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Reviews For Animal Quackers

Reviewer: lunagranger Signed Date: 2016.12.03 - 08:46AM Title: Barn Brawl


Totally Brilliant."

Author's Response:

Well, I'm totally chuffed to hear that -- thank you Silvia!

Reviewer: MollyandArthur Signed Date: 2016.12.01 - 07:57PM Title: Barn Brawl


Excellent end to this story! I desperately needed a laugh and this delivered perfectly. Wonderful to see Kingsley and hear him piecing together the truth about Peter and subtly conveying it to Remus. I felt so sorry for Remus being stuck in the clutches of Trelawney, but the thought of her spouting off to some poor muggle farmer is even worse!

Author's Response:

Thank you very much for the review, Kimberly! On one hand, I'm concerned for the fact that you needed cheering up, but on the other I'm immensely gladdened to have provided. That's what this particular series aims to do!

Great that you enjoyed the Lupin / Shacklebolt dynamic. Kingsley is generally an easy character to write, as he drifts between affable and competent, but Remus is a bit more of a challenge as I see him as an immensely intelligent, sensitive soul whose years of loneliness tend to make close contact awkward. Anyway, I think the two of them are natural foils, and are good choices for the first 'adults' to bring into the tangible roles in the series. They are capable of being good complements without taking anything away from the two protagonists.

Lupin and Trelawney? Yes, even I the authour, felt guilty about that. But I needed some impetus to get Lupin away from supper and back to Foggy Bottom, and her obsessiveness seemed the perfect vehicle. As far as Trelawney and the farmer, though, the only thing that I can say to comfort readers is (as I alluded to Martin yesterday) it simply can't last. The universe would probably implode...

Anyway, sorry that you're feeling down. Maybe I can break away from things later and go sing your praises in Darkness Within...

Reviewer: gracepark Signed Date: 2016.12.01 - 02:01PM Title: Barn Brawl


I can't get over how many details you juggle in these stories, and how they all get wrapped up so well.

Except for the details that most obviously do not get wrapped up. For those you need that final sequel, right?

Well, I hope you write it anyway! Sorry I'm not getting around to reviewing until now, but I hope you know we really appreciate these stories!

Author's Response:

I appreciate that, thank you! Yes, my stories do tend to be detail oriented, and I actually take pride in dropping as few balls as possible. This, of course, means that I don't toss up many details gratuitously -- I like to think they all have their own reasons. Quite often, actually, an odd detail today will end up driving an unforeseen plot twist later.

And so another request for the final sequel. However little I like to admit it, actual requests do tend to factor in to prioritisation, so thanks for the sentiment, Grace!

Reviewer: Dad Signed Date: 2016.12.01 - 11:04AM Title: Barn Brawl


"dark-complected " - Usage Discussion of complected

Not an error, nor a dialectal term, nor nonstandard—all of which it has been labeled—complected still manages to raise hackles. It is an Americanism, apparently nonexistent in British English.

I shall never believe a word you write again.

Author's Response:

That actually never occurred to me as an Americanism, or even fringe word. Truth be told, though, it's increasingly difficult for me to sustain a pure dialect, year in year out. In any given week, I'll quite likely end up with manuscripts on my desk from ~3 continents -- all nominally written in English, but many difficult to recognise as such. God only knows what zany vocabulary is starting to leach osmotically into my head.

Oh, and as far as not believing another word I write -- good thinking! I frequently tend to make things up... and even make words up :)

Thank you for the review, Dad. And for taking me to task on a semantic issue that would make William Saffire smile.

Reviewer: Gin110881 Signed Date: 2016.12.01 - 07:14AM Title: Barn Brawl


I liked the Pettigrew-Missing Finger-Polyjuice theory, but I was a wee bit miffed that we missed the prank in the Great Hall, lol.

It was quite an action packed interlude before you, at least I hope so, set everything up for the sequel. Annoyingly, the two of them have been interrupted, again, even twice. I'm hoping that you'll be able to provide us with the full scene, without interruptions, sometimes between your big life projects. That’s life, you’re planning big new projects whereas I’m slowly starting to plan my retirement. Well, I suppose that it is a big new life project, too, lol.

And yes, Trelawney. Recently, I’d the suspicion that she's working for the German Railways. The apologies for their delays always sound damn Trelawney-ish. However, knowing that she fall in love with a farmer in Yorkshire, I was obviously wrong. Maybe they simply found her crystal ball and use it to predict the delays.

As for trix, I admit that the prospect that the two of them will eventually sell their lives and souls to the professional Quidditch business always damps my mood a bit. However, I really want to know what's going on with Teri, and how and when Bella is caught.

Many thanks for another brilliant story which ended much to soon.

Author's Response:

I can't believe I got five stars from you, Martin! Not only did I stop Harry and Ginny short yet again (again again...), but I held back on the prank narrative, despite having heard your suggestion for challenge topic. The only way I can explain your generosity is that perhaps you've liked my hiking and/or beverage recommendations.

