Guessers


What a perfect concluding sentiment! As you well know, I have been absorbed by this story. As you can see by Harry's inheritance in my retelling of the Epilogue, I have a burning curiosity about Harry's relationship to the brothers Peverell. By putting "Peverell's Rest" among the Potters' line of inheritance I had hoped to set up a story about them being Harry's ancestors. Unfortunately, the plot bunny (as in story, not grave site) never came to me. Now I can let it go, for you have covered it definitively! Obviously, for numerous reasons, I loved this story ... These stories! Thank you ever so much for the incredible amount of work you committed to this work, for the intricate plot lines, and for the superb writing! I always assume English is a second or third language for many FF writers! Not so for you! Good grammar and diversity of vocabulary go a long way toward making a story enjoyable! You have generally excelled in all areas of exceptional creative writing. Thanks again! Now I must choose between editing and rewriting my story or finding another you yours to peruse. That is a good thing about being a relative late comer to this site! Almost everything is new to me!

Author's Response:

Well, as a latecomer to responding to your final Splinters review, I see that it's too late for me to persuade you to attend first to your excellent Epilogue. Oh well, I'm most grateful for your comments on Biscuits -- a story I'm nearly as partial to as I was to Splinters :)

Interesting that you've also invested energy pondering the Peverell link. If ever you felt inspired, I would be tickled to see someone run with the very basic premise that I outlined. My own thoughts have gone very little beyond what you now know: at some point, perhaps 15-25 years after AD 61 (perhaps one could align it with a major Roman historical event) Ignotus will indeed encounter Antioch and Cadmus. The latter two, though sworn to not harm their brother, will still be dark wizards but yet circumstances will indeed somehow lead to a tenuous alliance against 'Death' which might (as alluded) be a euphemism for a terrifying dark cabal or... might not be. After all, none of the texts Lupin, Hermione, Harry or Ginny encountered could offer much more than speculation.

The one other perturbation to Beedle's tale is, of course, that in this one Ignotus would have a twin sister -- perhaps one who might remain in the background, but nonetheless one who has an unusual magical connection to our two favourite 20th century magical protagonists.

Reviewer: LysCsuri Signed Date: 2016.12.06 - 05:40AM Title: Good Guessers


“Harry, do you ever wish that we could still… see into the future?”

I don't know about Harry and Ginny, but I sure do. The ending is beautiful, but there is still a future ahead for them, and I'd bet it's wondrous! I can only sincerely hope we find out about it sometime!

Author's Response:

Well, thank you for another review, Lys!

I'm definitely not going to make any promises other than to try to accommodate those poor suffering people who expect me to finish Trix, however if I ever did go back to write a sequel to Splinters, it would only happen if I had a plot that did not involve any of the done-to-death Horcrux hunting and whatnot. No point in having an AU if one slides too close to a canon that Rowling addressed far better than anyone else will.

However, if I did find a plausible, sensible way to tie up the "Three Brothers" scenario that I've set up, along with some way to defeat Voldy, then I would consider it. There are those who might also like to see a happier ending for Gemina, Hettie and Rob.

No promises, but who knows?

Reviewer: MisterBlack Signed Date: 2016.03.21 - 11:40PM Title: Good Guessers


I think you ended this story in the best way possible. This story centered around the past and as far as that concerned just about everything was tied up neatly even if there still lingers some questions.

It seems that even now after everything they know and even though they have proven themselves to be worthy and efficient, Dumbledore has decided to keep his knowledge of the Horcruxes to himself. With what he knows I am assuming he feels confident that they will eventually find them all and hopefully defeat Voldemort once and for all.

I assume that in the future when Harry gets a vision of Sirius being tortured in the Hall of Prophecies that Ginny will be around to warn him before he makes the fatal mistake of acting on his own emotions and fleeing to the Department of Mysteries. I am curious about how Harry would handle the future events now that he knows that he is stronger with Ginny by his side. We know she still will not be able to accompany them in their adventures due to the fact that Molly Weasley would not permit and because Ginny herself will still not be of age and therefore will be a liability because she will still have the trace.

