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Reviews For Aether Continuum

Reviewer: Gin110881 Signed Date: 2019.01.16 - 07:47AM Title: Year 2 Chapter 6: September


It seems as if Harry occasionally has memory lapses if he can't remember a lot of the first weeks of September. It's usually a sign of being possessed.

Ah, that's what I meant when I doubted Harry's abilities. He ignores the only real clue he has ('Ginevra is the beginning'), and is wandering the castle without a real plan, letting Daphe do his Ginny duties.

Reviewer: Gin110881 Signed Date: 2019.01.16 - 07:08AM Title: Year 2 Chapter 5: Return to Hogwarts


Ah great. I'm relieved the Sorting Hat didn't throw Ginny down into the damp dungeons. Wonder when Harry will find out about the nature of the diary. I can't help it, but I don't trust Harry's abilities that much. I hope you'll prove I'm wrong.

Reviewer: Gin110881 Signed Date: 2019.01.16 - 06:31AM Title: Year 2 Chapter 4: Nicolas Flamel


Hmm, what shall I do with this chapter?
What shall I do about that odd girl nobody whats to talk about and the knowledge of a strange location in the Alps? Maybe it's better I just ignore it. I'm pretty sure those topics will come up again as soon as I need to know about them.

Reviewer: Gin110881 Signed Date: 2019.01.14 - 08:44AM Title: Year 2 Chapter 3: Subtle Confusion


Interesting, Harry thinks he'll be too busy next year for the task Lars had given him, to keep an eye on Ginny.
Ah, it seems Malfoy is following Lars' plan and planted the diary on Ginny. Knowing Harry from the year before, I doubt he'll find out anytime soon. To be honest, somehow, I don't trust him that much.

Reviewer: Gin110881 Signed Date: 2019.01.14 - 08:03AM Title: Year 2 Chapter 2: Nephalem Magics


Interesting chapter about the cracks in the floor of the kitchen in the Burrow. This Lars chap isn't of much help, is he? All mouth and no trousers.
I wonder if there's a reason Harry moved from Charlie's old room (where he moved in in Year 2 Prologue) to Ron's room and if the Nephalem have something to do with it.

Reviewer: alterdream Signed Date: 2018.12.18 - 08:33PM Title: Year 2 Chapter 6: September


Well whatever changes you made, I think they were for the best as this was a great chapter. I think it would indeed be a little silly to stretch the chamber plot as long as in canon given all that is different about Harry. Great work here!

Reviewer: Dad Signed Date: 2018.12.01 - 07:54PM Title: Year 2 Chapter 6: September


Very interesting so far. Keep it coming.

Author's Response: I'll certainly try! Thank you!

Reviewer: alterdream Signed Date: 2018.10.13 - 11:22PM Title: Year 2 Chapter 4: Nicolas Flamel


That was quite different but interesting too. Dumbledore on a hike through the Alps with Flamel makes for a strange mental picture.

How long will it be until we learn about the girl? Unless I forgot something (entirely possible), we don't have much to go on.

Author's Response: There may be a few hints during this and next school year, but the overall conclusion to who it is won't be til between years 5 and 6, sorry! Harry's very protective of this particular secret, and he's only shown Dumbledore and Hagrid and may show Sirius when he comes into the story. Yeah, it felt weird until I thought about how the average age for magical people would hit. In canon, Dippet died at over 300 years of age, so I considered average age to be between 350-400 years. Still weird seeing this aged man traipsing in the alps though. Thanks!

Reviewer: I Love Ginerva Signed Date: 2018.08.14 - 04:17AM Title: Year 2 Chapter 2: Nephalem Magics



Reviewer: RighT3rantZ Signed Date: 2018.07.31 - 02:20PM Title: Year 2 Chapter 2: Nephalem Magics


Glad to see you are back to writing your story. Did you refer to Merlyn as a tosser? So if the four elements are given, what is aether?

Author's Response: Haha, yes I do believe I did. Aether is the combination of all the magics in my universe (Order, Chaos and the elements). Because of it's uniqueness, only a few are able to use it, like Lars.

