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Reviews For Abraxas

Reviewer: Aragorn Signed Date: 2017.05.20 - 10:25PM Title: Chapter 20 - Reaching Ground Zero


Wow...I didn't finish this story when it was first published.

This is quite a brave thing you have done! Showing what the use of this weaponry our profound arrogance.

Thank you for your stance via this FanFiction story.

Author's Response: I was definitely aiming for different, although in retrospect I have to agree with reviews that said this was really two different stories rammed together. It's got some good stuff in it, but I have to confess I'm more fond of other stories I've written.

Reviewer: Hippothestrowl Signed Date: 2017.01.04 - 04:31PM Title: Chapter 25 - Odyssey


An amazing, readable story which kept me transfixed - almost like two stories in fact. Oh, yes, there were flaws but the story itself was so interesting that it outshone them. Thanks for this.

- Hip

Author's Response: Truthfully, it probably should have been two different stories, but never mind. Still, at least I can say that I'm the only FF author that I know of that dropped a nuke on Hogwarts!

Reviewer: luvbug Signed Date: 2016.05.05 - 10:21AM Title: Chapter 19 - Aftermath

So good, but so hard to read

Author's Response: You can change the text size to make it easier ;-)

Reviewer: carolyn jinn Signed Date: 2016.03.30 - 04:41AM Title: Chapter 25 - Odyssey


Well, that was an interesting story.

I can quite understand the muggles blowing themselves up. The influence of one man, in the right place and time, can be a good thing or a bad this case, bad.
Loved how Harry and Ginny managed to get the remains of the magical society and move to a different dimension.

Looking forward to your next one.

Author's Response: I'll be back to more familiar ground next time with another 'Harry never went to Hogwarts' type story. Now, if I could only stop watch anime and start doing some writing I'd be alright.

Reviewer: TomBombadil Signed Date: 2016.03.29 - 01:56AM Title: Chapter 24 - Edge of Darkness

Thank you! Yes, I really do want to know! I spend quite a bit of time on Gnosticism in its varying forms in my classes on Early Church History and The Acts of the Apostles. I'm curious to see exactly what caught your eye!

Author's Response: Really, don't get your hopes up! It really did come over as a manual for a suicide cult.

Reviewer: TomBombadil Signed Date: 2016.03.25 - 01:11AM Title: Chapter 25 - Odyssey


Given the multitude of forms of Gnosticism that been manifested around the planet over time, I am struggling to identify anything more fundamental than the existence of a deranged bigot who thinks he understands revelation more clearly than anyone else. I don't see any evidence of unique knowledge that Mr. Mayer claims to possess. Oh well, it was a predominantly well-written and exciting ride! Thank you for sharing your work with us!

Author's Response: What makes you think Mayer was anything more than a bigot who thought he knew better than everyone else? Put that kind of arrogance in the hands of someone with his level of power and influence and you're asking for trouble.

Reviewer: TomBombadil Signed Date: 2016.03.25 - 12:32AM Title: Chapter 24 - Edge of Darkness


I am interested to see where you are headed with your take on Gnosticism. In fact, it would be nice to have a reference to the work you note in your introductory remarks to this chapter. And, yes, Mr. Mayer is a rabid fanatic and, sadly, his ilk have not been limited to fan fiction.

Author's Response: If you really want to know, the book was called 'The Forbidden Religion' by Jose M Herrou Aragon.

Reviewer: Aurorofthelight Signed Date: 2016.03.21 - 03:13PM Title: Chapter 25 - Odyssey


Author's Response: The last game against France was rubbish, but I don't suppose I should complain. England are once again mighty... now we are managed by an Australian!

Reviewer: GREYWOLF Signed Date: 2016.03.20 - 09:42AM Title: Chapter 25 - Odyssey

So man is not intrinsically different from the animals. Well, I suppose that's an answer, though personally I don't find it a very satisfactory one. Well, no need to belabor this. Thanks for a good story, and best wishes.

Author's Response: Thanks for the reviews.

Reviewer: GREYWOLF Signed Date: 2016.03.17 - 03:06PM Title: Chapter 25 - Odyssey

Not at all my friend. The atheist, by definition, accepts that the universe had an impersonal beginning. If one starts with an impersonal universe, how did the personal enter in? By personal I mean of course the unique attributes of man, altruistic love, moral notions, regret,stubbornness, appreciation of beauty, respect for the dead, etc. We don't see these in the animal kingdom, so where did they come from?

