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Reviewer: lschiere Signed Date: 2018.12.04 - 12:36PM Title: Chapter 12 Purging


This is probably my favorite take on a history redo plot line. I really like your introduction of the ritual magic. I'd really like to see this story progress.

You are in line to finish all the horcrux (spelling?) by Christmas. What do you intend for Harry over the break? What becomes of a disembodied Riddle when the last horcrux is destroyed? For that matter, Harry isn't a parselmouth any more, will that cause problems with the locket that cannot now be opened?

Harry and Ginny are still young, what does the future hold for them? Regardless of how you handle Riddle, I imagine you will have to zoom the story lens out some, much like the actual books do where you get a snapshot of a day or two in a row then time transitions into the next month or even season (winter into spring, or glossing over much of the summers).

Harry went back in time in this incarnation because the problems are more wide spread than just Riddle. It was his remaining followers who spur the actual trip back. So as Harry solves the Riddle dilemma, he will need to turn his attention to ensuring that Crabbe & Goyle senior, Macnair, Nott, and Avery are taken care of. Depending on how you handle Riddle, (it looks like you are going to resurrect him using Pettigrew), that might happen all at once, or it might be the work of the next year and a half. If you do in fact use Pettigrew, I imagine you will wait for the TriWizard Tournament, how will that be done without Crouch Jr?

Answering these questions should get you at least through the end of 4th year, if not into 5th year (for Harry) which gives you lots of room to slowly grow Harry and Ginny.

Please don't make this another great start that becomes abandoned! This is getting a lower rating than it really deserves only because it very much looks abandoned.

Reviewer: nayin1704 Signed Date: 2018.03.18 - 06:32AM Title: Chapter 12 Purging

So glad Harry is Horcrux free now. Anxiously waiting for your next update

Reviewer: nayin1704 Signed Date: 2018.03.18 - 02:31AM Title: Chapter 9 Colluding

This is the fourth time that I've read your story and just noticed that I wasn't able to leave a review. Love how Ginny took her revenge over Flint, how I wish all women are witches that can do that too lol

Reviewer: Thundersphinx Signed Date: 2017.12.13 - 08:45AM Title: Chapter 8 Contriving

The Vanishing Cabinet wasn't put in the Room of Requirement until Fred and George threw Montague in it in Order of the Phoenix. Prior to that it was located directly over Filched office. Remember when Nearly-Headless Nick convinced Peeves to smash it in second year? If it had already been in the Room of Hidden Things, Malfoy would not have known about it.

Reviewer: Thundersphinx Signed Date: 2017.12.13 - 08:14AM Title: Chapter 6 Quelling


Remember Harry, even if you destroy all of the Horcruxes, that doesn't mean Voldemort will be instantly killed. He will still need to regain a full body of his own first.

Lol, I loved seeing the Slytherins get their asses kicked. Especially since they had no business being there!!! Snape is only the Potions Master; he is not in charge of Quidditch and Flying. That honor belongs to Madame Hooch. I wish Harry and Co had brought that fact up in canon. Shape really needs to keep his greasy nose out of other people's business, lol.

Yay, SUPER glad that Luna will be protected!!!! Don't mess with Luna Lovegood, you bullying Ravenclaws!!!!

Hahah. Malfoy got stomped. However, "Impedimenta" is not a Petrifying Jinx. "Petrificus Totalus" is. The Impediment Jinx slows down and stops objects and people.

Lol, the only way this chapter could have been better is if Harry get Malfoy with a Slug Puking Jinx, hehe. Although, I suppose that he didn't want to get in trouble and felt that would be pushing it, lol. Still, I really hope that Harry or someone, maybe Ginny or Luna, hits him with it in the future, xD. :)

One question though. Why isn't Harry going after Dumbledore? Dumbledore is the Chief Warlock of the Wizengamot. He looked the other way when Sirius was locked up by Barty.

Also, I really don't think that Bill Weasley could undo all of Voldemort's protections, traps, and curses, no matter how good he currently is. Lord Voldemort is bound to have used *numerous* obscure Darlk, evil spells on it. You can never underestimate the end, especially when said why is named Tom Riddle.

Speaking of whom, I wonder what dear old Lucy will think about the lack of attacks. And lol, I wonder what he and his fellow gangbangers think of the Quibbler articles, xD. Hopefully, they do not go after Xenophilius and Luna.

Hmm. I really don't like Harry giving money to the Malfoys that would only Kake them richer!!! Harry should find some other way to free poor Dobby. And preferably in a way that sees Lucy bouncing down some stairs like in canon, xD!! :)

I wonder how long before Madame Bones busts down the Crouch Family home. Hopefully, Barty Crouch Sr and Winky haven't moved him yet.

Thank You for writing this. I *LOVE* time travel stories!!! :)
Especially Harry Potter ones!!!! :)

Thank You and May The Force Be With You

Reviewer: RighT3rantZ Signed Date: 2017.10.26 - 03:31AM Title: Chapter 12 Purging


Progressing right along. I enjoyed the rituals.

Reviewer: skiutahnum1 Signed Date: 2017.10.21 - 09:19PM Title: Chapter 12 Purging


No Review

Reviewer: MollyandArthur Signed Date: 2017.10.21 - 03:52PM Title: Chapter 12 Purging


Very good to know that Harry is free of the bit of Riddle that was stuck in his head!

Reviewer: Dad Signed Date: 2017.10.21 - 12:55PM Title: Chapter 12 Purging


Bit of a wait, but worth it. The story is coming along nicely.

Reviewer: Gin110881 Signed Date: 2017.08.23 - 04:40PM Title: Chapter 11 Furbishing


Intriguing chapter. Harry is busy with a lot of things, he's trying to solve all problems in the shortest of times. However, it's a pity that he's slowly losing his interest in Ginny. She was the main reason he went back to the past.

Reviewer: Aragorn Signed Date: 2017.05.21 - 10:00PM Title: Chapter 11 Furbishing


Good to see an update on this story. continue to be impressed with your knowledge and perspectives that you bring into it.

Reviewer: skiutahnum1 Signed Date: 2017.05.21 - 10:42AM Title: Chapter 11 Furbishing

Well it looks like harry and company are well on the way to making it to the end now.....helps to have knowledge but also power to make it work....kutgw

Reviewer: nayin1704 Signed Date: 2017.05.21 - 04:47AM Title: Chapter 11 Furbishing

I know Harry and Ginny are still young but I hope there will be more interaction between them on the next chapter

Reviewer: MollyandArthur Signed Date: 2017.05.20 - 06:23PM Title: Chapter 11 Furbishing


Interesting new chapter! Glad to see the ritual worked as intended.

Reviewer: Aragorn Signed Date: 2017.03.12 - 02:12AM Title: Chapter 10 Redressing


Apologies for not submitting a review of this chapter initially!

But am doing so now...and have enjoyed the re-read, so will hopefully be all ready when the next chapter appears...


Reviewer: nayin1704 Signed Date: 2017.01.18 - 02:55AM Title: Chapter 10 Redressing

Thank you so much for the update and I'm waiting for the next one

Reviewer: nayin1704 Signed Date: 2017.01.17 - 06:25AM Title: Chapter 5 Training

I'm loving your Ginny and how Harry is interacting with her

Reviewer: BobVosh Signed Date: 2017.01.16 - 12:38AM Title: Chapter 7 Conniving

I completely don't think they would.

Reviewer: BobVosh Signed Date: 2017.01.15 - 05:32AM Title: Chapter 3 Talking

I love the SWW.

Reviewer: BobVosh Signed Date: 2017.01.15 - 05:32AM Title: Chapter 3 Talking

I love the SWW.

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