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Reviews For Animal Quackers

Reviewer: nayin1704 Signed Date: 2016.12.30 - 10:23PM Title: Duck Lord Rising

A duck???? Hahahahahahahahahaha

Author's Response:

Yes indeed -- a fowl most foul! In the final story in this not-a-trilogy, Riddle's time spent as a quacker will pose some complications to his self image.

Thank you most kindly for dropping a note, nayin1704!

Reviewer: Gin110881 Signed Date: 2016.11.04 - 09:41AM Title: Duck Lord Rising


Oh, Shaun the Sheep. That's a universe I've never encountered before.

Luna's insights, spoken out with Trelawney's certainty, always have a high truth value, even if most of her fellow students do not realise it, or only too late. Hence, I reckon that the chances that the Duck Lord is rising are quite realistic.

Ginny's and Harry's philosophical exchange about possible and impossible things in the wizarding world sounded like a variant of Russel's paradox. I wonder if the awkward spectre of affection will have its fun with our beloved duo in this story.

Furthermore, I wonder if Scabbers was running away to join the Duck Lords ranks.

It was a brilliant start into an obviously hilarious story. An enjoyable side effect of reading your stories is that I always learn a lot of new words.

Author's Response:

Hey Martin, toll von dir zu hören!

First point and last: while language has clearly never been a barrier to your tackling stories on this site, I'd definitely recommend Shaun the Sheep as humour that transcends all languages, sensibilities and levels of innate (im)maturity. That said, I'm glad you enjoy picking up the occasional word. I do too, as I write and as I read on SIYE and elsewhere.

Russell's paradox! I was introduced to it a long time ago via the concept of "a book that cites all books that do not cite themselves". Having read your review, I'm debating how close Harry and Ginny may have come to stumbling across such a paradox. The closest I'm coming to is, perhaps, to assert that it's impossible to conclude that something is impossible. If you (Martin, or anyone else) come up with a better paradox, then please let me know.

Wow -- I can't believe I got through two moderately successful stories in this wacky series before introducing Luna! It's a pretty good fit for her, isn't it? Anyway, I've worked her quite well into chapter 2, but I still need to refine her dialogue for chapter 3. Unfortunately the action in chapter 4 steers away from her wit, but she'll definitely be back for the final story.

Und schließlich, Scabbers' significant role in this tale will become cleared in the next chapter. Thank you for your brilliant thoughts, my friend!

Reviewer: RighT3rantZ Signed Date: 2016.11.02 - 11:47AM Title: Duck Lord Rising


Avada Qvack Yeah!

I'm glad to see the other hard work/writing you have been trudging upon in prelude to the long awaited collaboration...would calling it a sequel begin to elude to your various pairings in your many stories?

Mossy bottom farms, now that is a revelation of prose. Sounds like a new agey retreat that would be fun to crash for chuckles.

I'm not very emotionally invested in the return of the Teddy Bear, I can't imagine why considering I am fully drawn to following Shaun's adventures in Carnegian influential public speaking. Will there be projected sensory experiences to sell a used home made wool shearer in fair to good condition? I can think of a few good uses whether hosting a cooking show or doing scYence experiments on the ISS.

Good job on Luna. Truth when delivered with a certain ridiculousness adheres itself to the subconscious and refuses to be removed, sometimes even more so to the one spouting it. Some strangely found perceptions, especially when correct, are difficult to shake off; such as Ginny's view of Ron's skin condition.

A more canonical Hermione has also been refreshing. What the duck will you do next GHL? Onward!

Author's Response:

Great to hear from you, my Shaman friend!

By sequel, I refer to this story directly following the Chamber of Secrest / Fuddle Fog plotline, which gives us Harry and Ginny as brash, precocious heroes, and establishes Cecil Rosier as a twisted/conflicted archvillain. I assume you knew that -- just making certain.

As yes -- Mossy Bottom might well be fun to crash, but I suspect it might be less relaxing than most retreats. Starzak is a brilliant successor to James Herriot in painting the Dales as rather less than idyllic once one has domesticated animals to contend with.

Teddy Bear is, as you may suspect, a key prop in the story; one has not seen the last of it, most assuredly. One will also see 'the outcome' of a bit more of Shaun's oration, although his role in the story is really only as a secondary character compared to H/G.