I would have loved to read about Umbridge's reaction to Harry and Ginny leaving mid-speech. I imagine she will be using her blood quills much earlier than in canon.

I would imagine Harry will focus more on training and strategy for the DA. With everything at stake I imagine he will make sure everyone is ready for the battle at Hogwarts. By now he must have guessed that Dumbledore will not live to see that day.

I think the most important thing of all is that he has Ginny by his side now. It is a shame JK Rowling did not use Ginny much. So much wasted potential. Ahh well. This was a great adventure, GHL. Now I find myself lost. LOL.

Maybe I will catch up on Trix now. I believe I have only read the first chapter. I was hoping to give you more time to either finish or add more chapters. Cheers! :)

PS: I tend to avoid soul-bond stories as well because most just really go far into the fluffy zone. I don't mind Harry and Ginny being in love but some stories go overboard with their powers. They always seem to have the most perfect relationship with no problems. I prefer stories where there are conflicts that arise. The two best soul bond stories (Meaning of One, Aphrodite's love) at least initially have to deal with problems arising with Molly Weasley and you know that is always fun. I do hope that with the new movies and the play that are coming out that people will be interested in fanfiction again. I just cannot seem to get enough of this world.

Author's Response:

Most gratified to hear that you like the ending! So yes, for all the great convolutions of time and plot, the status at the end of this story is very nearly right where things would have been at a comparable date in OotP, with the exception that Harry and Ginny have each other... and have greatly evolved attitudes and a glimpse of greater and novel magic.

So you did notice that I left things a bit ambiguous with Dumbledore. There is a noticeable detente, which means that unlike this date in OotP, Dumbledore is willing to look Harry in the eye and speak with him strategically, but he most definitely has not shared any thoughts about Horcruxes and Harry has no idea yet of this particular wrinkle.

Various people have suggested continuing the story from the point of departure. It's something that I have not ruled out, but if I ever do so then I am on record as saying that any resolution ultimately pursued by Harry and Ginny would not focus on Horcruxes. Dumbledore himself will remain obsessed with Horcruxes, and will agonise over how to give Harry a bit more semblance of a childhood before the boy 'must die', but surely our two protagonists will find a far more creative way out of this mess, right?

And, incidentally, Umbridge would be completely and utter toast... or crispy bacon, or something. I have no idea how the flobber-lady survived at Hogwarts nearly 10 months in canon, but I can assure you that in a post-Splinters world, she would not last 10 weeks. Ten days? Hmmm... The bookies are out on that one.

Finally, please note that I have revised the final acknowledgements in a manner I feel is appropriate. I have hoped to sneak that in there before you finished the story, but you seemed to have put in a marathon final session. Either way, thank you MisterBlack! If you're moving onto Trix, then it's definitely time for something completely different! :)

Reviewer: Dreaming Haven Signed Date: 2016.03.10 - 06:50AM Title: Good Guessers


Wow great ending! I fell really behind in my reading and have just finished read the last two chapters. I really liked how they got pulled back to I guess get some closure on the past. It was cool that she had twins, and they were a boy and girl. Of course I really loved the ending with Harry and Ginny spending time together away from the Hogwarts feast. Harry basically saying he could handle anything as long as he has Ginny was really sweet and loving, and exactly what we love about them.

Author's Response:

Thank you so very much Debra!

Those are definitely the high points. Ultimately this chapter was not so much an epilogue as a view into how the characters have all matured, and how that growth has become cemented into new strength and resolve. The ending, of course, was intentionally a blend with romantic notions too, where the blossoming of a romance is never possible without personal growth and resolve. Always happy, as a writer (or reader) to be able to place two long-suffering protagonists squarely on path where may still be some obstacles to overcome in the pursuit of happiness, but there is no more question to their support and commitment; no more angst or relationship angst...

