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Reviews For The Road not Taken

Reviewer: BrianMcLyr Signed Date: 2016.12.17 - 12:12AM Title: Chapter 6 Ginny's Troubles


;)...but I forgot any damned stars on last chapter

Author's Response: Thanks!

Reviewer: seekers_destiny Signed Date: 2016.08.03 - 08:11AM Title: Chapter 6 Ginny's Troubles


Looks like Percy also wants the "Git of the year" award and is in an early lead. However, it appears that Hermione wants to give him some competition. How disappointing. The excuse they are giving her doesn't really hold water. She has only one more class than Harry and would know the real coursework better than the teacher.

I like how you're writing McGonagall even more now. The Harry and Ginny scenes are good too.

Author's Response: Percy could definitely be on that list. Hermione is actually taking two more classes than Harry - Divination and Muggle Studies.

Reviewer: Aurorofthelight Signed Date: 2016.08.01 - 09:08PM Title: Chapter 6 Ginny's Troubles


Well zipadeedoodah! A three bagger of chapters! And what great ones they are! Really loving this story! Can't wait for the next
installment! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

Author's Response: Thanks so much!

Reviewer: HPmum2014 Signed Date: 2016.08.01 - 08:07PM Title: Chapter 6 Ginny's Troubles


I'm not really happy with Hermione's treatment of Ginny, and hope there will be consequences to that. Tia is a delight, as is Harry and Ginnys growing friendship ( and more) xx

Author's Response: Hermione will see some consequences, but not right away. Glad you are enjoying it.

Reviewer: smokeylovegood Signed Date: 2016.08.01 - 06:32PM Title: Chapter 6 Ginny's Troubles


I am quite enjoying both the story and the rapid pace of updates.
Really, it is reasonable that Harry would go with Sirius; he quite willingly went with Hagid after just meeting him. A rather reckless choice, but, still, understandable.

Ron is behaving true to character (and age) and, really, Hermione is as well. She is not the most flexible person and is judgemental while criticizing that same quality in others. (Freud would have a field day with all three!) And, research into customs or not, the laundry detail shows her continues resentment and lack of ability to forgive. Ginny could have helped out over the summer like she did for Penelope.
I would like to see Professor McGonagall punish her for her treatment of Ginny, not that Ginny would ever tattle. but hopefully Tia will and Hermione will be called out for her own carelessness in not checking for quills.

Now, catch Peter to clear Sirius, have Ginny get to substitute on the quidditch team and have someone punch Percy in the nose and all will be good in the world!

Great job.

Author's Response: Thanks so much! I think both Ron and Hermione are acting on their worst character flaws - his immaturity and her reliance on authority figures and inflexibility. I've always thought Hermione wanted to keep her worlds separate.

Reviewer: Phil42 Signed Date: 2016.08.01 - 04:31PM Title: Chapter 6 Ginny's Troubles


Oooh, I really hate Hermione now! Can't you please kill her off, we don't really need her, do we?

(Sorry, that was neccessary to get my blood pressure manageable again.)

I'd really like it if Ginny never spoke another word with Hermione once those three weeks are over. Oh, and Harry should follow suit.

Great story, please keep those chapters coming!

Author's Response: Sorry, no not killing off Hermione :). Thanks!

Reviewer: SYLVELLE Signed Date: 2016.08.01 - 01:42PM Title: Chapter 6 Ginny's Troubles


So the quill didn't not leak until after the blouse was folded? Or did someone sabotage her.? Strange.

Author's Response: Yeah, I was thinking it was more like Ginny didn't notice it because she wanted to get everything folded and put away. Maybe not the best logic.

Reviewer: MollyandArthur Signed Date: 2016.08.01 - 09:22AM Title: Chapter 6 Ginny's Troubles


Love the house elf Tia. Ginny needs all the help she can get right now. Professor McGonnagal is being great as well. I'm very disappointed in Molly and Hermione. Hope that situation improves. The relationship between Harry and Ginny is progressing nicely.

Author's Response: Thanks! I thought Ginny needed a friend.

Reviewer: Gin110881 Signed Date: 2016.08.01 - 05:54AM Title: Chapter 6 Ginny's Troubles


I suspect that Hermione is running out of friends very soon. She is not only rude, she's is even malignant. Sadly, a couple of well-deserved Bat Bogey's would only worsen Ginny's situation. So I hope that Harry will give her a mouth full asap. It is certainly helpful for Ginny to know that McGonagall is on her side.

Just a minor complaint. Ginny's appointment with McGonagall was at three o'clock, but when she knocked at her door at four o'clock it is said that she in time.

Many thanks for another great chapter, even if it wasn't healthy for my blood pressure, lol.

Author's Response: Thanks! I fixed my mistake - thanks. Hermione is at her obnoxious worst.

Reviewer: skiutahnum1 Signed Date: 2016.08.01 - 05:40AM Title: Chapter 6 Ginny's Troubles

Hermione need to take a chill pill bu tthen again maybe it was just that time and ginny just got to see her better side for once....kutgw

Author's Response: Hermione does not show her best side in this story :)

Reviewer: starophie Signed Date: 2016.08.01 - 02:11AM Title: Chapter 6 Ginny's Troubles


i hope you don't take this the wrong way, because it's nothing on you -- this chapter made me feel downright ill! poor stomach twisted in knots when you first broached the idea of "repayment," and now that we've seen some of it, it's even worse than i expected. i can't believe hermione! thank goodness for tia, and for harry of course. i do hope hermione and ron (and percy and molly, though i'm certainly not feeling particularly warm about them at the moment) come to their senses soon, and APOLOGIZE. i love them, and i love their friendship with harry, and i'd hate to see that torn to shreds because hermione's overworked and under-rested and ron's not being a good big brother. but mostly i just want someone to scoop ginny up and take her away from all these nasty people who blame her for voldemort's misdeeds!

Author's Response: I know - I took the concept of restitution and changed it for the wizarding world. Tia is a great friend to Ginny and a huge help. Ron and Hermione's friendship with Harry will be stretched and strained throughout this story, but I think it was in POA anyhow.

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