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Reviews For Animal Quackers

Reviewer: lunagranger Signed Date: 2016.11.16 - 04:20PM Title: Liars, Losers, Ferret, Rat


That's brilliant. Sibila, Luna, and Ginny are deliciously funy. Eager to see where this goes.

Author's Response:

Oh good -- I'm glad to hear you enjoy it, Silvia!

It's been fun to write, even if I've spent forever editing it. Silly perfectionism perhaps, but each story I've written here, I've tried to improve over previous ones. This may be my last new one, so I'm hoping to go out on the right note.

Reviewer: RighT3rantZ Signed Date: 2016.11.14 - 12:06PM Title: Liars, Losers, Ferret, Rat


You didn't think I was going to not respond with a review did you? (That reminds me I need to go visit my good friend Brennus's last story...sorry Mark)

OK, so I was reflecting yesterday as I was doing a menial task, and it occurred to me that you have taken a small joke and grown it into a tree. You tilled the soil, and watered it diligently. The tree has now been chopped up, made into burning woood and set ablaze. Good times.

If I may comment upon the italicized subject matter in all of your writing:

Thanks for considering my comment.

So the duck Lord is still at large somewhere and the sheep has/have(heh) found a safe space.

Who stole Trelawney's 'cooking' sherry anyway?

Author's Response:

Ha -- beautiful analogy! Yes, you're right that this grew out of some silly banter in the review space of one of my other stories. One never knows where such things will come from!

Yes, the duck is still at large and will continue to lurk ominously in the background for some time... I hope that builds suspense in the way that only a sinister duck can!

Much of that bottle of sherry, most dreadfully, ended up in Harry's, Ginny's and Hermione's tea in place of, well, tea. It does not mix well -- a fact I know from unpleasant experience.

Thank you most kindly for the review!

Reviewer: Gin110881 Signed Date: 2016.11.13 - 04:18AM Title: Liars, Losers, Ferret, Rat

I figured that a pitcher of eggnog would be too much, and Pimms would be just right when they sit next to a cosy, warm fire. Oh, and I'd thought you were ordering the pitcher when you meet the girls to talk about their roles in chapter three, and just send me the bill. ;-)
I could imagine that Hermione's company could be very amusing when she's a wee bit relaxed after having a pitcher, or two, donít you think? I guess you would get to know her from a very different angle, lol.

Take care,

Author's Response:

No no no -- I haven't the fortitude to face them three on one. I shall require your presence at the very least :)

I wonder if anyone on fanfic has ever gotten Hermione to *relax* with a pitcher? I'm not aware of it, but I'd bet that the result might truly be enlightening!


Reviewer: Gin110881 Signed Date: 2016.11.12 - 03:34PM Title: Liars, Losers, Ferret, Rat


Apparently, I was back on the wrong track. My suspicion was that Malfoy is an Animagus, a sheep, just like the famous wolf in sheep's clothing. It seemed like a good guess because he's blonde, too. And I thought who knows if Trelawney can distinguish a wolf from a doggie. And when Lucius came up the stairs it turned out to be a red herring. I guess I've wronged Shaun, probably just because I don't know him. I'm deeply sorry for that.

The girls were simply brilliant, all of them. Please let them have a pitcher of Pimms on me.

Many thanks for another brilliant piece of fun. I can hardly wait for the next one.

Author's Response:

Ah, no need to apologise to Shaun, as I'm sure he would have found your theory interesting (if a bit amusing). Indeed, some of your intimations flatter me as they suggest an authour devious than I can truly claim. If you're capable of such plot twists yourself, you ought to honour us with a story!

I'm so very heartened that you cite all of the girls! Luna has been ascendant, and Ginny had her first big moment in a while, but I'm very fond of Hermione in this story too. No, I would not want to share a long train ride with her, but she has been integral to the humour, and that can be a very thankless role. Until you came along, that is!

A bit chilly for Pimms these days, but it keeps well, and I'm sure they'll enjoy it come April. Are you sure, Martin, that you can handle being at the same table as those three girls and a pitcher of Pimms? Rather adventuresome, eh?

Thank you for a scintillating review!

Reviewer: MollyandArthur Signed Date: 2016.11.11 - 06:27AM Title: Liars, Losers, Ferret, Rat


Oh, my goodness! Your Ginny is frighteningly brilliant in this chapter. The way she set up Dean was impressive, but rather horrible of her. I can well imagine Neville trying to keep the peace in the boys' dormitory as Seamus and Dean square off against each other, as well as his relief when Harry and Ron show up! Luna has some great lines here. The way her mind works and the quickness of her thinking to get rid of Lucius was excellent. So, the sheep's toy is a Portkey, hmmm... I'm very curious to read the next chapter.

Author's Response:

Ah yes, it's quite true that our little redhead is no saint in this story. Fuddle Fog was a highly prankish story, and I think she took some delight in baiting Tommy in Chamber of Secrest. It is also true that Harry is sometimes left to clean up after some of her prize indiscretions... but no matter there -- he's obviously mad about her. Mad, in a Noel Coward sense.

Yes, Luna did rather rise up to take ownership of this chapter, didn't she? As I mentioned earlier, she kind of fades from the scene mid-way through chapter 3, but I promise to bring her back for the final story!

Thank you for the kind and thoughtful review, M&A!

Reviewer: Aurorofthelight Signed Date: 2016.11.10 - 06:05PM Title: Liars, Losers, Ferret, Rat


Another great chapter in what is fast becoming a monumental saga! Firstly, I think Erigone needs to quit over-analyzing everything. Secondly, I never thought Ron was any thicker than one plank! Thirdly, Luna never fails to crack me up! As far as Lamb Chop is concerned, you'd need to ask Shari Lewis! Dang! I thought Ron said spinach not cabbage! Guess I better study up on my Sheepish! I would have paid a sickle and a knut to see the look on Malfoy's face when he got a load of Luna(who should really consider a professional poker career)! I agree with Dad, I can't wait for the next chapter! (But would it be okay if I had a blueberry trifle instead?)

Author's Response:

Another great review, in what is fast becoming a brilliant commentary on this befuddly little universe!

Erigone... overanalysing... Wow, you just made me see something in a completely different light. Humourless overanalysis is surely more a Spartan / Hermione thing, than the nature of an enlightened, urbane Myceneaen Erigone, Δεν θα λέγατε? JKR is thus obviously smarter than this particular GHL / Luna Lovegood collaboration :)

Speaking of 'smarter than', I'm quite impressed that you pinned down the exact term Shaun uses in chapter 3 to describe his language, when he side-comments that Luna has a passing grasp of Sheepish.

Finally, as I write this, Luna is down in the kitchens negotiating with the elves for your blueberry trifle.

Reviewer: Dad Signed Date: 2016.11.10 - 01:35PM Title: Liars, Losers, Ferret, Rat


I am now desperate for cherry trifle and the next chapter. (In no particular order).

Author's Response:

Well, I must admire your fortitude, for still yearning for cherry trifle... and for the next chapter (in no particular order) :)

Glad you enjoyed the latest, Dad!

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