Twins indeed! Psst... I'll tell you a secret. That was actually a surprise to everyone, including the authour (who lay awake one night trying to properly resolve some tricky plot twists). Sometime, if you're curious, you can look up the translation for 'Annisgwyl' :)

Reviewer: ginnyweasley777 Signed Date: 2016.03.09 - 10:55AM Title: Good Guessers


Oh what a marvelous end to the story(which is the really only the beginning to H/G) I'm so glad you gave us another glimpse of Lano and the Publican because I've really enjoyed their story and journey just as much as Harry and Ginny's :)

I've already begun my re-read of the story and it's proving enlightening as I seemed to have misses a couple of crucial chapters early on and I'm finding the story truly fascinating again. I'm curious now at the end as to what the implications of Harry's knowledge would be for the canon storyline - would the Ministry scene ever need to happen, thus letting Sirius survive? How would they deal with Umbridge?

There's so much more I could say about the story, but I've lambs due, so I'll finish with a big thank you for sharing it (and for the mention!) :)

Author's Response:

Yes indeed -- and there we have the flip side to what I just said to Greg. Although there is very little in the way of concrete material difference at this point relative to canon, some of the intrinsic growth in our main characters really may change the way things unfold!

To begin with, uncovering the prophesy may still seem to be very important to Voldemort, but at this point should Harry honestly care to know what it says (no), and does he care whether or not Voldemort finds out (dunno; shrug). That, unquestionably changes the tenor of the OotP story, although one can kind of assume that Dumbledore still wants to protect the prophesy, which means that Arthur is probably still going to be attacked by Nagini, and Voldemort is still going to try to bombard Harry's mind with dreams. La plus ca change...

What else is there? Umbridge is going to be a vile slag, but will Harry let himself be victimised now that he's matured? Dumbledore may still try to push Occlutorture on Harry to stem the Voldemort dreams, but don't you want to bet that Harry and Ginny both learned some cerebral discipline from the Publican and princess? And there's Sirius, of course. Duff dropped the hint about that in the early going, and Ginny has already acted upon the admonition. There might be a bit of tension at some point, but surely the outlook seems a little better for the old hound now?

Lots to ponder!

In any case, you are most welcome, and my sincere gratitude for the kind thoughts! And yes indeed -- March is indeed time for lambs for us northern hemisphere folks. Best wishes to your curly haired friends!

Reviewer: ProfessorBinns79 Signed Date: 2016.03.08 - 09:55PM Title: Good Guessers


I'm a horribly inconsistent reviewer, and I don't really have anything insightful to say, but I wanted to let you know how much my wife and I enjoyed this story. We've read each chapter as it came out and found it fascinating to think through the mystery with the characters. I love how Hettie Gravener ended up being the true hero of the whole episode, as well as the fact that very little has factually changed. Changes going forward in this universe will be more about the character development that occurred than about any facts on the ground. You are one of the most cerebral writers in the fandom, and I look forward to what you come up with next!

Author's Response:

Ah, a little bit of irony to doubt the value of your insights, yet produce some wonderful little gems right here in this note! For starters, you captured the status perfectly by saying that, circa Sept. 1 1995, the world has reverted almost completely to canon, except for changes in attitude and character development. The dark elements are still moving in the ways Rowling intended, and the idiots (Fudge and Umbridge) still possess the same idiocies, but Harry, Ginny, Hermione, Ron and Dumbledore all came away with tangible maturation from a two week stretch that was otherwise destined to have been a bit of a developmental doldrums.

It warms my heart to have you elevate Hettie to her worthy stature. Make no mistake -- I fully intended for Harry and Ginny to be very courageous and competent in responding to this grave threat, but also recognised that both of them were still growing into the ominous roles crafted for them. Instead of having them turn immediately to super heroes, I think there is a different sort of satisfaction for having the world finally hand them a bit of good luck.. in the form of a smart but utterly naive Muggle-born ex-pat who rises (bumbles?) to the occasion, playing the bizarre hand that fate dealt her.

As to your kind words, I'm flattered and tremendously gratified that I could inspire conversations and speculations among you and your wife. I truly intended this story, while touching on romance and drama, to ultimately be a 'what on earth is going to happen next' wild ride. As such, there can really be no greater reward for a story than to have it become a topic of discussion and debate.

