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Reviewer: melindaleo Signed Date: 2017.11.29 - 09:41AM Title: Chapter 12 - Lockhart with Skills

Uhm...I think the wizarding world is well-acquainted with Jesus. They celebrate Christmas in every book and sing the caroles.Hogwarts also has Easter hols. Other than that, I loved Harry and Ginny imitating Ron and Hermione. Very teenage-like behavior, and I really appreciate the reminder that they're really still kids.

Reviewer: TomBombadil Signed Date: 2017.03.02 - 05:54PM Title: Chapter 12 - Lockhart with Skills


Interesting twist! On another front, I am glad to see Harry and Ginny have figured it out!

Reviewer: MollyandArthur Signed Date: 2017.02.22 - 01:00AM Title: Chapter 12 - Lockhart with Skills


Oh, dear! What on earth are they going to do now?

Reviewer: skiutahnum1 Signed Date: 2017.02.21 - 11:21PM Title: Chapter 12 - Lockhart with Skills

That figures harry would have a harder time then just got o the place where he thinks it is.....kutgw

Reviewer: Gin110881 Signed Date: 2017.02.21 - 10:10PM Title: Chapter 12 - Lockhart with Skills


You’re well aware that it casts a bad light on the Hogwarts educational standards that Ginny doesn't know the god on whose behalf thousands of witches have been burned?

I had to grin about the Lockhart reference, and that Ginny had a quite simple explanation for everything that Jesus supposedly had done, well, I admit that I actually even had to laugh about Ginny's explanations...every time I recall it, lol. Well done!

Nice surprise at the end. Many thanks for another great chapter!

Author's Response: That's a very good point about the witch burnings. I'll blame American ignorance and other fics I've read where the Weasleys went to Muggle funerals and had no idea what the vicar was talking about. Did the same thing happen in Britain as did in Salem? I know that's pretty much why Ilvermorny was established.

Reviewer: Dad Signed Date: 2017.02.21 - 09:57PM Title: Chapter 12 - Lockhart with Skills



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