You have also not seen the last of Luna; very glad that you like her! And Hermione -- the perfect foil!

Thank you sincerely for the review!

Reviewer: Dad Signed Date: 2016.11.02 - 08:20AM Title: Duck Lord Rising


Wonderful, expressive writing. Daft of course. But perhaps it is Daffy Duck?

Author's Response:

First of all, I'm beyond gratified by your first sentence. As I mentioned in my AN, this chapter was a royal pain to write, and contained lots of descriptive progressions that seemed thoroughly ill-advised, until the point when I'd finally re-re-[...]-edited them into submission. So, yeah, great to hear that it worked out :)

Secondly, like all of this series, it is indeed 75% daft, with a bit of adventure and personal growth tucked in on the side. As far as the duck is concerned, though, I am not yet tipping my bill.

Lame pun intended, of course.

Reviewer: mjc Signed Date: 2016.11.02 - 01:09AM Title: Duck Lord Rising

Umm...a new line should be added to cold medicine warning not read this story. It should go right between 'do not operate heavy machinery' and 'this stuff will make you loopy.'

Somehow, Luna made perfect sense...that HAS to be the cold medicine.

Author's Response:

Thank you mjc! If my reply to your kind words is a bit brief, it's actually because I used my best lines in responding to MollyandArthur and AuroroftheLight in which, as you can see, I derived inspiration from your wisdom.

Am I remembering correctly that I'm still waiting for a story from you? I believe it had a pub?

Perhaps I'll stop at a pub on my way back from fetching the cough syrup, and let stream of consciousness work its wonders.

Reviewer: Aurorofthelight Signed Date: 2016.11.01 - 07:44PM Title: Duck Lord Rising


The DuckLord! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh this one is a real knee slapper! Only Luna could have had the vision! I'm totally hooked on this gem and salivating for the next chapter! BTW, what kind of cocktail were you imbibing when you came up with this idea? :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

Author's Response:

Well, personally I like mjc's focus on cough syrup. Nothing like a bit too much dextromethorphan to warp one's perspective, yeah?

In truth, though, I blame GinnyWeasley777 who, all dignified professional appearances to the contrary, is actually rather silly.

Almost as silly as I am.

Is everyone certain they're comfortable putting the SIYE challenges in these hands?

Anyway, it was going to require a prodigious infusion of silliness in order to properly follow Fuddle and Secrest. Now I must go stock up on my cough syrup in order to edit chapter 2.

Thank you most kindly, o' courageous AuroroftheLight. May your spells and hexes be ever sharp!

Reviewer: MollyandArthur Signed Date: 2016.11.01 - 07:23PM Title: Duck Lord Rising


Highly interesting and rather amusing beginning to this story! I'm quite enjoying the interaction and dialogue between Harry and Ginny. The easy way they relate to one another is lovely, as is the slight tension between them (tension may not be the appropriate word, but I have no doubt you understand my meaning). I also find the character of Luna to be particularly delightful! She is a bit of a favorite of mine, and you portray her so well in her uniquely charming and brilliant way. The comment she made about Trelawney was just perfect.

Author's Response:

Ah! A note from one of my favourite authours! Always a fine way to kick things off.

It occurred to me, reading your comments about H/G, that nearly every time I've created a Harry/Ginny pairing, I've made the dynamic a bit different. In Counterpoint/Trix there's a mature confidence; in Splinters, a sweet but damaged innocence. Here in the Fuddle Fog trilogy, I think I've aspired largely to one of life's most unusual phenomena -- intense tweenaged seriousness.

As a parent of a tween (and surrogate parent to lots of his friends) I can state with confidence that there is no creature more intensely serious, or sublimely ridiculous, than a tween.

In that light, your comment about them relating in an easy way, yet with a distinct tension, is completely apt, and is definitely what I was semi-consciously aiming for.

Oh, and writing Luna is always fun. This is the first time I've ever attempted an eleven year old Luna, which suggested to me a slightly different set of social misfittings than the 15-17 year old in canon. Just as rewarding to imagine though.

Thank you for the review and the private edits!

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