Thank you most kindly Greg for your support now and in the past, and my very best regards to your wife!

Reviewer: RighT3rantZ Signed Date: 2016.03.08 - 03:15AM Title: Good Guessers

Disregard the last bit that for Brennus.... What the hell.....

Author's Response:

If you left me a comment intended for Mark's story, then in order to achieve balance in the universe, I must comment on your story and post it Mark's, while Mark would have to comment on mine and post it in yours.

In order for that to work, you will first need to post a story though...

Reviewer: RighT3rantZ Signed Date: 2016.03.07 - 10:08PM Title: Good Guessers

Mega tonnes is A LOT. That would be a big ass Bertha. Chinese manufacturing at its finest. I can only hope Jeff gets what he deserves.

Author's Response:

In case, in deep posterity, anyone reads this, I will point to the story to which the comment belongs.

Reviewer: RighT3rantZ Signed Date: 2016.03.07 - 10:01PM Title: Good Guessers


19 Chapters and the Oracle has closed their eye...for now.

Isn't it strange that from chapter one I already felt like I had already read, or previewed so many parts of some of the details of the plot... sometimes several times. Although never the same way twice. It really got rolling for the gang over the Summer, it was fun...sometimes, other pieces were a Thestral....killed by a staff(not Dumbledore's)

Yes I suppose You the writer somehow seep in and reveal pieces of yourself that I reflect back to you as the reader. Glad I could give yOu some insight back into yourself, when you weren't expressing yourself outw0rd, but taking my reviews inw0rd spinning them around to perceive yourself as a writer/reviewer of my reviews. I kept my word, just ask Bob.

You don't need to understand what I write, you must right what you understand of what you think You perceive. I just play my beat, dance in fires, and avoid blisters. I think we fall into a similar point of view more often than not. It was written down by a mad prophet, sometime, somewhere.

Nice job on the story my man. Poor Queen had it coming. She could have been brutally stabbed by a sharpened ivory hairbrush, but how in the hell would you have known to use that in this context. I didn't get specific. I could speak of plot lines continuing but they naturally progress how they will anyway, and if you decide to continue them so it shall be.

Also, your welcome.

Author's Response:

Yes, since early on in this particular story, as the reviews began to come in, I quickly realised that we were at corners of a Mandala -- sometimes at the same corner, but most often at adjacent corners peering in towards Mount Meru from different angles; assimilating the same landscape but from unique vantages. The fact that you render your wisdom via a fire dance along the outer periphery is all in perfect accord.

Poor queen, yes. Tacitus claimed she poisoned herself, but I can hardly imagine someone of her nature stooping to a mundane form of suicide like that. And yes, she had it coming... in the same way that Dumbledore must either die or irrevocably fade in order for Harry to have a real destiny.

If you have plot lines, then scribble them down somewhere safe, but for the time being I shall be finishing Trix. I have recently started rereading what I wrote to see if I painted myself into any corners from which Papa Legba must release me.

Reviewer: lunagranger Signed Date: 2016.03.07 - 04:50PM Title: Good Guessers


An excellent wrap up. And a beautiful end - the brooms, the moon, the connection. Thank you for everything

Author's Response:

Sincerest thanks, Silvia! I always think about the image on which to end a story, as it tends to be one of the most critical facets of a story, Fortunately this ending happened to come to me in a dream, and it fit the message that I wanted to convey for our two protagonists as they look ahead from this story.

My gratitude again for the support all the way through!

Reviewer: potternut190 Signed Date: 2016.03.07 - 12:20PM Title: Good Guessers


Thanks for a quite entertaining time-bending story.

Author's Response:

You're completely welcome of course -- thank you again for your kind words throughout the story!

Yes, I have to admit that the dream mechanism for time manipulations was a fun vehicle to use -- virtual pasts affecting virtual futures while the present marches unaffected, followed by a collapse of all the virtuals which leaves the real present slightly changed. Rather daft concept, but it made for enjoyable writing, and a good premise for growing the staunch reliance on which to build a romance.

