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Reviews For The Aurors

Reviewer: MollyandArthur Signed Date: 2016.04.13 - 08:20AM Title: Chapter Five: Talkative Tongues


Poor Pansy. Not that she was ever likable in the books, but what a horrible way to go. It is good to see Harry and Theia acting more like partners and working well together. I enjoyed the conversation between Harry and Neville about their relationships.

Author's Response: I'm so glad! :)

Reviewer: potterfan2008 Signed Date: 2016.03.29 - 02:44AM Title: Chapter Five: Talkative Tongues


Theia did really well this time around. Harry is very sweet and awkward trying to be nice to her. I imagine a lot of Death Eater sympathizers would resent Harry and all of the changes taking place in the wizarding world. Harry would be a very easy person to blame for everything.

Author's Response: Thank you :)

Reviewer: melipy Signed Date: 2016.03.24 - 07:19PM Title: Chapter Five: Talkative Tongues

I liked this chapter so much! The suspense of this case is increasing! For some reason, this chapter gave me the feels when it came to Harry and Ginny. Not just the part where Harry has been carrying the ring around for 6 months, but how Theia seemed so excited to talk about Ginny. They're this famous couple! I hope there's a chance for Theia to meet Ginny and get her chance to fangirl like she didn't let herself do with Harry. Can't wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response: Oh they'll definitely be meeting.... :D

Reviewer: ginnyweasley777 Signed Date: 2016.03.21 - 12:05PM Title: Chapter Five: Talkative Tongues


Really great chapter! I'm glad Theia is getting there with her blood phobia, and that she's doing some good work on the case and Harry is starting to respect her more. I really like her as a character and I'm looking forward to seeing her development.

I loved the reference to events in Not From Others too :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much :)

Reviewer: ngayonatkailanman Signed Date: 2016.03.20 - 10:24PM Title: Chapter Five: Talkative Tongues


awwww.... the ring... Neville and Hannah.... tongues and hearts and teaching. what a combination. excellent.

Author's Response: Thanks :)

Reviewer: skiutahnum1 Signed Date: 2016.03.19 - 02:36PM Title: Chapter Five: Talkative Tongues

I think nevelle has given harry some sound and thought advice to follow....kutgw

Author's Response: Thank you :)

Reviewer: BigFatMaybe Signed Date: 2016.03.19 - 09:08AM Title: Chapter Five: Talkative Tongues


This story is really fun to read! It's good to see Harry in a bit of a better mood and trying to socialize with Theia (the bar scene was very good!). I am concerned for Harry and Ginny's relationship, though. Especially with the comments you made in the reviews. It will be interesting to see how you incorporate Theia in that.
The balance between the case and the personal lives of the characters is very good, too. You're really good at blending the two in together, and that is, I think, a big part in why this story is so good thus far. Keep it up!

Author's Response: Thank you so much. I had a personal message on another site expressing a few concerns about Harry/Ginny, and I'll put them here too for anyone else reading that might have some similar worries... So, Theia/Harry is NOT and will NEVER happen. This is not a romance story, they are not romantically interested in each other. No one needs to be concerned that I'll have him cheat on Ginny or anything like that. BUT they are adults in a relationship for over 3 years now and Harry works a lot... It's not going to be smooth sailing. The main point of this story is the mystery behind it and, selfishly, so I can practice writing an OC. Harry/Ginny are a subplot, but I promise this story is canon compliant.

Reviewer: hobbes64 Signed Date: 2016.03.19 - 01:53AM Title: Chapter Five: Talkative Tongues


This is great fun, thanks for writing! I like Theia, I can identify with her more than Harry, I guess I am more Ravenclaw (see next paragraph of this review lol). You have a lot of interesting things going on here, with some foreshadowing (I think, obviously the body parts thing is going to be significant) and some nice worldbuilding on top of what is in the books. Also will Harry pop the question "on screen" in this story ?? We'll have to wait and see.

