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Reviewer: whizz kid potter Signed Date: 2016.09.11 - 04:45AM Title: Chapter 1


thank you for this beautiful one-shot. Reading your wonderful stories is always a nice escape from reality... Its in my job to read a lot of newspapers and im always glad to read something joyful instead.

Author's Response: Glad to make your reading more light hearted. Don't let that other stuff get you down xx

Reviewer: Mfder Signed Date: 2016.09.09 - 11:36PM Title: Chapter 1


Another awesome one-shot!

Author's Response: Thanks, was fun to write xx

Reviewer: MollyandArthur Signed Date: 2016.09.09 - 06:25AM Title: Chapter 1


Lovely story!!!

Author's Response: Thank you

Reviewer: ellen Signed Date: 2016.09.09 - 03:53AM Title: Chapter 1


Lovely. Its so nice to read a story that expands on the best of Ron's qualities rather than the worst.

Author's Response: Thanks, I get tired of reading how strong magically Hermione and Harry are, and Ron is left to be the lazy one, or the comical one, or the jealous one. Great comment, and good to hear from you again xx

Reviewer: Kukia Signed Date: 2016.09.09 - 12:43AM Title: Chapter 1


What a sweet story! Wonderful to see him being so loving.

Author's Response: Thanks, it was fun to write him this way xx

Reviewer: Aurorofthelight Signed Date: 2016.09.08 - 07:14PM Title: Chapter 1


Wonderful! Absolutely, completely totally wonderful! One of the best Ron stories I've seen! I'd give Ron at least a large soup ladle on
the emotional range meter! Still smiling as I salute the broomstick of brilliance for this one! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

Author's Response: So happy you liked it - - a soup ladle? Wow, little Ronniekins has grown up, LOL. Many thanks, as always xx

Reviewer: Dad Signed Date: 2016.09.08 - 05:20PM Title: Chapter 1


The trouble with babies is the damn things grow up P.S. Guess which books grandpa has to read from at bedtime when he goes visiting.

Author's Response: And you get to discover the wonder of it all over again through their eyes! xx

Reviewer: Mistress of Potions Signed Date: 2016.09.08 - 02:16PM Title: Chapter 1

I like to think that's how Ron would have matured. A decent enough guy, albeit with a large amount of insecurity, that loves strongly.

Author's Response: I agree, which is why I didn't like his character much in CC. Many thanks for leaving a message xx

Reviewer: Arnel Signed Date: 2016.09.08 - 02:04PM Title: Chapter 1


This is such a nice study of the adult Ron. He might still be the joker from Cured Child, but his heart is so full of love for Ginny and Harry. What struck me the most were his thoughts about Harry and how happy he is for him and Ginny. It's so sweet that Ron also can't walk past a certain shop without going in and making a purchase. I hope he'll be this great when he's a dad.

By the way, Hermione's right... the fun part of creating a family is the expression of love between two people.

Well done.

Author's Response: Thanks Arnel, I didn't like Ron's characterisation in CC, too much the comic relief in the family scenes, only in the AU where he and Hermione were at the mercy of the Dementors did we see true Ron. But that's my opinion, and I'm sure, watching it such an emotional journey on stage, you do need some comic relief. xx

Reviewer: ngayonatkailanman Signed Date: 2016.09.08 - 01:50PM Title: Chapter 1


Awwwwwww........ you really know how to make me speechless...... it is hard when i do want to reveiw and say something more than welll done.

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