Reviewer: zeta_one Signed Date: 2016.03.07 - 10:46AM Title: Good Guessers


Very interesting story. It was a little hard to follow at times, but I like the different twist on the time travel.

Thanks for sharing.

Author's Response:

Yes, in truth I knew going into this that there were going to large segments of stream-of-consciousness narrative, along the stylistic lines of Anton Chekhov or Ambrose Bierce. Going into the drafting I really didn't know if the nonlinearity would fly on SIYE, so I did hit people with a blatant example of it right away in the first chapter (which was a pilot of sorts) and people seemed to respond remarkably agreeably to my attempts at baffling them... so I decided to stick with the story.

I dare say that if people graphed the ultimate plot with Hermione-like persuasion, they might find some paradoxes here and there, but ultimately I think a reasonable portion of the reading public don't mind coming away from the occasional story a bit perplexed, and I think that's proving to be the case here.

Anyway, I'm grateful that you persisted with the story, and am equally pleased that you left some kind words at the end!

Reviewer: KateP Signed Date: 2016.03.07 - 06:43AM Title: Good Guessers


Loved this the whole Ron stuff was so funny and him showing his intelligence was a nice change of pace for that he showed he noticed things around him and his friends which is not something he is know for in cannon till the later books.

Got to say this is in my top 10 stories when it comes to Harry/Ginny interaction the way you wrote them are so believable to real people massive props for that and for making a story with a totally original premise

Author's Response:

Thank you again Kate!

This did seem to be a special chapter for Ron -- too late for the real 1995 version of him to make much difference, but an indication that he's realising that in order to be a real participant in the high-pitched stakes, he'll need to stay engaged and actually work for it.

Great to also hear that you got a laugh out of those segments. In an ideal world, humour and wisdom go hand in hand!

Finally, I'm very gratified to hear that you liked both the scenario, as well as the Harry and Ginny characters coming together, early and meaningfully. The plot, of course, was a vehicle for a voyage of personal discovery! I'm very happy to know the voyage was satisfying!

Reviewer: Gin110881 Signed Date: 2016.03.07 - 04:56AM Title: Good Guessers


That was one of the stories in which you are satisfied, but also sad at the end.
Satisfied, because you finally know how everything ends. Sad, because the story was over much too soon, and there will never be an update again...
Your choice for Harry's last words in this story was brilliant. They fit very well with satisfied and sad. Satisfied, that the two of them are together, and sad because we don't know what will happen to the both of them next.

I was very pleased that Gemina again had a short appearance. And indeed, I'll again need one or two uisge to ponder about the scene in which little Annisgwyl is probing Ginny's and Harry's mind.

Thanks for the surprising, touching words in the closing remarks... a big THANK YOU for the wonderful story.

(maybe you want to check on: "know hat" -> "know what" and tolld)

Author's Response:

Ah yes, I also had this conversation with Hannah about the bittersweet experience of finishing a story. From the reader's perspective, there is the obvious break in the continuity of anticipation and fulfillment. For an authour, it is a bit like saying goodbye to characters one has mentored and nurtured. Ah well.

Good point about the final words. I hadn't really intended to cultivate a recurring theme, but now both of my longest works, TPC and Splinters, both bring victory in conjunction with the loss of some special power.

And finally yes, if you do have time to ponder Annisgwyl over a glass or two, then do so. There are small mysteries resolved subtly therein, that may bring another measure of satisfaction.

Schließlich, sind Sie sehr willkommen, Martin!

Reviewer: nesciamema Signed Date: 2016.03.07 - 01:08AM Title: Good Guessers


Very nice way to tie it all up. Can't wait for your next one!!

Author's Response:

Great to hear that you enjoyed the wrap-up! As I reflect on it, this may actually be about as close to a Rowlingesque ending, where many loose ends are woven together in an epilogue. If you think about it, each of JKR's first four books were somewhat convoluted mysteries whose resolution ultimately challenged the beliefs many readers would have held for much of the story, and each required a bit of decompression time at the end to let the lessons sink in. I hadn't intentionally taken that construct as my model for Splinters, but it correlates a bit.