Completely separate topic: I'm quite an overthinker so when I see Harry and Theia using logic and critical thinking I am reminded that Hogwarts really is quite a poor education for someone who needs these skills in life. I mean, Harry took "History of Magical Creatures" and "Divination" for a few years but no life sciences, literature, critical thinking, or regular history. I wonder if the Auror training includes a lot more practical learning, or if our heroes just have excellent street smarts :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much, can't tell you how relieved I get whenever anyone says they like Theia!

Reviewer: Dad Signed Date: 2016.03.18 - 06:11PM Title: Chapter Five: Talkative Tongues


Theia is definitely getting there and in the right place.

Author's Response: :)

Reviewer: Aurorofthelight Signed Date: 2016.03.18 - 05:11PM Title: Chapter Five: Talkative Tongues


Terrific chapter again! Another grisley murder, this time Pansy! This is beginning to sound like "Murders in the Rue Morgue" or a Frankenstein flick with Igor running around collecting body parts! Someone definitely has it in for death eaters of the female persuasion! The web of intrigue grows! Keep it coming! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

Author's Response: Thank you!

Reviewer: MisterBlack Signed Date: 2016.03.18 - 03:42PM Title: Chapter Five: Talkative Tongues


This is turning out better than I thought it would. Theia is turning out to be one of the best things about this story. You can't help but look at her like a younger sister.

The way the small things excite her is so adorable.

Hmm... just what in the hell is Harry waiting for? He has the ring and I am sure he has had plenty of times to ask her already considering he has had the ring for months. Argh! I can see it now. This will definitely be something that annoys me.

This murderer whoever he is seems to have a purpose other than to kill. First a heart and now a tongue. Pansy did not even do much in the war. Yeah she was annoying and all but she did no worse than Malfoy. I don't know if it matters but the two who are dead are women. Is he specifically targeting women or just anyone associated with Death Eaters?

Author's Response: That really means a lot to me, thank you! I was very nervous about how this story would be received, and especially nervous about Theia. I think I've been a little overly-defensive of her before, which is silly, because I wrote in her flaws deliberately! Yes, Harry's being a bit silly, he should just get on with it - exactly the reason he hasn't told Hermione, actually! As for your theories... heheheheheheheh. You'll find out.

Reviewer: Arnel Signed Date: 2016.03.18 - 03:25PM Title: Chapter Five: Talkative Tongues


I'm much happier with Harry in this chapter! He seems to have found some time to reflect on how he's been treating Theia and now knows he needs to give her constructive criticism rather than just being critical. His talk with Neville made me think the "great" Harry Potter is flummoxed about how to propose to his girl! Not very Gryffindor-ish, really.

I'm also proud of Theia. She's done her homework on those involved in the case and she made some good points both in the interview room and at the crime scene. The fact that she's dropped the fan-girl persona shows that she's thought about how Harry sees her and since she wants him to respect her as a fellow Auror, I think she's decided to keep the starry-eyed hero-worship to a minimum: the more professional she is, the more respect he will give her, I think. Well done.

Author's Response: Told you they'd get there ;)

Reviewer: mdauben Signed Date: 2016.03.18 - 12:42PM Title: Chapter Five: Talkative Tongues


I really like the development of Theia's character in this chapter, and the way her professional relationship with Harry is getting better. Add that to the mystery of what's going on with these murders and how its all tied to the attempted break out at Azkaban, and I'm really enjoying this story.

Author's Response: Thank you :) I'm glad people were patient enough to stick with her!

Reviewer: HarrynGinnyfan Signed Date: 2016.03.18 - 10:56AM Title: Chapter Five: Talkative Tongues


No Review

Reviewer: Hank Signed Date: 2016.03.18 - 10:08AM Title: Chapter Five: Talkative Tongues

Great chapter!

Author's Response: Thanks :)

Reviewer: kmagarden Signed Date: 2016.03.18 - 09:23AM Title: Chapter Five: Talkative Tongues

I'm a horrible reviewer. But wanted to drop by and let you know how much I'm enjoying this story. I'm really enjoying the characters, I like how Theia is toughing up too. Harry seems to be coming around where she is concerned. Very much looking forward to the next update.

Author's Response: You seem like a lovely reviewer to me :) thanks very much :)

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