Either that, or it's a manner of subtly petitioning for that last story. Well, as long as the readership doesn't completely dry up, then yes -- the story is too well formed in my mind to not be written. I'll be honest, though, that it will be an absolute bear to write. Drama and romance are so much easier to write in serial than comedy -- I never sweated quite as hard, word per minute, as I did on this story. Having an unfolding drama underlying a comedy is a tall order, and you probably wouldn't believe how unfunny my early drafts were, but fortunately, humour starts to come together sometime between the third and eighth edits. As conceived, however, the final story has some gripping tension, which will be tough to turn into a whimsical walk in the park. I think I will need months (and perhaps some lively wintery schnappes) to work up the courage.

Oh, well I'm sure you know that a lively young belle like Trelawney would never stick with a stodgy old agrarian for 24 years, right? Plenty of time for her to have dumped her side-burnt beau and taken up consulting for Deutsche Bahn! I'm not certain which aspects of her service to your rail you feel dissatisfied with, but I will let you know that things could have been worse. She attempted to remodel the entire route map and schedule after the Hogwarts Express, whereby there would only be one line, only two stations, and only two round trips per year. Thus, if you think to how little wizard Eoin from Orkney must find some way to get to Kings Cross on Sept. 1 in order to catch the train to Hogsmeade, you can imagine the predicament potentially posed to your friendly ICE executives. Nobody was quite certain whether that would be practical in Germany.

And Trix! Yes, it will once again be proceeding, with a few surprises in store. If you're interested, you can click over to my main page to see a bit of Trix-related artwork.

Anyway, I do love the story (and especially the characters). Unfortunately, it will never be one of my most popular offerings, but it always draws me back. And yes, you've probably read Seeker Daughter, and thus probably know that I've irrevocably penned myself into a Ginny/Quidditch trajectory. Once they survive Trix, though, it will not be the bitter pill that it has been in some other authours' universes.

Oh, and I can solemnly promise you that Bella will be caught!

Reviewer: RighT3rantZ Signed Date: 2016.11.30 - 05:12PM Title: Barn Brawl


This conclusion was a cacophony of catastrophic calamity! Count 'em up!


"Led by the dazed looking head of a monstrously huge ewe..." If you smiled at your own writing half as much as I smiled at my own reading of this, then I think I can see where you were going with that. Took awhile but I guess you finally got something there! I thought the shifty comment a little further at first was referring to tHis ewe too, but no it was not a ewe. I hope Shaun reserves some fresh grass for Ram Ewe's contributions. Baaaah!

The coke bottle wearing Trelawney finding love with the farmer of fertile soil, that was an unexpected twist. He better stock up now on the cooking sherry, or else she is gonna start seeing the grim during Tea time :)

Rosier backed up his talk on esoteric magic usage pretty well I thought. Lucius deserves no love there. What luck that a Dark Lord duck saved the day for that old wizard cUrmudgeon.

The Obeahman awaits, the wizarding airwaves are about to broadcast some weird radio, and I don't mean sisters.

Author's Response:

Art of alliteration! Cascade of consonance! Gearing up for your own compositions, eh?

A lot to chew on with respect to sheepnanigans. I neither confirm nor deny any innuendos.

Yes indeed -- the farmer's life may well get a bit spicier than he reckoned upon. One can only wonder how the other denizens of Mossy Bottom might cope with regular intrusion by a dizzy diviner...

So obviously it's clear that Malfoy doesn't inspire sympathy, but it's interesting that you too seem to have been swept along with an ambiguous affinity / disaffinity to Rosier. The worst type of villain is one whom it's difficult to hate.

Looking forward to the wacky airwaves!

Reviewer: Aurorofthelight Signed Date: 2016.11.29 - 06:38PM Title: Barn Brawl


Shaun is certainly heroic and Malfoy is a twit! Great action in the one - especially Shaun, Harry and Ginny taking out 3 dorkeaters! A pizza? What kind? I prefer pepperoni, italian sausage, spinach, black olive and mushrooms! Like that Kingsley got in on the action. Too bad that rat Pettigrew got lucky again! What do marigold muffins tast like and what kind of jam goes with them? I'm sorry I missed that dinner and Ginny's revenge -- Hee Hee! Thanks for the fantastic story! BTW, what kind of tea goes best with those muffins? :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

Author's Response:

Yes, good old Lucy! Twit, odious, or just plain irritating, he's never been one to earn the sympathy of my pen...

Action indeed -- I think it came off fairly well after a few edits. Glad you enjoyed it! Just occurred to me that in each of the three stories thus far, Harry and Ginny have had a single (different) sidekick -- Dobby in Fuddle Fog, Cedric in Secrest, and this time Shaun. I wonder whom I would choose for the 4th and final story? Luna perhaps?

Well, if it was truly a pizza being delivered by a werewolf, I expect that it would be all meat; hold the cheese, tomato and crust...

Excellent questions regarding the Marigold muffins! I assume, since Marigold is a savoury seasoning, that you might want to have a spicy chutney with the muffins, and serve with Russian Caravan. Maybe a strong Martini to chase it all down... Or maybe I'll just skip to the Martini...

Thank you so very much for challenging my intellect, Cosmo!

Reviewer: Charly42 Signed Date: 2016.11.29 - 04:58PM Title: Barn Brawl


Great story
very well done I enjoyed it very much

Author's Response:

Hey Kor -- wonderful to hear from you again!

I'm very glad to hear that you enjoyed the story!

‘! Go To Top ‘!

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