Thank you very much for coming along for the whole ride, nesciamema! As far as what comes next, I am dusting off Trix and hope to begin posting again in a few weeks. I also have a viable plan for a Fuddle Fog finale, and am still tossing around ideas for other stories. Reader suggestions always welcome!

Reviewer: zorica Signed Date: 2016.03.06 - 11:29PM Title: Good Guessers


I feel like a fraud. Thanks for mentioning me when I'm a shocking reviewer ( like hardly ever). I do enjoy your stories and think you're writing is brilliant and I am ever thankful that you take the time to entertain and provoke thought. Thank you .

Author's Response:

Fraud? Of course not! Different people review at different frequencies for different reasons. It's not as if I review any more than a fraction of the chapters I read as well.

Anyway, thank you very much for the encouragement to begin this crazy tale (very encouraging to receive, since I knew that this story was rather unique, but am also aware that unique is not always good), and your kind words to cap things off!

Reviewer: MollyandArthur Signed Date: 2016.03.06 - 08:19PM Title: Good Guessers


Loved the ending to this extraordinary story. Harry and Ginny have learned to trust and depend upon each other. Ron and Hermione have grown to listen and respect each others strengths and weaknesses. They have all matured so much through their experiences. I am also so pleased that Albus has learned that he still has much to learn and that he needs to consider everyone around him far more carefully in the future. Sirius was great in this story and hopefully learned some caution from the events of the summer. Looking forward to reading your next project.

Author's Response:

Thank you so sincerely, MollyandArthur, for the kind words!

Character development is always so satisfying when it comes off well. I always think of each character as an ever-evolving sketch, with lines added or blurred at each step along a storyline. How will someone deal with success or failure? Does his or her response at any give instance adequately reflect what he or she has gone through recently? It's a challenge but fun!

Thank you again for helping to shape the story as things went along!

Reviewer: Wolfs_Scream Signed Date: 2016.03.06 - 02:32PM Title: Good Guessers


(Suggested) corrections, along with comments:

we should probably be careful to not share details of our stories not tell anyone else about some of ==>?
we should probably be careful to not share details of our stories and not tell anyone else about some of

I would be nice to be certain about that. ==>?
It would be nice to be certain about that.

'Then she and Harry collapsed into sputtering, wordless hysterics.' -- Indeed. I nearly did, too ... and I was merely reading about it. :-}

“”Of course, if someone was to suddenly distract ==>
“Of course, if someone was to suddenly distract

They heeded you call ==>
They heeded your call

a very young ancestor or yours may briefly have mimicked ==>
a very young ancestor of yours may briefly have mimicked

she still hoped to finally make turn some heads this year in Quidditch tryouts ==>?
she still hoped to finally turn some heads this year in Quidditch tryouts

That was a singularly convenient landing-spot for those two brooms....

Hmmm... so the end there certainly seems like a declaration... I can't help but wonder how the changes (to Canon from this story) might affect the coming academic year (and events therein).

Author's Response:

Thank you most kindly for catching those, David!

Glad that you enjoyed the levity of the library scene -- it was fun to write!

And yes, the end is an affirmation of the sort that canonical Harry would never had been prepared to offer at such a stage. You raise an interesting question of how the school year might unfold. I've left many canonical tenets in place, but there are some key differences. Harry is more mature and much less raw here than he was in starting his canonical fifth year. A key source of later angst has already risen and been dealt with too, in that the prophesy will now have far less teeth because Harry knows that he is destined to confront Voldemort head-to-head in less than three years, without the guiding hand of Dumbledore (as evinced by knowing that the Elder Wand will have passed its allegiance). Nominally, Voldemort will still be advancing a similar agenda, but will he be able to inflict 'dreams' on Harry? Will he be able to set up the Battle at the Ministry? About all of that, I would have to cogitate...And then, of course, there is the question of Umbridge...

‘! Go To Top ‘!

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