Author's Response: I

Author's Response: If you think animals can't be stubborn you've obviously never owned a cat

Reviewer: Thor-Ablestar Signed Date: 2016.03.16 - 11:54PM Title: Chapter 25 - Odyssey


Very interesting story. I must admit that I did enjoy the ending. It may be a bit harsh letting the whole world burn but once the big boys start using their nukes I am not sure that there is much else even the magical community could do. As outrageous as some of the plot points are I think that one of the joys of fan fiction is being able to explore the absurd and see where it takes you. Very unique story, thought provoking, and enjoyable. Thank you.

Author's Response: Thank you. My main goal with this story was to try and do something a bit different. I like to think I've succeeded in that, even if not everyone likes the results.

Reviewer: GHL Signed Date: 2016.03.16 - 05:10PM Title: Chapter 25 - Odyssey


Five stars for unprecedented novelty! No doubt about it -- I do not expect to see anything else like this in HP fanfic! The story is fun and makes for fine escape fiction, so well done!

My one criticism of the tale is that the balance is off a bit. The story spends quite a bit of time dwelling in something recognisable as conventional HP AU space, so the comparably precipitous upending of, well, *everything* seems a bit rushed by comparison. If I was your editor (something unlikely to happen unless you start submitting biotech manuscripts) then I might suggest beefing up the anxiety of the Magical/Muggle conflict a bit, and drawing out the tension of impending nuclear holocaust by another fair fraction. I believe the story's sizzle factor would amp up a bit more if you somehow paralysed people with a fear of utter catastrophe first, before tipping your hand to the salvation.

I assume you moved through the latter two thirds of the plot fairly rapidly in order to make the surprises really *pop*. They do -- no question about that! However, the very best-laid fireworks displays always manage to prolong the pyrotechnic climax just long enough to blow the audience's final few gibbering brain cells before letting them off the hook. The benefit of doing that would be that your neuronally-depleted five star reviewers would be more concise and less finicky. I imagine myself saying something along the lines of "Oi! Like story! Bang boom hee hee!"

Author's Response: When I first drafted a plan for this story did have a another two or three chapters planned in the latter part. I dropped them simply because it was turning into a pure war story and, my jokes about turning into Tom Clancy, I really didn't think the average Harry Potter fan would have enjoyed them. It may have made the story a little unbalanced, but it did add to the impression that things were spiralling out of control quickly. which is what I was going for.

Reviewer: GREYWOLF Signed Date: 2016.03.16 - 10:57AM Title: Chapter 25 - Odyssey


Certainly a very different story, and although it did have a few weak points in the plot (as others have pointed out), it is after all just a story and I enjoyed it. In fact, with the introduction of Hadraniel the gnostic/skeptic, it became a fantasy of a fantasy. He asks all the traditional questions of the skeptic, but there was no discussion of possible answers, which is your choice, but I thought would have made it a better story. Presenting skepticism as a given leads to Harry being presented as an atheist. This is a problem because the story is at least partially a romance. If you take God out of the picture there is no explanation for romantic love. I thought if would have been a better story to leave Harry searching for the answer.

Author's Response: If you take God out of the picture there is no explanation for romantic love You've got to be kidding me!

Reviewer: Inquisitor Signed Date: 2016.03.14 - 12:07AM Title: Chapter 25 - Odyssey

Honestly, that part of Tom got an excellent deal:

Avoided eternal torment;

Shagged Ginny;

Killed tons of muggles;

Watched muggles destroy themselves;

Obtained god like powers;

Escaped to paradise.

Author's Response: Not many stories give Tom a happy ending, do they? Ah, it was time the poor, misunderstood poppet had a little fun.

Reviewer: Aurorofthelight Signed Date: 2016.03.13 - 05:51PM Title: Chapter 25 - Odyssey


Not Quite Toto! The Ray Bradbury of blustery, basically bamboozling and blatantly biting broadcasts has brought forth another round of literary brilliance! (How about those English Ruggers and their triple crown!) Wow! We finally see Hadraniel again -and just in time! My jaw is still dragging the ground at how this ended! Armageddon minus a couple 100,000 members of the side of light! Looks like the Grangers didn't get to give Hermoine a sibling! Nice to know that nutjob Mayer got his comeuppance and met his maker -at alittle over 10 million degrees celsius! This was a unique story with a unique end! I sure hope you aren't a seer mate! (BTW, you aren't by any chance, a member of the lollipop guild are you?) See you next time! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

Author's Response: Hey, as I type this we are now winners of the Six Nations, thanks to the Scots doing us a favour! Only France to beat for the grand slam!! Lollipop guild? I honestly had no idea what you were on about until I looked it up. I really think I must have repressed the memory of that bit of the film. They were just.... creepy! Hopefully my next story won't be too long in coming. I've already started Chapter 6 and I only envisage 10 to 12 chapters in all. I'll see you then, mate!