Reviewer: Dad Signed Date: 2018.07.31 - 11:24AM Title: Year 2 Chapter 2: Nephalem Magics


I had forgotten about this story. It is very different.

Reviewer: Gin110881 Signed Date: 2018.02.28 - 09:47AM Title: Year 2 Chapter 1: Summer at The Burrow


That's an interesting development.
I'm curious about the further role of the mysterious woman from the Mirror of Erised, and Harry's constant companion from last year, Ms Greengrass.
I'd be surprised if they were just introduced so Harry has a pretext to stop writing letters to Ginny.
I suppose, however, only the Nephalem know. After all, it's their stage and Harry, Ginny, and all the others are just the puppets they play with.

Reviewer: Gin110881 Signed Date: 2018.02.28 - 09:03AM Title: Year 2 Prologue


I just hope they'll manage to let that damn diary slip into Malfoy's belongings. It certainly would be a surprise for Ol' Lucius, wouldn't it?

Reviewer: alterdream Signed Date: 2018.02.04 - 07:36PM Title: Year 2 Prologue


Nice start for the year.

Reviewer: Gin110881 Signed Date: 2018.02.04 - 01:08PM Title: Year 1 Epilogue

Interesting, Shadow's plan in the last chapter involved the use of Voldemort's soul and his memories. I take it means he somehow managed to give the diary to the Malfoys, the diary that caused the resurrection of the second incarnation of Voldemort in the old timeline. I wonder if he'd done the same thing in the old timeline, and why. Does it make Lucius an innocent bystander, since Shadow had planted the diary on him in the same way he's going to plant it on Ginny? Is it part of Shadows plan that Lucius plants the diary on Ginny.
Is it even possible that Voldemort can be resurrected when his body rots somewhere out of this realm, no idea where Shadow lives? Voldemort's soul may consist of several pieces, but he has only one body, which has been destroyed by Shadow in the last chapter.

Am I wrong about everything I just wrote down? Again. you gave me a lot to ponder.

Oh, and no spoilers, please. I'm just pondering aloud.

Author's Response: Oh Gin... Your reviews are the best haha.

Reviewer: Dad Signed Date: 2018.01.29 - 08:53AM Title: Year 1 Epilogue


Not what I was expecting.

Reviewer: Gin110881 Signed Date: 2018.01.29 - 05:58AM Title: Year 1 Epilogue


Who is Ikelius?
Ah, the feeling I'd got while reading the first chapters is back. It doesn't matter at all what Harry is doing, in the end, Shadow will change the rules of the game whenever he likes. In the end, it didn't even matter that Harry survived in the last chapter. Had he died, Shadow would have pressed the reset button to restart the game or sent someone else to continue Harry's job.
I wonder what would happen if Shadow suddenly likes the outcome of the previous timeline and reverses everything he's done so far.

Reviewer: alterdream Signed Date: 2018.01.22 - 05:08PM Title: Chapter 10: Confrontation Year 1


Interesting twist with Ginny showing up. That concludes the year nicely without being too much like canon. It does leave me wondering what will happen next year though. Will they drift apart? Or will the diary end up in someone else's hands? Time will tell, I suppose.

Reviewer: Dad Signed Date: 2018.01.22 - 11:07AM Title: Chapter 10: Confrontation Year 1


I am not sure what happened in the struggle and why Ginny turning up made a difference. Still, roll on year two.

Author's Response: If Ginny hadn't been there, Dumbledore would have been too late to save Harry.

Reviewer: Gin110881 Signed Date: 2018.01.22 - 06:47AM Title: Chapter 10: Confrontation Year 1


That's what I call a surprising twist. Originally, Harry was sent to rescue Ginny, and now she'd turned the table. I wonder if Harry now owns life debt to Ginny and if he'll learn his lessons after he was rescued by friends the second time, after the Troll incident.
I'm quite curious what exactly the 'bring about a great many changes into the lives of a certain few" implies. I guess I'll have to wait and see...
Great chapter. Thank you!

Author's Response: Hmm... The life debt. Thats a sticky situation and I can't exactly answer that right now. The changes part sounded good when I read it, but idk now XD oh well. Thanks for reading!

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