Reviewer: zorica Signed Date: 2016.03.12 - 06:47PM Title: Chapter 25 - Odyssey


That was one amazing ride. Very scary that one individual could cause such destruction because of his beliefs! Thought provoking and entertaining but perhaps your next story could just be a boring angst ridden romance please. Good one Mr Brennus.

Author's Response: I'm not sure I can call the next one angsty and it definitely won't be boring. I do promise there will be no nuclear bombs in it, though.

Reviewer: RighT3rantZ Signed Date: 2016.03.12 - 05:59PM Title: Chapter 25 - Odyssey


The Gnosticism shined through, I found reading about it interesting myself.

“Ungrateful? You forget yourself, witch!” Meyer retorted angrily....

I am going to assume your left middle finger found that 'E' key as you were saying the name out loud on your head while typing. Hrrmmmm.

This was a very profound piece of literature you have given us, taking the underlying meaning the way I saw it anyway. Another jEm in the book. Nuclear warfare certainly is NOT what they teach us in the American history books. Fear keeps the sheeple at bay unfortunately.

Author's Response: Ah, a slip of the fingers, definitely. Or perhaps Mayer had a body double with a slightly different name? Perhaps the real one infiltrated the group of wizards at Stonehenge and has managed to reach Harry and Ginny's new planet, intent on destroying them all????? Or maybe it was just a typo.

Reviewer: mdauben Signed Date: 2016.03.12 - 04:29PM Title: Chapter 25 - Odyssey


Well, you have certainly set a new record for body count! How many billions this time? In any case, that was certainly and unexpected and unique ending to the story. Was it deus ex machina? Well, you did set things up a bit with Florean and Hadraniel even if I didn't get it until the end. Even though our world ended the story seemed to finish on a hopeful, and even happy, note. I do have one last question, what was the significance of the reference to a "star in Cassiopeia" from the first chapter? I did a bit of searching about the stars in that constellation and could not find anything that seemed to tie in with the story.

In any case, I'll be looking forward to your next story!

Author's Response: The star was picked pretty much at random, and was meant to signify Hadraniel's re-entry into our universe. I like to think this ends on a positive note, and that this time the human race will build a better world for itself.

Reviewer: Inquisitor Signed Date: 2016.03.12 - 02:58PM Title: Chapter 25 - Odyssey



They evolved to a higher dimension, kind like the 'Bulk Beings' in Interstellar.

Author's Response: Someone on FF.Net mentioned 'Interstellar' but I swear I've never seen it. My influence was more from Gene Wolfe's wonderful 'Book of the New Sun' series, where at the end the hero, Severian, leaves the dying Earth and travels to a higher dimension to plead for a new sun (our existing sun having had a black hole placed in the centre of it for some unnamed crime the Human race committed). I will have to watch that film, though.

Reviewer: Hank Signed Date: 2016.03.12 - 12:58PM Title: Chapter 25 - Odyssey


Interesting end to the story. One thing I would like to mention as a Christian student of apocalyptic literature is that we are not to use any sort of force to bring about the end times; rather we are to win souls. At no point does the New Testament permit the use of force in spreading the Gospel.

I thought the ending to the story was well-crafted. I like how Harry brought all of the witches and wizards together that he could and even some squibs and muggles, too, in order to save them. I see how the gnosticism fits into the ending and through the rest of the story. The thing I don't like about gnosticism, though, is that it's just a pimped-out version of the same lie Lucifer told Eve in the garden...

Very interesting story. Thanks for sharing!

Author's Response: I don't think it was ever Mayer's intentions for things to get to that point. I don't think it was even entirely down to him, either. He just set events in motion and gave them a little shove at the end. As I mentioned in my notes in chapter one, the source book on Gnosticism I worked from ended up being little more than a handbook for a suicide cult at the end, so I really wouldn't take it too seriously. It just have a few interesting ideas that I thought I'd use in this story.

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